Fandom: Zap!

Title: Tears

character focus: William

Words: 380

Little William Haskins sat on his bed as he stared at the picture on his nightstand, his eyes watery with unshed tears. It felt like a dam had been placed behind his eyes, blocking the watery droplets from leaking out. He wasn't sure if it was because time was healing old wounds or what, but after a year of tears every time he looked at the picture, he now found his eyes just weren't leaking as much anymore. He still missed them, no denying that, but missing them no longer hurt as much. Perhaps it was due to Vitale. Wise old Vitale. The powerful psychic who took it upon himself to take a poor war orphan in and raise him as his own. The boy couldn't deny he owed this man much and he had already made a silent vow to do everything in the world he could possibly do to keep the old one from ever regretting his decision. He wanted to make Vitale proud to call him son. Just like he had wanted to make them proud. His parents. He made sure to keep their picture close to always remember that. He would make them proud. He would make them all proud.

Picking up a slightly smaller frame from beside him, he gave it a fond smile before carefully placing it next to the one of his parents, right where it belonged. Vitale smiled at him from the picture, a kind, compassionate smile that conveyed love and sincerity for the boy he cared for. The old frog like mans hand was raised in a slight wave, an action made when he realized William was trying to be sneaky about taking his picture. William remembered how Vitale had smiled at the boys shocked face, affectionately patted his head and simply said, 'Next time let's take one together, hm?'. William had smiled back happily and nodded. He may not have his parents anymore, but he knew that he would be happy here. That was probably why he cried less and less everyday. Not because time was healing, but because Vitale was healing. Whatever reason it was that prompted Vitale to take him in, it didn't matter. So long as Vitale was around, William would have no reason to cry again.


A/N: Well, this is significantly shorter then I usually do, but I think it ended pretty good. It took me about an hour longer then it should have, I was pretty distracted while writing it. But it all came out a lot smoother then I was expecting. It didn't take much prompting to come up with the story and it just flowed right on out. I'm actually really proud of this one It turned out a lot better then I expected it to and I believe I got all the punctuation right. Punctuation is my weak point in writing. Anyway, I just hope you like it as much I do. The other two I have on my hard drive, the ones I mentioned earlier but can't get to, are longer, but still just vignettes. Hopefully I will be able to access my hard drive soon so I can send those to you as well.