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Running Blind

"J-Jokul?" Said a hoarse male voice, as soon as the sound reached Jack's sensitive ears he panicked. It was his big brother Thor. He sounded like he was in pain. Jack hadn't seen Thor in 300 years since he ran away from Asgard. Jack tried to find his staff that wasn't in his hand, but he couldn't see a thing. He never could. Jack is blind.

"JACK!" Loki screamed. Something hit Jack in the chest and he fell onto the damp floor face up. Someone was on top of him holding his shoulders down.

"Well, Well, Well, Frost or should I call you Frosti? I would have never guessed this. You. A god and blind." Pitch laughed. "You're so helpless without your little staff."

Jack's eyes widened and his mouth fell open. How could Pitch know that! Jack had never told anyone on earth, not even the guardians. He was afraid if he told them they would find a way to tell Odin and Odin would drag him go back to Asgard kicking and screaming; Or that they wouldn't want a blind kid on their team.

Jack could hear Thor's angry yells and Loki's pleading cries. They could see something Jack couldn't. Jack focused on his hearing; almost everything that moves makes a sound. He just needed to hear it. Faintly Jack could hear the stomping and whinnies of the night mares and metal moving on stone floors, but underneath the screaming and metallic sounds was a scraping sound. He imminently recognized the sound and tried to squirm out of Pitch's grasp. Thor's and Loki's cries increased as Pitch moved the knife closer to Jack's ribs.

Pitch slowly pushed the blade into Jacks ribs. Jack howled in agony and Pitch pulled the blade back out and pushed it in again this time into his shoulder joint. Jack screamed a soundless scream and his mind went blank.

The winter spirit woke with a yelp and fell from the tree he was sleeping in into a pile of snow. He sat in the snow for a few minutes. It was just a nightmare. Thor and Loki are okay, but Pitch knows about my past. He stood up and brushed the snow off his clothing. Jack moved his hand to where he had thought he left his staff last night, but it wasn't there. He started to panic, moving his hand around in the air, ground and the tree branch. He still couldn't find it. The wind was whipping around the blind boy trying to help, but he hadn't noticed. Jack stopped and listened to the wind, it was blowing to his left; Jack moved his hand to the left. It blew down, he moved his hand down. Jack's hand brush up against something cold and hard. He curled his slender fingers around his wooden staff. Jack sighed in relief. He tapped his staff against the ground, sending out waves. When they came back they formed black and white pictures of trees, bushes and rocks. Anything that touched the ground and that was 3D. Jack couldn't see color, TV, photographs or writing. Jack had heard that bats could do something similar called echolocation. Jack didn't use it too often because it took a lot of energy, but he still tapped his staff around not sending waves out thought.

The picture in his head disappeared after about 20 seconds leaving him in the dark again. The waves would only work once every 5 minutes or so. Jack didn't know why they worked like that, but he didn't question it. The winter god tried to remember where he was; thinking back to last night Jack had caused a blizzard and had fun with some kid and adult who couldn't see him. Then he flew over the Atlantic Ocean to New York. Oh right I'm in central park. Better watch out for Tin Man. The last time I crashed into him they chased me for 3 whole days! Jack thought back to two months ago when he accidently flew into Tony Stark when he was flying in his Ironman suit. Tony and some guy with a funny shield had chased him all over the globe. He had finally lost them in an ice cave in Antarctica.

Jack sighed and started to walk. He hadn't even walked for a mile and he slammed into something or rather, someone. They caught him be for he fell. Whoever they were, they were hot. He smelled of metal and rain.

"Jokul! Where have you been?!" Thor said hugging his baby brother to his chest tightly. "We were so worried! Mother thought you were dead!"

"Thor! You're crushing me!" Jack wheezed. Thor placed him back into the snow. He checked to make sure that nothing was broken. Jack sighed then sucked in his breath. He just realized his older brother was right in front of him. Would Thor drag me back to Odin? Rip me away from my friends? Jack took a step back deciding whether or not to run.

"Don't go, please?" Thor's voice was gentle as he noticed his little brother's expression of worry and defensive stance. Jack relaxed at his brothers gentle words. He tapped his staff on the ground and took in his brother's pleading expression. Thor had never seen see Jokul act like this before and didn't understand why he tapped his staff.

"Why are you here?" Jack asked indifferently, sticking his nose in the air and crossing his arms. Thor stood looking at his blind baby brother then answered.

"I had a nightmare, a horrid one. I wanted to make sure you were unharmed." Thor reached to touch his brother, but Jack jumped back. How had he seen me move or did I make a sound? Thor thought pulling his hand back to rest on his hip.

"And you would care, why? Also how did you suddenly find me after 300 years?" Jack hissed and took another step back. His words stung Thor. He had looked for Jokul on every planet except the ones Loki looked on. Then something clicked in Thor's head. Loki had only ever gone to earth, never another planet. Ever since Loki and he met after the first search parities he thought Loki was hiding something, but pushed it to the back of his mind.

"I-I always cared." Thor answered. "I saw you sleeping in the tree last night when I was walking with some friends. I was called to earth by them."

The bushes rustled to their left and out stepped another man. He had shoulder length straight black hair and carried a forest green walking cane that he obviously didn't need. A green and yellow striped scarf around his neck and a long black jacket. There was a devious smile on his face.

"Ah Thor I see you found Jack." Loki said and sauntered over to stand next to His little brother. "It's been a long time since you seen each other."

"Loki, how did you get to Earth?" Thor asked. "And why did you call him Jack?"

Loki shook his head sadly and looked down at Jack. Loki spoke in the language of the frost giants which he taught Jack when he found him on earth 300 years ago. "*Are you going to tell him or am I? I think it would be best if it was from you.*"

Jack sighed then nodded "Jack Frost is the name I go by on earth. I prefer it over Jokul. I'm sorry Thor. I should have told you where I was." He said giving Thor his best puppy dog eyes and sticking out his bottom lip. Jack knew Thor would easily fall for them. "But I didn't want to go home. You would have told Odin. I'm happy now. I found friends and people who except me for what I am."

"Jok-Jack I do no blame you for running away. You are forgiven." Thor said to the winter god. "You are not. What is going on?" Thor asked Loki.

"I found him on earth the day after he ran. I visit him every twenty or so years. It must have just slipped my mind." Loki said putting his hands up in front of his chest. Thor had other ideas; he lunged at Loki knocking him off his feet into the snow. Thor laughed as Loki looked up at him, green eyes wide. Jack could hear the sound of fighting and laughter, he knew they were just play fighting. Jack was happy that hopefully Thor wouldn't take him back.

"Get off me thunder butt!"

"No way Mr. Mischief!"

"I will get Jack to freeze your head!"

"He wouldn't dare!"

"Um... Jack? Are those the light you where talking about that meant you where late again for a guardian meeting, again?" Loki asked looking up at the sky while still being held down by Thor.

"I knew I was forgetting something! God I hate those lights; I can't see them!" Jack yelled then took off into the sky yelling: "Meet you guys on the empire state building around 11PM?" Before they could answer Jack was already rocketing towards the North Pole.

"I did not know he was capable of flight."

"You have missed a lot, brother."

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