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"Get out of here Jack!" Bunny shouted. A nightmare sand fox jumped out of the bush and went for the winter spirit's throat. Bunny threw his boomerang seeing the attack. It smashed into the fox's jaw and the animal disintegrated into a cloud of dust.

"No! I can't leave and let you get hurt!" Jack yelled dodging another deadly animal he heard coming and smashing it with his staff. The weight of Jamie of his back hindered him little, but with another person to protect it was difficult to fight without possibly throwing Jamie off.

"Think about Jamie!" Tooth yelled.

"Where should I go?" Jack asked freezing a nightmare horse.

"Not a good idea to discuss this in front of the enemy." Loki pointed out.

Jack jumped into the wind and flew high up in the clouds. Jamie's arms wrapped around his neck reminded him that he had a passenger and not to fly to high. Jack had planned to head to Antarctica, but it would be much too cold for the human boy especially without a coat. All of his best hiding places were all too cold for Jamie.

"Where are we going, Jack?" Jamie asked voice barely audible over the wind.

"Anywhere you want to go." Jack answered.

"What does it matter to me, I won't be able to see it anyway." Jamie muttered.

"Don't think that way." Jack frowned. "Thinking that way won't get you anywhere."

"Okay." Jamie yawned. It was night and he hadn't got any sleep. The boy was up way past his bed time.

Jack attention shifted back to the wind. It was trying to tell him something. He listened intently for any sign of trouble. He picked up the sound of heavy wing beats. A lot of them, coming from all directions and surrounding them.

"Hello Jack." Pitch laughed. "I see you've got yourself surrounded."

"Not really. You forgot two directions." Jack said. The wind let them fall. It caught them under the tree line and guided them through the foliage still flying through the air, but the birds were still hot on their tail. One swooped through the trees and attacked Jack with its sharp talons while another crashed into his side knocking him off balance. There was too much sound to concentrate on one bird. His echovision would not reach far enough. Pitch had found a weakness.

"Crap." He spat as another nightmare bird sunk its claws into his leg. The wind, no longer listing to Jack shot them higher into the air and above the tree line. Suddenly the wind blew them in a different direction.

"Where are we going?" Jamie shouted. The wind answered by turning a sharp corner.

"I don't know! The wind won't listen!" Jack tried to regain control, but the wind fought against it.

"Jack what are you doing?" He heard Thor shout from above. The wind brought them back to burgess.

"I can't see them!" Jack yelled back.

"Get down to the ground!" His brother commanded smashing his way through the flock of birds to Jack. "You fight better there." The wind listened to him and set Jack and Jamie down in a tree.

The winter god crouched on a low hanging tree branch. It was harder to balance with Jamie on his back.

"Where are we?" Jamie asked. The boy was shaking.

"Just outside burgess, sitting in a tree." Jack explained. "Your cold." He pointed out.

"I'm not cold." His voice was shaking. "I'm scared."

Jack's heart wrenched. He didn't want his first believer to be scared. It was his job, his purpose to protect him.

"You should be." Pitch hissed. "Jack I see you have a problem with flying things."

"No I don't." Jack lied. He jumped from the tree branch down to the forest floor in front of the nightmare king. "I love flying." Jack smiled. "Btw, who stole your eyebrows?" Jack asked very seriously. Jamie burst out laughing. He had never noticed that before. Even when he could see.

"What? How do you know that? You're blind!" Pitch growled.

"I maybe not be able to see, but I'm not blind." Jack said.

"That doesn't make sense!" Pitch barked.

"Am I known for making sense? No, I'm known for being a trickster." Jack smiled creepily. "And I love messing with people."

-AN: Loki's 3rd person pov. I needed someone that could see and create illusions.-

"And I love messing with people." Jack said. Loki smirked. That was a line from a prank they use to play long ago on Asgard when Jack got away from his guard. Loki casted an illusion on Jack, making him and the boy on his back appear as nothing; they camouflaged into the trees. Loki, being the one who cast the spell could see through it, but making them completely invisible to anyone else. He whistled letting Jack know it was okay to move without being seen. The winter god flew to the spot where he heard Loki and dropped Jamie off. The brown hair boy didn't want to let Jack go, but understood the dangers and stayed with Loki. Jack flew back into the forest creating noise and attracting Pitch's attention.

"Show yourself!" Pitch yelled. Spinning trying to find the source of the noise. Jack stepped on a twig. Pitch spun in the direction of the sound only to be hit in the back of the head with a snowball.

"Sure thing Pitch." Jack snickered. He stepped out from behind the tree. Loki conjured two fake illusion Jack's, identical in every way except they didn't speak. Loki whistled the signal again. "Look! I have twins!"

"W-what? How is that possible?!" Pitch stammered starring into the eyes of his worst nightmare. Not one, but three happy, giggly, annoying Jack Frost's. To Pitch Black it was the worst thing in the world. Nightmare sand animals began to form at his sides. All deadly carnivores ready to fight. They all looked at their confused master. "What are you looking at me for? Get them!"

Loki whistled for the real Jack to get out of the way and be replaced with an illusion. Pitch's animals lunged at the illusions. The fake Jack's jumped out of the way with uncanny speed, distracting the animals. The real Jack slashed across the line of confuse animals, freezing and smashing them in one swift motion. Pitch's mouth fell open in shock. Loki directed the illusions to jump at Pitch from different angles, stopping just short of hitting him with their staffs. The real Jack took advantage of the nightmare kings moment of weakness to strike. He smacked Pitch over the head and he stumbled into a tree, clutching the bark for support.

-AN: Back to Jack!-

When Jack hit Pitch with his staff he sent echowaves through the man's body. The scene that formed in Jack's mind was almost laughable. Pitch Black, King of nightmares was clutching a tree like a life line, but something wasn't right. The man's skin looked like a bunch of ants crawling all over him. Jack's vision started to fade as the wind swept through the forest. Pitch was blown away, literally blown away like grains of sand in the wind.

"W-what?" Jack asked the wind. Loki and Jamie's footsteps came towards him.

"It wasn't him." Loki said stepping out of the forest. "Where is the real one?"

"He could be anywhere." Jack said. Jamie unsure of exactly where he was took a step forward towards Jack and away from Loki. The spirit of winter heard the step and reached for the boy. Once Jamie was safe on Jack's back they started to search for the other Avengers and Guardians.

"Where did everyone go?" Jamie asked. Jack shrugged.

"*What did Odin tell you?*" Loki asked in frost giant. Jack gave him a fake confused look. "*You can't lie to me. I know he said something.*"

Jack frowned. He wasn't ready to tell Loki. Even know he was a frost giant too. It wasn't the best time or place either. "*Not a good time. I'll tell you later.*"

"Whoa! You speak another language!" Jamie said amazed. Jack laughed.

"I speak a lot of other languages." Jack said. "Parlez-vous Fran├žais?"

"What?" Loki and Jamie asked at the same time.

"Do you speak French?" Jack translated.

"Um...no." Loki said. "When did you have time to learn French?"

"I had lots of time." Jack shrugged. The wind warned him about a low branch and he ducked. "I also learned Spanish, Italian, Russian, German, Arabic and Latin."

"That's amazing." Jamie said, paused and everything went eerily silent. Then the forest erupted with the sound of a horrible fight.

"This is going to be a long battle." Loki muttered.

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