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Under Your Spell

Epilogue (Angel)

It was evident from the first that Eurydice and Orpheus shared a special bond. Whenever they were together, they both seemed content. Hadrian and Orpheus were like two peas in a pod, and it wasn't long before they were both toddling around after their father, who was more than happy to teach them everything he knew.

On Hadrian's fourth birthday, the ministry rescinded the mandate requiring families to produce so many children; however, the ministry agreed to continue providing for those families who chose to have more children. They had seized a great deal of wealth from known Death Eaters, and it had been invested profitably in Muggle technologies stocks. When Kingsley took over as Minister, he was quick to urge the Wizengamot to end the mandates but continue to offer the incentives. Birth Rates had risen dramatically.

The birthday celebration for Hadrian was held at Malfoy Manor. The party was quite large. Pansey and Draco brought their children Robert and Elena, who were with Hadrian, Orpheus, and Eurydice at the petting zoo. Charlie Zabini - Weasley had been asked to provide safe, pretty animals for the children to hold and cuddle. Naturally, he had brought some pygmy puffs from his brothers' store. Robert had taken the pink pygmy puff from Eurydice and given it to his sister Elyna. This had made the little girl cry, and Hadrian and Orpheus were forced to threaten Robert. Though, they got along with the other children on most occasions, Orpheus staunchly defended Eurydice, and where his brother's loyalties lay, Hadrian was sure to follow.

Thankfully, Charlie produced a purple pygmy puff, and Eurydice cuddled the little thing happily. Robert, Hadrian and Orpheus made peace once again, and all was right in the world. Severus had watched it all while holding Cassiopeia, who had turned one year old a month ago. She had dark, silky hair like her father, but otherwise, she was the spitting image of her mother.

Elizabeth walked up, "It's time for cake!" She smiled at the children who were happily cuddling the rabbits that Charlie had just brought out. At the announcement that cake was being served, the children ran for the table. There were quite a few little red headed Weasleys, a couple of messy haired Potters and even an awkward Longbottom happily shoveling cake and ice cream in their greedy little faces.

Severus and Elizabeth stood back as Orpheus held Eurydice's hand, helped her to her seat and gave her his piece of cake. His solemn, dark eyes watched the young girl at his side. When she was done, her vibrant blue eyes looked into his and she smiled. She took his hand in hers and led him to a soft patch of grass under a tree where they played quietly.

For his fourth birthday, Orpheus asked for a lyre. His father had told him the story of Eurydice and Orpheus, and the boy had been thoughtful for a week until he had finally gone to his father and told him of his desire to learn to sing and play the lyre.

Lucius knew a young man who was willing to teach the boy, so Severus paid for a years worth of lessons. Severus and Elizabeth were amazed when, within a month, they boy began to play for his sick brother. Hadrian had caught dragon pox, and he was in a great deal of pain. He was no longer contagious, so Orpheus had asked him if he would like to hear a song. Hadrian had nodded tearfully.

When Orpheus had begun to play, Hadrian's room was suffused with light. When his small, tremulous voice wove through the room, Hadrian's body was lifted off the bed. Elizabeth was coming up the stair to bring Hadrian some soup, and Severus was tucking Cassiopeia into bed when they heard the music and witnessed the flash of magic.

Severus and Elizabeth stood in the doorway and watched at Orpheus wove magic with his voice and fingers. The music healed his brother, but Severus also noticed the tell-tale signs which denoted that Orpheus was not only using his own magic but his brother's as well. There was a flow of . . . particles that suggested that the power of the spell was woven by the two in harmony.

When the song was done, Hadrian was asleep, and Orpheus uncrossed his feet and stood, a willowy boy of four, and kissed his brother's cheek. He turned, took his mother's hand and allowed her to put him to bed.

Severus kissed his son and left Elizabeth to tuck him in.

"It was a beautiful thing you did, Orpheus," she smiled down at the little boy.

"Thank you, mother." He said sedately. His dark eyes took in his mother's face avidly. "You're going to have another girl, you know." He smiled secretively.

Elizabeth startled, "how do you know?" She asked.

"She talks to us, Hadrian and Me, like Cassie did before she came." He said matter-of-factly.

"What do you mean? Can you talk to your brother and sister without being in the same room?" She asked.

"Oh yes and Eurydice, too." He nodded. "I tell her goodnight and goodmorning everyday."

Elizabeth patted his head and kissed his cheek gently, "well, that's very sweet of you."

Severus smiled when she told him this bit of news; he had known that their children would be powerful. He rolled over and spoke to her belly gently, "hello there, little Aiode. You will be their little muse won't you?" He said as he stroked his wife's abdomen.

The next morning Hadrian was feeling spry, and he was tapping on every surface available. Elizabeth was humming merrily along with the tune that Orpheus was humming, and Severus looked up at Hadrian irritably, "would you please desist. I am trying to eat my breakfast, and you should not be beating on the table as if it were a drum." He arched his brow imperiously.

Hadrian lowered his head sheepishly and Orpheus replied, "He needs a tympanon."

"A what?" Elizabeth asked curiously.

"A drum." Severus smirked.

When they caught Cassiopeia blowing in one of her toys to make it whistle and Severus remarked that she should stop, it wasn't a flute. Orpheus told them, "Cassie needs a pan flute," and he walked quietly from the room.

Severus' eyebrows rose and he looked at Elizabeth, who sat next to him on the couch knitting booties. She shrugged her shoulders. He came home the next day with a large drum and two mallets for Hadrian and a pan flute for Cassiopeia.

That night, during dinner, Elizabeth asked Orpheus what instrument Aiode would play.

"She will play the lute some, but really, she won't need an instrument. She will write powerful songs and sing beautifully."

Elizabeth blinked curiously, cocked her head and asked another question, "How many more children will we have?"

Hadrian snickered and Orpheus looked at her wryly, very like Severus, "I'm a musician not a prophet. I have no idea, but if you could manage it, I'd like another brother," he smirked cheekily.

Severus looked at him archly over the top of his paper.

It was that same year that Severus resigned from his position at Hogwarts. Though they had offered him a very wonderful salary to come back and teach, he no longer needed the money. With Elizabeth's help, he had grown the potion's business. She and Motty helped him to tend the greenhouse, and with Elizabeth's help, he was able to brew many potions. She proved to be a very competent brewer, and as long as he was in the room during critical stages, there was no issue with her helping him to brew. She was like an extension of his own power, and he often pulled from her during particularly complex potions. He also found that there were many potions once beyond his ability as a long potion's brewer that were now possible with her help. It was like having another Severus in the room, if not as knowledgeable or as skilled, she proved willing to learn and a very capable student.

Elizabeth enjoyed the time she spent with Severus in the lab. With him home, there was more time to work with him, and they worked with the children together. There was no primary school nearby, so they home schooled the children, which could often prove interesting with such clever and astute children. They all excelled at potions, reading and science, but arithmancy was more difficult for Hadrian than Orpheus. However Hadrian had a knack for languages and excelled at Ancient Ruins. Severus remarked that they would have little to learn at Hogwarts by the time they were eleven, so studious were they.

Though they spent a great deal of time at the Malfoy's, who had two more children by this time - both through surrogacy - they also enjoyed visiting the Weasley's and the Potters. Severus was very close to Harry by this time, and he had recently offered Miss. Granger a position in development. He was formally setting up a business in Hogsmeade instead of running everything through the lab. He hired Hermione to run the shop and work in the lab that would be established there. She was to hire an assistant to help her stock items and watch the register while she worked on her research.

The children's magic grew in strength, and by the time their mother was ready to deliver Aiode, they no longer needed music lessons. They were all quite proficient and spent hours practicing together.

It was late in the evening on the eve of Halloween when Elizabeth's contractions hit. Severus alerted Madam Pomfrey, who came as quickly as she could.

When she ran a diagnostic spell, she discovered that the baby was breech, and when she tried to turn the child, she was unsuccessful. Elizabeth was having trouble birthing the baby, and the later it grew the weaker her heart became. Severus was in a panic and had begun to cry silent tears as he rubbed his limp wife's belly. She had no more strength to push.

"Don't you leave me, Elizabeth" Severus' voice was low and pleading. "Please, fight for me, for this babe." He accioed a restoring potion, but it had little effect.

She was exhausted, and the sun had begun to rise when she told him, "I can't. I haven't the strength."

Madam Pomfrey cast every spell she knew to restore the woman's heart function and rid her body of toxins, but she couldn't work fast enough.

Suddenly, little Hadrian pushed his way through the door, which had been heavily warded. Orpheus followed and little Cassie toddled behind them on her short, plump legs. Her tall, lean brothers helped her to sit next to their mother's bed.

"You must leave," Madam Pomfrey huffed.

Severus looked at them expectantly, and Hadrian came over to grab his mother's limp hand in his, "we heard them call for us, mother and Aiode," he looked at his father. "We are here to help." He assured him.

"Please, help your mother," Severus begged as he wiped his wife's sweaty brow, pulled her hair back from her face and kissed her cheek.

Elizabeth whimpered as another contraction hit her.

Hadrian began to play a slow steady beat and Orpheus strummed on his lyre. Nothing happened until Cassiopeia began to blow gently into her flute. Orpheus' voice rose high and soothing and the room began to glow with an ethereal light. Severus felt the pull and he succumbed to it and allowed it to draw from him as he focused on Elizabeth and Aiode. He felt his wife respond and he felt the baby move slightly. Hadrian's lower voice joined in harmony with Orpheus' and Cassiopeia began a haunting melody to accompany their intertwined voices.

Severus watched as his wife's belly rippled with the movements of the child, and within moments his wife was suffused with light. She arched back, gripped his hands and pushed. Madam Pomfrey caught the child, cleared her mouth, and cleaned her. The boys did not halt their singing.

Elizabeth had begun to bleed, and Cassie's melody grew more urgent. Severus was startled watching the little girl deftly play the seemingly cumbersome instrument. The boys began to sing more loudly, Hadrian's drum beats grew insistent, and Orpheus' plucking intensified.

Severus poured himself into his wife and drew from her own reserves in order to heal her. He was unaware of it, but his own baritone sung a healing spell that merged with the children's melody.

Madam Pomfrey was stunned by the music and magic the children were weaving. Coming to her senses, she poured a blood replenishing potion down Elizabeth's throat, and cast a diagnostic spell. Slowly, Elizabeth's heart rate evened out and her breathing deepened. The light began to wane and Severus could tell that the color had returned to his wife's face.

When Madam Pomfrey said she was stable, Severus moved her to the bed. Aiode, who had been quiet to this point, began to cry for her mother.

Elizabeth was awakened by the insistent mewl and reached for her child. The babe latched to her plump nipple hungrily and ate until her belly was fully. The children gathered around. Severus picked up Cassiopeia, who was too short to see over the bed. She reached for her mother, and her father laid her gently next to his wife and the sleeping child. The dark headed toddler stroked her sister's head gently and scooted closer to her mother so that she could drink from her as well. The boys left, and Severus lay down on the large bed next to his sleeping girls and marveled at the wonders of love, life and magic.

He whispered softly into his wife's ear, "I love you, my dear."

They spent their days happily together in their sleepy, little cottage, and not a day went by when they did not express their love and thankfulness for each other.



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