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"Power Gem!"

The Volcano Pokemon, Typhlosion, reached into the deep well of fire power that lay inside its body before bringing it forth. The fires on its neck extended feet away from it while it's entire form seemed to glow with the heat of the flames that burned inside its body. Opening its maw, all could see the concentrated orb of broiling flames that was gathered at the back of its throat. With a cry it let loose, unleashing a storm of white hot fire that burned with enough intensity to superheat the air around them and the Pokemon.

Roark's Probopass meanwhile used its magnetic abilities to call forth numerous baseball sized rocks before using that same magnetic force to propel them forward at extreme speeds.

Had this been a few days ago the empowered rocks may have managed to get through the flames of Typhlosion's Quilava form, but that was not the case now. Even as a Quilava he had possessed far more fire power than most of his own species, something many of Ash's pokemon were known for. But now? As a Typhlosion his flames were comparable to that of a volcano's magma and as such the small rocks were turned into molten sludge in a matter of seconds upon coming into contact with the conflagration.

Unhindered the inferno roared ever closer to the defenseless Probopass, scorching anything and everything they came into contact with.

"Behind the rock and then Earthquake!" Roark called in panic as he watched as what had once been a forest of rocks was turned into a veritable sea of fire and magma. Any longer and his Gym would begin to look like the inside of a volcano. Even now he was sweating just from his proximity to the fire, in fact it seemed like everyone in the Gym was dripping with sweat thanks to the massive spike in temperature.

The Oreburgh Gym Leader had been confident at the start of the battle, thinking Ash had made a rookie mistake by sending out a Fire type to fight a Rock type. However he now understood why Ash had been so confident. This Typhlosion was a monster and seemed to be able to live up to its species' title as the Volcano Pokemon.

Roark's statue like pokemon quickly followed its trainers orders, equally as happy to get away from the flames. Now hidden behind its cover of rocks as the flames assaulted the structure, Probopass took the time to raise itself higher into the air while still remaining hidden by the stone spire.

With a mighty force it pushed its weighty body back down to the ground with such force that the ground around it exploded outwards, the very floor of the gym rippling almost like water. This time Dawn was forced to the floor while the referee had to take refuge far from the field. Ash himself was forced to take a knee to retain some sense of balance while even Roark had to visibly fight to keep from falling over.

On the battlefield Typhlosion was no better, being forced to cancel its flames then stabbing its short claws into the ground to keep from falling over. Around the Fire type the rocky spires were collapsing, sending boulders tumbling to the ground in a landslide. Unable to catch any footing or balance the badger pokemon was buried under the rocks alongside the blazes that had come to life due to his use of Eruption.

Finally after what seemed like minutes, when in actuality was only about thirty seconds, the shaking subsided and everyone was able to properly stand up once more. Dawn looked worried, seeing Probopass floating above the mounds of rock with Typhlosion nowhere to be found.

Ash looked grim as well, having seen what had happened to Typhlosion. Roark looked equal parts worried and victorious. Even another Rock type would be hard pressed to take not just the Earthquake, but the unintentional rock slide as well. For a Fire type to take both could do more than cause just a few bruises.

As the referee was ready to call the match all eyes were drawn to a spot only a few yards away from Probopass. The top layer of rubble began to shift and move, first in small increments, then in larger more noticeable shifts. A small pause in the movements made everyone tense. As the seconds passed with no movement the ref began to call the match.

Only for the rubble to explore outwards in a shower of pebbles and dust. Emerging from the dust cloud was a battered and panting Typhlosion, its body dotted with bruises while its once pristine fur was now covered in dust and rock fragments. Even still the Volcano Pokemon let out cry of fury, igniting the flames on its neck as a show of its willingness to continue the battle.

Ash grinned, knowing that his Pokemon would not allow itself to go down so easy, especially now that it had evolved. This was its first true battle in its current form and he knew that Typhlosion was trying to show him just how strong he could be.

Roark shook his head in disbelief at not just the power, but the drive of Ash's Pokemon. It had been awhile since a trainer had pushed him as far as his current opponent and he couldn't be happier.

Deciding to go for a different tactic Roark called out, "Discharge!"

Ash knew very well that Typhlosion, like most of his Pokemon, had very little in the way of defensive maneuvers or techniques, something he should remedy soon. Those were thoughts for out of battle though. Right now he needed a way to keep Typhlosion from taking anymore damage.

As the field of electricity exploded outwards like a shield around Probopass and began to spread across the field, Typhlosion was doing his best to keep some distance between him and the almost blinding web of electricity. Ash meanwhile was wracking his brain for some counter or way out, knowing that Typhlosion wouldn't be able to outrun the encroaching wall of electricity for much longer.

Then it hit Ash. He recalled that during his first year as a trainer he had battled against one of the world's strongest and most intelligent Fire type specialists. Said specialist had devised a technique to completely cancel out any and all Electric type moves, something he had seen first hand. The best part? The technique was something only immensely strong Fire types were capable of, a Fire type like his Typhlosion.

"Flame Wheel around you Typhlosion!"

Typhlosion followed his trainer's orders to the letter, allowing his flames to coat him in a sort of armor, however instead of the customary spinning, Typhlosion merely stood there, watching as Probopass' Discharge made its way towards him.

Everyone in the Gym watched with baited breath, wondering just what Ash was up to. Imagine their surprise when, as the field of electricity came close to Typhlosion, an opening appeared in the electric field, almost as if the sparks of electricity were too afraid to even go near the burning form of Typhlosion.

As Probopass cancelled the attack and Typhlosion allowed its makeshift flame armor to dissipate, Roark and everyone turned wide eyes to see Ash grinning triumphantly.

Not wasting any time to explain what had just happened in the midst of a battle, Ash capitalized on their shock, "Flame Wheel!"

Giving a cry Typhlosion curled into a ball and called upon its flames once more, wreathing its entire form in them before he began to spin, propelling himself forward, leaving a trail of flames wherever he touched the ground.

"Momentum!" Ash called out, confusing everyone even more.

Roark himself knew that while Probopass was a Rock type, it was also a Steel type as well, giving the statue like Pokemon a rather glaring weakness to fire. Wanting to stop the flaming wheel that Typhlosion had become before it could come any closer to Probopass Roark called out, "Stone Edge!"

Once more the dual type used its magnetic abilities to literally heave massive chunks of the floor into rocky spears, intent on either catching its opponent or having him slam into one headfirst.

Of course Typhlosion was an adept user of Flame Wheel and was easily capable of controlling its path and speed, even whilst spinning, and understanding exactly what Ash had asked, managed to avoid every one of his opponent attempts to trap him. Coming to the spot where it would due him the best to follow Ash's plan, Typhlosion made a sharp turn, using one of the newly made spires of rock that Probopass' Stone Edge attack had created as a ramp.

Launched high into the air, Roark gaped along with everyone else, realizing that he had played directly into Ash's hand and had given him the perfect way to land a decisive blow. In the air there was nothing his Probopass could do. Ash had already proven Discharge to be entirely ineffective against the Volcano Pokemon and the rest of Probopass' move repertoire required its opponent to be on the ground. Right now all he could do was hope that Probopass could move fast enough to dodge or at least endure the hit.

Everyone was thrown for a loop yet again at Ash's next command, "Brick Break!"

Only now did Roark begin to panic. With that much momentum aiding its power, Typhlosion could quite possibly end the battle here and now.

Typhlosion meanwhile unfurled itself from the ball it had been in, allowing the embers of his flame shroud to disperse in the air as its right paw began to glow a blinding white color.

"Probopass get out of there!"

Probopass attempted to do just that, not willing to test if its thick defenses could weather an attack like that. However with the speed that Typhlosion was falling and how hard it was to move its massive body, Probopass only managed to move several feet away from Typhlosion's expected landing, only for said Pokemon to adjust its trajectory, aiming straight at where it thought Probopass would be.

Typhlosion's prediction proved correct.

Everyone winced when the sound of the harsh attack slammed into Probopass with such ferocity that the weighty Pokemon was sent tumbling across the ground, skipping like a pebble.

Even still the dual type Pokemon began to attempt to raise itself back up, its movements jerky and uncoordinated. Roark grimaced upon seeing the massive crack in Probopass' armor, exposing the soft flesh of the Pokemon. In fact there was a noticeable network of cracks that spread across the Pokemon's body, a testament to just how powerful Typhlosion's Brick Break had been. Despite its wounds Probopass looked determined to continue battling.

With a small frown Ash issued what he hoped to be his final command for the battle, "Typhlosion, Flamethrower."

The Pokemon nodded, hearing his trainer's unspoken signal for it to reduce its fire power to a point that would only damage his opponent enough to be knocked out, not seriously wound it.

A blaze was lit around Probopass, flames encompassing it for a full five seconds before both Ash and Typhlosion felt it was enough. Typhlosion calmly called back its flames while Ash ran his hand through his hair.

'That was kind of stressful,' the teen mentally admitted.

Roark meanwhile nodded his head, seeing how Ash had purposefully had his Pokemon tone down its attack so that Probopass did not have to endure anything too painful.

The referee raised his right arm, "Winner of this round is Ash Ketchum! Are both trainers ready to continue?"

Ash looked at his Fire type, "You good to keep going Typhlosion?"

In response the badger Pokemon turned and gave his trainer a confident grin and a cheesy thumbs up. Ash laughed at his Pokemon before nodding at the red, "Yeah we're good."

Roark unclasped a ball and palmed it before asking across the battered field, "Hey Ash! Mind if I ask just what it is that you did to stop my Probopass' Discharge like that?"

Ash grinned and ran a thumb across his nose, "Well actually I copied it from the Cinnabar Island Gym Leader. His Magmar was able to superheat the air around it to a point that Electric type attacks were completely useless against it. I figured that Typhlosion could probably do the same."

Roark whistled appreciatively at the genius of such a tactic. To be able to make one type completely ineffective was strategic genius. It meant that your opponent was forced to either limit their move pool or think outside the box as well. What made the technique even more useful was that it was the Electric typing that was being blocked as their attacks usually had the nasty side effect of paralyzing the target or causing neurons to misfire causing a whole mess of other problems.

"Did the technique have a name?"

Ash scratched his head in thought, "Hmmm I think he called it the Air Lens technique."

Satisfied with the answer, Roark nodded to the ref, signaling that he too was ready to continue the match.

'Hopefully with you I can at least claim one victory. Both of his Pokemon may have been badly damaged but Ash has still technically won both matches. Can't let him sweep me like this,' Roark thought as he tightened his grip on the Pokéball in his hand.

Ash meanwhile sharpened his focus yet again, 'Roark has been using stronger and stronger Pokemon. If that's anything to go by this next Pokemon may give me some trouble. Hopefully Typhlosion will be able to at least get a few good hits in.'

"Gym Leader Roark please call out your last Pokémon!"

"Well Ash I must say that you've proven yourself to be a talented trainer. Had you waited a day I have no doubt that you would've have won the Coal Badge, but you've kind of forced my hand. Never thought I'd have to use this guy in a Gym battle, but here it goes. Stand strong, Tyranitar!"

Ash's eyes widened upon hearing the Pokemon Roark was sending out and even the referee looked shock that Roark would use the Pokemon.

Emerging from Roark's Pokéball was in all essences of the word a monster. The green behemoth that was the Johto region's Pseudo Legend stood tall in front of Ash in all its fearsome glory. Opening its maw the beast let loose a near deafening cry, announcing its arrival onto the battlefield. The mere presence of the Pokemon summoned forth a fierce sandstorm, showcasing its ability Sandstream.

Ash grew nervous at seeing the dual type, having first hand knowledge of just how powerful these monsters of Pokemon could be and the destruction they could wreak. Any plan he had of saving his stronger Pokemon had just gone out the window with the arrival of this Pokemon.

Up in the stands Dawn watched worriedly as Ash and Typhlosion faced down this beast of a Rock type. She had heard from Ash and seen articles on how dangerous and terrifying these Pokemon were, but seeing one first hand was a whole different out her Dex, she aimed it at the towering form of the Tyranitar and hit the scan button. What the electronic encyclopedia had to say did nothing to calm her nerves.

"Tyranitar, the Armor Pokemon and final form of Larvitar. If it rampages it knocks down mountains and buries rivers. Maps must be redrawn afterwards."

The referee looked at Ash to make sure that the teen was sure that he wanted to continue the battle with this new obstacle in front of him. Ash in turn looked up at Typhlosion who looked back its trainer, determination burning bright in its eyes.

Seeing the resolute nod from the teen the referee announced, "Combatants ready? Begin!"

"Flamethrower, full power!" Was Ash's call.

Typhlosion gave out a cry before letting loose a blazing inferno of broiling flames.

Roark stood strong, arms crossed and a confident grin on his face. Tyranitar remained completely still, looking only slightly impressed by the flames that now raced towards it. As the waves of fire bathed Tyranitar, Roark kept that same grin on his face while Ash clenched his fists.

"Brick Break!"

Letting up on the flames, Typhlosion raced across the heavily damaged ground with its paw glowing that bright silver.

Still Roark remained silent, making Ash all the more nervous.

Typhlosion dove at the spot Tyranitar had stood, the area still covered by flames, the still raging sandstorm only serving to lessen the level of visibility.

When the flames died down and the sandstorm subsided enough to allow everyone to see, shock rang throughout the gym. Ash clenched his fist tighter, Dawn gasped, and Roark stood grinning. There was Ash's Typhlosion, lifted off the ground with Tyranitar holding the Fire type's paw, looking bored and uninterested.

Out of desperation Ash gave another command, "Flamethrower!"

Yet again Tyranitar was bathed in fire, but even still Typhlosion hung in the air, unable to escape the iron like grip of the Pseudo Legend.

"Toss him!" Roark finally said, breaking his bout of silence.

The Volcano Pokemon was tossed like a pebble by Tyranitar, rolling across the ground only to come to a stop when it slammed into one of the few remaining rock spires.

As Typhlosion struggled to stand back on its feet, Roark decided to end it, "Stone Edge."

Lifting one of its massive tree trunk like legs Tyranitar stomped the ground almost casually, sending reverberations throughout the gym, and following that a flurry of numerous rocks were sent flying at Typhlosion. Too tired to react quickly enough, the Fire type took the attack head on.

Seconds later the hail of rocks ended and for a moment Typhlosion stood shakily, panting heavily with parts of its fur matted with blood, and even more bruises littering its body. The flames on its neck had all but died down, only the occasionally flicker of an ember appearing to show that Typhlosion was still trying to keep going. However too fatigued from its battle with Probopass and having taken far too much damage, Typhlosion collapsed to its knees before completely falling face first into the dirt.

Ash sighed and recalled the pokemon, "You did great Typhlosion. Take a nice long rest, you deserve it."

Pikachu hopped up to Ash's shoulders before letting a few sparks loose from its red cheeks, "Pika Pika! Pikachu!"

The raven haired teen shook his head, "Not today buddy. Next time though ok?"

Pikachu huffed before sitting on Ash's shoulder with a pout, "Chu."

Ash scratched behind his partner's ears, knowing the perfect spot, earning him a cute, "Chaaa," for his efforts.

"So Ash what're you gonna do now? You and I both know taking down my Tyranitar won't be so easy," Roark called from across the gym.

In usual Ash style, the teen grinned and palmed another Pokéball, "I didn't think I was gonna have to use this guy, but 'you've kinda forced my hand'. Let's do this, Primeape!"

Bursting out of the capture device was the monkey like Fighting type that Ash had been forced to catch back in Kanto. Back then the thing was a troublesome Pokemon and refused to listen to Ash. Now however it saw what Ash's other Pokemon saw in the teen and had quickly become one of Ash's stronger Pokemon. There was still a handful of Pokemon who could outclass the Fighting type in both raw strength and battle prowess, but still Primeape had proven itself to be an asset on Ash's team. Even still it's almost berserker style of fighting fit perfectly with Ash's usual style of running straight in and battering the opponent fast and hard.

"This is the last round of the battle between Ash of Pallet Town and Roark, the Oreburgh Gym Leader! Trainers ready?...BEGIN!"

"Brick Break!"

Despite Tyranitar's extreme weakness to Fighting types, Roark looked confident as ever, though still a little more wary. Ash had said that he hadn't planned on using this Pokemon in the battle, but felt the need to due to his using Tyranitar. Normally he wouldn't be so wary, but he had thought Ash foolish for sending a Fire type in against a Rock type and look how that played out for him.

"Grab him!"

Tyranitar seemed to mirror its trainer's wariness, as seen by the slightly more alert look in its eyes and much more rigid posture.

As gloved fist met rocky claw, all were surprised when Tyranitar, who towered over the shorter Primeape, was being pushed back, and quite easily if Primeape's grin was anything to go by. Tyranitar meanwhile was visibly struggling to push back, going so far as to dig its feet into the ground. This only lead to the ground being torn up as Tyranitar was pushed around like a till through the fields.

Suddenly very worried by how easily this Pokemon was pushing around his Tyranitar Roark decided he needed to actually participate in this battle, "Aerial Ace!"

"Thunder Punch!

Tyranitar brought up a glowing white claw, intent on damaging the pint sized fighter, only for its claw to be met with the sparking fist of Primeape in a counter. Due to not only the force of Primeape's counter, but because of the Flying type attribute of the move, Tyranitar recoiled in pain, breaking off the grapple as well.

Knowing an opening when it saw one Primeape lashed out without Ash needing to even say anything. Fist glowing with power, the monkey Pokemon fired out a punch so fast, it was naught but a blur to the human eye. The attack slammed into Tyranitar's exposed abdomen with enough force to send the massive Pokemon tumbling.

Both Ash and Primeape knew full well that it would take much more than that to down a Pokemon like Tyranitar, a species known to be able to weather even the strongest of attacks with ease.

Primeape bum rushed the downed Pseudo Legend, fist glowing with power yet again. Laying on its back like a helpless Torkoal, Tyranitar struggled to rise back to its feet. As it rolled onto its stomach, Primeape launched itself high into the air and with a battle cry, dropped a ferocious Karate Chop onto Tyranitar's back. The attack hit with enough force to shove Tyranitar into the ground, creating a shallow crater where the Pokemon lay.

"C'mon Tyranitar! Get up!"

Ash grinned, knowing that the tables had turned, "Toss it by the tail!"

The berserker Pokemon did just that, grabbing the downed dual type's tail, before beginning to spin. At first the spin was slow, dragging Tyranitar across the ground as Primeape spun, but eventually enough momentum was built up and soon the two Pokemon resembled a spinning top of greens and browns.

"Now Primeape!"

The timing was perfect and Tyranitar was sent flying through the air like it had just been fired out of a canon, aimed straight at the Gym's far wall where no could be hurt.

Not even a second later the green bullet that was Tyranitar plowed into the wall of the Gym and due to the force of the impact, the lights above rattled and flickered for a moment. Ash was worried that the whole wall might crumble down and he'd have to help pay for the repairs or something.

Lucky for the teen, the wall stood strong, only enduring a large new hole where Tyranitar had hit. Soon the dust cloud of paint chips and other wooden splinters from the wall cleared out revealing the unmoving and heavily beaten form of Tyranitar. There were massive cracks in its stone armor from where Primeape had hit the dual type and there also looked to be a nasty bruise on its head from its impact with the wall.

Roark shook his head in disbelief before recalling his unconscious Pokemon, "That was a hard battle. You did me proud though."

"The winner of this battle is, Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town!" Boomed the referee.

In the stands both Dawn and Buneary erupted into cheers, shaking their pom poms around and declaring Ash as number one.

The teen himself was grinning like a lunatic. He rushed Primeape and managed to lift the Fighting type Pokemon into the air, "You did it Primeape! Great job!"

The vicious Pokemon seemed to do a 180 with its trainer so near and was happily grinning and crying its name, pumping a fist into the air. Pikachu hopped on top of Primeape's head loudly cheering, "Pika Pika!"

Umbreon stood loyally at Ash's side with a proud grin on its own face.

Roark made his way across the massacred Gym floor and offered a hand to Ash as a sign of respect. Ash grinned and put Primeape down before taking the offered hand and shaking it.

"Ash I honestly didn't know what to expect from you other than that you would give me a great battle. I had no idea you would push me so far and as a trainer I thank you for this opportunity. It showed me that even as a Gym Leader I have room to improve. As a sign of your victory, I proudly give you this, the Coal Badge," Roark spoke with a smile.

Laying flat on Roark's upturned Palm was Oreburgh's gym badge, and the first to be claimed in the Sinnoh region. This was Ash's first steps as an improved trainer. This was the start of his taking Sinnoh by storm and if he had anything to say about it, he would have seven other badges to claim.

With a grin Ash gently took the simple looking badge in his hand, enjoying the weight in his hand. He held it up for his Pokemon to see and proclaimed, "This is it guys! This is our first step in dominating this league!"

Primeape gave a resounding cry, pounding its fists together in approval. Pikachu replied back and gave a cheesy victory grin while Umbreon nodded, not at all doubting its trainer's words.

As Ash basked in the glory of his first victory, he noticed a marked difference in the feeling. He had won. He had challenged a region's first gym and won, the first time. He had planned, he had been prepared and, with the help of his Pokemon, had all but swept Roark, even when the elder trainer had used Pokemon from his more experienced team and called out a Pseudo Legend. This wasn't the happiness of earning his first badge or anything like that. No this was the happiness and pride that came with seeing his and his Pokemon's efforts and training coming to fruition.

Ash was forcefully knocked out of his thoughts by a laughing blue haired coordinator, her arms now wrapped around him in a hug. Ash smiled and returned the hug, laughing along with Dawn.

Roark decided to interrupt the little moment, "Alright alright enough. I don't need you two making goo goo eyes in my Gym so get out here already."

Ash and Dawn blushed before waving a goodbye to the Rock type specialist.

Roark turned and looked at his Gym. It looked like it had been the location for a war, not a Gym battle. Sighing he ran his hand through his reddish hair, "Looks like it's gonna be awhile before I can get this place presentable again."

"I can't believe that! That was such a cool battle!" Dawn exclaimed as she and Ash made their way to the Pokemon Center.

"Your Primeape just destroyed Roark's Tyranitar! And Typhlosion was so cool! I didn't even think a Pokemon could hold that much fire. Even little Turtwig did good and won his match!"

Ash chuckled, "Yeah, they did good today. I didn't expect to have to battle Roark's actual team though. Gonna have to make it up to Bayleef and Corphish later." Turning to see Dawn still dressed in the cheerleading outfit Ash attempted to clear his throat, "So..uh...not that I don't appreciate it, but why are you dressed like that?"

Dawn giggled, "I figured since you've been helping me this whole time and cheering me on, it was my turn to return the favor!"

Ash's face began to burn with a blush as he could now see Dawn up close, "Um...uh..."

Again Dawn burst into a fit of giggles. It was moments like these that reminded her that Ash was still just a regular teen boy as well. Minutes ago he had confidently taken the Oreburgh Gym Leader like a storm, and here was that same teen now blushing and stammering because of her outfit. It was also a bit of an ego boost for her.

She didn't doubt that with as traveled as Ash was, he had seen his fair share of beautiful girls. To know that she was still able to make him blush was an ego point for her.

Finally making it to the Center, Ash's blush also calming down, the raven haired teen gratefully handed both Turtwig and Typhlosion's PokéBalls over to a smiling Nurse Joy. Knowing his pokemon were in good hands, Ash made his way to the video phone and transfer area, a plan already forming in his head.

He knew that he would be keeping Starly, Bayleef, Turtwig, Growlithe, Corphish, Larvitar, and Umbreon with him. Umbreon was quickly becoming a second Pikachu to him and he doubted the Dark type would want to get too far from him just yet while Starly and Turtwig were the new recruits that needed some good training.

He had promised both Bayleef and Corphish that they would battle against Roark, but that had gone out the window. Still he didn't want to just send them back to Oak without at least giving them a chance to battle and let out some of that energy.

Then there was Larvitar who, while not a new recruit, was still a more recent catch and a pokemon that he needed to get used to battling with. They were already well bonded considering their past together and now only needed to work on battling together.

Of course last, but not least was Growlithe who seemed very eager to please him. The young Fire pup however was just that, a young pup. Ash knew well enough that Pokemon, even from a young age, were more than capable of immense displays of power. However that didn't mean he was exactly comfortable with putting the Fire type into battles just yet. Possibly in another few weeks, but no sooner than that.

That meant that both Noctowl, Primeape, and Typhlosion, when he healed, would be getting sent back to Oak. While it was true that even with his new catches he still had one more available slot to carry Pokemon thanks to his recent upgrade, it didn't mean he would be able to feed and give the needed attention to all twelve Pokemon.

Besides that Noctowl probably wanted to rest, the owl pokemon having spent quite a bit of time with him during his little stint with the Rangers. It would also be the perfect opportunity to get another of his Flying types, one that was better suited to teaching Starly.

Primeape had also spent quite a bit of time with him and he did want to give some of his older team a chance as well. It had been far too long since he had really traveled with them, only using them during big battles.

After this last battle he wanted to give Typhlosion some much needed rest as well. It would also do the Fire type some good and allow him the time needed to really adjust to its new form.

Plan in mind, Ash called up the Oak Ranch. He was slightly surprised to see his old friend and Pokemon Watcher, Tracey answer the phone instead of Oak.

"Hey Tracey!"

"Ash! Good to see you man. How are you doing?"

The teen happily grinned and pulled out the Coal Badge for Tracey to see, "I'd say I'm doing pretty good!"

Tracey returned the smile, "That's great Ash! Congratulations! You and your pokemon deserve it after all that work."

Putting the badge back into its case Ash nodded, "Yea, but it was a pretty close match. I had perfect timing and managed to catch the Gym Leader when he only had his personal team available to him, so I of course challenged him."

The older teen shook his head, "Of course you would Ash. Never the easy way with you is it?"

Chuckling and rubbing the back of his head, "What can I say? I just have the greatest of luck."

"I'll say!" Came a familiar voice, at least to Ash.

Making her presence known by popping up behind Ash, Tracey was only slightly surprised to see a rather attractive blue haired teen appear on the other side of the call.

"Wow, so you're mom was right," Tracey spoke.

Both weary and curious about what his mother was saying about Dawn Ash asked, "What did my mom say?"

Tracey only shrugged, "That you finally got yourself a girlfriend and that she was really pretty."

Ash hung his head in embarrassment while Dawn's face was lit up by a fierce blush. Knowing that his mom was rather loose lipped when it came to him, Ash could only lament the fact that all of Pallet probably now thought that Dawn was his girlfriend.

"Anyways!" Ash called, attempting to diffuse the awkward situation, "I was calling to rotate some of my team out, so can I talk to Professor Oak?"

"Sorry Ash, but Professor Oak left a few days ago. Said something about him and a bunch of other regional professors meeting up to discuss some ground breaking discovery or something like that."

That piqued Ash's interest as well as Dawn's. Sure discussion and talks between the regional professors was far from rare, but it was usually only between two, maybe three, of them. For a number of them to meet up meant that this discovery, whatever it was, would be huge.

"But I can still help you out Ash! What do you need?" Tracey volunteered.

Shrugging Ash nodded, "Well I wanna switch out Noctowl with Pidgeot. Been awhile since she's been able to stretch her wings and Noctowl deserves some rest. Primeape is also going back and if possible can you send me Bulbasaur?"

"Not a problem Ash! I'll go get Bulbasaur and Pidgeot while you get ready on your end," and with that Tracey went off to go find the aforementioned Pokemon.

Only to come back seconds later.

"Ash! I forgot that a certain Aipom is demanding to see you. It's been getting pretty rowdy here and we think it's best if you take her with you."

Ash sighed before thinking. After a moments pause the teen nodded, "Send her over. I'll figure something out."

Ash had to sigh to himself. Aipom was an odd one. He cared for Aipom like any of his Pokemon but he just didn't know how to handle her. She wasn't exactly meant for battling and just didn't seem to match up with any style of battling. He had left her at the Ranch with the hope that he would figure something out for her, but he still hadn't managed to do so.

It was a problem he had never encountered before. Sure he had his fair share of difficult Pokemon, but he had always managed to find a way to make it work. With Aipom it was just so...hard. She was a good Pokemon and strong, but she just didn't seem to fit with him as a trainer, something that hurt his pride to admit.

Deciding that he would deal with that issue later, Ash reached to his belt and unclasped both Noctowl and Primeape's PokéBalls. With a quick push of a button both Pokemon were released from the high tech device.

Noctowl gently flapped its way up to Ash's shoulder while Primeape waited patiently to hear what it's trainer wanted of it.

"Alright you two, I'm sending you both back to the ranch to get some well deserved rest ok? You guys have both done great, but I want you catch some rest. You especially Noctowl, you've been pushing yourself for awhile now."

Both Pokemon looked slightly sad to be departing from their trainer, though Noctowl also looked slightly grateful for the opportunity to rest. While it wished to stick around and continue helping Ash, it also knew that it would be of no good to its trainer weak and tired from being overworked.

Primeape expressed its discontent with the choice by pouting almost childishly. Had it not proven itself by taking down that Tyranitar and winning his trainer the battle? Why was it being sent back to rest? It need no rest! He was more than capable of taking on all the other Gyms as well!

Ash saw Primeape pouting and knew that it was not excited to be sent back to ranch. Sighing Ash got off the seat and kneeled to Primeape's level, "Hey buddy I'm not sending you back, because I don't think you're strong enough or anything. You were awesome in that battle! I mean you took down that Tyranitar with a few hits! I couldn't be more proud of you."

Primeape seemed to take the compliment well, puffing out its chest in a show of power. Ash only laughed at the prideful Fighting type.

"But you also need some rest as well. You've been training really hard ever since I got you back and that's great, but I don't want you to over do ok?"

Primeape's shoulders sagged before the monkey pokemon nodded, finally admitting that his trainer was right. What if his trainer needed him and he was too tired from training to be of any use? That would be the last thing he wanted.

Ash smiled before hugging the Fighting type, a gesture Primeape returned with a smile.

"Don't worry, I'll make sure to bring you back soon ok?"

Primeape nodded before pumping its fist. Noctowl, having taken up residency on the stool Ash had been previously seated on, offered a hoot of agreement. Pikachu hopped down from Dawn's shoulder before talking with the two animatedly. From what Ash could gather, his partner was just wishing the two a good rest and that he would see them again soon as well.

Finally coming to accept the situation both turned to Ash while Pikachu made his way back up to his usual perch on Ash's shoulders.

"See you guys soon," Ash said as he enlarged the two PokéBalls in his hands.

Pikachu waved one of his paws in a final gesture of goodbye, Primeape returning the goodbye while Noctowl softly flapped its wings.

As Ash interacted with his Pokemon, Dawn could only smile at the scene. It was amazing to see just how close Ash was to his team. It was also endearing to see just how much his Pokemon loved him.

She had also noticed Noctowl looking somewhat fatigued in recent days and even still the owl pokemon said nothing, willing to push itself to follow any and all of Ash's orders out of pure love for its trainer. Even the battle nut Primeape showed its softer side when around Ash and was quite visibly saddened to be leaving the company of his trainer. Never before had she seen pokemon so attached to their trainer.

In fact she felt that by saying the bond between pokemon and trainer was almost spitting on what Ash had with his team. It was less like a trainer and their pokemon and more like a family.

Ash took up the seat just in time to see Tracey return, holding three PokéBalls, one with a white feather decal adorned on it, the other bearing a green leaf sticker on it, and the last being just a plain PokéBall.

"Ready when you are Ash," Tracey spoke.

Ash nodded before turning to the transfer machine situated just to the right of the video phone. Slipping the two PokéBalls into the appropriate slots, Ash watched as they were hit with a red beam of light before being turned into data, headed straight over to Oak Ranch. In return the same balls Tracey had held in his hands were now laying there on the transfer machine. With a smile Ash grabbed the three items before seating himself back down in front of the video phone.

Holding up the three PokéBalls Ash spoke, "Got em Tracey."

The Pokemon Watcher held up both Noctowl and Primeape's PokéBalls as well, "And they got here safely as well. I'll make sure to take good care of them!"

Trusting in his friend Ash nodded, "Thanks Tracey. I'll be sending Typhlosion over in a day or so as well. Good to see you again!"

Tracey nodded and waved a goodbye, "You know when to call! Good to see you too Ash! Good luck with the other Gyms!"

With a click the video phone's screen was turned black and Ash was left staring at the three shrunken PokéBalls that lay in his hand.

Dawn peered over the teen's shoulder and took notice of the decals on the top half of two of the balls. Her curiosity piqued the young coordinator asked the obvious, "Why do these two have stickers on em? Are they like ball capsules?"

Ash shook his head in the negative. Though Dawn did bring up a good idea. It would be pretty cool to get some ball capsules and give his Pokemon a cool entrance.

Shoving those thoughts to the back of his mind Ash got up and turned to face Dawn, "No, they're just plain stickers. But I used them only for my original team, and right here are two of my oldest friends, aside from Pikachu. Actually I caught Pidgeot when she was a Pidgeotto only a few days into my journey. I caught Bulbasaur...well actually I caught Bulbasaur in pretty much the same way I caught Turtwig."

"Can I meet them?" Dawn asked with a giddy smile on her face.

Ash knew why. Pidgeot were beautiful Pokemon and were often times seen in Pokemon contests due to their beauty and power. It also helped that the Pidgey line were a relatively easy line to train. Kanto and Johto trainers were usually seen with one seeing as how common and easy to raise they were.

Nonetheless he decided to give Dawn what she wanted, though he admitted to himself that he was more than happy to see both Pidgeot and Bulbasaur again. It had been awhile since he'd seen them last and he was still doing everything he could to make up for his having all but abandoning Pidgeot.

Walking out of the Center, the two trainers plus Pokemon made their way to the back side of the Center where there was a rather large stretch of open field. The field was there so that trainers had an open area to either train or just play with their Pokemon without worrying about dirtying the Center.

Before Ash could release either of his friends, Dawn beat him to the punch, letting out both Piplup and Buneary. Buneary was almost instantly at Pikachu's side while Piplup made himself comfortable in Dawn's arms.

Liking her idea Ash called out Bayleef, Corphish, Growlithe, and Larvitar as well. Of course Bayleef was more than happy to see her trainer and showed it in her usual manner of bowling over Ash. More than used to the loving Bayleef, Ash let her do so, laughing when the Grass type nuzzled her snout into his face.

Corphish however made his way to Ash and began to angrily rant in PokéSpeech, "Corphish! Cor! Cor! Corphish Corphish!"

Ash knew exactly why the small Water type was angry at him. He had promised the little crustacean pokemon hat he would fight in the Gym battle and Corphish could clearly see that wasn't the case.

Offering his hands in a placating manner Ash kneeled down so he was at eye level with the angry Water type, "I'm sorry Corphish. I know I promised that I would use you in the Gym battle, but it was a harder battle than I thought it would be. Typhlosion got hurt pretty badly and I didn't wanna risk you getting hurt either."

Corphish crossed its arms and pouted, but you could see it was trying rather hard to stay mad at his trainer.

"How 'bout this, the next three battles, no matter what they are, you get to fight in, ok? Sound good?"

Corphish seemed to debate the issue before relenting and nodding its head in agreement, "Cor!"

Ash smiled and offered a fist to the small pokemon who, in return, bumped the fist with one of its pincers.

With that situation diffused Ash grabbed one of the PokéBalls in his hand before tossing it into the air. In a flash of red, standing only feet from the group was a small green quadruped pokemon, a green plant like bulb situated on its back.

"Saur!" The small pokemon announced. Taking notice of who was in front of it, the Kanto starter rushed towards Ash before leaping into his arms.

"Saur! Bulbasaur!" The Grass type cried happily.

"It's great to see you too buddy! I missed you!" Ash said with a huge smile stretching across his face.

Pikachu joined the little reunion as well, happy to see one of his oldest friends once more. It hadn't been that terribly long since they'd last seen each other, but it was still always a happy occasion to meet up once again. It also helped that instead of just sticking around for a battle or some training, Bulbasaur would be joining them on their journey once more. They hadn't done that since Ash's first trek through Kanto and that had been about three years ago.

With the little moment over Bulbasaur turned to regard Dawn and her pokemon curiously. When Ash had left, he and the other pokemon had been told that their trainer was going to be trekking through Sinnoh alone. Then again Ash had started off his journey in Hoenn thinking the same thing, but that had changed after his trainer's having met that May girl and their old friend Brock. This girl was new though, and looked to be young and inexperienced.

Turning to the only one who could fill him in on what had happened since Ash had been in Sinnoh, Bulbasaur began a long conversation with Pikachu. The two talked casually as the small Electric type answered any of Bulbasaur's questions.

As the two Pokemon conversed Dawn and Ash were having their own little conversation.

"Wow! I never thought I'd see a Bulbasaur!"

Ash laughed at the exuberant trainer, "Yeah it wasn't till awhile back that I realized how rare Bulbasaur are. I've seen quite a few, but not as many as I have other pokemon, same with all my other starters actually."

The proverbial light bulb went off in Dawn's head as she realized something about Ash, "Hey wait a minute! I just realized that you have all the starter's from both Kanto and Johto! You also have one from both Hoenn and here as well. How'd you manage that? Aren't the starters of each region supposed to be like super rare to catch?"

Ash himself shrugged, knowing what the younger trainer meant. For the most part the Regional starter Pokemon were quite rare. In fact any trainer with a starter was more than likely to have gotten that pokemon as their first. The likelihood of a trainer bumping into any stage of a region's starters were all but nonexistent. The fact that he had managed to catch all off Kanto's and Johto's as well as catching both the Grass starters from Hoenn and Sinnoh was actually something of a miracle.

Dawn just shook her head and laughed at how casually Ash shrugged off catching some of the rarest pokemon outside of the Legendary and Pseudo Legendary groups. Who knows though, if she was lucky maybe some of Ash's dumb luck would rub off on her and she'd have a chance to catch some rare pokemon as well.

The more time she spent with Ash, the more she came to realize just how lucky she herself was to have bumped into him. What were the chances of you having someone save your life in the nick of time and that same person turning out to be an Elite class trainer with a heart of gold?

Dawn was interrupted from her thoughts when she felt Piplup hop out of her arms to greet the new arrival. While at first she was a little worried knowing how prideful the penguin Pokemon was, she was reminded of how kind most of Ash's pokemon were when the Grass type starter extended a vine, offering it like one would a hand for a handshake.

Piplup looked a little weirded out by the gesture, but grasped it in his flipper and from there it seemed the two would get along well enough. she could see that Bulbasaur was still a little wary of her and her pokemon, but it seemed that it was more than willing to take Pikachu's word about her.

The young coordinator wasn't all that surprised by the Grass type's wariness of her. From what little she knew, Ash and his first team of Pokemon had been through some very interesting and dangerous situations that had pushed their bonds to the limits, only for that bond to emerge from the flames all the stronger.

Not wanting to make a bad impression, Dawn kneeled down and offered her hand and a smile, "Nice to meet you Bulbasaur! My name is Dawn!"

Bulbasaur looked at her for a bit before seemingly deeming her to be ok in his books and proceeded to offer her the same gesture he had to Piplup. Giggling at the odd situation Dawn shook the vine then gestured to her two pokemon that stood behind her.

"You've already met Piplup. This is my friend Buneary."

Buneary peeked out from her fluff that she had hidden behind upon seeing the imposing Pokemon. While her trainer saw the Grass type as cute, she could feel the power this Bulbasaur possessed. Unlike her darling Pikachu who usually kept that powerful aura under wraps, this Bulbasaur seemed to be unafraid of letting other Pokemon know how strong it was. It was pretty intimidating, especially considering that she knew Bulbasaur could evolve twice more, growing even stronger.

Nonetheless, Pikachu seemed to be extremely close to Bulbasaur and if she wanted to get closer to the Electric type she would have to get close to his friends as well.

The rabbit Pokemon shyly extended a paw and waved. Bulbasaur seemed to sense the tension he was causing in the Normal type and almost did a complete one eighty, offering a warm smile and gently tapping Buneary on the forehead with one of his vines.

Ash answered Dawn's unasked question, "Bulbasaur used to be the guardian for a hidden sanctuary for Pokemon who had been injured or abandoned. Even after all this time he still likes to be that guardian to younger pokemon."

Dawn smiled seeing Buneary opening up to Bulbasaur slowly, an endeavor made quicker and easier thanks to Pikachu.

Bulbasaur was then introduced to Ash's new team members. Being the rather friendly and older brother sort of figure, Bulbasaur was quick to make friends with the new Pokemon.

With everyone now acquainted, Ash decided it would be a good time to call out one of his most loyal Pokemon.

With a flourish he tossed the Pokeball into the air, releasing the Pokemon inside. With a flap of its mighty wings the Pokemon hovered in the air and gave a beautiful and melodious cry of its name. With another gentle flap the Flying type allowed itself to float down to the ground, kicking up a noticeable breeze as it did so.

Standing on the ground Dawn was in awe as she saw the beautiful Pokemon before. From the long crest of smooth red and yellow feathers to its sharp and piercing gaze, the Pokemon before her was a coordinator's dream, exuding both power and regality in equal amounts.

The moment was only slightly ruined when the rather large Flying type gave a happy cry and spread out its wings before hopping its way to Ash and engulfing the young teen in a feathery hug.

Dawn's awe was then replaced with a smile as she saw Pikachu happily hop his way up to join the hug while Bulbasaur joined in the moment by using its vines to lift itself into the arms of a smiling Ash. The sight was made all the more endearing as the rest of Ash's Pokemon decided that they had enough of waiting on the sidelines and rushed to join what was coming to be a rather large group hug.

'Yup, definitely a big happy family,' Dawn thought to herself.

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