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Chapter 5

Another venue, another paycheck.

It had been a couple weeks since Emmett, Jasper, and I had fought and they had called me out on being moopy. I was not being mopey. I didn't care what they said.

We were in North Dakota, in the fucking middle of nowhere. There wasn't even a club anywhere to blow off steam. The closest thing was a trucker bar about fifteen miles away. Not our normal scene, but then I didn't understand why were in a place surrounded by rednecks anyway.

I was hitting on a girl, a redhead this time, when this big guy sitting two stools away from me started to mutter about "those faggots."

I'd heard the same comments for years. I got my ears pierced when I was thirteen and my nose when I was sixteen. My first tattoo came the day I turned eighteen. Some people were just cruel, and with alcohol in my system I didn't have the best impulse control. "What's your problem?"

"Your face is my problem."

"It's a free country, dick. I'm just exercising my right."

"Well, I have a right to not look at you."

"Screw you, asshole."

"You better watch your mouth, boy."

"Edward, come on, let's go."

Emmett was tugging on my shoulder and I knew that Jasper was somewhere close as well. I wasn't budging, though.

"I'm not going anywhere. This asshat can leave if he doesn't want to look at me."

"Boy, I'll beat your face in."

"Try me, pencil dick."

I should have realized how big the trucker was. His meaty paws slammed into my face, breaking skin and snapping bone.

I wish that I could say that was the low point, but it wasn't.