Chapter 1: Roses

"This certainly could've gone better" Ruby thought to herself, the...well, not so young huntress, was currently falling from a high-rise building. How she got in that scenario is another story entirely, and doesn't particularly matter. What did matter was she was falling to her death. Her ragged cloak slowing her down only mildly. She fell for a few more seconds. "Think I've fallen enough to convince that Hunter I'm dead" Ruby then thought as she stabbed her left arm into the building and slid down several more feet before stopping.

"Robot arm. Gotta love it" Ruby said aloud grinning.

She looked around to see more hunters 10 feet below her, where the ground was.


"Ruby Rose. You are under arrest by order of The Cleric Foundation" Said the hunter Ruby was the most familiar with, Crusader.

"What crimes am I being accused of?" asked Ruby jokingly.

"Vigilantism, reckless endangerment of children, unlawful hunting of Grimm, aiding and abetting key members of The White Fang, driving under the influence, Jaywalking, 15 counts of Punching out cops, and riding a Giant Nevermore into a statue of Dr. Henry Frenner." Crusader responded with in a deadpan tone.

"Oh come on!" Ruby yelled, "That jaywalking charge was bullshit and you know it!"

"Yes." Crusader said, under his helmet what remained of his mouth was not happy, "Because THAT'S is the main reason why we're pursuing you."

"Would be if I was a Faunus," Ruby said in a more serious tone, "you racist robot bastards."

"For 5 years we've been at this Ms. Rose, ever since we killed your mentor." Crusader said, "10 if we count the Fall of Beacon, and now I think I'm done with you."

He motioned his squad.

"Apprehend her, lethal force is not authorised. We need her alive."

The Hunters drew their guns and aimed at Ruby.

"Bloody Clerics," Ruby said as she smiled.

She dismounted from the building, and vanished in a flurry of Rose petals. She appeared behind the squad and unfolded Crescent Rose. She cut two of the hunters in half, a Blue liquid spilled out from their spines. She vanished again.

"Dammit, how is she so fast?!" one of the Hunters yelled.

The next second a scythe blade was impaled through him.

"Talent mostly" Ruby said.

Ruby fired two shots into the hunter and tossed him at the remaining Hunters.

Ruby then vanished and went for Crusader.

"Not so fast Ms. Rose," Crusader said. He grabbed at Ruby and managed to catch her by the neck. He began choking the girl. "Y'know, Frenner for some reason wanted you alive. But I think I should kill you right now myself. Get the revenge I was promised."

He unfolded a sword from his arm.

Ruby struggled. She was running out of air quick, and being stabbed was the last thing she wanted to happen today.

She remembered what her mentor Derek Faust told her a long time ago. Keep calm, and use your head.

She always forgot this for some reason. Didn't really matter why. Ruby reached into one of her belts and took out a small circular device. Attaching it to Crusaders head. It was a small miniaturized EMP. Granted Crusader was a Cyborg and not a robot, it would only stop him long enough for Ruby to get away. Thing messed up her arm and other equipment. Crusader dropped Ruby and started screeching in pain, wildly swinging his sword, not caring if he hit his squad or Ruby.

But Ruby had vanished.

She reappeared a good distance away, landing in an alley. Making sure she wasn't spotted, Ruby approached a nearby black car with a rose sigil on the door. She opened it and began to change out of the torn and tattered clothes she was wearing and into cleaner clothes, still very similar to what she normally wore these days, Black shirt, Black Leggings, and a long black skirt with red lacing. Once she had changed, Ruby reached out to put her cloak back on. But decided she would be better off not wearing the tattered old thing and grabbed a long black coat instead to make her more inconspicuous...well more inconspicuous then the 26 year old woman with a robot arm and several facial scars could be, but the cloak was her more memorable clothing item so she left it in the car. Ruby locked up the car and headed to her usual safehouse after a run-in with cops and Clerics. The Jade Dragons, a restaurant Nora ran with Ren. The only people from Beacon Ruby actually had good contact with since the school fell.

Ruby entered the restaurant.

"RUBY!" Said an enthusiastic voice, Ruby had found herself now in one of Noras notorious Death hugs!

"Gak! Nora!" Ruby choked, the oxygen running out.

Nora let go of Ruby and patted her on the head grinning.

"Go on Ruby, take the seat in the back."

Ruby went and sat down at her table. The place was pretty much empty, which was why Ruby typically hung out there...and it allowed her the opportunity to actually sleep in an actual bed and not in her car.

2 hours later

The Restaurant had closed. Nora was asleep, but Ruby and Ren stayed up talking.

"Ruby," Ren said to Ruby, "I don't get why you won't stay with of these days you're going to get yourself killed out there."

Ruby placed her arm on the table. The cybernetic was no shock to either of them.

"The man who built me this arm told me a long time ago that all this was his and his teams fault. The Clerics, everything. I made a vow when he died, to set things right, to help people."

Ren sighed, "Look, I wasn't going to say anything, but Yang was here last week."

"Did you tell her I was alive?"



Ren looked at her with a curious stare.

"So how's Pyrrha?" Ruby asked.

"She's good, moved out a little while ago." Ren stopped, "So, any sign of Blake?"

"None." Ruby said grimly, not wanting to talk about Blake, or anyone from Team RWBY.

"So...where are you off to now?" Ren asked, giving up on talking about old friends.

"Forever Fall," Ruby said, "Heard rumors about some Big Beowulf's out there."

"Fair enough." Ren said, yawning.

"Off to bed?"

"Yeah, mind helping me up?"

Ruby helped Ren up and handed him his crutches. Ren had lost his leg when Beacon fell, and refused to get a cybernetic to replace it. The two went upstairs and into separate rooms.

The next morning

Ruby was gone long before Ren and Nora woke up, and was already on the way to her car.