Artemis fowl

a christmas tradition

authors note: hello readers and merry christmas, or happy holidays (dont want to offend) i have decided to give my readers a special present, which is this fanfic that is about a very special christmas with you guessed it Holly short and Artemis fowl, this takes place on the first christmas after TLG, anyway i wanted to give my wonderfull readers who enjoy my work something special, so here is part one of 'a christmas tradition'



chapter one: christmas eve

6:00 am fowl manor:

twas the morning before Christmas and all through the house not a creature was stirring not even a mouse, well a genius, a giant, and an elf were trying not to make too much noise, it was the morning of Christmas eve and the trio were going to experiance the full force Christmas had to offer, Holly had arrived the night before to fully experiance the mud-man side of Christmas, and Artemis being a genius never really experianced it himself, so during this holiday Holly and Artemis would for once have fun without some maniac trying to kill everyone or without Artemis in need of recovery from something caused during their adventures, it would be the two friends having fun on Christmas eve with Butler off in the shadows keeping an eye on them, yup this is going to be a normal holiday (yeah right)

Artemis was currently in his room getting dressed for his day with Holly, he really wanted to wear his usual Armani suit but he decided that for the remander of this holiday he should let some of his 'fun side' out so today Artemis was wearing blue jeans that fit him comfortably, a white dress shirt with a deep blue jacket to go over, he decided he didnt need a tie on or else Holly would probably use it to drag him around everywhere and that would be too much embarasment for him to handle, Artemis took one last look in the mirror, he thought he looked alright but he couldnt tell, he had only wore suits until now (well there were a few occasions when he didn wear a suit) so with that last look he moved towards the door and left the room to join up with his friends who were probably waiting for him in the kitchen and since he is a genius he was right of coarse for when he enered the kitchen he saw Holly at the kitchen table drinking what Artemis assumed was coffee, and Butler was at the stove cooking their breakfast

"good morning Arty" said Holly who looked up to greet him with a warm smile

"good morning Holly and to you too Butler" replied Artemis motioning to both as he said their names

"Artemis... what are you wearing" said Holly who was shocked to see Artemis wearing something else then his suit

"well i figured that seeing as today we are meant to have fun i thought i would dress in something a little more 'laid back' " replied Artemis who sat down at his place at the table to wait for his breakfast

"and i thought that you wouldnt take this as an important day" said Holly who took another sip from her cup while smiling

"well it isnt everyday i get to 'hang out' with my closest friend" said Artemis who was recieving his breakfast from Butler aswell as a cup of earl grey tea, Holly smiled at the use of "hang out", Artemis was really starting to act like a normal teenager and she couldnt help but feel responsible for the great change Artemis had gone through

"no we dont get to hang out too often do we" said Holly with a hint of sadness "but who knows maybe this year will be different"

"i hope it will be" replied Artemis, taking a sip of his tea

"well anyway what do you have planned for us today" asked Holly who received her own breakfast from Butler

"well i heard from juliet that there is going to be a Christmas celebration in Killarney thats suppose to start sometime around 4:00 pm" said Artemis who turned to see how Holly would react to that idea

"and what willl be happining at this celebration?" asked Holly who turned to face the Mud-boy

"well there is final Christmas shopping, food and i heard that when it gets dark every one will walk through the national park in Killarney, that will be lit up by Christmas lights, and once they reach the castle at the end of the trail there will be dancing" replied Artemis who acctually thought it sounded fun

"well then i cant wait to see you dance, it should be the highlight of the night" said Holly who had to giggle at the imagery of Artemis dancing

"however before hand i thought i could show you some of ireland while theres snow on the ground, seeing as the people dont like cold weather i thought that you wouldnt have seen much of it" said Artemis

"what do you mean snow, there was no snow on the ground last night" said Holly who quickly got up and ran towards the living room like a small child would, Artemis just had to smill at the irony, Holly wizzed passed a few hallways until she reached the living room that contained the pine tree that she and the fowls had decorated when she had arrived, she found it nice of them to include her in a family activity, and in all honesty it was her first time decorating a tree, but right now she ignored the glowing pine and went straight to the window to look out and at her utmost suprise there was snow on the ground, there was probably about a foot on the ground and it was till comming down 'how did i miss this when i woke up' thought Holly

"so i take its a yes then for me to show you around a snow covered Ireland" asked Artemis who was standing behind her looking out the window himself

"you can bet on that" said Holly who couldnt take her eyes off the snow now Holly had seen snow before, when she was in the arctic saving Artemis l and when she went to see one of Artemis's projects dubbed the ice box, but this snow seemed to be different, it had almost a magical property to it maybe it was just her imagination but the snow did seem quite different

"first however we will need to go into dublin to buy you a coat or else you will freeze your ears off" said Artemis who started to walk away

"what do you mean? i brought a coat and a couple swearters to keep me warm" said Holly who turned around in confusion at the mud-boy, who only gave Holly a small smile

"Artemis what are you hiding" yelled Holly as she took off after him, she turned the corner just in time to se him take another corner so she quikly went around that corner to see him head upstairs and towards his study, she continueed to follow for she was set on prying out Artemis's secret even if she had to beat it out of him, she reached the study door to find that it was looked so she started pounding her fists agienst the door and making threats to the mud-boy

"Artemis open up now before i break down this door" Holly yelled through the door, then to her suprise she heard the look click 'did Artemis give up allready' thought Holly who slowly and catiuosly entered the study to find Artemis sitting in his chair who apeared to be watching Hollys every move

"now are you going to tell me what your little secret is or am i going to have to beat it out of ya" said Holly threatingly

"come now Holly there is no need for threats, i let you into my study so obviously i will tell you what im hiding" said Artemis who moved to open one of the drawers in his desk he then pulled out a box that was fairly thin but was quite long and wide

"and what is in that box?" asked Holly who was both curious and scared, for whenever Artemis is hiding something its almost never good

"well myself along with Foaly and No1 created this for the LEP" said Artemis who opened the box to reveal a necklace with a fair sized pendant that had some runes engraved into it

"you made the LEP a necklace?" asked Holly who was somewhat dissapointed

"not just any necklace this necklace allows fairys to temporarily transform into humans with out the loss of their magic of coarse" replied Artemis who had a smug look on his face at his latest project

"that is...amazing" said Holly who was now dumbfounded "this will be great for retreival and recon, this could change alot, this is huge" said Holly who was starting to get more excited

"yes now the people will be able to see the surface again, but Holly that is the only one so far, and it is yours so you can visit anytime you want" said Artemis who had started smiling at his friends hyperness

"what just for me, but whouldnt it be bett-" "consider it a christmas gift from me, one gift anyway theres still more to come" said Artemis who cut Hollys sentince short

"well thank you, i guess i will be able to look you in the eye again" said Holly smiling

"but there is one catch with the necklace, that is that only the body grows not the clothes hence why we will be heading into Dublin soon, for the mean time see if juliet wouldnt mind lending you some clothes" said Artemis who handed Holly the necklace

"ok then, ill meet you in the main foyer" said Holly who grabbed the necklace and went off to juliets room

Artemis remained in his chair until his computer went off "yes Foaly im here" said Artemis who spoke to his computer that was now taken up by the centaur foaly's face

"so did she like it?" asked Foaly who was munching on a carrot

"she loved it, hows the setup comming?" asked Artemis who switched over to his buisness tone

"well we have the go ahead from the council so it looks like we will be seeing each other soon" said Foaly who finished of his carrot

"good i just hope no mishaps arise, this plan needs to work" said Artemis who got really serious

"dont worry Artemis you have me and No1 on the job, you can trust us" said Foaly trying to reasure Artemis

"i know i can, but i cant help but worry" replied Artemis who dropped the seriousness and started to actually looked worried

"just go have fun today with Holly, you have nothing to worry about after all when do your plans ever fail" said Foaly througha toothy grin

"thank you Foaly" said Artemis smiling "see you and No1 tomorow" and then Artemis cut the connection at an image of Foaly waving, he was right though Artemis's plans had allways worked, he hoped luck was on his side though as he left the study to find Butler

7:45 am fowl manor:

Artemis and Butler where already in the main foyer of fowl manor waiting for Holly, Artemis had hoped that juliet didnt go over board and dress Holly up in everything that she owned the reason being if that was the case no one would be seeing Holly until Christmas dinner, and that would ruin the plans Artemis had, but to his relief Holly turned the corner at the top of the stairs and greeted the two mud-men with a "hey" she then walked down the stairs to stand next to them, Artemis couldnt help but notice that juliets blue jeans fit Holly quite nicely and the shirt was a little baggy, but Holly still looked good

"and you thought my clothes where different" said Artemis jokingly

"i have never seen you out of your suit, so anything would look different on you" replied Holly who had reached the bottom step

"that is not true, you have seen me in a hspital gown and we cant forget the time travil case" said Artemis who was starting to blush at the last memory

"no we cant" said Holly who also started to blush

"well Holly i guess you havnt noticed that your now up to Artemis's eyes in hight" said Butler who decided to speak to move away from that topic

"i am?" asked Holly as she looked at Artemis who looked back, their eyes seemed to be drawn to each other for they couldnt look away once they had connected, it was only after a cough from Butler did their eyes seperate

"shall we be off then? asked Artemis who had regained some redness in his cheeks

"yes we shall" said Holly who followed them to the garage, the trio went to the car of Butlers choice and that was the bently (of coarse) the three got into the car Butler up front with Artemis and Holly in the back and they where about half way out of the garage when juliet came rushing out of the house towards them, Butler stopped the car to see what his sister had wanted, Butler rolled down his window in order to talk

"what is it Juliet, is something wrong?" asked Butler, worry evident in his voice

"you better believe theres something wrong, you guys are going out to have fun and your not inviting me, are you three sane?" asked Juliet who had a wide grin spread across her face, Butler just turned back to look at Artemis for his approval, Artemis just sat there thinking for a while untill he rolled down his own window

"you can come juliet but you half to stick with Butler, me and Holly havnt seen each other in months and whould like some time to talk alone" said Artemis who couldnt help but smile at juliets jump for joy she had done when she heard she could join them

"dont worry Artemis, ill leave you two love birds alone" said Juliet while hoping into the passenger seat

"Juliet, that kind of behavour is uneccecary" said Artemis who looked really ticked off at Juliet already, while Holly just tried to ignore her comment by looking out the window at the snow falling to the ground

"its not like you'll hear any of my comments seeing as you and Holly will be off having a wonderful time, while im with Dom watching the two of you" said Juliet who made it sound as if she would have a really boring time

"Juliet im sure sure you will find someway to have fun, especially when we reach killarney" replied Artemis who was starting to regret bringing Juliet with them

"your going to the Christmas celebration?! awsome! i was hopping i would get a chance to go this year" said Juliet who was starting to bounce in her seat with excitment

"your not going, after were done shopping were bringing you back to the manor" said Artemis in a serious manner while looking out the window

"whaa...?" said a crestfallen Juliet "but why, why cant i join you guys, its going to be the second biggest celebration, until new years that is" said Juliet who turned to face Artemis with her most depressed and pleading puppy dog eyes, Artemis tried to keep his eyes focused outside he truly did but he only needed a single glance at the sad and pleading look Juliet was treating him to when he had to find something else to look at so he kept his eyes moving until they fell upon Holly who looked like she was trying her hardest aswell to avoid Juliets very own version of the fairy mesmer, Artemis turned suddenly to face Juliets glare, his face carved in stone, his eyes as icy as when he was twelve

"on one condition Juliet, you can not make any comments about Myself and Holly, do you understand?" asked Artemis who's face was still unmoving

Juliet just smiled as she said "deal, but i can comment all i want when your out of earshot got that" said Juliet in a half threatening tone

"i wouldnt expect anything less from you, but if i hear one comment from you, no Christmas celebration and no new years celebration" said Artemis who started to roll up the divider wall for som privacy, and to let Juliet comment all she wanted to to Butler, all he had heard from Juliet was an exasperated "fine" at which him and Holly both started giggling

"you can be so cruel sometimes Arty" said Holly who punched Artemis in the shoulder for Juliet

"Holly i had no intention of letting her stay at the manor while we went and had fun" said Artemis in a matter of fact tone

"oh really? so then what was the point of that then?" asked Holly who had gestured to where Juliets face would be

"its simple Holly, i knew Juliet would be making the same comments as earlier and i decided that it would put a damper on us having fun, so i came up with a plan to make her stop" said Artemis who was smiling at his plan

"but you didnt know she was going to stop the car and insist on coming with us so why did you say you couldnt let her stay at the manor while we had fun?" asked Holly who was starting to get confused,Artemis just smiled his vampire smile

"Juliet mentioned the celebration, i sent you to juliet for clothes knowing that you two would start talking and eventualy you would tell her when we were leaving, and she new about our plans for having fun on this christmas, it was expected really" said Artemis with a smug grin

"and if she hadnt come?" asked Holly, pointing out a flaw in his plan

"then when we did return to the manor, i would have sent Butler to tell her" said Artemis who was still wearing the smug grin

"and why would you do that? that seems like a nice thing to do" said Holly who was starting to get tired of that smug grin

Artemis just sighed "Holly ive changed alot, i am no longer that cold boy you met at the start, i am now a man with not a spark but a fire of decency inside him, and its all your fault" said Artemis accusingly

"well thats one blame i dont mind taking" said Holly with a smile which got Artemis to show his warm smile which he only reserves for Holly only

"well i should hope you dont mind, you changed me on purpose after all" said Artemis who was still smiling


"i cant believe Artemis threatening to leave me behind like that, i thought you said he changed" complained Juliet

"he has changed, he probably said that just to get you to stop with the comments, he knows you really wanted to go to the Killarney celebration so he wouldnt go without atleast inviting you along" replied Butler

"yeah... maybe, but hey they cant hear me now sooo... what do you think their talking about back there?" asked Juliet who had switched over to her gossip mode, but Butler wasnt going to have any of it so soon

"im sure what ever their talking about is stricktly between those two, and shouldnt be discused by others who have no clue about the conversation" said Butler who was starting to talk down to his younger sister

"aw come on Dom dont be like that im your sister, you can drop the act with me" said Juliet who faked dissapointment, but it was true however Butler was curious as to what Atemis and Holly could be talking about that would require them to need some privacy it was curious to say the least, but Butler remained quite

a few minutes later the divider was lowered

"its about time you two rejoined us it was getting boring, Dom wouldnt talk to me" said Juliet as if she was a toddler

"im sue that Butler would have talked to you if it wasnt about something he didnt want to talk about" said Artemis as if he knew what Juliet was talking about earlier

"what are you talking aboout Artemis, i was just asking Dom about some moves that i could hoopefuly use in the ring" said Juliet trying to cover her tracks, unfortunatly for her Artemis was named well

"your lieing Juliet" said Artemis bluntly "i can tell after all i did grow up with you and i am a genius"

"fine i was talking about it but please dont bring me back to the manor its not like it was anything bad i as just wondering about what you two were talking about thats all" said Juliet almost beggingly, she must have really wanted to go to the celebration

"if you must know me and Holly were talking about how i would never leave you at the manor while we go off and do the thing you suggested" said Artemis who had started to smile

"what?!... Holly is this true?" asked Juliet who was a little shocked at Artemis's kindness

"yes it is true Juliet, besides even if it wasnt i would make him bing you" said Holly with a wink at Juliet

"aww thanks girl" said Juliet who had also started to smile

"but be warned Juliet you will be punished if you make comments like that today" said Artemis who suddenly went all serious, which managed to send a few shivers down Juliet and Hollys spines

"dont worry ok, i wont make any more comments like that today well not infront of your face of coarse" said Juliet with a sly grin

"as long as it doesnt ruin our day im fine with that, how about you Holly are you ok with that?" asked Artemis who turned to Holly, Holly sat there thinking for a bit with her index finger on her lips the main reason was because she wanted to see how long Juliet would let her think about it but decided to just answer when she saw Juliet doing something that looked tlike she had to go to the washroom

"i guess if we dont hear it then no harm done" said Holly who saounded as if she really didnt care

" what are we doing first?" asked Juliet who was now really happy

"we are buying Holly a winter coat that will fit her" said Butler who put the bently into park "were here"

-15 minutes later:

Artemis, Holly and both Butler siblings walked out of the store they had entered moments before but now Holly had a forest green winter jacket, the reason Holly had picked this one was the reason that it matched her LEP uniform, that and Artemis had made a complement about Holly looking good in green, so with that out of the way the group made their way to a restraunt for lunch

they found a faily normal restraunt a few blocks from the clothing store they were at, they grabbed seats near the front window Butler and Juliet shared one side of the table while Artemis and Holly the other, and dispite Juliets bodygaurd training she had almost cracked and mad a comment about the two of them sitting beside on another

Holly had ordered a regular ranch salad, she Hoped that it would be fresh or at least taste like it, Juliet had ordered a burger with fries on the side, she had hoped it was a big burger for Juliet had missed breakfast that morning, Butler had ordered a large angus steak to quench his hunger, and Artemis being unfamilier with non-fancy food (as Holly called it) he ordered a chicken club with fries

the group sat mostly in silince until Artemis had started sharing his fries with Holly which caused Juliet to go running to the washrooms before she said anything she regreted

Butler in the meant time Just raised an eyebrow at the two

"was that really neccisary?" asked Butler who continued to eat

"we had to test to see if Juliet would keep her promise or break it" replied Artemis in a steady voice

"that and it was really funny to see her run like that" exclaimed Holly who started Giggling which got Artemis and Butler to chuckle with her, Juliet returned several Minutes later

"that was cruel you two" she exclaimed and continued to eat her meal

Artemis and Holly just gave Juliet a small smile in return 'this day is going to be perfect' thought Artemis

authors notes: ok guys i am really sorry but i have got to split this chapter up into two parts alone, i mean look at it its like the longest chapter ive ever written, but as you might notice its already out with this one (hopefully) anyways thanks for reading this far