Artemis fowl

a christmas tradition

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chapter one, part two: christmas eve

12:30 pm Dublin streets:

Artemis, Holly and the Butler siblings were still inside the restraunt finishing up their meals, Holly had a few leafs left of her salad, Juliet had a few fries left on her plate, and Artemis had a coupple more bites to go, while in the meantime Butlers dish was being taken away by the waitess, it was a few moments ealier that she had eturned to take Atemis's plate away after he had finished

"i hope you enjoyed your meal sir" said the waitress

"it was a wonderfull meal thank you" said Artemis who flashed the waitress a warm smile, Holly saw the act and instintly felt tense about it, she didnt knw the reason but after seeing Atemis smile at another woman with his warm smile the one that only she and his other friends had seen, But why did she feel different about this woman seeing it, Juliet had seen it a few times and Holly never got like this, she was then interupted from her thoughts by the waitress askeing her if she was done with her plate Holly qiuckly said "yes" and handed it to her

as soon as Juliets plate was taken Artemis paid for the meals and the group move on to the next thing Artemis had planned, and the others were sure he had something planned its Artemis for crying out loud, and sure enough when they left the restraunt

"Butler i would like to take Holly Christmas shopping and for that reason i ask of you to do the same and to not follow us, i will be with Holly she has the best training on or under this earth" Artemis added the last bit as he saw Butler looking unconfortable about the idea

"allright Artemis, i will leave the to of you alone to do some Christmas shopping your lucky that i have to do some final minute shopping aswell" said Butler to Artemis's suprise at the lack of argueing that Butler had done

"allright me and Holly will be going this way" said Artemis while pointing further down the street in the oppisite way of the bently

"then that means that we are Going this way" said Butler who motioned for his sister to follow him and they headed of back the way the four of them had come from earlier

Artemis and Holly had been walking for a few minutes in the direction they started off in, Holly had been getting distacted by the all the different lights that were hung above the walkway they were in, and when they went past a store with decorations Holly had stopped to admire them, it was about the seventh time when Artemis was getting frustrated by it

"Holly if you keep stopping every minute i will never get my Christmas shopping done" said Artemis as he attempted to pull Holly out of the window she was currently gawking at

"sorry Arty, its just in haven its never decorated like this so its quite a sight for me to see" said Holly as she resisted stopping at another window

"its allright i understand but right now i need to get presents for Christmas" said Artemis who was looking around at the different types of stores that surrounded them

"who's presents are you getting anyway?" asked Holly who decided it would be best to look at Artemis instead of the stores however when he turned to answer he their eyes met and they froze in place, Holly could see a flash of something in Artemis's eyes but couldnt place what it was before it dissapeared and Artemis's eyes became emotionless once again

"i am getting Butler and Juliet gifts" said Artemis as he broke eye contact and continued walking

"what do you plan on getting them?" asked Holly who had decided to look at the stores again but this time she continued to walk instead of stopping

"well i havent got Juliets gift as i have no clue what to get her thats why your here, and as for Butler i thought he would enjoy something relaxing" said Artemis as he continued down the street

"well who could have guessed that the great Artemis fowl II needs my help with something" said Holly with a smirk

"please Holly no teasing, today is suppose to be fun" said Artemis in a dissaproving mannor

"but teasing you is fun Arty" said Holly who flashed Artemis a small smile

"if i wanted to be teased i wouldnt have made that deal with Juliet" said Artemis who continued to look around at the shops

"thats true, but that was a different kind of teasing, that teasing was about us" said Holly who looked away and hoped that Atemis hadnt seen her blush at the word 'us' but Artemis didnt say a thing he just kept walking and looking until he finaly found what he was looking for a spa

"this is where i will get Butlers gift"said Atemis who was looking up at the sign, Holly had followed his gaze and was shocked by Atemis's idea of a gift for someone like Butler

"are you sure Butler would like a spa day" asked Holly who was looking at Artemis as if he had three heads

"no not a full spa day just the massages" clerafied Artemis "Butler can get so tense sometimes, but a massage will loosen his muscles"

Holly thought about it for a minute "yeah that does sound like a good idea" said Holly who motioned Artemis through the door as she opened it for him

Artemis entered the spa with Holly close behind they were only inside for about 5 minutes, that was the time it took to set up Butler with a 5 year massage package

"so what about Juliets gift?"asked Holly as they left the spa

"well as i said earlier i was hoping you whould give me a few ideas as to what to get Juliet for Christmas" said Artemis who started walking further down the street

"well Juliet was talking about a gift she wanted when i was getting clothes fro-" Holly had stopped for an idea had popped into her head "you used me didnt you, you sent me to Juliets room to get her to come along and to find out what she wanted for Christmas" said Holly giving Artemis a sly brow

"looks like i cant hide anything from you anymore Holly you know me to well, yes i did hope you would have got some information from Juliet as to what gift i should get her and to increase the odds of her coming with us on this trip, but i assure you i did send you to Juliets room mainly for clothing that fit you" said Artemis who turned back to face Holly to give her a warm smile now how could Holly get mad

"insuferable Genii" Mutterd Holly as she looked at another store they were passing Artemis just chuckled at Holly

"so what did Juliet want for Christmas anyway" asked Artemis who continued to walk down the same street (how long is this street)

"pink frilly pantys" exclaimed Holly who had turned to look the genuis in the face its a good thing to as for when she mentioned the 'garment' Artemis lost his composed figure aswell as his footing and fell face forward into a snow bank Holly just stood there laughing until her sides hurt but even then she continued to laugh until Artemis reached out his hand as if asking for Hollys help, she grabbed his hand after she had finally calmed down only to be rewarded by Artemis pulling her down into the snow, after shew had got up she relised he was standing out of striking distance 'smart Mud-boy' thought Holly

"that was a dirty trick Arty" said Holly who was brushing the snow off of her pants and coat

"so was what you did" replied Artemis who had started walking again after Holly had started to move closer to him

"so what of it, i'd say it was worth it" said Holly with a smile "your reaction was hilarious"

"yes well anyway what did Juliet want?" asked Artemis who was hoping to chanfge the subject

"its nothing you can buy Artemis" said Holly who was looking away from Artemis

"i highly doubt that, Money is no problem" said Artemis

"its not something you can buy, it is an event, juliet wants something to happen" said Holly who still didnt turn around

"and im guessing that whatever this 'event' was i cant make it happen sooner?" asked Artemis who started to stare at Holly

"i doubt you could make it ever happen" said Holly "what Juliet wants is a miracle

"and i doubt your going to tell me anytime soon 'sigh' oh well then pink pantys it is" said Artemis with a sly grin, Holly finally turned around and Artemis saw two things, one was the hilarious look upon her face the other was a slight red tint to her cheeks 'what could Holly be blushing about?, is it about Juliets gift?, if it is then what could Juliet want that would make her blush like that' thought Artemis and Artemis continued to think about it even after Holly had hit his shoulder about the pink pantys comment, then it had finally come to him 'oh Holly you will soon relise that i can make anything happen' thought Artemis with a sly smile

during Artemis's thought process the two had continued to walk in silence, Holly was back to looking in all the stores windows and at the decorations around them as they walked together, Holly was transfixed on a certain ornament when Artemis finaly broke the silence

"Holly whould you like to go ice skating?" asked Artemis who was looking directly at Holly, who spun around to face him

"ice skating? never been is it fun?" asked Holly with a curious look upon her face

"it is quite fun once you learn to skate that is, but even when your learning it can be rather enjoyable" replied Artemis who didnt take his eyes of his closest friend

"well... ok sure but do we have enough time, what about that celebration we were going to?" asked Holly

"we still have tons of time, we can skate for about an hour if we wanted to, and we dont have to be there right when it starts it goes on all night" said Artemis who motioned for Holly to follow him, they walked for about ten minutes before reaching a small park with a skating rink in the center and a booth for skate rentals, Holly was in awe at the lights and decorations above and around the rink that before she knew it Artemis had handed her a pair of skates

"what do i do with these?" asked Holly as if she didnt know what they were

"you put them on your feet and tie them tightly" said Artemis who resisted the urge for a smart retort, ten minutes later Holly had her skates on and was Following Artemis to the ice surface, which was a fairly large circle

as soon as they reached the ice Artemis glided on to the ice before motioning for Holly to take his hand, she looked at his hand as if it was a viper the laast time she grabbed that hand had ended with her face first into a snow bank, 'ah what the hell' thought Holly as she grabbed a hold of Artemis's hand and gently glided onto the ice, and because of years of LEP training in balance and leg strength Holly didnt fall and learned quite fast, But she still wobbled and almost fell so she was stuck Holding Artemis's hand as they glidded across the ice

"have you skated before? your quite good" asked Holly who was looking down at her feet to keep track of them

"yes but i am far from profesional" said Artemis as he smiled at Hollys effort to skate

"you dont have to be the best at everything" said Holly who continued to look at her feet

"i know oh well i guess not being good at something has its perks" said Artemis with a sly smile

"oh and what would that be?" asked Holly who had already guessed the answer

"i get to experiance a wonderfull moment where for once i am supporting and being supported by a close friend" said Artemis who shocked Holly by his answer

"what does that mean?" asked Holly who looked up at him for clerification

"well i am at a level where i can bairly skate and seeing as im with someone at a similer level we have to rely on each other to keep each other up, i know it is kind of corny but i feel as if we are a team again, i mean after the atlantis complex i had doubts we could be a team like we used to be, but know i feel the closness in our friendship" said Artemis in a sentimental way

"that sure is alot Artemis" said Holly who continued to look up into his face "and way to go by turning something simple into a meaning of friendship" said Holly who was trying to lighten the mood a little, Artemis just smiled at her last comment

the two continued to skate until Butler and Juliet arrived and told them they had to get going or they would miss their reservations

"what reservations?" asked Holly

"i made reservations at a local restraunt in Killarney for dinner seeing as we will be there for the rest of the day" replied Artemis who was getting in his side of the bently

"and what kind of restraunt is it, and please dont say its a fancy one" said Holly who got in the bently from the other side

"ive been before" said Juliet "it is a family restraunt which means no fancy food"

"good its nice for Arty to try new food" said Holly as if she was a parent talking about her child, Artemis just gave a 'humph' and looked out his window, this caused the two girls to start to giggle

they rest of the trip to Killarney was boring with not much happining, Juliet would talk about her wrestling moves to Holly, and Holly whould tell Juliet all about the gnome wrestling and crunch ball matches she had been to untill finally

"we have arrived in Killarny" stated Butler

"good, our reservations are at six o'clock so that give us half an hour to drive around so Holly can see the lights" said Artemis who half told half demanded Butler

"more lights?! man the power companies must make a living this time of year" stated Holly who moved to the window to get a good view of the Christmas decorations

"yes they do" said Artemis who move over so he could look out Hollys window, Juliet saw how close Artemis was getting to Holly and she just smiled as she looked over to Butler who smiled aswell

the next half hour went on like this with Holly looking at the lights and with Artemis right there beside her looking out the same window at al the decorations, when they finally stopped at the restraunt Holly and Artemis were still close beside each other untill it was time for them to exit the bently and enter the restraunt, the group got a booth this time with the same seating arangment as before with Butler and Juliet on one side and Artemis and Holly on the other

"now if one of you orders fries do not share or i will not be resposible for the comments that will be sure to follow" threatened Juliet in a half joking half serious way

"now now Juliet what makes you think we would do the same trick twice" said Artemis who was looking over his menu, Juliet just eyeballed him suspiciously

this time Juliet ordered grilled chicked breast with fries, Butler ordered the daily special which consisted of trout, fries and a side salad, Holly ordered a vegan salad which consisted of all sorts of fruits and vegitables and Artemis ordered for the first time in his life a burger and fries, his request allmost gave everyone at the table a heart attack Artemis fowl ll ordering a hamburger and fries was just unimaginable

"Artemis you do relise what you just ordered dont you?" asked Juliet who looked at the boy as if he had lost his mind

"yes i ordered a hamburger with fries" said Artemis non-chalontly this was treated by a hand coming up to his forhead

"he doesnt have a fever" said Holly who was the owner of said hand

"i am quite allright Holly, i have been thinking and since i am suppose to be having fun i have decided to change my attitude towards items i wouldnt have even thought of trying" clerified Artemis this got a mix reaction, Juliet was nervous for the boys change, Butler looked somewhat proud, and Holly was smiling like a ninny

"good idea Arty its always good for you to try something different" said Holly who was still smiling but she brought it down a few degrees to avoid unwanted attention

the meals where delevered two by two with Holly and Juliets food arriving first followed by Butlers and Artemis's meals, Holly, Juliet and Butler waited and watched as Artemis lifted his burger up towards his mouth and take a bite out of it, he chewed for what seemed like decades untill he finally swallowed, the others Just looked at him waiting for tha answer to the unasked question

"it was...ok" said Artemis as the others reliesed a breath they didnt relise they had been Holding and moved on to their own meals, not much happened after that, the group just ate their meals with little chatter and when the waiter took the plates and brought the bill they all got up and after Artemis had paid left the restrraunt into the now busy streets of Killarney

the group was instintly swepped up into the crowd of people, well with the exeption of Butler of coarse, and they fought to stay together until they had all reached the bently

"this crowd is crazy" muttered Holly who hoped into the bently as fast as possible, she was then followed by Artemis who had entered the same door, while Butler took the stearing wheel and Juliet Hoped into her seat

"well im glad that the crowd is over here and not at the celebration" said Artemis who was crawiling over Holly to reach his seat

"i hope the celebration wont be that busy or you can just Bring me back to the manor" said Holly who was flabbergasted by the crowd

"dont worry these are all last minute Christmas shoppers, it gets more Busy the later it is" said Juliet who looked out into the crowd

"just stick by me and they will leave you be" said Butler who started the car and started to drive towards the celebration site

"yeah after all who would want to mess with a ten foot tall giant" said Holly who was still staring out at the crowd of people

they continued the drive in silence when they had reached the celebration site Artemis had told them to go ahead while he rested a bit, he wasnt use to all this physical activity

"ill stay behind to make sure he stays safe" volunteered Holly "you two go have fun"

"you didnt have to stay with me" said Artemis who was happy that she did stay

"well someone has to make sure you're safe and rested" said Holly with a smile

"well its not so much im exhausted more of im saving my energy for the dance at the castle" said Artemis who put his head back in his seat

"ah yes i whouldnt want you to get to tired before you start danceing, that is a sight i want to see" said Holly with a smile

"good because you will be dancing with me" said Artemis with a smile of his own which froze Holly in place

"wha...what do you mean?" asked a frantic Holly

"the dance is mostly couples... didnt i mention that?" asked Artemis who pretended to ponder

"but but we arnt a couple" said Holly who's face started to glow as red as rudolphs nose

"no but we could be"

"but thats a human and fairy relationship, that hasnt happened since the people moved underground"

"i have been the first at a lot of things, besides its not about what is or was, its about what you feel right now, i noticed the way you looked at the waitress in Dublin you were jelious"

"Artemis we cant, i cant, its imposible" tears started to flow from Hollys mismatched eyes

"Holly" said Artemis, Holly looked up into his blue eyes pain floating across her features at the lost of his hazel, Artemis moved his hand up to his blue eye that use to be hazel and he turned around

"i have a gift for you, but its seperated into parts, this is part one" said Artemis as he turned back around this time with one hazel and one blue eye

"" said Holly astounded, she moved closer for a better look at his hazel eye

"i had No1 recreate my hazel eye from some strands of your DNA, your hair was the source if you were wondering"

"But why?" asked Holly who's own eyes continued to leak

"because Holly i missed being apart of you, i missed the feeling that when ever i looked in the mirror i saw you, Holly i couldnt do with out you" this time the tears from Hollys eyes flowed for a different reason

"i couldnt do without you either Artemis" said Holly who cried tears of joy as she leapt into the young mans arms, they held each other for what felt like hours until they finally but regretably pulled away from each other

"well it looks like Juliet is getting her Christmas gift after all" said Holly smiling "she wanted for you and me to finally realise our feelings"

"i think we relised our feelings long ago, it just took us so damn long to relise it" said Artemiswho was also smiling with his arm around Holly's shoulder

"so what now?" asked Holly "what do we tell Butler and Juliet?"

"well i say we let them figure it out on their own, it would be best that way" replied Artemis

"ok im fine with that, but as for now how about we go have fun at the Christmas celebration" said Holly who was looking up at Artemis

"lets go" said Artemis as he got out of his side of the bently, Holly followed But she got out of her own side the two quickly met up again and walked into the crowd Holding hands which was a strange experiance for Artemis but not an unpleasent one

the two continued on through the celebration which was more of a carnival, they played Christmas themed games at which Artemis actually won a small plush penguin for Holly, they also tried various Christmas-y food recipies from venders at the side of the closed off street, they had been having so much fun they didnt notice that they where being watched and followed by Juliet and Butler

"well looks like my Christmas wish came through" said Juliet with the widest grin someone could possibly have, the butler siblings then went off to have some fun aswell

as Artemis and Holly continued their time at the celebration an anouncer came over a megaphone telling everyone it was time for the dance, so every body started to walk out in one direction Artemis and Holly followed the flow of people until they were standing on a dance floor outside of a castle on a lake, the two did the only thing they could they danced, they danced and danced and daced the night away, they were happy, they were together, and they still had some Holiday left

authors note:ok it took awhile but there is chapter one of my christmas fanfic, i know its long but alot happened, anyway chapter two will come out tomorow on Christmas day, thanks for reading