Artemis fowl

a christmas tradition

authors notes: ok here it is chapter two, Christmas day and i might aswell say the legal disclaimer and all that junk... but its Christmas so ill spare you guys this time anyways enjoy


chapter two: Christmas day

12:00 am Killarney:

twas the morning of Christmas and all around the land, children lay sleeping with hopes in their hands, hopes for presents and joys but mostly for the toys, but the genius, the elf, the giant and his sister where still out at the castle were the celebration ended, there were still a few couples left who didnt have anywhere to go, Artemis and Holly swayed hand in hand, they were enjoying each others closeness, they were confortable and felt safe in each others arms, with their new found love almost nothing could tear them apart, but it was time to go for if they wanted to be up on time to see the twins and everybody open their presents they had to leave soon

"give us a few more minutes, i want to show Holly the lake" said Artemis to Butler who had pulled the bently into the nearby parking lot

"the lake? whats so impportant about the lake?" asked Holly who just followed Artemis off the dance floor and to the other side of the castle, Artemis stood there as Holly looked on in bewilderment, the snow covereing the trees around the white frozen lake was a sight of the likes of which she had never seen

"its beautiful" exclaimed Holly with wide eyes

"it is quite the sight to behold" agreed Artemis "but there is something more beautiful then this lake" said Artemis as he looked out across the frozen lake

"oh and what would that be?" asked Holly who was to busy looking at the scenery to be able to think clearly for if she was thinking clearly she could have expected his answer

"you are more beautiful" said Artemis who looked back to Holly who turned to look at Artemis and then it happened again their eyes locked and they were staring into each others eyes for what felt like the twelvth time that night, but this time they were both stairing into the matching set of eyes that connected them closer to each other then anyone has ever been, they continued to look into the blue and hazel they shared inching closer and closer together until finally their bodys were flush their lips so close untill finally Holly leaned in and kissed Artemis who instinly returned it, thier arms then wrapped around each other, with Holly's around Artemis's neck and with his around Holly's waist, and in that moment they felt perfect, they felt alive, and they felt whole but all good things must come to an end and this end came in the form of a blondes voice from around the corner

"hey Artemis its time to go so stop making out with Holly and get over here" yelled Juliet, this caused the two to pull apart and share a blush and a smile as they looked at each other

"we are coming Juliet" Artemis yelled back as he kept one arm around Holly as Her arm fell around his wasit aswell as they walked back the way they came

"its about time you two lovebirds got together" stated Juliet as Artemis and Holly entered the bently

"Juliet what did i say about the comments?" Artemis said dead serious

"you said i had to refrain from those comments for that day, well it Christmas day now so the deal is done" said Juliet in a high and mighty voice as she managed to get Artemis on that

"its really past midnight? how long were we dancing for?" asked Holly with a look of disbelief

"yes its 12:15 am and you two have been dancing for about three hours" replied Butler

"three hours!" exclaimed both Artemis and Holly

"yes three hours" replied Juliet "do you know how boring it was to watch the two of you dance for three hours, i thought i was going to loose it" exclaimed Juliet

"well we apoligize and we will make it up to you Juliet" said Artemis who was hoping she wouldnt ask for much, Juliet just sat there for a few minutes thinking about how Artemis and Holly could make it up to her

"well my Christmas wish has already come true soo... i guess theres nothing else" said Juliet looking back at the two

"ok and about your Christmas wish, exactly why were you wishing for me and Holly to enter a relationship?" asked Artemis who was cleary interested in the blondes answer

"well... i just wanted you two to admit your feelings for each other, i mean ever since the spiro incident i could tell that there was more then friendship for you two" replied Juliet who was staring out her window

"well im glad it came true" said Holly with a smile who moved closer to artemis

"and so am i" said Artemis who put his arm around Holly who snuggled her way deeper into his embrace, Juliet and Butler just smiled at the two's sign of affection towards each other as they thought the same thing 'its about damn time'

the car ride was quiet after that, Artemis and Holly were still in each others embrace each not wanting to let go, Butler was focusing on driving at night, and Juliet had passed out a few minutes after they had left Killarney and Artemis's eyes were starting to get heavy aswell, he looked down at Holly who had her eyes half closed and closing

"its allright to catch some sleep Holly" wispered Artemis

"fine but you better get some yourself" retorted Holly who's eyes fully shut, Artemis's were soon to follow and they fell asleep together in each others arms, Butler looked back at the two through his rear view mirror and smiled a happy and proud smile 'im glad that Artemis and Holly are now together he could have done much worse, im just afraid about whats to come, your plan better work Artemis' thought Butler who continued driving down the irish countryside

it was a few hours later that they arrived back at the mannor, Juliet was the first to be woken by Butler, Juliet gave a big yawn as she streatched still in her seat, but then she caught a glimps at the back seat and its occupants for there sat Artemis and Holly still holding each other fast asleep, Juliet couldnt help but take a picture with her phone for the two looked adorable together, Juliets fun was ruined however when Butler woke both Artemis and Holly up

"thanks for the wake up big guy" said Holly who streatched as she hoped out of the bently

"Butler what time is it?" asked Artemis

"3:58 am" replied Butler "the roads were empty so we got back a little faster"

"good now lets continue our sleep from the confort of our own beds" said Artemis who walked into the mannor with the rest in tow

"be as quite as possible we dont want to wake anyone" wispered Butler fortunatly Juliet and Himself made it to their rooms without hassle while Artemis and Holly left to their own rooms well thats what Butler thought anyway, the truth is that Artemis and Holly retreated back into Artemis's room where they changed into their night wear and continued what happened in the bently, Both of them falling asleep in each others arms for the second time that night

"i love you Holly" wispered Artemis as sleep grew ever nearer

"i love you too Arty" replied Holly who was failing to fight back sleep, she managed to kiss him before sleep took hold of her completly, both of them were now asleep in each others warm embrace as they dreamed of thier future together

8:00 am fowl mannor Christmas morning:

Artemis and Holly aswell as the all the other occupants of the mannor were awoken from their slumber as they heard Myles and Beckett running and screaming in unison "its Christmas it's Christmas sleep later presents now" they repeated that over and over until Artemis sr and Angilene came out of their room and Followed the boys down to the Christmas tree which now had presents underneath, in the mean time Butler was in the kitchen with Juliet preparing a special Christmas breakfast that consisted of gingerbread men, Hot cocoa, and cookies it was Christmas after all

meanwhile Artemis and Holly were now wide awake and staring into each others mismatched eyes, neither of them wanting to leave the warmth of the other, but they knew if they didnt leave the bed someone would come and find them like this and that could be really embarrassing

"good morning Holly, did you sleep well?" asked Artemis who got up first to change

"good morning to you too, and that was the best sleep ive had in awhile" replied Holly who streatched underneath the warm blankets

"yes i agree, i havnt slept that well since i was mind wiped" replied Artemis who had moved into the connecting bathroom

"your not holding a grudge are you?" asked Holly who was now sitting up in Artemis's bed

there was a pause "not unless you hold a grudge agienst me kidnapping you, then no" replied Artemis who poked his head out of the bathroom to reply

"no Artemis i dont hold a grudge, and now im kinda happy you kidnapped me" said Holly who swung her legs off the bed

"i had hoped you would feel that way now" said Artemis from the bathroom

"but that doesnt mean i forgive the stuff that came after, not all of it anyway" said Holly who was now standing and streatching again

"i wouldnt expect anything less" said Artemis who walked out of the bathroom in another pair of jeans and a t-shirt "all yours" he said as he motioned towards the bathroom

"the gentleman as allways" said Holly who started towards the bathroom

"oh but if i were you i would remain in your human form, should prove to make it easier" said Artemis as he grabbed his laptop from his night stand

"im still wearing the necklace?" asked Holly who looked down at her chest, and was suddenly filled with pain

"is something wrong Holly?" said Artemis who got up and moved towards her

"its just... Artemis" said Holly who looked up at the young man, tears filling her eyes "i will live for thousands of years, you will die before i turn 200, i cant bare the thought of loosing you again" said Holly who let the tears fall as she wrapped her arms around him so that she could be close to him, Artemis was looking down at his elven girlfriend when a faint smile grew, he pulled Holly away so he could look her in the eyes, those tear filled eyes

"Holly i promise that if you really mean that, and you want to speand your life with me then you need not worry" said Artemis who gave Holly his warmest smile yet

"i swear Arty you must be part fairy, for when you talk like that its like im being mesmerized" said Holly who wiped away the tears, Artemis just smiled at her statment

"go freshen up, everyone will be waiting" said Artemis as he motioned towards the bathroom

"ok, i would hate to keep your family waiting" said Holly as she entered the bathroom, while Artemis went back to his laptop he pulled up a few windows before getting to his email in which he sent a simple letter saying 'go forth' , Artemis then felt a knot in his stomach, he just labeled it as nerves for today was a good day to be nervous

"i was thinking" said Holly as she stepped out of the bathroom dressed in what she was wearing the day before "what are we going to tell you parents and the twins?, they allready know im an elf" Holly spoke what Artemis was thinking just a few moments earlier

"i wouldnt worry about it, mum already likes you and i know for sure the twins do and im sure my father likes you aswell" replied Artemis who shut his laptop and motioned for Holly to move closer when she did he pulled her up onto the bed where he had been sitting while on his laptop

"and if they dont approve of my choice well it wouldnt be the first now would it" said Artemis with his warm smile just his smile was able to get Holly smiling aswell

"allright Arty i trust you are right you usually are" said Holly who leeaned up to give Artemis a kiss, he leaned down aswell meeting her half way, when they pulled apart they smiled once more

"now lets go, i want to see the twins reactions to thier gifts" said Holly who hopped off of the bed and onto the floor, she was soon joined by Artemis as they walked out of his room together and it was a good thing two for when they reached the stairs Juliet was coming up them

"there you two are, Myles and beckett cant wait any longer, Angeline told them to wait for you two" said Juliet as she practicly dragged the both of them down the stairs and into the living room where everyone greeted the two

"present time" cheered beckett who ran over to the tree only to be swooped up by Butler "let me go, let me go" cried Beckett who desperatly wanted to tear open the presesnts

"not all of them are for you simplton" said Myles who sat beside his father and was soon joined by Beckett

"just wait son, the presesnts will be passed out soon enough" said Artemis sr

"yes so shall we get the first present out of the way then" asked Artemis ll who took a seat with Holly beside him

"yes we shall" said Artemis sr who reached for a very certain present that was hidden behind the couch him and the twins were siting on

"Holly this present is for you, were so happy you could join us for the holiday" said Angeline who took the present from Artemis sr and handed it to Holly

Holly just sat there wondering what to do and what to say until a nudge from Artemis brought her back to reality "th..thank you im really glad i got to spend the holiday with you all aswell" said Holly was looking around at all the warm, smiling faces

"well open your presesnt" said Artemis ll

"oh right sorry" said Holly who looked down at the small, thin box in her lap, the box was small enough to fit into her both her hands, Holly was really curious as what could be in it, and just as she was about to tear into it

"wait Holly before you do that" said Artemis ll as he stood up

"what is it Arty" asked Angeline

"well i have to ask first do you all like Holly?" asked Artemis ll to his family members, simply because he already knew that Juliet and Butler liked Holly

"of coarse we do" replied Artemis sr

"Holly is so much fun" chimed in Beckett

"i agree" stated Myles

"you already know my answer Arty" replied Angeline

"good because i love Holly and she loves me back, we are together now" said Artemis ll from out of nowhere, he got mixed reactions out of it Myles and Beckett just took it as ordinary news simply because they were probbably not interested enough or they were to interested in the presents who knows, Angelines hands went flying to her mouth as she tried to repress a squel of excitment as she ran over to hug her eldest son, but as for Artemis sr he just sat there no emotion crossing his face, he was the epicenter for calm and collected, Artemis sr directed his attention to Holly as he got up from the couch and walked over to her, Holly could swear she had never felt more terrified of anyone in all her life as she did at that moment, Artemis sr is now directly in front of Holly all eyes on the two and what is to happen, Artemis sr bent down as to be eye level with the women that has captured his sons heart

"Holly i know that it was your doing that brought on the change in my sons behavior, and i know you that you have saved this family time and time again, and you are also the one that has stolen the heart of my first born" said Artemis sr acusingly, Holly just sat there frozen in fear "my son is important to me so..." Artemis and Hollys hearts stoped would Artemis's father accept or decline the two's relation ship "take care of him will you and welcome to the family" said Artemis sr who smiled as he pulled Holly into a hug, everyone else in the room let out a breath they didnt relise they were holding

"so you aprove?" asked Holly as Artemis sr pulled away from the embrace

"of coarse, anybody who is able to get Arty to admit his love for them is something special" replied Artemis sr who's smile was still in place

"but im an elf" said Holly as if it explained everything

"an elf that has saved everyone in this room and on this planet and who was able to make Arty a better person" replied Artemis sr who had moved to be beside his wife who was now standing a fair distance away

"Holly were proud that Arty has fallen for such a lovely woman as yourself, and even if your an elf we know Arty will solve the species problem in anyway he can" said Angeline who couldnt help but smile at the couple

"th...thank you...i...i couldnt be happier" said Holly who was trying to fight back the tears in her eyes "you have all made this the best Holiday i have ever experianced, and i would like to say that i will never break Artemis's heart, i love him to much" Holly put her arm around Artemis at that moment as the tears finally fell, Artemis returned the gesture by wrapping his arm around her and he wiped away Hollys tears with his hand

"i told you my family loves you" said Artemis who moved Hollys head so that they were now looking into each others eyes "but no one will ever love you as much as i do" and then to prove his point in front of everyone he leaned in and connected his lips with hers as they melted together and as they pulled apart they could hear the oo's and aw's that Juliet and Angeline had given them the two however continued to look into each others eyes as they smiled like they never smiled before until Artemis remember where he was and what day it is

"open your present Holly" said Artemis ll who motioned to the small, thin box that sat in Hollys lap

"oh right" said Holly as she finally looked down at her present "but before i do does anyone else have anything to say or do, or am i clear" said Holly who had managed to get a small laugh out of everybody

"just open your present" replied Artemis and at his remark Holly tore into the wrapping paper like it was the tarp that had covered the 'ice cube' so long ago untill finally she uncovered a black box, no latch no anything just a black box that was made from some wierd plastic like material

"what is it?" asked a very perplexed Holly

"it is an invention of mine, just tap the front four times" said Artemis who couldnt wait to see Hollys reaction to the gift, as instructed Holly taped what she figured was the front and instintly on the fourth tap the box started to glow blue or more accuratly the inside was glowing blue and then a holographic 3D image popped out of the box, Holly had to place it on the table to see what the image was and when she did she was suprised for the 3D image was actualy a video but it was the video that suprised her the most for it was a video from the day she had arrived for the Holiday to be more specific it was a video of her and the fowl family decorating the Christmas tree in the very room they were in, she looked in awe at the scene before her

"this video was taken from the security camaras and i did some of my 'magic' and was able to turn it into a 3D hologram video, the video in particular was my parents idea of coarse, they thought you should have something that brought you happiness whenever you saw it" explained Artemis

"th...thank you all, i love it i will treasure it and the memory it contains forever" said Holly who was still looking at the scene in awe

"good we are happy to hear that" said Artemis Sr who moved to the tree to grab more presents

"come on, come on hand me a present i cant wait anymore" said Beckett who had started to jump up and down as if he had ants in his pants

"alright son alright... here this one is for you" said Artemis Sr who handed the present he was holding to Beckett

"hmph simpleton" said Myles who turned his head away from the tree

"Myles i have one for you too" said Artemis Sr who was holding out another present. Myles didnt think twice before he grabbed it and joined his twin on the carpet to open it

the morning went on like this, with Artemis Sr handing out the presents and Butler and Juliet handing out hot cocoa and cookies, everybody including Artemis ll had a cup of hot cocoa and a cookie whiloe they opened presents and when all the presents had dissapeared from under the tree after being handed out, Myles and beckett remained on the carpet to play with their new toys while the others had a conversation about the difference between a human Christmas and a fairy Christmas

"well you see we dont have trees underground so thats one thing thats different, besides that we dont get snow, there are rarely any lights or decorations but it is still about giving, everybody who wants to celebrate (which is most of haven) will make something anything and on Christmas day we place them at the statue of who you call santa claus, who was really an elf elder who wanted to reunite fairys and humans again so that we wouldnt have to live underground, and well you can see how that turned out" explained Holly as the others listened to her ttalk about her holiday

"and which version do you prefere?" asked Angeline who looked at Holly with curious eyes

"well if all Christmas's were like this then you can bet i'll be here in a years time" smiled Holly as she gave them her answer

"well all fowl Christmas's are like this ever since that day" said Angeline who returned Hollys smile

"what day would that be?" asked Holly who was really curious by what she meant

"that day so many years ago, when i first really met you, and when you healed my mother" replied Artemis who had a look of deep concintration

"oh that day" said Holly who was swept away into her memories

"ever since that day every Christmas was special, something good happened every year it has became somewhat of tradition but its still really strange and i have a few theories, but it is still really odd" exclaimed Artemis who had returned from his own trip down memory lane, the room fell silent as no one had anything left to say, the only sounds heard were from Myles and Beckett playing with thier new toys, ten the clock struck twelve

"oh its afternoon already?" said Angeline "i better start helping Juliet with Christmas dinner" Angeline then moved off te couch and headed towards the kithen

"right oh well im sure you two have more planned so be off with ya" said Artemis Sr who gave them a sowing motion

"right theres one more thing i have planned, Butler please take Holly to the helipad and prepare the copter i will be with you momentarily" said Artemis fowl who smiled at Holly as she was led away by Butler, as soon as she was out of ear shot Artemis breathed in and out as if he was nervous

"son you know me and your mother want you to be happy, so we can accept what your about to do, just remember that no matter what we are proud of you" said Artemis Sr who got up off the couch and went over to hug his eldest son

"he's right Arty" said Angeline who moved from the doorway where she had been listening to their entire conversation "we are proud of you" she said as she joined in the hug

"thank you, i... i love you both" said Artemis as he returned the hug his parents were giving him

"what about us?" asked Myles and Beckett in unison

"yes i love you two very much aswell" replied Artemis who brought them into the hug, they all stayed like this for several minutes until Artemis pulled away

"ok its time, i will see you all at dinner and thank you all for the support" said Artemis as he made his way out the doorway Butler and Holly had left through only minutes earlier, it was a fowl Christmas and the tradition had yet to happen so Artemis hurried as fast as he could to the helipad where he found Butler and Holly straped in and waiting to take off

"did you wait long?" asked Artemis as he climbed in beside Holly

"if you had spent any longer it would be new years by now" replied Holly jokingly

"you two ready?" asked Butler who directed most of it to Artemis who didnt hesitate in answering

"yes Butler i am ready" said Artemis who smiled at his oldest friend, the helicopter then took off straight up as Butler steered the helicopter to thier destination, they flew for about an hour until Holly relised where they were, after all she had flown over it so many times now, they were heading to the spot where they first met, that old oak tree where human and fairys met once again, it wasnt until ten minutes later that Butler had landed the helicopter in the clearing

"Artemis" said Butler who looked back at his ex-charge who only replied with a smile and a nod

after Butler had turned off the rotor and the helicopter blades stoped spinning Holly imidiatly jumped out and danced around the field in the snow, she didnt care who saw, this was a magical spot, not just literaly but this spot held a great importance to Holly for this is where she met the love of her life, even if she was kiddnaped in the process

"its wonderfull thanks for bringing me i never thought this place could look prittier" said Holly as she spun in place

"wonderfull but Holly i didnt bring you here for sight seeing" said Artemis as he stepped out of the helicopter

"oh?..then why did you bring me here?" asked Holly who was now on gaurd and prepared for anything

"because he loves you so much" said a mysterious voice that sounded really familier to Holly

"what... Foaly? is that you?' asked Holly as she spun to see no centaur in sight

"im sorry Holly i schemed again, the reason i brought you here is so you can see how much i love you" said Artemis as he walked to the other side of the tree and dissapeared

"WHA... WHATS GOING ON HERE" yelled Holly who was shocked at the events happining before her eyes, humans just dont dissapear, as instintly as she was starting to loose it a large tent appeared where Artemis had dissapeared

"well come on it" said Foaly as he poked his head out the entrance and following instructions Holly entered leaving Butler to sit in the helicopter all by himself 'good luck Artemis' thought Butler as he pulled out a guns and ammo magazine, when Holly entered the tent two things caught her eye one was the metal chamber in the middle of the room the other was the small demon warlock known as No1

"greetings Holly its great to see you again even though we last saw each other only a few days ago, isnt time funny" said No1 who moved to hug Holly however she backed away

"what is going on here, what are you two doing here and what is that tube chamber thing" said Holly who looked and sounded really angry at them

"Holly remember our conversation this morning" said Artemis as he moved closer to Holly

"which part?" asked Holly bitterly as she backed away further

"the part about our lives" replied Artemis who's face was calm and loving, this managed to cool Holly down a little

"yes so what you dont mean?" asked Holly as the penny dropped

"yes i have planned this day for so long, i was sure you felt the same as i did so i persued possible ways for us to be together and this is the product of that work, with thanks to No1 and Foaly of coarse" said Artemis as he closed the gap between them anf held Holly close

"Artemis...what if i didnt return your feelings?" asked Holly with her head down to avoid eye contact

"then i would have proceded with the plan and hope that you would have been moved by it for as i said before Holly i couldnt do without you" said Artemis who looked down at his love

"and i couldnt do without you Arty" said Holly as she looked up and gave Artemis a passionate kiss, it then got awkward for the other two watching the scene before their eyes

"so what exacly will this thing do?" asked Holly as she pulled away

"it will turn me into an elf" replied Artemis without the hint of remorse for his loss

"But Arty you will loose everything and everyone who cares about you" said Holly who looked at her love with sad eyes

"no i wont Holly, my parents and brothers allready know and accept my choice, i allready had some gold converted to the right currency, and i will do anything to spend a fairy life span with you" said Artemis who showed it in his eyes that he was serious

Holly smiled at her love "alright then good luck arty" said Holly as she kissed him once more

"thank you Holly" said Artemis as he moved towards the machine

"Foaly all systems check?" asked Artemis reverting into his buisiness like mannor

"all a go" replied Foaly with a carrot in his mouth

"No1 magic levels?" asked Artemis as he opened the glass door

"Full and waiting to be drained" replied No1

"good gentilman and lady" Artemis refered the last bit towards Holly "today we perform a miracle for the sake of love" said Artemis as he stepped into the pod

"gods he's gotten soft" said Foaly who was still munching on a carrot

"thats what happens when you fall in love" replied No1

"i know No1 i have a wife you know" retorted Foaly

"pay attention" yelled Holly with such force the glass almost shattered

"right... ok starting" said Foaly as he pulled a big red lever down, the pod was instinly surrounded by blue sparks of magic and the inside was filled with smoke

"magic transfusion active" yelled Foaly over all the noise of the machine

"magic levels stable" yelled No1, all the while Holly was standing infront of the door, hands clasped together hoping, hoping for Artemis to be allright, she tried to tune out the screams she heard the scrreams that would haunt her if he didnt comeout alright and then as fast as it started it had ended, blue sparkes slowly disapearing, smoke rising, and the blue glow the pod emited faded while the inside was still filled with smoke

"did it work?" asked Holly hopefull "is he allright?"

"only one way to find out" said Foaly as he released the lock on the door Holly was instintly at the door hand on the bar that ran along the glass door, this was it, this was either the start of a wonderfull relationship or the end of everything she held dear, Holly slowly opened the pod door the smoke finally clearing and there curled into a ball and lying on the floor was an elf, and elf version of Artemis Holly immediatly pulled him into her lap

"Artemis!, Artemis! wake up damn it i said wake up" yelled Holly as she held Artemis close hoping for him to awaken

"Holly?" said a weak voice that could only belong to one person, Holly looked into his slowly opening eyes

"Holly, its so bloody cold could you please get me a blanket" said Artemis who was smiling for he knew why he was cold, he had been turned into an elf and fairies didnt like the cold

"of coarse Arty" said Holly with a smile filled with love, No1 walked over to the two with a blanket that Artemis had mentioned for him to bring

"thank you" said Artemis as he closed his eyes again

"he has been through alot Holly he needs his rest, bting him back to the manor to sleep and get warmed up, we will come too to make sure everything went smoothly" said Foaly as he galoped up beside them

"i dont think you will fit in the helicopter" said Holly who never took her eyes of the elfinized human

"we have a shuttle nearby" exclaimed No1

"ok i will meet you at the manor then" said Holly as she picked up the small elf

"we will be around later, we have to clean up first" said Foaly as he looked around at the machinery

"ok see you later" said Holly as she moved towards the door

"wait before you go take this" said No1 as he handed Holly another necklace that was similer to the one she was wearing "it was Artemis's idea"

"thank you again" said Holly who left the tent and made her way to the helicopter

"did it work?" asked Butler as Holly and an unconcious elfin Artemis entered the helicopter

"yes it went perfectly he just needs rest now" said Holly as Butler started the helicopter

"thats good" said Butler letting out a breath he didnt relise he was holding, the rest of the flight was quite as Holly and Butler wernt in the mood for talking for they were both too worried about Artemis to talk

an hour later they saw fowl manor in the distince and Holly's stomach immeadiatly tightened 'what will Arty's parents think about all this? he said they accepted his desicion but will this change their minds? will they hate me?' thought Holly as they grew closer and closer to fowl manor untill they were finaly above the helipad and had started to land, Holly unbuckled herself and moved to Artemis's side the landing could be quite rough and she didnt want Artemis falling off his seat, as soon as the rotors had stoped Butler had exited first and opened the door to Artemis's seat Holly immeadiatly climbed out

"let me carry him inside" said Holly as Butler pulled Artemis's limp elfin body from the helicopter

"alright Holly" said Butler as he moved Artemis over to Hollys arms

"thank you Butler, i was the reason he did this so i feel as if i need to do something for him" explained Holly as she started towards the manor, the sun was starting to set which cast an orange tint around them as the fowls that were looking out at them from the manor saw them, Holly had reached the back door when it flew open and Angeline came rushing out

"is he alright? is arty ok?" asked Angeline who was on the verge of crying

"yes he is alright, the transformation had no comlications he just needs to rest" explained Holly as she carried Artemis inside

"thats good" sighed Artemis Sr who had taken a seat

"i will bring him to his room and stay with him until he has awoken if that alright with you?" asked Holly as she moved to the stairway

"yes Holly please, he would want you to be the first thing he see's as he wakes" said Angeline in a soft voice

"thank you" said Holly as she began the ascend to Artemis's room, as she got to the door she relised she had her hands full with carrying Artemis so she couldnt open the door

"want me to get that?" asked Juliet who had turned the corner at that moment

"if its not to much" replied Holly with a small smile, Juliet then came over and opened the door for Holly who then proceded to carry Artemis to his bed and place him on his pillow, as she moved away he saw a faint smile part his lips

"he really loves you" said Juliet from the doorway

"i know" said Holly who turned to face Juliet

"would you have done it for him?" asked Juliet as she was leaning on the doorframe

"yes i would have" said Holly eith no hesitation

"thats good, you two where made for each other, such love and warmth i wish i could find someone" said Juliet as she was off daydreaming

"dont worry Juliet next Christmas im sure it wwill be your turn" said Holly smiling at her human friend

"nah that fowl tradition only happens to the fowls hence the name" said juliet as she placed her back agienst the door frame

"i wouldnt be to sure, this year the miracle happened to me and im not a fowl" retorted Holly

"good point" perked Juliet "tell ya what you come back next year and we will all go out for two.. no three days and maybe then i will find someone" said Juliet as she got really excited about the idea

"sounds like a plan Juliet now would you mind im sure Artemis needs peace and quite if he is going to rest" said Holly as she motioned to the sleeping form

"alright i have some cooking to do anyway" said Juliet as she took off down the hall, this left Holly and Artemis alone, Holly took up a chair and decided to just stare at the new elf while he slept, she continued to stare even when Angeline had come to mention that dinner was ready but she never left his side, she stayed there for what felt like decades she couldnt bring herslef to leave and as she had started to doze off she found a pair of mismatched eyes stairing right back at her

"hey" said Artemis softly

"hey" said Holly who couldnt think

"how long was i out?" asked Artemis as he moved to sit up only to be given a serious head rush Holly was instintly at his side

"a few hours, i lost track of the time so i dont know exactly" replied Holly as she helped him sit up

"Holly do you mind doing something for me?" asked Artemis as he looked at her

"sure Arty what is it?" answered Holly with a raised eyebrow of suspicion

"can you revert back to normal, i want to see that beautiful elf i fell in love with" said Artemis as he smiled, Holly returned the smile and took of the necklace, in a few short seconds Holly had reverted back to normal

"better?" asked Holly blushing

"much" replied Artemis smile still in place

"but im not staying this way these clothes are way to big now" said Holly as she was trying to cover herself with the borrowed clothing

"i wouldnt ask you to, besides it seams my clothes are to big aswell" said Artemis who motioned to his shirt which was now like a sleeping bag to Artemis

"oh right No1 gave me another necklace for you" said Holly as she dug around in her pockets until she found the necklace "here" she said and then handed it to Artemis who placed it around his neck and grew back to his human form, Holly did the same and now what Artemis had done seemed like a dream

"everybodys waiting you know, to see you" said Holly as she took a seat beside Artemis on his bed

"yes but they can wait, right now i have something really important to do" said Artemis

"oh and wh-" holly was cut off by Artemis leaning in and kissing her and as they pulled away they staired into each others mismatched eyes

"i love you" said Artemis and Holly in unison as they both lied down to get some much needed rest after the tornado of emotions both had went through today, well for Artemis it was mostly the transformation still wearing off but even he felt the emotional drain of the day

"you know Artemis im glad that your family has that tradition, even if it isnt under control it seems to know what its doing" said Holly as she snuggled deeper into his side

"thats good because it was your magic granting my wish so long ago that started it" said Artemis as he pulled Holly closer to him

"well arnt i the best" said Holly as her eyes shut

"theres no one like you Holly, and thats good cause i dont want to spend my life with anyone else but you" said Artemis as his eyes now fell shut again

"i love you Arty" said Holly as she was falling to sleep

"i love you Holly" said Artemis as he fell asleep, the two fell asleep then which is good for they couldnt notice the small crack in the doorway which on the other side stood Angeline and Juliet who were eavesdropping on the two love birds, they smiled at each other as they went back down stairs to tell everyone ,including the newly arrived no1 and Foaly, that Artemis and Holly wernt going to be coming down anytime soon

meanwhile the two stayed in each others arms the whole night, niether one of them letting go or moving they were happy as happy could be because now they knew that they would be together for a very long time and alot of thanks was given to the Christmas tradition that started ages ago when man had yet again created relations with the people, even if it was a bad relation to begin with it Brought the two together untill nothing could tear them apart and love was born


authors notes: its finaly done, as im writing this it is currently 1:30 am Christmas morning, oh no santa wont bring me presents NOOOOooo!...oh well it was worth it as far as im concerned, anyway thanks for reading

happy holidays and god bless every one