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Dimension Coordinate Key

DF-616: Digimon Fusion Kai dimensions
YYGDM-01: YuYuGiDigiMoon mainstream dimensions



"Last time, our worlds were saved twice after two epic battles. First, through my encouragement and the faith from our friends, my sister, Kari, wiped Virus down to his very core. Kari, now Celesta X, has taken her place as one of our biggest assets.

Following the War Games, there was a brief moment of peace. Me and Agumon went to Other World to compete in some crazy tournament called the Digiuniversal Tournament. We fought through some unique Digimon with crazy abilities. In the end, as Omega X, our victory came when we bested Pikkan. A new friendship was forged and he became an additional member of our group.

A few minor enemies came, but nothing on the grand scale of a Virus or Burizalor. That is until the Galactic Pirates showed up to make a scene. By reviving their demi-god, Skykos, we took action. As my sister took care of their leader, I beat Skykos back to oblivion!

After that, we have more skirmishes with a few enemies across time and space, especially a visit from that Ascendant nutcase Yagami, some machines named Ascendant Killers, and these jerks calling themselves the Evo-lites led by Griel. Luckily, we had help from our friends from the other dimensions. We couldn't have pulled through without the help from Karin/Sailor Sedna, Dimitri, and Kensuke as well as the other notable heroes we've come to rely on.

And here we are. The here and now. I feel I should repay our other dimension friends for bailing us out of those jams. So, how about... inviting them to the next Digital World Tournament?

That sound good, X?"

Sitting in his chair, X sipped his bottle of green tea. He set it down smiling infectiously behind his mask. "That sounds like a great idea, Tai. We got a whole month to prepare. Let's let the others know. I'm sure some of 'em will want in."

Tai stood up grinning from ear to ear. "Sweet!" He quickly turned to Agumon. "Ready to tell everyone, buddy?"


"By the way, nice fourth wall recap, Tai," the masked watcher acknowledged. "That'll get the viewers hyped."

Tai and Agumon chuckled together.

"Sorry for the long wait, guys! Get ready for a new adventure!" The Bearer of Courage waves to the audience.


(Cue Dragon Ball Kai Second Opening – Kuu-Zen-Zetsu-Go)


(Cue Buu's Fury OST – Title Theme)


Digimon Fusion Kai
Season 3, Arc 1: Digital World Tournament
Chapter 116: Three Years Later! Welcoming the New Age!


Odaiba District/April 8, 2009/DF-616/3:33 PM

(Cue Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods OST – Bulma's Birthday Party)

It has been three years since the Chosen prevented the Galactic Pirates and Skykos from turning Earth into their kingdom. Before that, Earth and the Digital Worlds were saved from Virus' diabolical mission in destroying all life.

The Chosen and their colleagues have enjoyed a reprieve from the standard saving multiple worlds and dimensions. A few of the notable Chosen have already graduated high school, but a handful of them are entering their third years.

"Hey, Kari!" Called a teenage boy behind her.

Turning around, a long-haired Kari, garbed in a green high school girl uniform, whirled around with an angelic smile. A teenage TK, wearing a long-sleeved green boy's uniform, approached and walked her along toward school.

"Hey, guys!" Called Davis, who ran up behind them wearing a similar boy's uniform. He had his goggles hanging over his neck like a necklace. "Wait up!"

"What took so long?" TK asked, waiting to hear his friend's next excuse.

"Well, you see. The teacher needed me to help find a book and..."

"We know you beat up those gang members after school," Kari sighed. "I kinda feel sorry for them. Kinda. Davis, we're only on our third day back to school."

"Heh, well, they asked for it," proudly grinned Davis, who cracked his knuckles.

"Davis, if Sonja finds this out, she's gonna chew you out."

"I just won't tell her. Simple."

"Tell me what?" Came Sonja's voice, which made Davis freeze in his place.

As Davis looked ahead, he saw Yolei, Ken, Cody, Sonja, and the Digimon waiting for them.

"Hey, guys!" Yolei waved to them. Fresh out of high school, the purple-haired girl enjoyed her freedom from school and her choice of wardrobe reflected that: wearing looser blue jeans, a short-sleeved red shirt, a black-and-white dotted fedora, and brown boots. "What took y'all so long?"

"Davis, that's what," Sonja smiled toward Davis. She wore an unbuttoned blue jean vest with a white shirt underneath, loose jeans, and sandals. "Let me guess. A fight?"

"Yeah..." Davis murmured as Sonja pulled him into a playful headlock.

Veemon cringed watching them roughhouse each other. "Sheesh. Watch it ya two!"

Patamon and Gatomon hurried over to greet TK and Kari respectively.

Cody, dressed in his junior high gear, added. "So, where to now?"

Ken, garbed in a navy blue boys' uniform, replied as he surveyed the area. "Nothing for us to do."

(End theme)

Just then, the group noticed a bank robbery taking place not too far off from the local area. This quickly caught Kari's attention as she opened up her right sleeve and revealed her transformation watch.

"Can't resist it, huh, Kari?" Gatomon smirked.

Armadillomon chuckled. "Those bank robbers are asking for it."

"You guys are welcome to join in," Kari said, pushing the watch and switching to her Kaze Girl gear. "Any volunteers?"

"I'm in!" Gatomon chimed in,

TK stepped forward. "This'll be a good way to kill boredom."

Davis cracked his knuckles. "Man, this day couldn't get any better."

Sonja shrugged. "Whatever, just don't kill anyone, Davis."

Yolei gawked at the battle ready trio. "C'mon, guys! I was going to suggest going to the mall. Not an all out br-"

"Yolei, let's not impede on their fun," Ken said, readily pulling out his Boomerang of Kindness.

"Fine," Yolei sighed, giving in to the Ascendant's wishes.

Hawkmon chuckled. "Ken's right, Yolei. We shouldn't impede on their fun."

"Well, maybe I should throw my hat into the ring," the purple-haired girl said, taking out her Shuriken of Caring.

Cody took out his Blade of Humility. "Why not?"

"No worries, Cody. We're not killing anyone," Davis reassured them. "Ready, Veemon?"

"Let's rumble, Davish!"

Kaze Girl beckoned. "Let's go!" She, TK, Davis, and their Digimon took the lead as they bolted down toward the bank robbers.

The bank robbers' faces turned pale once they saw Kaze Girl and her Digiteam storming toward them in a hurry.

"It's Kaze Girl and her band!" warned one of the robbers.

"So much for our lucky day..." The gang leader grimaced as he prepared for the pain, which they got in spades and much more.

Following the beatdown, the robbers were stacked in a pile. Davis and Veemon dusted their hands off. Kaze Girl, Gatomon, TK, and Patamon got the police to come over and arrest the robber gang. Yolei took pictures of the robbers with her phone as she shared them with Hawkmon. Sonja, Cody, Armadillomon, Ken, and Wormmon sat on the sidelines watching the police load the crooks into a police van.

"Thanks for laying down justice again on the Carone gang, Kaze Girl. We couldn't have done it with you or your friends. You've protected our city and we can't thank you enough," the police chief shook Kaze Girl and tipped his hat to the others. "All right, load 'em up! These guys are heading back behind bars!"

As the chief got into the van, the police made off with the Carone gang.

"Aww, why didn't they thank me?!" Davis grumbled. "I knocked out one of them!"

Veemon added. "And I even headbutted one in the crotch!"

"I don't think we need to be reminded of that, Veemon," Patamon sighed.

TK concurred. "Yeah, that was painful. I almost felt sorry for that guy."

"No use feeling sorry for a guy who asked for it," Gatomon shrugged, conveying little remorse for the Carone gang.

Sonja walked over to Davis and Veemon, handing them a towel. "The cat's got a point. Veemon, you should use that more often."

"Yeah, you can call it the V-Crotch Shot!" The Bearer of Miracles declared, laughing aloud albeit nonchalantly as his friends sweatdropped awkwardly. "...ok, I get it. I should drop the comedic routine."

Ken sighed. "Admittedly that's a creative name." He deeply sighed to himself, trying hard not to openly chuckle. Did I really just say that? It's ok.

"To put it bluntly, that was lame," Yolei quipped, shaking her head. "Like totally the definition of lame."

"Hey, Kari, have you heard anything from Tai yet?" inquired Cody, picking up his book bag.

"No, each time I come to see him, he's not even home. He's been mostly training in Other World," the Bearer of Light said, switching from her Kaze Girl garb to her normal schoolgirl wear. "I wonder if he's planning something. I guess we'll know soon."

"Anyway, want to get some sandwiches? I'm famished!" Davis said. "Just one more year and no room crappy school cafeteria food!"

"Race ya to the sandwich place, Davish!"

"You're on, pal!"

As Davis and Veemon bolted ahead, the others watched them running off and leaving them.

"Those two," Sonja sighed. "Glad I'm not a glutton like you Ascendants." She turned to Kari and TK. "No offense or anything."

The Bearers of Light and Hope nodded together. "None taken."

"While I have a bit of Ascendant power, I thankfully don't have the appetite like you guys do," Ken said, picking up Wormmon.

"Glad I don't get to deal with school cafeteria food," Yolei said with relief as she scanned through her camera. "Wow, I got some nice shots of us taking down those crooks!"

"We can look at them while we're eating sandwiches. Let's go before Davis and Veemon eat the whole place up," TK stated, picking up Patamon.

While the group followed Davis and Veemon's direction, Kari stopped and turned around looking up to the skies. Gatomon turned around and curiously approached her partner.

"What's up, Kari?"

"I hope my brother comes back soon. I kinda miss him hanging with us."

"It's only been a week. He comes and goes whenever he pleases nowadays," the feline put on a genuine smile. "Cheer up, Kari!"

Withdrawing her views from the sky, Kari looked down and picked up her book bag. Gatomon hopped into Kari's waiting arms as the teen raced ahead catching up with her friends.

Tai, whatever you're doing, I hope you're having fun. Kari thought before reconvening with her friends as they were coming near the sandwich diner. Naturally, upon entering Davis and Veemon were waiting with a round table reserved for all of them.



(Cue Dragon Quest VIII OST – Stalked by Fear (Symphonic Version))

An individual stood in solitude in the middle of a seemingly endless desolate and ravaged landscape. The sky was dark and tinted with red. This individual was cut off from her friends as someone had called out her name, luring her to this barren vicinity. She felt an ominous vibe not too far away.

"Where am I?" The individual, a girl with long brown hair cascading past her shoulders and fair skin, vividly looked across the endless barren landscape. She found herself dressed in a uniform fashioned for the legendary Sailor Senshi. She remembered she was Sailor Sedna/Karin Osaka. "Guys?! Is anyone here?!" She frantically looked around and saw no signs of her friends. "Jami? Taylor? Helena? Tyra? Christina?" She turned around as her heart raced. "Athena? Dimitri?"

A dust storm kicked up blowing sand toward Sedna's direction. She summoned her trident and stopped the sand, solidifying the sand into ice. She heard a loud pulsating sound emanating behind her. She whirled around seeing a giant brown shell with veins, which were pulsating after every five second interval. The Ice Senshi's eyes widened in horror as she gazed at the giant egg.

"What is...that? An egg?" Sedna muttered as she curiously approached it, but the wicked aura leaking from the egg made her stop dead cold. She felt a cold chill down her back as the evil power gripped her soul. This power... so immense! I've felt never anything this!

Suddenly, the egg stopped pulsating as a metallic seal popped off from the top, which unleashed a large amount of rose-colored smoke. Sedna stepped back holding her trident. The middle of the egg split in half and cracked open releasing reddish pink smoke. Sedna was nearly blown back by the powerful force unleashed from the egg. Looking ahead, Sedna saw a rotund-shaped figure. The creature opened its eyes, which gleamed purple.

"Wh-Who are you?!" Sedna demanded, facing the ambiguously rotund creature.

A fat, devilish grin adorned the creature's disgusting features as it opened its mouth and unleashed a pink beam toward Sedna.

Sedna prepared to evade, but something pinned her feet down. She saw rose-colored slime holding her down as the pink beam closed in preparing to engulf her.

"NOOO!" Sedna screamed, closing her eyes as the beam seemingly swallowed her.

(End theme)


Azabu-Juuban/Karin and Dimitri's Condo/Bedroom/YYGDM-01/2:04 AM

"...NOOO!" Karin shot up from bed screaming. Her face was drenched in sweat. Both her eyes widened. Panting heavily, Karin calmed down as her boyfriend, Dimitri Ishida, awoke to her screaming. Faith, too, was awakened by her as he nearly fell off the bed.

Dimitri turned on the lamp and turned around consoling Karin. "What happened, Karin? Are you ok?" He saw her wiping the sweat from her face. "Was it the same nightmare?"

"Yeah, except I was alone. It was much worse," she said, palming her face as she pushed the covers off. Stepping out of bed, she put on an extra large white shirt and headed to the restroom to splash water on her face. She finally came to her senses and realized she was fine.

"Karin, we need to talk..." Dimitri got up from the bed and headed to meet with Karin, but stopped when he heard knocking on their bedroom door.

"Dimitri? Karin?" A child's voice called worryingly, knocking a few more times as Dimitri opened the door.

"Athena? You should be in bed," Dimitri said as Athena walked in carrying PinkPatamon.

"Is Karin ok?" The child asked before turning to the teen, who stepped out of the restroom wearing her extra large shirt and walking barefooted. "Momma? Are you ok?"

"Athena?" Karin gasped upon seeing her future daughter, a petite girl with short brown hair and wearing light blue pajamas, walking into her and Dimitri's bedroom. "Did I wake you and PinkPatamon? I'm so sorry, honey." She knelt down inviting the child over to hug her. As she hugged Athena, Karin looked up to Dimitri. "I didn't mean to startle you either."

Nodding, Dimitri crouched next to Karin as he patted Athena's head. "It's ok, Karin, but I think we need to talk with the girls about this. Maybe we should pay a visit to Rei or Setsuna about this."

"I'm not sure what they could tell me. Rei wouldn't have any idea of that horrible creature I keep envisioning. Setsuna might be able to know."

"Never hurts to try, Karin. We can go see them after you get off from work tomorrow," he insisted, leaning over to kiss Karin's forehead. "C'mon, everything will be ok."

"Even Knut doesn't know. I'm totally in the dark about these recent nightmares."

"Karin, you'll be fine," Athena smiled genuinely. "You're strong like my momma in the future."

"Thank you, honey," Karin smiled as she kissed the child's forehead and set her down. "Now you go run along back with PinkPatamon. We both have classes first thing tomorrow."

"Yep! Good night!" Athena waved to them as she closed the door behind her.

Letting out a deep sigh, Karin sat on their queen bed and looked at the alarm clock. It was '2:12 am'. She fell back on their bed and groaned.

"God, I feel so bad waking y'all. Sometimes I feel like a bigger child than Athena."

"Karin, don't feel bad. As long as me, Athena, and the others are here, you'll be fine."

"Thanks, Dimitri," she whispered, taking Dimitri's hands and leaning up kissing his lips. She hopped into his lap folding her arms around his neck.

The couple shared a tender moment kissing deeply before going back into bed. Karin opted to keep on her shirt and slipped under the covers. She slept close to Dimitri as they held each other's hands.


'This is Karin Osaka, or otherwise called Sailor Sedna. I am the leader of the Kuiper Belt Senshi and a dimension crosser.

Just to recap: it's been over a year since the Dawn of Chaos. Can't believe it's really been a year removed since we overcame what was arguably the biggest enemy we've faced. But, it took the combined efforts of all of this world's heroes to save our universe.

Since then, me and my friends enjoyed some peacetime. Granted, there were a few skirmishes we faced, including helping my friends from other dimensions. Tai and Kensuke, especially, have required my help as well as Dimitri and the others.

After defeating the Evo-lites, my friends and I enjoyed more peacetime. Then, about a couple of weeks ago, the Neo Senshi, the children of the Sailor Senshi, returned from the future not only to visit but to help further train, especially the ones who needed it more. However, what really boggled my mind as well as Dimitri's was meeting Athena, who just happened to be our future daughter! You couldn't imagine how mind boggling it was for me and Dimitri. We couldn't rack out brains when this revelation hit us hard.

She's also the inheritor of the Sedna bloodline and is ¼ Ascendant. To our surprise, she's an inheritor of the Crest and Digimental of Miracles. Her Digimon partner is an adorable little thing called PinkPatamon. She's not only cute but a bit of a tease toward Dimitri's Patamon, Faith. She enjoys picking on poor Faith and calling him pudgier than this future self.

As for Athena, what can I say? She's such a sweetie pie. She came here for training at the behest of my future self, who happens to be the queen of Planet Sedna, and Neo-Queen Serenity. Like a responsible big sister, I accepted. Dimitri and I took both her and PinkPatamon to live with us in our condo. It really feels weird, but nice that we're living under one roof like a family. Besides training, Athena attends a local grade school and with Usa's Luna-P magic we managed to enroll Athena. And with some more leeway, we made sure Athena adjusted to her present setting. It's already been over a month and Athena has progressed some. She already knows how to fly, but her Ki control needs some work. Dimitri feels Athena has more room to grow and will one day become one of our most viable and strongest assets.

While she is my future daughter, I might be more like her older sister figure in this time instead. I still can't wrap my head around the idea of my future kid coming to me and telling some random stranger I'm her mother. (sighs)

As for me, I recently graduated from high school along with my friends. Lately, I've been taking some morning courses for my museum job and work part-time at a local history museum as a curator. I'm working my way into becoming the field of ancient art and history, but am also interested in teaching kendo or even Kobudo. Dimitri works with construction. Once Dimitri started adjusting to this dimension, we moved out from Haruka, Michiru, Setsuna, and Hotaru's place to find rent ourselves a condo. And it's just perfect.

Anyway, enough about me. Lately, Athena has always asked me about meeting her grandfather Yamato/Matt and 'Uncle' Tai from the DF-616 dimension. Dimitri seems ok with it, but we'll see. I do want to see Tai and Sora again at least.

Lately, though, these past couple of nights have been rough. I've been having those same dreams... no, scratch that. Make those nightmares of a hideous creature hatching from some strange egg. My animal spirit, Knut, doesn't seem to know the signs behind it. One thing's for sure... this creature might not even be in this world. It could be in Tai's dimension. Just call it a gut feeling.

I'll get to the bottom of this after I see Rei and Setsuna. I hope to get some clarification soon.'


Azabu-Juuban/Hikawa Shrine/YYGDM-01/April 16, 2010/3:25 PM

Following work, Karin joined Jami Waziri/Sailor Ixion, Christina Denton/Sailor Orcus, and Helena Souza/Sailor Quaoar to meet Dimitri & Faith, Taylor West/Sailor Eris, and Athena & PinkPatamon waiting near her workplace. Tyra Vanderbilt/Sailor Varuna met with the group back at Hikawa Shrine.

Jami is an attractive Nigerian girl, at least by cute 'geek girl' standards. At this point, she lives with Ami Mizuno and her mother while going to school and prepping to study to be a doctor.

Christina, an Australian, is just as attractive with her own defining features: slightly curled brown hair, fair skin, and a sunny disposition to carry her international pop and rock idol status. She lives with her biggest idol and inspiration, Minako Aino, along with Minako's family.

Helena is a cute Brazilian with long brown hair, but underneath the cuteness is a tough as nails capoeira practitioner. She lives with Rei and her family at Hikawa Shrine.

Taylor is a Texas redhead who is often seen wearing braided pigtails and western style clothes; despite her petite look, Taylor is regarded as a physically strong girl but easily balances out her tomboyish factor with a feminine touch. She now lives in an apartment sharing space with her boyfriend Larry.

Tyra, the hard-nosed member, is a tall intimidating blonde from Amsterdam, who is the most adamant fighter of the group. Growing up with the roughest background, she has improved her street fighting skills and become a better martial artist. She also lives in Hikawa Shrine with Helena.

As they arrived at Hikawa Shrine, Takato Matsuda, Guilmon, Rika, and Renamon were there to greet them. Inside the shrine, the beautiful Rei Hino greeted the Kuipers and company. With help from her sister, Cammy, Rei sat Karin down in the prayer room. In the room, Setsuna Meioh was present as well as Rei's older versions of her twins, Ryuuhi and Koori. Hiei was also present with the child versions of his and Rei's twins napping with each other.

"I'm glad you called me this morning, Karin. I made sure to prepare everything for our appointment," Rei genuinely welcome the Kuiper leader.

Karin bowed her head slightly. "Thanks, Rei, I hope this isn't taking time out of your busy schedule."

"Don't worry about it. You're a dear friend to all of us here. I'm happy to do it."

"Rei, just so you know, Karin's had a rough couple of nights," Dimitri spoke up.

"I know the feeling. From what Karin described to me, it appears to be a premonition. They can be a bitch, Karin."

"Karin," Athena muttered quietly, watching her teen version of her mother closely.

Helena crouched behind Athena and whispered kindly. "It'll be ok, Athena. Rei is just going to check on Karin. We'll know what nightmares she's been having."

Taylor added. "I just wonder if it really means anything we should worry about."

Jami sighed. "We won't know until we can get confirmation."

Takato turned to Rika. "What do you think? Is it something of a big deal?"

The redhead turned shooting him a befuddled look. "How the heck am I supposed to know? Whatever these nightmares are, I wouldn't even want to imagine what Karin saw. If she's having similar dreams, it might hint some kind of sign."

Renamon interjected. "Sssh, it's starting, you two."

(Cue Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods OST – Beerus' Shadow Approaches Near)

Setsuna walked over to Karin and relaxed the girl's shoulders. "Just relax."

"Of course," the Kuiper leader nodded and turned around facing Rei, who sat on the floor concentrating in front of the sacred fireplace. Cammy sat down to join her sister. She heard the Hino sisters muttering calm and soothing Shinto chants, which helped Karin relax some.

Everyone present observed the Hino sisters chanting and forming a series of hand seals, invoking the mystical fire near them. The fire quickly went up to form a visual that replayed the dreams Karin had until now. There was shocked silence when they saw dark and apocalyptic images of a desolate world. They saw ruined cities and grisly images of dead people laying across the ground. The two Tamers, the Digimon, and the Kuipers were shocked upon seeing a planet similar to their own wiped out in one explosive blast.

The final image came up of Karin, garbed in her Sailor Sedna gear, facing the ambiguous creature. Karin's face paled when she witnessed that final image again as it replayed. She turned away, noticing Athena holding PinkPatamon close and cowering behind Dimitri.

"That's enough," Karin lightly pleaded as Rei and Cammy dropped their hands as the fire died down. She shuddered wishing she hadn't subjected herself and now her daughter into seeing the nightmarish vision.

(End theme)

"Sis, I can't believe those are the scenes from Karin's dreams. They perfectly illustrate everything she told us," Cammy turned to her sister. A worried look formed on the younger sister's face.

Rei acknowledged. "I know." She stood up and beckoned Karin to stand, which she did. "These are premonitions, Karin. Whatever you dreamed tells of an untold force preparing to awaken to ravage some world."

"Some world?" The Kuiper leader asked, looking almost befuddled.

"Yes, fortunately, whatever this dark force is... it's not from our world."

Then, it's probably in either Tai or Kensuke's world! Or, some other dimension I'm not aware of! Karin thought. "But, why am I receiving these visions?"

"I'm not sure, Karin. I'm sorry."

Setsuna interjected between the ladies. "While this threat is not in our world, it's imperative that we get to the bottom of this and find the source of this evil."

"Well, I get the feeling that the DF-616 dimension might be in danger," the Kuiper leader assumed, which surprised everyone in the room.

Takato stood up and called to her. "What brings you to that conclusion?"

"Call it a hunch of mine, but I don't want to lose my original home dimension and the friends I have there."

"Same here. I'm worried about my father and mother," Dimitri openly stated.

There was a brief silence in the room as Athena finally ended the silence. She tugged on Dimitri's pants.

"Dimitri, I wanna see grandpa and great uncle Tai!" Athena innocently chirped as everyone present smiled. The child helped to uplift the grim atmosphere.

"Karin, I think it would be good if you could take Athena to see her grandfather and Tai," Setsuna suggested. "On top of searching for this evil source, this would be a good time for Athena to see her grandparents."

"Poor Mimi. I can't imagine how she'll feel being called a granny," Christina resisted the urge to laugh as the Kuipers sweatdropped together.

"Well, at least, the Mimi from this time hasn't gotten a gray hair yet. Naturally, she'd freak out, but..." Dimitri chuckled, patting Athena's head. Faith flew down landing next to the child and cuddling up next to her. "...she's going to be really thrilled to see you, Athena."

"I can't wait to meet grandma!" Athena said.

"Can we come, too?" Takato asked. "Besides, we'd like to see Tai and the others again."

Setsuna immediately addressed everyone. "First, we need to arrange who will volunteer and join Karin and the Kuipers."

"Sounds like a plan to me," Rei concurred. "All right, guys. We can use this time to think about who will go with Karin because I'm sure some of you want to see Tai and his Ascendant friends."

"In the meantime, why don't me and Helena get us all some tea?" Cammy called Helena over as they left to get the green tea and cups.

As everyone else sat down, Takato and Guilmon walked over to Karin, Dimitri, and Athena. Guilmon sat down to chat with Faith and PinkPatamon.

"I hope I don't mean to intrude by volunteering to go. I really do want to see Tai and his friends again."

"You're not intruding. We'd be glad to have you, Rika, and a few of the Tamers join us. Who knows? We might be better able to find this evil source if we had more people join us," the Kuiper leader approved without hesitation.

"You sure you're ok?" Rika inquired as she and Renamon walked over to join them.

"Definitely, we wouldn't say no to you guys especially," Dimitri plainly stated.

"Though, some of us might not be able to join you," Rei spoke up. "I have children to take care of and have responsibilities looking after the shrine."

The older, future Koori and Ryuuhi sat down together with their father Hiei.

"And some of us would like to join, but we're leaving to train with father," Ryuuhi said.

"That's fine. No pressure," Karin replied. "I'm not looking for a large crowd to join. I'm sure Tai and his friends have plenty of powerful friends to help them out." Her smile seemingly faded. She obviously became worried for her old friends back in the DF-616 dimension. I just hope that it's enough. There's no plausible way to know if that monstrosity from my dreams even exists in their world.


Digital World/DF-616/4:00 PM

A series of odd developments were commencing as of late in the Digital World. Even with the major threats removed, there seemed to be an underground network of Digimon working behind the scenes like a cult. What this signified was unknown.

Somewhere outside of a Digimon village, the Scooby Gang Digi-Destined, led by Jun Motomiya and her partner Dinohumon, helped drive off Vilemon, Gazimon, and Apemon from pillaging. Jun and Jim clapped each other's hands celebrating their victory. The Inoue siblings helped the villagers clean up the damage the thieves caused.

"That's the fifth time this month alone, Jim," Jun proclaimed as she pondered. "I don't remember these guys this active before. Are they just getting desperate?"

Jim pondered, rubbing his chin. "Not just this village either but there's been raids even on File Island."

"Bah, just the usual thieves who don't the meaning between right and wrong!" Chizuru berated the thieves' recent actions. "What else is new with them anyways?"

"Nothing, but Jim might be onto something," Momoe said, hanging a potato sack to a Gotsumon. "Where are they getting the sudden urge to attack more villages than usual."

"Wait, I did overhear one claim that one of their own villages were destroyed by some cult," Mantarou pointed out, to which the others took the time to ponder over. "A Digimon cult sounds crazy, doesn't it?"

"Well, not really," Jim said, adjusting his glasses. "Think we should tell my brother and his friends?"

"I was thinking of telling Davis and his crew," Jun nodded.

"HELP!" A group of Digimon villagers' loud pleas was heard behind them.

(Cue Digimon 02 OST – Aku no Butai ga Yattekita)

The Scooby Gang quickly turned around and saw the villagers fleeing from what looked like giant green dinosaurs with black horns protruding from their shoulders. Dinohumon, Grizzlymon, Mikemon, and Sunflowmon assembled alongside their partners and faced the Tuskmon scouring through the village.

"Tuskmon?!" Grizzlymon exclaimed.

Mikemon pointed in the opposite direction. "Over there! Looks like they brought friends!"

The Tuskmon were joined by Snimon triplets and Kuwagamon.

"Sheesh, these creeps just won't quit!" Chizuru angrily scoffed. "They just had to get their bigger pals to finish the job for them!"

"Dinohumon, this shouldn't take long. You and the others drive them out of this village," the Motomiya girl said with a cool head. She beckoned her partner to engage the invading Digimon. "Go!"

With that, Dinohumon nodded and rushed the invading Digimon. The other Scooby Gang members sent their Digimon to follow Dinohumon's lead. Dinohumon lunged toward one of the Tuskmon and punched him square in the face. Naturally, this blow would knock down the giant, but Tuskmon turned barely fazed by Dinohumon.

"What?!" Dinohumon yelled, jumping down whilst staring at his fist. "That should've at least knocked him out. What in the heck is going on?!"

Mikemon sprang up landing a claw strike against a Snimon, who rebounded by shaking off Mikemon's attack. Snimon unleashed a barrage of sickle-like projectiles that narrowly missed Mikemon and sliced apart a hut into pieces.

"Twin Sickles!" The Snimon shouted in unison, unleashing their sickle attacks at the group.

"Heads up!" Grizzlymon warned his colleagues as they scattered and dodged the attacks.

Dinohumon readied his large sword and brought it down over the Kuwagamon. The insect caught the sword with its large pincers and threw him up, launching him into the air. Before being thrown up, Dinohumon was able to catch what resembled a notable black 'D' mark emblazoned on its forehead.

Mikemon, Grizzlymon, and Sunflowmon were swiftly taken down one by one. Jun and the Scooby Gang's face contorted with shock and fear as they witnessed their Digimon easily being pulverized by these Digimon with strange forehead marks.

"These Digimon are abnormally stronger than they should be!" Jim exclaimed.

Jun quickly whipped out her D-Terminal. "In that case, I better alert my brother and his friends!" Please get my message as fast as you can, bro!

(End theme)


Odaiba Park/DF-616/4:10 PM

Davis engulfed the last sandwich as he and Veemon tapped their bellies. TK, Patamon, Kari, and Gatomon finished gorging down their meals. Sonja sat on one end of the table looking bored. Ken, Yolei, and Cody sat coughing together. Hawkmon, Armadillomon, and Wormmon gave up trying to compete with Davis and Veemon's appetites.

"Things never change," sighed Cody.

Yolei finished sipping her milkshake. "Tell me about it."

"Good grief you've got people staring at us," Ken noted the other people in the restaurant watching them the whole time. He slightly turned away trying hard not to pay them any mind.

"Ah! Delicious!" Veemon said, patting his fat belly.

"That'll do it!" Davis said with a big grin on his face.

Suddenly, Davis' D-Terminal started beeping as he pulled it out and scanned the message sent to him.

"Who is it?" TK inquired.

Nearly jumping out of his seat, Davis faced the group with a worried look.

"Davis? Is it some distress?" Kari asked, standing up as she approached him and read the message.

"My sister needs our help! C'mon!" With that, the New Digi-Destined stormed out leaving their money and tip to find the nearest computer to open a Digiport into the Digital World.


Digital World/DF-616/4:23 PM

Dinohumon was blasted back, knocking him back into Kotemon. Jun caught Kotemon and hit the ground. Jim and the Inoue siblings tended to their injured partners, who took a vicious beating from the seemingly abnormal Tuskmon, Snimon, and Kuwagamon. Kuwagamon advanced on the Scooby Gang Digi-Destined and clamped its pincers preparing to crush them.

"Davis?! Where the hell are you?!" Jun screamed, hugging her partner tight.

"Yolei..." Chizuru cried herself pleading for her sister and the others to save them.

Kuwagamon bellowed. "Kill them and gather their energy for Lord Magimon!" With that, the giant beetle and his cohorts unleashed simultaneous attacks on the Scooby Gang to seal their fates.

As Jun and her friends closed their eyes, the enemy attacks were swiftly intercepted by beams. Then came a series of loud battle cries that greatly relieved Jun and her friends.


"Spiking Strike!"

"Celestial Arrow!"

"Hand of Fate!"

"Tempest Wing!"

"Gold Rush!"

(Cue Kamen Rider Dragon Knight Wii OST – Mirror World BGM (recut))

After the Digi-Destined's partners unleashed their attacks, Sonja forged a yellow disc in her right hand. "Destructo Disc!"

Kuwagamon, the Tuskmon, and the Snimon quickly backed off upon witnessing their attacks being nullified. The Scooby Gang and Digimon villagers cheered the minute the New Digi-Destined made the heroic save. XVeemon, Stingmon, Angewomon, Angemon, Halsemon, and Digmon dropped in with their partners respectively. Davis, Kari, TK, and Sonja quickly landed in front of the Digimon and faced the 'D'-marked Digimon.

"Jun, are you and the others ok?" Davis asked, to which his older sister nodded with tears. "We'll take it from here."

"Yolei, you, Cody, and Ken look after Jun, Jim, and your sisters & brother," Kari ordered her and the others to take care of the Scooby Gang Digi-Destined.

"Make sure no Digimon villager gets involved," TK stated.

"Be careful, they're stronger than they look!" Jim warned them.

Jun added. "Yeah, Kotemon says there's something awfully strange about them. He claims there's strange marks on their foreheads!"

"Strange forehead marks?" Ken meticulously noticed the marks. "She's right! Look!"

"All right, let's give this a go and push them away from this village," Kari nodded. "Those marks are probably controlling them."

"We'll use our light to heal them," Angewomon suggested.

"Hold them off the best you can!" Davis declared as he, Kari, TK, and Sonja headed off the 'D'-marked Digimon alongside their partners.

Kari and Angewomon flew over one of the Tuskmon. They both hit the giant reptilian creature with holy beams. As Angewomon kept firing beams to neutralize Tuskmon, Kari flew down and kicked Tuskmon hard in the face. This dazed the beast but didn't knock him out. Tuskmon swung his tail forward, nearly hitting Kari.

"Whoa, that was close!" Kari said.

"Keep your guard up, Kari!" TK called out as he uppercut one of the Snimon square in the jaw. He and Angemon proceeded to blast him with beams, which neutralized the insect.

Sonja launched herself into a Tuskmon and drove a hard elbow into its gut. The beast doubled over in pain and collapsed, falling at the mercy of the artificial.

Davis and XVeemon beat down both Snimons.

As Kari concentrated in focusing her Crest of Light's powers into her hands, the Tuskmon ran up and fired blasts from his horns. Kari saw the beams coming crossed her arms in front while taking the brutal shots.

"Kari! Look out!" Angewomon called to the girl, who was cheap shotted from behind by a Tuskmon's tail whips.

One tail whip from Tuskmon knocked Kari to the ground.

"KARI!" Davis and TK shouted in unison.

As Tuskmon brought down his foot over Kari, the girl pressed her hands up and stopped the giant from crushing her. Utilizing her brute strength, Kari impressed everyone by pushing Tuskmon off. This allowed Yolei and Halsemon to take action. Yolei threw her Shuriken of Caring, which stabbed into Tuskmon's leg. Halsemon quickly blasted Tuskmon's face, dazing the beast. Kari and Angewomon flew up slapping Tuskmon hard, knocking the behemoth flat on its back.

"Thank goodness," TK sighed with relief.

"Thanks a lot, Yolei!" Kari gave her friend a thumbs up.

Yolei returned the favor and grinned. "No problem!"

(End theme)

When it was all said and done, the possessed Digimon were taken down with some actual effort. Everyone watched Kari and Angewomon use their holy powers to remove the strange 'D' marks from the Digimon's foreheads. Once the Digimon came to their senses, they recalled nothing about the attack on the village.

"You guys don't even remember attacking this village?" Davis asked, practically confused when he heard their case.

"How could they not remember?" Cody wondered.

TK deduced. "Well, those marks might've suppressed their free wills and turned them into mind controlled slaves."

"And no signs of Dark Rings either," Ken noted. "We're at the work of someone wicked behind the scenes."

Sonja remarked. "Well, obviously, but where could this source be hiding?"

"Looks like we'll have to tell Tai and the others. Maybe X can figure something out," Kari said as she and the others watched the Digimon leave. She stared down at her hands and sighed. "Still, I'm disappointed. I should've been able to handle that Digimon on my own."

Yolei approached Kari and patted her back. "Don't feel down, Kari. Even Supergirl needs help from her friends every once and a while."

"Yeah, those marks obviously gave those Digimon some kind of substantial boost. Naturally, they shouldn't even be that strong," the Bearer of Hope pointed out.

"TK's right, Kari. Even XVeemon and I had to land a few good hits before putting one of them down."

"And I tried holding back as much as I could," Sonja said. "Since we were only here to subdue these things rather than kill them."

"At least, everything turned out just fine in the end!" XVeemon tried cheering everyone up.

Kari lifted a smile albeit only to stop bringing down the mood. "Yeah, at least I was able to save them. Those marks... I wonder what they indicate."

Jim spoke up. "We're thinking it might be some cult in the Digital World."

"What brings you to draw that conclusion, Jim?" asked Yolei.

"I heard them speak in some odd language I couldn't decipher and they kept repeating in mantra about collecting energy for some Lord Magimon guy. Sounds like a Digimon cult to me."

"Look, we can talk more about this back home," TK noticed the apprehensive villagers still shaken from the recent attacks. "Let's help these villagers check the situation first."

Davis added as he picked up a box of apples for a Yokomon. "TK's right, guys. These Digimon need us first. C'mon."

Kari crouched over and picked up a teddy bear that a Lunamon dropped. "There you go."

"Thank you, Digi-Destined! You and your friends saved us all!" The Lunamon hugged Kari's leg, expressing her gratitude before running off to see her family.

Sonja was seen lifting a rooftop over her head. She placed it back on top of a house that had it chopped off by one of the Snimon. Davis fixed a door for a Gotsumon family.

"Kari? Are you ok?" Angewomon looked down seeing her partner aimlessly staring off.

Kari blinked quickly as she heard her Digimon. "Huh? Oh, sorry, Angewomon. I just can't get my mind off those marks we removed."

"You believe some kind of weird cult exists brainwashing Digimon and augmenting their powers?"

The Bearer of Light replied, tying her hair back. "We're not privy enough to know about this conspiracy. That's why I think we should turn to X. Maybe he'll know more about this."

Angewomon concurred. "Right."

"Kari! We're gonna need some help comforting the baby Digimon!" Davis called out.

"Well, Kari?"

Nodding, the Bearer of Light unbuttoned her sleeves. "C'mon, Angewomon, if there's anything I'm still good at, it's putting smiles on little kid's faces." She and Angewomon flew over toward the nursery area. Because I'll do everything to protect the ones who can't fight back. These baby Digimon are the future of the Digital World! She landed only to be greeted by a large gathering of in-training Digimon jumping up around her. A Botamon hopped into Kari's hands as she hugged the playful yellow-eyed black glob. "I know you're going to grow up into a Koromon, little one."

TK and Davis watched Kari and Angewomon babysitting the infants

"Kari could use some cheering up, Davis."

"Yeah, I agree. So, what you think about this crazy claim Jim has about that cult?"

"We'll get our answers soon. I hope."

"Davis! A little hand with this door?!" Jun called out for her brother.

Davis groaned as he headed off to help to fix another house.

For the remainder of the day, the New Digi-Destined exhausted their after school time repairing some of the damaged areas. Shortly before sunset, they departed to leave the villagers under the protective watch of Knightmon. The claim of the mysterious cult still lingered in their minds.

Needless to say, another enemy was working behind the scenes and waiting for the moment to make a bigger impact.


Azabu-Juuban/Hikawa Shrine/YYGDM-01/4:00 PM

Sitting outside on the wooden steps near the shrine, Takato and Rika finished their tea before engaging in a conversation with Karin and Dimitri again. It was already decided that Takato and Rika would take time off from school to join Karin, who decided to also take time from school, and Dimitri on their trip to the DF-616 dimension.

"I'll call Henry and Himura if they want in," Takato said.

Renamon added. "We can entrust the care of Inumon and my kits to their Tamers as well as Impmon and his Tamers while we're away."

"Are the other Kuipers joining you, Karin?" Rika asked the brunette.

"Yeah, except Vivian and Miho. Those two said they're staying behind because of obligations they had to commit to," the Kuiper leader replied. "I'm ok with just Taylor, Tyra, Jami, Christina, and Helena joining us. Since Taylor now shares an apartment with her boyfriend Larry, she has to tell him she'll be going with us."

"Don't forget me! I'm gonna see grandpa Matt, grandma Mimi, and great uncle Tai!" Athena boasted happily as she stood out between the Tamers and her parents.

Takato chuckled. "Sure you will, Athena. They'll be very happy to see you."

"Though, I do feel sorry for Mimi being called a grandma," Rika chortled, patting Athena's head.

Just then, Setsuna stepped out of the shrine to meet with the Tamers, Kuipers, and the others who were there to watch Karin's visions through the sacred fire. She walked up to Karin and genuinely nodded to her.

"Whenever you're ready, be sure it's sooner than later, Karin."

"Right, we know."

The Time Guardian veered toward the Tamers. "Takato, Rika, can we leave the responsibility of you gathering your friends. See who is willing to join you and the Kuipers."

"Yes, ma'am," the goggle-wearing teen replied.

"Leave it to us, Miss Setsuna!" Guilmon added.

Rika folded her arms. "Let's get to it, gogglehead."

"Rei has verified she and Cammy will stay behind. Likewise with the future counterparts of their children and Hiei," Setsuna went on. "Rei will contact the other Senshi and ask, but don't be disappointed if you Kuipers are all that's required."

"I think we can handle this without the Senshi," Jami said.

"Missing a few days of school doesn't bother me in the slightest!" Christina happily boasted.

"Yes, until we have to make up for it," Jami corrected her, which brought down Christina's renewed enthusiasm.

Taylor finished getting off her cellphone. "Hey, I filled Larry on what's going on. I'm set to go whenever y'all are ready."

Helena turned to Tyra. "Think we can manage this ourselves without Usagi and the others?"

"Sure, why not? We're already an established team like them and we have our Valkyrie powers in case things get too crazy," Tyra reassured her lover. She saw the apprehensiveness on Helena's features and took her hand. "Relax." She leaned over to whisper to Helena's ear, which made the Brazilian blush.

"Thanks, Tyra," Helena regained her beaming smile.

"All right, guys. This is our mission and unless any others are willing to join us, they're welcome to come," Karin addressed everyone present. "Takato?"

"You heard what she said. Let's get to the bottom of this situation and get ready for another adventure!" Takato declared, trying hard not to put on a cheesy smile and embarrassing himself. Fortunately, he got a great reaction from his peers.


Unknown Area/Mysterious Spaceship/DF-616

(Cue Gothic Music – Dark Ritual)

A few 'D'-marked Digimon entered giving an ample of energy they've extracted from innocent Digimon they've killed to a crystal orb held by a miniature creature. This creature concealed himself well behind the dark veil covering the enclosed space.

"Not enough," the creature scoffed. "Is this all you can gather?"

The 'D'-marked Digimon bowed their heads. Before long, the dark warlock's eyes gleamed red and each of these Digimon's bodies exploded into pieces. The sorcerer gathered the data from the slain Digimon through his orb and donated them to a large brown egg, eerily similar to the one from Karin's recent nightmares.

Walking up behind the sorcerer was a tall dark behemoth with massive wings and the same 'D' insignia branded on his forehead.

"Master, are we on schedule as planned?"

"Just a few hiccups, but now that we've learned the existence of powerful beings on this side of the Digiverse... our plans will greatly accelerate and our goals will be met."

"Excellent, master. Our coven greatly anticipates the moment."

The wicked sorcerer cackled evilly. "Oh yes, the destroyer's revival is imminent. It will be glorious!" His evil laughter filled the enclosed vicinity as the wheels were set into motion.

(End theme)


Next episode: Tai's Big Announcement! Let's Enter the Digiworld Tournament?!


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