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DarkMagimon's Ship/Stage One/4:02 PM

(Cue Dragonball Kai OST – Battle Dance Music)

With a yell, PuiPuimon jumped to the air and went for a spin kick at Metalla X.

"Take this!" The alien hollered, laughing at the Ascendant. To his own shock, Metalla X put up his arm and countered his kick. "Eh?!" He looked dumbfounded at the Ascendant, who stood unfazed with no reaction. He went for a punch, but Metalla X instinctively caught it one-handed and so casually pushed his fist aside.

PuiPuimon quickly sprang back, creating a distance between them both. He put on a composed look, disguising his frustration. "You're not too bad! But, this is the end of the line for you!"

Metalla X dropped both arms to his sides. He gave no reaction to his opponent.

PuiPuimon bumrushed Metalla X and swiped at his head, but the Ascendant ducked and started swerving around PuiPuimon's blows. Despite PuiPuimon unloading an array of punches, Metalla X just kept dodging his punches.

Amidst all the punches and kicks, Metalla X caught one kick to PuiPuimon's dismay.


One side kick sent PuiPuimon flying into a wall. PuiPuimon slipped down the wall and fell facefirst on the floor.

Mostly everyone else but Tai, Kari, their Digimon, and shockingly Brunhilde were taken aback by how quickly Metalla X was taking apart PuiPuimon.

"Wow, that Veggie wannabe's making short work of pee-pee!" Terriermon exclaimed.

The entire group, minus Shintomon, couldn't help but stifle in laughter over PuiPuimon's name.

"Why the heck would someone name themselves after the number 1?" Guilmon wondered.

"I thought it's the number 2?" Inumon asked.

Renamon groaned. "Ugh."

Seirika facepalmed. "Too much details, guys."

"Man, just look at him go!" Suzakato cried out enthusiastically. "Go, Yamato!"

"See? Nothing to worry here," Tai plainly stated with a smile. "Yamato's got this guy in the bag."

Kari nodded. "Yep."

PuiPuimon slowly rose, struggling to sit up. He looked up seeing Metalla X casually advancing on him. The alien gave a look of frustration, but he was too late to act when Metalla X stopped right in front of him. PuiPuimon took a chance and lunged...


...only to get kicked in the jaw and sent sailing back. PuiPuimon hit the ceiling and scaled over it. He jumped off only for Metalla X to phase out. The second PuiPuimon landed, he saw no signs of the Ascendant, but only noticed the group in the distance.

"Behind you, fool."

PuiPuimon whirled around and got floored with a punch by Metalla X.

"Wow, that Yamato..." Shintomon muttered, bemused by Metalla X's strength.

VictoryGreymon replied. "This is really nothing for Yamato. When he and Gabumon form Metalla X, their power can be brutal."

Tai observed Yamato closely. "He's really kept up with his training. That's for sure."

Brunhilde remarked. "No kidding." She balled up her fists and smiled excitedly. Makes me wanna fight him, Tai, or even Kari more!


DarkMagimon's Lair/4:04 PM

"What the hell is PuiPuimon doing?!" DarkMagimon screamed with a tinge of annoyance n his tone. "Doesn't he realize he needs to inflict damage on these guys to get the energy we need to revive D-Reaper?!"

"This is just the start, milord," KingDevimon reassured the warlock. "PuiPuimon likely just lost his guard believing he'd fight the whole group."

"You better be right."


DarkMagimon's Ship/Stage One

Metalla X walked up behind PuiPuimon, casting an eye down on him. "What's wrong? You concede?"

"NO!" Wiping blood from his lip, PuiPuimon snapped as he spun around and went for a straight jab, but Metalla X bounced up and landed on the back of his elongated head. He turned around only to be on the receiving end of a barrage of punches.

Of the Tamers and their Digimon, Suzakato, Guilmon, Henbu, Terriermon, and Seadramon cringed at every blow. Seirika, Renamon, Himakko, Inumon, and Brunhilde weren't the least bit fazed.

Metalla X landed a kick so fierce he dazed PuiPuimon and then he subsequently followed up with a punch that floored the alien.

(End theme)


DarkMagimon's Lair/4:05 PM

Gritting his teeth, DarkMagimon was getting frustrated. "Hey, where's the best place PuiPuimon's at fighting?"

"The world of intense gravity called Zun."

"Oh, the Planet Zun, eh? Here we go!" With a hand of his hands, DarkMagimon invoked a magical relocation spell. "Paparapa!" He shouted as his magical orb lit up with a white flash.


DarkMagimon's Ship/Stage One/Planet Zun

(Cue Dragonball Kai OST – Ominous Silence)

Suddenly, Metalla X and his entourage were taken aback as the room's default setting shifted to a new location. The interior ceiling turned pitch black with stars and planets in the backdrop. The ground became a rocky albeit barren landscape with strong winds picking up collected dust. The only evidence of the room left was the floor shaft.

"The heck?!" Suzakato scanned around the new environment they've been transported on.

Guilmon yelled out flabbergasted. "Whoa, did we magically get sent somewhere?!"

"We're on a whole new world for sure," Henbu surveyed their new surroundings. "DarkMagimon's magic is definitely nothing to scoff at."

Terriermon shivered from the winds. "Man, I'm shivering and I've got fur! How does that make sense?"

Inumon looked to both Renamon and Himakko. "Well?" He asked them both.

"We can surely expect this to happen in the next stages," Himakko replied.

"Indeed," added Renamon, scanning both Metalla X and PuiPuimon. "Seems DarkMagimon's transported us to a location benefiting Yamato's opponent."

"Yes, DarkMagimon used his relocation spell," Shintomon stated. "This is the spell he's used to transport his ship between this dimension and to others. That's why he's been able to slip so quickly from our radar so fast. And this is just another extent of his dark magic. As you can see, he can change rooms and transport it to any location he so chooses. This must be a world PuiPuimon lived on, which will give him the advantage."

"You guys think so?" Brunhilde smirked, eyeing the two fighters.

"Ah, that's really a neat trick," Tai replied so casually.

"Yes, Taichi, but now Yamato is in trouble."

"I'd watch if I were you."

"Bahaha! This is the end of the line for you!" PuiPuimon stood, boasting and with a few of his teeth knocked out. He quickly drew Metalla X's attention to him. The alien found and picked up a rock. "This is my home world Planet Zun! Here I was raised and adapted to the high extremes of the gravity of this world!" He dropped the rock, which landed with a loud thud. "The gravity here is ten times that of the Digital World you're all accustomed to! You guys can't endure it and even if you can you'll eventually start to feel its effects! Hahaha!" He laughed at his opponents.

(End theme)

But, the minute Metalla X smirked, PuiPuimon's laughter ceased.

(Cue Dragonball Kai OST – The Formidable Warrior, the Saiyan)

"So what? Ten times the gravity makes no difference to me," Metalla X said composedly. "In fact, I don't feel a thing."

"Wha-?!" PuiPuimon scowled. "You liar! You're just bluffing me!"

"You'll know whether I'm bluffing or not soon enough. Come at me!"

"Your funeral! DIE!" PuiPuimon dashed for Metalla X and unloaded a flurry of punches at Metalla X, who dodged them so casually as if he were in normal gravity.

Metalla X saw every blow coming his way and saw an opening. He quickly landed a punch to PuiPuimon's gut, making him stop and double over coughing. Metalla X landed a kick, sending the alien flying into a rock face.

PuiPuimon crashed hard into the rock face and was buried in a heap. Coughing blood and grunting, PuiPuimon struggled sitting up and when he finally did he saw Metalla X shuffling his feet side to side.

Metalla X dropped into a fight stance and raised his hands. "Am I bluffing now?"

"DAMN YOU!" PuiPuimon bellowed and dashed for Metalla X again, but then Metalla X swiftly raced up faster than he can blink.

Metalla X placed both palms on PuiPuimon's chest and unleashed an immense blast, engulfing and annihilating the alien in one shot!

Just like that the fight was decided and in no time flat.

Kari pumped her fist and cheered. "Whoo-hoo, Yamato!"

"Could've done without the feet shuffling, but no complaints from me," Ophanimon remarked.

Exactly how I thought would play out. Brunhilde thought reservedly.

"Feh, that DarkMagimon idiot sent us a worthless opponent," Metalla X remarked.

(End theme)

Suddenly, the entire room returned to its default ship setting and the floor shaft opened up, which would take them to the second stage.

"Guys! There's an opening for us!" Suzakato called out as he and Guilmon bolted over to it.

"It's like an elevator!" Guilmon said.

Seirika chided them both. "Wait up, you two!"

"Were you worried there, Henry?" Terriermon asked his Tamer.

"Nah, why would I be?"

"Dunno, you just had that skeptical look."

"It wasn't about the fight that happened, it's just..."


"Guys! We're leaving without you!" Inumon called out to them.

"Hey, don't leave us hanging!" The floppy-eared Digimon panicked. "Run, run, go, go, Henry! This is like a video game!"

"Yes, a ridiculous game," Metalla X scoffed as he jumped into the hole.

As nearly everyone jumped into the hole, Tai and VictoryGreymon poked their heads out beckoning Shintomon over.

"Hey, Prince Shintomon!" The Bearer of Courage called over to him.

Shintomon was left astounded. "I never expected to be this... this strong... you were right, father. Taichi's friends are an amazing crew." I'm definitely learning a lot more observing and studying. This is exactly how you want me to complete my tests to become future Supreme Digi-Deity in your place one day!


(Cue Dragonball Kai Buu 2nd Opening – Kuu Zen Zetsu Go!)


(Cue Buu's Fury OST – Title Theme)


Digimon Fusion Kai

Season 3, Arc 2: Dark Coven/D-Reaper

Chapter 126: Battles in the Ship! Metalla X and Omega X's Full Power Throttle!


DarkMagimon's Ship/Stage Two/4:10 PM

(Cue Dragonball Kai OST – An Eerie Stillness)

The group entered the second stage, which to their befuddlement they were experiencing deja vu.

"Wait, this place looks the same as before!" Suzakato scanned the room as everyone else looked befuddled.

"I'm betting he'll changing the whole setting with his magic," Kari said.

"I'd say that's very likely," Brunhilde replied.

"So, who's next? The next guy can't be a complete pushover," VictoryGreymon said, facing a similar white door with a 'D' emblem on it.


DarkMagimon's Lair

Upon witnessing the shocking turn of events, DarkMagimon was most certainly displeased with the end result.

"KingDevimon, what are guys with this incredible kind of power doing on this backwater world?" DarkMagimon asked, looking up at the King of Devimons.

"You have a point. When I last checked this world several digicycles ago, there weren't any beings like this."

"Damn it."

"However, there's no cause for alarm about them getting this far. There are still three stages left. And in the worst case scenario for them, I am still here to fight for you, correct?"

DarkMagimon chortled evilly, knowing his strongest right hand man was still available as his trump card.


DarkMagimon's Ship/Stage Two/4:12 PM

Tai and VictoryGreymon both stepped up to the shaft door. VictoryGreymon readily drew out his sword and pointed to the door.

"All right, it's our turn to fight!" Tai declared, bending down and stretching out his legs. Then, he rubbed both of wrists. "Heh, I wonder what kinda freak we're facing now. Bring back the best you got! You hear me, DarkMagimon?"


DarkMagimon's Lair

DarkMagimon glared intently into Tai and VictoryGreymon. Humans with extraordinary powers and that Yamato guy merged with his Digimon to become some type of strange-looking spiky-haired warrior. I swear I know my memory's going bad, but I've heard father warn me about super-powered digitized humans he and D-Reaper engaged on some world.

"Lord DarkMagimon," KingDevimon interrupted the warlock's deep train of thought. "Which warrior we will send to stage two?"

"We'll send MajuYakonmon."

Taken aback, the King of Devimons queried. "MajuYakonmon? You're sending MajuYakonmon to stage two already?"

"I've realized we mustn't take these humans and their Digimon lightly, especially these humans with super powers," the warlock stated. "As we've just seen, PuiPuimon failed to deal any damage to them."

"I see," KingDevimon then cruelly smirked. "However, with MajuYakonmon as their opponent, they'll all be slaughtered like the lambs they are and there will be nothing left for me to enjoy."

"Our first priority right now should be awakening D-Reaper from his long sleep not entertaining yourself. Are we clear?"

"Yes, of course," the King of Devimons bowed. "My deepest apologies." He pivoted and pointed to an alien-like creature resembling PuiPuimon but with a rounder green face and yellow eyes. "MajuYakonmon will be competing in stage two! Relay that now!"

The mook replied. "Right!"

(End theme)


Two armored aliens with the wear armor as PuiPuimon raced over and stopped in front of a door. The door had a large 'D' emblem embellished on the front. The alien on the right pressed a red switch, opening the door into a pitch dark room with no signs of movement to be seen.

"MajuYakonmon!" The alien called to the being.

A yellow slanted eye opened up inside the dark room. The eye gleamed as a low albeit loud growl came out. Then, a long, thin green three-fingered arm reached out pulling the alien, whose poor reaction time got him pulled him. The other alien panicked as he heard the blood-curdling cries of his colleague and the loud crunch of teeth crunching armor and flesh. Another arm came out and pulled the other, who tried crawling away, but too was pulled in and consumed.

A beam of red light poured down over MajuYakonmon, barely revealing a reptilian behemoth with spikes on his back. The source of the light came from the magic orb of DarkMagimon, who relayed a mental message to his monster.

(Cue Dragonball Z Battle of Gods OST – Beerus' Shadow Draws Near (In Search of a Super Saiyan God))


The creature turned at the sound of his master's beckoning.

"I apologize for keeping you waiting! It's your turn now at stage two! Fight and consume at your heart's content!"

The monster answered in a deep voice. "Yes, Lord DarkMagimon!" He advanced over to the platform.


DarkMagimon's Ship/Stage Two/4:15 PM

"Hey, can we get this over with?!" Tai tapped his foot impatiently. "Hurry up and get out here already!"

VictoryGreymon remarked. "Don't know what's worse waiting or your mom's cooking, Tai."

"Ugh, don't start. All I'll eat anything but her cooking and I love to eat."

"This is pointless. Why don't we just blast our way through the floor and head down to beat the shit out of that wizard all at once?" Metalla X suggested.

"That's not wise!" Shintomon chided the Ascendant. "Like I told you, any kind of strong shock, even if he's not at full power, will awaken D-Reaper and he'll still be a danger...!"

"Humph, who's to say that this D-Reaper is all he's hyped out to be?" Metalla X rebuked nonchalantly. "Just another overblown legend who's past his prime? He's no different from that piece of trash KingDevimon."

"What? KingDevimon isn't that big a threat to you? You can't be serious?!"

"I'm just saying KingDevimon doesn't seem to be the big deal you're making him out to be. Based on what I've assessed from his attacks outside earlier, as long as we're careful of his saliva, we could've neutralized him. As for those Dark Warriors, well, no comment. They're all Takuya and his friends' responsibilities now."

Having been lectured by what he perceived to be 'lower than himself', Shintomon took this to heart and turned to Tai. "I-is this really true, Taichi?"

"Yep. Well, even if that wasn't his full power, not too long ago we would've considered him a fearsome foe that could've given us trouble. A few years ago, there was this creep named Virus. KingDevimon probably has the same strength as him. Then, we fought equally terrifying foes like Lucemon, Skykos, Paradixalmon, and GranDracmon. Man, the list just goes on and on I tell ya!" The Bearer of Courage said so casually, chuckling.

"Man, I so won't forget the Paradixalmon and GranDracmon stuff!" Suzakato shouted. "We totally missed out on the Virus fight!"

Brunhilde smirked. "My, my, not too bad of a resume."

Astounding feats! Father, did you purposefully not tell me of these Ascendant's strength for a reason? Did you want me to be bedazzled by their accomplishments? To defeat the likes of Lucemon and Skykos as well? I'm certainly learning more and more of Taichi and his amazing friends. It's really becoming clear. No wonder I had considerable difficulty containing just Hikari when she turned Ascendant What if this isn't their full power?! Shintomon's train of thought was interrupted by Tai yelling out.

(End theme)

"Hey, hurry it up already!" Tai barked to the door. "It's my turn now! Bring out the next victim!"

"Hey, the door's opening!" Henbu pointed to the shaft door rising.

"Wonder who Tai and VictoryGreymon have to fight," Kari eyed the door opening up.

(Cue Dragonball Kai OST – Shock!)

The group watched when a hulking dark green-skinned reptilian beast emerged five times bigger than any of them. Both his arms and legs were thin in contrast to his large body. He had spikes jutting through his shoulders and legs, and of course he brandished his extended sickle-like claws. The Dark Coven's 'D' mark is deeply embellished on his chest.

(End theme)

"Whoa! Now this is not what I expected!" Tai exclaimed, initially reacting in a shocked manner.

MajuYakonmon growled while shifting his arms around while drool poured down his mouth.

"This is...!" Shintomon said.


DarkMagimon's Lair/4:17 PM

"MajuYakonmon, make sure you put all of them away for me! Skewer them! Bishishishi!" DarkMagimon snickered fiendishly.


DarkMagimon's Ship/Stage Two/4:19 PM

MajuYakonmon approached and sized up his competition. He casted his eyes on each of the Chosen and their Digimon. Tai and VictoryGreymon were both flabbergasted by the sheer size of the beast, who towered everyone.

"Gah, he's huge!" Suzakato marveled at MajuYakonmon.

Guilmon shook his head, gulping. "Y-Yeah, and I think he's hungry, too!"

"I ain't letting him touch you, Renamon," Inumon boldly said.

"That's very reassuring, Inumon, she genuinely said.

"Kotori, you're not scared?" Seadramon asked.

"No? Why would I be?" Brunhilde looked up and down over MajuYakonmon. "He's what I expected to be."

Kari remarked offhanded. "He's a very unusual-looking guy, huh?"

"Hehehe, which one of you will I devour first?" MajuYakonmon asked, looking over his potential meals.

"Ya ain't eating me, you lizard-faced jerk!" Terriermon feigned courage as he slipped behind Henbu's head. "Psst, back me up, Henry."

"I'm not going to be your human shield, Terriermon."

"Shucks, I would never do that. Honest!"

Tai approached MajuYakonmon and sized him up. "Me and VictoryGreymon will be your opponents. You're a big guy, but you don't look that bright to me."


Shintomon warned the Bearer of Courage. "Is this really MajuYakonmon?"

"MajuYakonmon?" Ophanimon asked.

"Correct. He's incredibly strong, one of the most fearsome beasts of the Digiverse. Tai and VictoryGreymon both can't contend with him."

Inumon's eyes turned feral. "No joke. From the vibes I'm getting from this monster, he'd give our Beast Biomerged forms a run for our money."

"Unless we gang up on him," Himakko said. "But, maybe that wouldn't make a difference?"

"I'm not sure."

"He might be right," Suzakato addressed his crew. "Suzaku is warning me this monster's possibly stronger than ChaosGallantmon and the Demon Beast Generals we fought a year ago. DarkMagimon definitely found someone who can contend with us."

Metalla X overheard the YYGDM group conversing and shifted back to MajuYakonmon. "Hmph."


DarkMagimon's Lair/4:21 PM

"That's it, MajuYakonmon! Take all the energy from them!" DarkMagimon commanded. "Let's hurry and revive D-Reaper!"

Both he and KingDevimon shared a laugh together watching the fight set to commence.


DarkMagimon's Ship

Letting drool drip from his mouth, MajuYakonmon licked his lips as Tai and VictoryGreymon both dropped into battle postures. MajuYakonmon swung his right-handed blade down, attempting to cut Tai down to size. Tai jumped up evading MajuYakonmon's strike, prompting VictoryGreymon to jump and counter with his sword. VictoryGreymon's Dramon Breaker struggled to hold off MajuYakonmon's blade.

"Take this!" VictoryGreymon bellowed, shoving MajuYakonmon back. He then flew up to where Tai was, but the second he reached him MajuYakonmon flew up and attacked them both.

The beast quickly unleashed a flurry of blade swings and tail strikes at the duo. Both Tai and VictoryGreymon tried their damned hardest to avoid getting skewered. MajuYakonmon swerved out of the way and landed on the ceiling. He then dove down and vanished.

The last thing both Tai and VictoryGreymon were flashes of red striking them both. All three of them landed simultaneously.

Suddenly, VictoryGreymon's Dramon Breaker blade split in half while a tear formed over Tai's shirt.

"WHOA!" Tai freaked out, seeing a long cut made over his shirt. But, thankfully no flesh wound.

"I liked that sword, too," VictoryGreymon whined, tossing his hilt aside. He dropped into a battle stance unarmed with no weapon. "You ok, Tai?"

"Yeah, but the jerk tore up my nice looking work out shirt."

"Least it wasn't 500 dollars."

MajuYakonmon laughed, standing with both blades crossed into an ''X'.

"Wow, he's sure big, but he's not lacking any speed," Kari assessed, looking impressed.

Shintomon added. "That's why we should all be fighting him together!"

"Nah, I don't so. Everything will be fine with my brother and VictoryGreymon handling things. If push comes to shove, Omega X can get the job done," the Bearer of Light calmly reassured him.

"You can't be serious?"

"Go, Tai and VictoryGreymon!" Suzakato and Guilmon cheered them on.

"They need to be careful," Brunhilde muttered. "I sure as hell wouldn't be fooling around like that."

With his eyes on his two opponents, MajuYakonmon snickered. "You two punks might've slipped away, but that won't happen this time!"

"Whoa, you can even stretch this sickles, too?!" Tai was flabbergasted.


DarkMagimon's Lair/4:24 PM

"Bishishi, those two are trembling with fear!" DarkMagimon savored their vulnerable moments. "Make him quiver him and end this fight all at once! Good work, MajuYakonmon!"


DarkMagimon's Ship/Stage Two

"Impressive work as ever, my monster! You can kill all of them except the runt Shintomon! Take in your fill of energy!"

Everyone in the room paused and looked up to the ceiling. The group tried locating the source of DarkMagimon's voice emanating throughout the room.

"This will ensure the D-Reaper's imminent return! So I propose to make up for the little time we have, I can help hasten to this battle's conclusion! How about I transport you to your beloved pitch black realm of darkness! The Planet Ankoku, the fabled world of darkness!"


DarkMagimon's Lair/4:25 PM

"Lord DarkMagimon, even without sending them to Planet Ankoku, MajuYakonmon is more than strong enough to slay them all!"

"Yes, I suppose, but if they fight inside the spaceship, and produce any shock to it, D-Reaper won't be at full power. If we want to revive him, he needs to be at his original peak. Don't you agree?"

"Yes, quite so, milord."

DarkMagimon eyed the orb and waved his hands over it. "Now, let's get this over with! Paparapa!" He invoked his relocation spell to move the group to MajuYakonmon's native world.


DarkMagimon's Ship/Stage Two/Planet Ankoku

Just like the stage one fight, DarkMagimon's spell converted the entire room into a pitch black realm with little to no light. Whatever could be discerned through the darkness were cavern rocks, including stalagmites. MajuYakonmon cackled knowing he would feel right at home and with an advantage over his opponents. He slipped behind the darkness and out of sight.

"Aw, man! What the heck?!" Inumon whined.

"Who turned out the lights!?" Terriermon griped.

"Keep your guards up, everyone!" Seirika warned the group.

Suzakato produced a fireball in his hand to give them the little they need to see. "Can anyone see?"

"Yeah, but just us huddled so close to each other," Henbu replied.

"This place really is completely dark!" Kari cried out, surveying the room. She shuddered covering her arms. "I really hate dark places." Memories of the Dark Ocean briefly returned to her. "Can't let the darkness consume me."

"You'll be fine, Kari. You're with us," Ophanimon reassured her partner.

"You're right," the Bearer of Light nodded as a subtle white aura washed over her. "Just a little bit so I don't draw attention to that monster. Can anyone else see?"

"Cool, Kari's also our personal light bulb," Terriermon half-joked.

"Henry," grumbled the Warrior of Genbu.

As his eye lids closed, MajuYakonmon's eyes turned red and yellow, granting him night visual perception of his surroundings. This was an evolutionary trait his kind gained over thousands of digicycles. He found a massive stalagmite and perched on it like a bat. His sickles pulled right back inside slots in his hands and gazed down over his would be prey.

"Welcome to Planet Ankoku, my lovely dark abode! You can't see me, but I can sure see you! You're scratching your heads right now, aren't you?!"

Blinking thrice, Tai stopped scratching his head. "Erm?"

"Planet Ankoku?" Himakko asked.

"It's MajuYakonmon's home planet," Shintomon briefly explained. "It's far out in the darkest corners of the Digiverse where sunlight can't possibly reach. Naturally, it's always completely dark."

"Kinda like the Dark Ocean," Kari muttered.

"Indeed, except where that is a realm, this is an entire planet. The Dark Ocean would certainly have been a perfect environment for the likes of MajuYakonmon."

(Cue Dragonball Kai OST – Frantic Cover)

"YOU'RE MINE NOW!" MajuYakonmon announced. He quickly phased out and reappeared gliding down toward VictoryGreymon. "You first and then the human!" He lunged right at VictoryGreymon, but the Mega swerved to the side and picked up two. "Huh?!"

Both VictoryGreymon and Tai shot up into the air before coming down landing a double kick to MajuYakonmon. They sent the monster crashing to the ground. MajuYakonmon quickly tunneled through the earth and popped out scanning the vicinity.

"Where are you two?!"

Suddenly, Tai and VictoryGreymon both slipped behind the beast.

"Over here!" Tai announced as he and VictoryGreymon clobbered MajuYakonmon, dropping him to the ground.

MajuYakonmon immediately dove through water, jumped up, and scaled the stalagmite. He then scrambled up and sighted his opponents with their backs turned. He sheathed his sickles and got the drop on them both. He swung down attempting to cut Tai down the middle, but VictoryGreymon instinctively kicked MajuYakonmon's face.

As his face contorted, MajuYakonmon was knocked up into the air. VictoryGreymon pursued him as the two clashed very briefly.

The sounds of the two Digimon clashing were heard by the Ascendants.

"Can you tell what's going on?" Seadramon queried.

"Yes, more or less," Metalla X plainly answered.

Brunhilde's eyes turned white as she activated her Valkyrie's vision, enable her discern the fight going on. "Wow, he's really giving it to that big green freak!"

"You can see, Kotori? Since when can you?" Suzakato asked her.

"Ever since I've been revived, I've been slowly to regain all the abilities I've had in my past life as Brunhilde," the dark blue-haired girl replied. "I thought I told you I was unlocking some of my special senses and powers gradually?"

"I knew, of course," Himakko admitted. "I just never got around telling anyone."

"Can you see who's winning?" Seirika asked.

"So far, VictoryGreymon."


MajuYakonmon was knocked straight into rock formation. The weight of his fall crushed the rock formation causing debris to fall right on top of him. VictoryGreymon landed beside Tai as they watched the billowing smoke cloud dispersing.

(End theme)

MajuYakonmon emerged from the debris. He asked, taken aback. "You can see me?!"

"You're the one taking us lightly," VictoryGreymon rebuked. "It may be too dark, but me and Tai can still feel your movements. Just through the subtle changes in the air current."

Tai chuckled. "Oh, and your odor isn't exactly pleasant either. Besides, there are other ways we can see you. Ready, VictoryGreymon?"

"Let's do this!"

(Cue Dragonball Kai OST – The Braveheart Challenges the Strong)

With that, Tai and VictoryGreymon powered up with golden auras washing over them. They quickly merged to become Omega X, the Ascendant of Courage. He stood completely enveloped in bright gold light. MajuYakonmon was taken in by the golden light wisping over the Ascendant.


DarkMagimon's Ship/4:30 PM

"What's this?! What's going on here?!" DarkMagimon demanded. "He looks just like the previous warrior who defeated PuiPuimon, but this one's producing a golden light!"

KingDevimon observed. "So, what?" He's just emitting light."

"You!" The warlock beckoned to a mook in the corner. "Fetch me the energy reader! The most advanced one you can find!"



DarkMagimon's Ship/Stage Two/Planet Ankoku

Omega X stood in his fully golden glory and ready to throwdown with MajuYakonmon.

"Now that's brightening things up!" Kari cried out excitedly. "That's my brother and Agumon for you!"

"Oh yeah, Omega X totally in bad ass mode!" Suzakato gleamed over his hero.

Guilmon raised his hands cheering. "Yay, go Omega X!"

"What do you think about this, Kotori?" Himakko asked, looking over to his right. He chuckled seeing Brunhilde gaping in utter aghast. "Impressed I take it?"

"You kidding?! Hell yeah!" Brunhilde yelled out ecstatically.

"All right, big guy, you get the point now?" Omega X addressed MajuYakonmon. "You can make the room as dim and pitch black all you want, it makes no difference to me!"

MajuYakonmon stumbled forward and cackled, grinning off his opponent. "Yes, indeed! I no longer have the darkness as my advantage."

"Huh? You don't seem nervous at all?" Omega X picked up on MajuYakonmon's sudden change in demeanor.


DarkMagimon's Lair/4:32 PM

"Lord DarkMagimon!" The mook returned with the energy scanner and handed it to the warlock.

He pointed it to the viewing globe. To his shock, DarkMagimon saw the needle going off scale.

"What?! 3,000 kili?!" DarkMagimon sputtered out and yelled. "H-how does a guy from this backwater world produce an energy level of 3,000 kili?!"

KingDevimon became intrigued. "3,000 kili? With just 2... or 300 kili, one could destroy a world or two. Interesting. There's no reason such beings should exist on this Digital World."

"Perhaps the meter is malfunctioning or something?" The warlock shook the device. "Though, supposing it's really 3,000 kili, MajuYakonmon can't win against this guy! MajuYakonmon's power is only 800 kili!"


DarkMagimon's Ship/Stage Two/Planet Ankoku

MajuYakonmon chortled fiendishly, further befuddling Omega X. He set his sights on the golden aura flaring over the Ascendant.

"Victory is mine now!" boasted the beast.

With that, he opened his mouth and created a vacuum, pulling Omega X towards him. Omega X held his ground while keeping himself from getting pulled right into the beast's mouth. He did notice his own aura's light being sucked into MajuYakonmon's seemingly bottomless pit. Everyone was taken aback witnessing MajuYakonmon sucking up Omega X's light.

"What the hell?!" Omega X cried out as the more light being sucked up, the bigger MajuYakonmon was getting feeding off his light energy.

Omega X firmly planted his feet on the ground, but enough of his golden aura was pulled away and amassed into a big ball of light that went down MajuYakonmon's gullet. The beast swallowed the light whole and licked his lips, croaking and chortling.

(End theme)

Omega X gazed over and just realized he was without his golden aura.

"Bwuh? Ah, crap!"

"Ah, man! It's gone back to complete darkness again!" Suzakato exclaimed.

"No, I have my light," Kari replied, letting her white aura glow a little brighter. "There."

"I can still see what's going on," Brunhilde confirmed. "Yeah, that monster just swallowed up his aura's light."

Metalla X addressed them. "Not just that, but he's been regressed to a base Ascendant form."

MajuYakonmon burped loudly as golden smoke leaked from his mouth and nostrils. "Ah, very tasty! I've never eaten light so delicious and so filling, too!"

"You eat light?!" Omega X spat out.

"MajuYakonmon consumes energy of light!" Shintomon called out. "Taichi, your energy as an Ascendant is the perfect delicacy for his appetite!"

Kari cupped both hands to her mouth and yelled. "Tai, Agumon, don't use your Ascendant power anymore! This monster can eat energy of light!"

"I already figured that one out."

MajuYakonmon laughed while rubbing his belly. "Yes, and I'd love another helping of that delicious light! I never knew light could be so tasty!"

"You're a strange guy," Omega X smirked as an idea immediately clicked. "Ok, here's more where that came from!"


"Here we go!"

Metalla X was confused by his rival's actions. "The hell is he thinking?"

"Brother, I'll come and fight with you now!" Kari suggested to her brother. "Ophanimon and I can back you up!"

"No! I'll manage this on my own!" Omega X firmly insisted. "You guys stand back." He quickly powered up and reformed his golden aura to MajuYakonmon's delight.

(Cue Dragonball Kai OST – The Fierce Battle)

"Hahahah, yes! I'm delighted to know you're an idiot!" MajuYakonmon boasted. "Now I can feast again!"

Shintomon was baffled. "This is really foolish of you, Taichi! Why do you insist fighting alone?! This isn't a sporting event!"

Metalla X interjected. "Quiet down and let him do as he pleases! He's apparently got a plan. Tai's no fool."

"A plan?" Shintomon turned as he tried scanning Omega X's mind. No, I can't read what he's planning next? Is he planning this on the fly?

The beast gaped his mouth and started sucking up Omega X's aura again. Omega X braced himself for the monster's vacuum and planted his feet down. He was slowly being dragged toward MajuYakonmon.

"Augh, I'm getting sucked in! You don't expect me to give in?!" He gritted his teeth trying hard to keep his stance as MajuYakonmon continued his energy absorption.


DarkMagimon's Lair/4:35 PM

"MajuYakonmon, what are you doing?! What am I supposed to do with all the energy you're sucking up?! What a waste! Unless you can take his energy by inflicting damage, D-Reaper can't take it!" The warlock berated his monster.


DarkMagimon's Ship/Stage Two/Planet Ankoku

Omega X found himself in a dilemma while on the receiving end of MajuYakonmon's vacuum. It seemed he was feeding endlessly on the light energy along with rocks being ripped from the cavern. Gritting his teeth, Omega X buckled hard.

And then it happened.

Golden light started seeping through MajuYakonmon's skin pores. The inside of his mouth was getting filled up with the same light energy. The belly of the beast bloated up with the endless amount of energy.

Omega X quickly saw through his enemy's flaw and smirked, which Metalla X instinctively caught. Omega X then powered up, letting his hair spike up a bit and released an enormous ball of golden light. He sent the ball right down MajuYakonmon's throat, causing him to bloat up more and...



"He-he did it?!" Shintomon gaped.

Suzakato and Guilmon cheered. "All right, got him!"

Terriermon remarked. "And I thought I was a glutton. No wonder you always tell me to never overeat."

"Yep, or you'll end up like him," Henbu replied.

"That wasn't a half-bad strategy," Renamon stated.

The Warrior of Seiryuu concurred. "Sure wasn't."

Brunhilde smirked. "Just like I thought, I knew it'd go down like this."

"Nice work, Tai!" Kari cheered them.

(End theme)

Metalla X quietly observed Omega X, muttering. "Show-off." Indeed, both of us have already broken through the previous Ascendant wall not too long ago.


DarkMagimon's Lair/4:36 PM

DarkMagimon dropped the energy meter and gaped in aghast. "Wha...?!"

"Impossible!" KingDevimon grimaced.


DarkMagimon's Ship/Stage Two

Once MajuYakonmon was defeated, the entire room shifted from the Planet Ankoku location back to the ship's default setting. Omega X powered down a bit and watched the shaft form near him.

He quickly beckoned the group over. "It's open! We can advance to the next stage now!"

"Right!" Everyone but Metalla X and Shintomon replied.

As the group moved forward, Shintomon was left standing and reeling from the turn of events. He was already starting to understand the reputations the Ascendants gained. When his father, Shinmon, told him this would be a learning experience, he meant it.

"Father, I'm really starting to comprehend now..."

"Tai, I really felt that energy you let loose!" Kari said as she faced her brother. ""That was great."

"Pretty awesome, huh, sis? Ready to go, guys?"

The group descended through the shaft and went into stage three.


DarkMagimon's Lair/4:37 PM

Shaken with despair, DarkMagimon stepped away letting his teeth chatter. "M-M-MajuYakonmon just popped! He went boom... why did he my MajuYakonmon go boom?"

"The foolish glutton fell for the obvious trap. He sucked in way more energy than his body can contain and he paid for it with his life."

"No... it looked rather peculiar. The way MajuYakonmon swelled up at the last minute," the warlock looked back over the magical ball and watched the group. "These aren't your ordinary folk. Still, why is it the nature of their powers are so overwhelmingly mind-boggling? I could've sworn my father... he encountered such beings before."

(Cue Vampyre's Bane (Z Music) by morganstudios)

"And those other humans. The ones bearing the colors and distinct appearances based on the four legendary beasts," KingDevimon observed, eyeing Suzakato first. "The boy in the red has a phoenix motif based on the Sovereign you've converted to our side. The Sovereign named Zhuqiaomon."

Upon hearing this from his right hand man, DarkMagimon meticulously eyed the Beast Tamers. "Hmmm. You're right! And the other three obviously have appearances based on the dragon, the tiger, and the turtle. We indeed converted one of the four Harmonious Ones, or Digimon Sovereigns as they're often called in other dimensions."

"Milord, I believe these children come from the YYGDM-01 dimension I investigated for you. The one a varied group of warriors with a wide range of powers."

DarkMagimon grumbled. "Tell me. Your research of that dimension led you to discover the existence of Demon Lords, including one that's now on the side of these heroes."

"Correct, and we've managed to capture the same one who's native in this universe. When he found out about how soft his counterpart has become, he wanted nothing more than an opportunity to kill the ones responsible for this," KingDevimon smirked evilly. "What an opportunity for our friend aboard our ship."

"Oh, he'll be delighted to hear this, but what about those other fools? I doubt even he can handle them at once."

"Regarding the golden warriors, leave them with me," KingDevimon reassured the scared warlock. "I'll go to stage three myself. I guarantee D-Reaper's shell will overflow with their energy before you know it."

"But, KingDevimon, if you go, I'm only left with the Dark Warriors and our latest Demon Lord acquisition. I'll be fresh out of guards who can protect me and D-Reaper's shell. You better not let me down!"

"Let you down? Heh, heh, I'm King of the Digital Makai plane! Whether it's 3,000 or 4,000 kili, there is no being on this side more powerful than I am!" KingDevimon clenched his fist as he grinned evilly. "Fear not. I'll have those golden warriors begging for mercy!"

"In the meantime, let me check with my Dark Warriors and Zhuqiaomon," the warlock waved his hands over his magical ball. The image switched from the stage three room to a split screen view of Zhuqiaomon's palace location and a desolate area where Agunimon was searching for Fuegomon. "PuiPuimon and MajuYakonmon failed to send me energy, it's up to my other majin servants to get the job done."

(End theme)


Southern Realm/Inside Zhuqiaomon's Castle

Buddhamon, Dai-Valkyrie Sedna, Angemon X, WarAngemon, Ken & AlforceVeedramon, and OmegaShoutmon hastily stormed through various doors and long corridors. The three Ascendants keenly sensed Zhuqiaomon's location not too far.

"We're getting closer, guys!" WarAngemon exclaimed. "I can recognize those flames of fury anywhere!"

Angemon X looked over to Sedna. "You have to be careful, Sedna. No telling how dangerous Zhuqiaomon can and will be when we attack him."

"I'll be fine, Dimitri. Besides, I can just summon Knut whenever I can. I even have you guys backing me up."

"Ain't no way I'm letting a pissed off chicken get close to you, sis," Ken vowed, summoning his Heaven's Sword. "I'll clip all his wings and make him say uncle when I'm done with him."

OmegaShoutmon was getting giddy. "Heheh, man I can just feel the thrill of battle coming! I haven't been excited in a while!"

AlforceVeedramon added. "Likewise. Hey Ken, when push comes to shove you and I can merge to form Dramon X anytime you wish."

"Right, that's what I had in mind."

"Everyone, we're at the front doors," Buddhamon paused as everyone halted their advance. He placed his hand on the large doors and pushed them open, releasing a powerful air current that blew against them. "He does know we're here."

"Obviously," WarAngemon remarked as he walked in first.

Dai-Valkyrie Sedna fearlessly walked alongside Angemon X. Ken and his Digimon partners stayed close behind them.

"Gee, this place sure looks cozy," Angemon X snidely remarked, surveying the room. He narrowed his eyes and paused. "You feel that?"

"Just now? Yeah, that's definitely him," Ken replied, firmly holding his Heaven's Sword. "After all I've been through, I'm ready for anything."

"Same here, chief!" OmegaShoutmon replied.

"Hahahahah! Don't you know it's customary to knock before you enter, foolish apes!" The booming voice of the phoenix Sovereign emanated from the other side of the spacious quarters. "You might've gotten past my guards, but I expected you to. Now I have the chance to eradicate you vermin in my royal quarters and send your energy to Lord DarkMagimon!"

(Cue Pokemon X & Y OST – Battle! Xerneas/Yveltal)

Across the hall, the group spotted four red eyes glowing behind a wall of darkness. There was also the signature 'D' emblem gleaming atop the Sovereign's forehead.

"Yeah, why don't you come and do it already?!" Ken goaded the Sovereign.

"Don't instigate him, Ken!" Sedna chided him. "We aren't letting him come to us. We're going to him instead!" She drew out her Ice Trident and stood poised. "We're ready whenever you are, Buddhamon!"

"Remember we're only here to neutralize and remove the spell DarkMagimon placed on him," Buddhamon reinforced this plan to the group. "Now go!"

"Just what I was waiting to hear!" WarAngemon shouted as he glided forward to meet Zhuqiaomon head-on.

Angemon X, Dai-Valkyrie Sedna, Ken, AlforceVeedramon, and OmegaShoutmon subsequently followed the Bearer of Hope's lead.

"You wish to rush to your deaths?! Part be it with me!" Zhuqiaomon boasted as he poked his head out from his chamber and expelled streamlined inferno blasts. "Phoenix Fire!"

WarAngemon gathered holy energy in his right hand and punched the scorching flames. "Seraphi Fist!"

Angemon X cupped his hands and unleashed a blast to nullify the flames.

Dai-Valkyrie Sedna waved her Ice Trident, using the frozen air to produce an ice wall. The ice wall blocked off the flames, but the flames were too hot enough to crack the wall of ice. Sedna swerved to the side, evading incoming fire blasts.

Zhuqiaomon spammed more fire blasts to ward off his foes. He then flapped his wings, producing an immense shockwave. "Sonic Zephyr!" The shockwave not only pierced the ears of his opponents, but shook his whole chamber.

"Ugh! I forgot he can do that!" Ken cringed, covering his ears. "SHUT UP!" He bumrushed Zhuqiaomon with his Heaven's Sword.

"Rushing to your death, fool?!"

"Nah, just distracting you!" Ken grinned as he phased out, letting AlforceVeedramon and OmegaShoutmon to attack the Sovereign.

"Shining V-Force!" AlforceVeedramon unleashed a holy beam from the V-shaped part of his chest armor.

"Twin Fireball Strike!" OmegaShoutmon invoked his courage, creating a surge of flames from his fists that he used to blast the ceiling, letting debris fall on top of Zhuqiaomon.

AlforceVeedramon's blast impacted Zhuqiaomon's chest, dazing the phoenix. With a flap of his wings, Zhuqiaomon unleashed another Sonic Zephyr to blow away the debris and send both Digimon sailing back. AlforceVeedramon and OmegaShoutmon both landed on the floor ready for more.

Zhuqiaomon started flying off his pedestal and took to the air through the ravaged ceiling. He once again flapped his wings, but rather than sending a shockwave he unleashed a spiral of scorching flames. "Blazing Helix!"

"Scatter!" Angemon X called out as he and the others moved away from the incoming fire blasts. He spammed a barrage of Ki blasts to nullify some fire blasts. "Flaming Owl!" He pushed his hands up and unleashed a owl-faced wave that washed through the fire blasts.

Buddhamon produced a holy barrier, nullifying the fire blasts raining all over the palace.

"Sis, you ok?" Ken asked Sedna.

"I'll manage. We just need to get close to Zhuqiaomon and subdue him," the Dai-Valkyrie Kuiper said. "I might have an idea how."

"Any idea?"

"Yeah, distract him while I use the Dragon Saber," Sedna said, pointing to the sword passed to her by Ken.

"That'll do. Dimitri, TK, AlforceVeedramon, and OmegaShoutmon, let's keep that roasted chicken busy!"

Angemon X nodded in response. "Got it! Sedna, we'll keep him busy! Get that saber ready!"

As the men and Digimon converged an attack on Zhuqiaomon, Buddhamon noticed the Dragon Saber being drawn out by the Kuiper Senshi leader.

"Could that be...? The fabled Dragon Saber?"

"What? You know about this sword?"

Between that boy having the Zero Factor and this girl wielding the Dragon Saber, what else are these other dimension heroes have we're not aware of?! Buddhamon mulled, completely astounded.

Dai-Valkyrie Sedna raised the Dragon Saber and focused. "We discuss this later. My friends are going to need me now." As she concentrated, the Dragon Saber's blade glowed and became imbued with white light.

(End theme)


Dai-Valkyrie Varuna, Dai-Valkyrie Orcus, Dai-Valkyrie Quaoar, BW, Keke, and Sam paused as they sensed energies clashing. They even felt immense shockwaves rattling the palace.

"Look!" Sam pointed the group to Zhuqiaomon engaging Angemon X, WarAngemon, AlforceVeedramon, and OmegaShoutmon.

"Dimitri!" Keke cried out.

"I don't see, Sedna!" Quaoar noticed the absence of the Kuiper leader.

"And where's Ken?!" Orcus wondered. "I just see his Digimon up there!"

"But, I can feel the presence of the Dragon Saber. She's about to use it," Varuna probed the Dragon Saber's mystic power being utilized.

"C'mon, we can't miss this!" Orcus cried out.

The group stormed off and flew past the castle toward the location of the ongoing battle.


Digital World/Server of Continent/Valley of No Return/4:40 PM

Agunimon surveyed the gray lifeless desert area composed mostly of sand and rock formations. He felt a sinister presence swiftly come up behind him. He narrowly dodged a fire blast and spun around sighting Fuegomon.

The Dark Warrior of Fire chortled. "Nice dodge, my counterpart. You're going to need those sharp reflexes if you're going to last with me."

Agunimon scoffed, summoning fire from his wrist gauntlets. "We'll see, you faker!"

"After our fight is settled, there can only be one Warrior of Fire and likewise your compatriots will fall one by one."

"Enough talk!" Agunimon snapped as he bumrushed Fuegomon. "This one's for Sailor Quaoar and those people you attacked!"

Fuegomon grinned fiendishly and bolted ahead to engage Agunimon.

Their fists clashed, igniting a giant pillar of orange and purple flames that lit up the entire area. The showdown between the Legendary Warriors and Dark Warriors finally commenced.


Next chapter: Battle Royal to Determine All! Who's the Strongest in the Digital World?!


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