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We now return to some tournament action via a battle royal.



DarkMagimon's Ship/Stage Three/4:40 PM

Having vanquished both PuiPuimon and MajuYakonmon, Metalla X and Omega X cleared the first two stages to allow their group to advance to stage three. Kari & Ophanimon, Shintomon, the Beast Tamers & their Digimon, Brunhilde & Seadramon surveyed the room around them.

"These decorum of these rooms really aren't that different," Seirika remarked.

"Yeah, DarkMagimon really has poor taste in room decorating," Terriermon quipped.

Brunhilde looked around. "Yeah, at least to set every room apart."

"A little variety surely wouldn't hurt," Himakko said.

Omega X looks over his shoulder, sighting Kari and Ophanimon. "You're next up, Kari. Have you and Gatomon been keeping up training?"

Kari nervously chuckled when asked this. "Um, well..."

"Your sister's been slacking off during down times," Metalla X addressed smugly. "Likewise, her feline would rather take catnaps instead."

Ophanimon scoffed. "What's there to fight when there's peacetime?"

"Kari's been too busy studying and hanging out with her friends to do any serious training," Metalla X stated bluntly. "Tai, you and I are far stronger than the girl used to be. Of course, one can't be too sure if we tick her off." He pivoted over to Kari, who chuckled modestly.

Kari added. "Sorry, brother, but it's true. I haven't been keeping up."

"Don't worry! You can surely make up for it when we see you in action!" Suzakato encouraged Kari. "Right?"

Omega X nodded. "We'll be the judge of that."

If she's fighting KingDevimon like I expect, then she better keep her head in the game. Brunhilde thought, eyeing Kari closely.

Shintomon chided Omega X. "Taichi, this isn't a game! DarkMagimon has managed to recruit the deadliest henchmen from all corners of the Digiverse and beyond. Granted, your tactics have brought you much success so far, but from now all, we should unite if we're sure to win!"

Omega X reassured the worried prince. "Nah, don't worry about it, Prince Shintomon. Besides, wouldn't that be unfair for Kari?"


"Yeah, I mean me and Yamato merged with our partners and fought opponents alone, why not let Kari and Gatomon do the same?"

Kari interjected. "My brother's right, Lord Shintomon. Please, leave this to Celesta X." After doing a few leg and arm stretches, Kari looked up to Ophanimon. "Ready to take the next challenger?"

Ophanimon nodded. "Let's do this!"


DarkMagimon's Lair

(Cue Dark Music – Dark Ritual)

DarkMagimon painstakingly observes his viewing orb. Having lost his subordinates, the dark sorcerer was taking no more chances.

"All right, KingDevimon, go do your thing."

KingDevimon bowed in response. "The fools will fall before me once I crush them!" He quickly turns to his right and heads for a chamber with the 'D' symbol embellished on it.

The mook who brought in the power scanned called to the Devimon King. "Lord KingDevimon, where are you going? Stage three is this way."

"Relax, my flunkie. He knows exactly what he's doing."

"Ah, the meditation chamber!"

As he slid his hands across, KingDevimon willed the door open and stepped inside the chamber. He seated himself and closed the door behind him.

"I get it now! Lord KingDevimon intends to use the chamber to heighten his demon power before he fights!"

DarkMagimon added. "We absolutely must not open that door until KingDevimon permits."

"Yes sir!"

Inside the chamber the room began to light up with KingDevimon's own demonic red aura.

"He's already put his mind to it!" DarkMagimon stated, snickering. "If he goes all out, it will simply be a matter of him slaughtering the foolish warriors. Moreover, I hope to get some results from the Dark Warriors and my pet slave Zhuqiaomon." He then pivoted over toward a door behind him. "And it'll be only a matter of time before our other man comes to help us clean up the mess KingDevimon leaves behind."

(End theme)


DarkMagimon's Ship/Stage Three

"Sheesh, it's sure taking a long time," Suzakato remarked, sighing with boredom.

Guilmon sat down, shaking his head. "Yeah, it's very boring now. I can take a nap?"

"Just how long do they expect us to wait?" Terriermon whined.

Omega X chimed in, calming everyone down. "No need to get impatient, guys. They'll send someone out. They're rather try killing us than making us die of boredom." He then turned over to Kari. "They might be trying very hard looking for someone to fight you, sis."

"Who could be a challenge for Celesta X?" Kari wondered.

"I do wonder what's been going on with the Digital World Tournament," Omega X said. "Last time we left, there was that invasion by some D-Marked Digimon sent by DarkMagimon?"

"We did pull out so sudden like that," the Bearer of Light pointed out.

"Yes, but we can't be sure if they've been driven out," Shintomon assumed.

Brunhilde interjected. "No, I would believe our friends would've beaten those invaders. Why do I know this? Heh, don't underestimate my cousin Phillipe and his friends."

Himakko smiled hearing this. "You got that right."

Inumon added. "Damn skippy."

Renamon sweatdropped. "Skippy? Really?" She chuckled softly.

"What? What else do you want me to say?"

Metalla X scoffed irritably, ignoring Inumon and Renamon's back and forth quips. "Humph, rather than dealing with some trivial scum that pass for opponents in a cramped place like this, I fought you instead at the Digital World Tournament like we were meant to, Taichi!"

"I have to admit, I was kinda looking forward to facing you, brother."

"Yeah, same goes for me!"

Suzakato added. "Hey, I want to face you, Tai!"

Brunhilde chimed in. "Heck, I so looking forward to fighting any of you Ascendants!"

"I do wonder if Tike, Sonja, and the others are doing ok," Kari said.

Shintomon looked around hearing the warriors going back and forth. These people... I swear father, they're battle-obsessed freaks! This is especially true for these Ascendants, good grief!


(Cue Dragonball Kai Buu 2nd Opening – Kuu Zen Zetsu Go!)


(Cue Buu's Fury OST – Title Theme)


Digimon Fusion Kai

Season 3, Arc 2: Dark Coven/D-Reaper

Chapter 126: A Battle Royal to Determine All! Who's the Strongest in the Digital World?!


(Half an Hour Ago)

Digital World/Destiny Island/Tournament Arena/4:10 PM

Back at the tournament, the panic levels diminished after the D-Marked Digimon invaders were defeated. The crowds returned into the arena as the remainder of the tournament was set to commence. However, with over half of the competitors off to deal with DarkMagimon's minions, the remaining fighters that stayed behind to fight off the invaders waited to hear official word from Tony Stark.

As fans were getting restless with the long wait, Tony was seen conversing with the arena staff about the fate of the tournament. Mummymon and Arukenimon approached Tony and officials to discuss the outcome of the tournament. Mummymon pumped and raised his fist, signaling to the audiences to calm down.

"Have you decided, champ?" Tony asked.

"I propose a battle royal," Mummymon suggested to which the officials began nodding to. "Disqualify those wimps who left and the remaining six, including myself, will fight at the same time. The best way to get this crowd roaring would have to be a six-way melee."

However, one official objected. "But, sir, that would only... with all due respect..."

"What you don't like the champ's ideas?" Arukenimon hissed. "Mummymon can very easily just walk out on his own accord and not bother defending his title!"

"Oh no! That's a splendid idea!" The official frantically replied.

"Good, now make the announcement," ordered the champion.

Another official stepped in. "Sir, I've just been told one of the other six combatants has decided to drop out because he feels no need to waste his time fighting a farce champion."

This quickly struck a cord in Mummymon, who scoffed.

"You going to take that, champ?" Tony couldn't help but contain one chuckle. Probably Pikkan who said that.

"Let the chump walk out, I can fight the ones who're worthy of my time," Mummymon said. "Tony, go do your thing and make the announcement."

"Right, champ!" Tony saluted.

Outside the ring, Pikkan, Tike, David, Titaniamon, CyberBeelzemon, Kara, Sailor Eris, Sailor Ixion, and Sagitarrimon amassed outside the ring waiting for the official statement.

"We made sure every one of those D-Marked freaks were driven off," Pikkan muttered.

Tike added. "Finally, now we can get to the tournament. I'm ready to kick ass and chew bubblegum."

Kara pulled out stick of bubblegum. "But, we've got plenty of bubbles."

Sailor Ixion facepalmed. "How can you guys take things so lightly after what we just went through?"

Sailor Eris giggled. "May I have some? The waiting is killing me." She walked over to get a stick of gun from Kara. "Thanks!"

"I hope they continue the tournament. Someone's gotta take that title off that blowhard Mummymon," Pikkan said, veering over to where Mummymon was. "I'd love to fight for that gold, but I ain't beating someone unworthy like him."

"That why you dropped out?" CyberBeelzemon asked.

"You bet your ass. If this were Tai, Yamato, Kari, or even your wife, I'd fight with all I've got."

Titaniamon overheard their exchange and turned, brushing her hair aside. "If I win, I'll be sure you get your title shot."

Sonja interjected. "Only if you get by me, Red." She addressed Titaniamon with a nickname, referencing the Digi-Amazon's crimson hair. "Because I'm not going down that easily."

"Me either! I'm kicking your butts and then Mummymon's! Tike boasted.

David cheered. "You tell 'em, Tike! Kick some butt!"

Just then, X, Simms, and Gennai walked right over where Pikkan, Tike, and the others were.

"X, tell me you know what's been going on with Tai and the others," the Alterian addressed the masked watcher.

"They've already located the enemy. The group with Buddhamon are already fighting Zhuqiaomon as we speak," X explained to them. "As for Tai's group, they're right in the thick of things fighting DarkMagimon's warriors."

"Damn! And I'm missing out on all that!" Pikkan cursed, clenching and shaking his fists.

"You may or may not get the chance depending on their progress, my friend," Simms said.

"Do you know how Sedna and the others are doing?" Sailor Ixion asked the masked watcher and his entourage.

"Well, they're already fighting Zhuqiaomon. There's no telling what'll go down, but I'll be sure to let you know," X said.

"You can see what's going on?"

"I've going back and forth watching both groups exclusively," X answered, smiling behind his mask. "Rest assured. They'll be fine. Dimitri and Ken won't let anything happen to Karin."

"Thank you, X," Ixion replied.

"So, momma and poppa are ok?" Athena interjected as she walked between X and Simms. She poked her head out with PinkPatamon on top of her head. "I'm so glad! Hey, guess who I brought with me?" She turned and beckoned Meryl over. "Meryl, you want to meet my friends?"

Athena reached over and pulled Meryl forward. The group were taken aback upon seeing Meryl. Some of them quickly identified her to be Mummymon's daughter.

"Whoa, you brought Mummymon's daughter?!" A flabbergasted Kara pointed to the shy mummy girl, who hid behind Athena.

"It's ok, Meryl. They're very nice people," Athena assured her new friend with a smile. "Everyone, this is Meryl! We just met and get this? Her dad is the Digital World's champion? Isn't that something? Meryl, say hi to my friends."

Meryl poked her head out and meekly waved, speaking well-mannered. "H-Hello, everyone. I'm Meryl. Pleased to meet you?"

Kara smiled. "Hi! You're amongst friends, Meryl. Don't worry we don't bite."

Tike teased. "Much." He winced as his sister elbowed his side. "Ow, hey!"

"Be nice, bro."

David walked over introducing himself. "I'm David. Nice to meet you."

Meryl nervously smiled and nodded. "Hi, David."

Sailor Eris squealed happily. "You're such a sweet little darling, Meryl. You're in good company with us."

"Is one of you going to fight my dad?"

"Well, we're waiting to see how the tournament is going on," X said.

"You spoke soon. Something's finally about to go down," Sonja said, pointing everyone to the ring where Tony was ready to make his announcement.

"First off, let's give a big round of applause to the heroes who went out of their way to save us from those party crashers and luckily there weren't any casualties that I'm aware of. Give it up for heroes and their selfless actions!" Tony announced as the crowd let out a massive ovation for Pikkan and company.

Tike threw up a 'V' with his fingers. "Hey, no probs! Thanks and no autographs please!"

Narrowing her eyes, Kara snorted. "You really love to toot your own horn, bro."

Meryl inquired to Tike. "You like tooting horns? Ah, I didn't know you like playing instruments!"

The four Ascendant kids nearly facefaulted hearing Meryl. Athena couldn't help giggling and patted Meryl's shoulder.

"He didn't really mean it like that, Meryl," Athena sweatdropped.

"Right, I'm pretty sure he doesn't know how to play an instrument," PinkPatamon sardonically remarked.

"You should all take credit," Simms said to the group. "You saved these Digimon from a disaster."

The Digi-Destined, the Victor Tamers, and their partnered Digimon stood while accepting the cheers for them.

"You're very welcome!" Phillipe cried out, waving to the Digimon.

"Hey, our pleasure!" Kazu started soaking in all the supportive cheers. Man, I just love the attention!

Sora and Mimi couldn't share everyone else's enthusiasm. Both worried about Tai and the others' well beings after not hearing from them for a while. X hadn't even reported to them yet about how their boyfriends and friends were handling the Dark Coven situation.

"Cheer up, I'm sure we'll hear something about Tai and the others, Sora," Biyomon tried her best to reassure her partner.

"What she said, Mimi! Dimitri, Keke, and Matt will be fine!" Palmon said.

Mimi sighed, putting her chin on her palms. "It's not them I'm worried about if you know what I mean. It's well you know..."

"You know who...?" The plant Digimon stopped herself short before realizing who the Bearer of Sincerity referred. "Oh, right. Don't blame ya. At least Athena's still here."

"And that I'm relieved. Still can't believe it, not yet a year over 21 and now a grandma."

"Oh, Mimi," Sora chuckled at her friend's dismay of age catching up to her.

"Guys, Tony's about to say something!" Jun called to them.

"Hopefully we hear something about the tournament soon," Joe muttered.

(Cue DBZ OST – Mushroom March)

"Ladies and gents, we deeply apologize for the long delay. Our champion, Mummymon, has proposed a battle royal among the six remaining contestants!" Tony announced publicly. "They will fight simultaneously and the last one standing will be declared the champion!"

The audiences roared in response to this announcement.

"That's our champ!" A Gazimon shouted

A Gizamon added. "Well said!"

Arukenimon whispered to Mummymon. "Not a bad idea, huh?"

"Yeah, we can finally get this over with," Mummymon said, stretching and slapping his own cheeks. "Say, where's Meryl."

"Wasn't she with you a while ago?" Arukenimon said, scanning the tournament grounds. She veered over to her right and sighted the child hanging out with Athena and her friends. "Um, Mummymon, you might want to have a look at this." He beckoned the mummified champion over.

"Hmm?" Mummymon looked over to where Arukenimon was pointing. His eyes bulged as he saw his own daughter laughing in the company of her new friends. "Meryl?!"

"She looks so happy. Very adorable!"

"My Meryl hanging out with those people?!" Mummymon gaped. "The same ones who fought that Virus guy."

"Does it bother you?"

Before Mummymon could say anything, Tony started calling for the contestants.

One of the officials approached Mummymon. "Mummymon, sir, it's time. I must say this was a great idea!"

"You think so?"

"I wish I had the courage you had."

Mummymon chuckled nervously. "Yeah?"

"Well, of course, the other five are sure to gang up on you since you're the man to beat!"

Upon realizing this, Mummymon's face contorted and his mind became filled with anxiety. He hadn't counted on that likely possibility of his challengers taking out first.

Gah! On no! What was I thinking?! Mummymon thought as he frantically looked around.

"Now, let's bring on up the competitors for this melee!" Tony beckoned the remaining competitors to enter the ring. "Of course, you all know the defending champion Mummymon!"

Mummymon slowly stepped into the ring as fans chanted for him.

"YAY! DAD!" Meryl cheered, hopping up and down clapping her hands. "You can do it!"

Athena eyed Mummymon. "Hmm, I don't feel much power from him. Maybe he's hiding his power?"

"My daddy is the strongest guy in the Digital World!" Meryl said with much enthusiasm. "He told me all the stories of his matches and how he became the champion!"

"Wow, really?" Athena asked.

PinkPatamon rolled her eyes and muttered. "Yeah he's so confident he's taking a long time getting his butt in the ring."

"Go, Eris!" Ixion cheered.

"You sure you're ok dropping out of this, Pikkan?" CyberBeelzemon asked.

"For the hundredth time, yes. Your girl can have her chance."

"Or, are you afraid I'd kick your butt so hard, Alterian?" Titaniamon asked, openly teasing Pikkan as she walked into the ring with Sonja, Tike, Sailor Eris, and Sagitarrimon.

Pikkan grumbled. "We'll see. I'll take on whoever's champ after this."

As he entered the ring center, Mummymon raised and pumped his fists overhead. He let out a boisterous roar as he rallied the fans behind him.

"And here's our five other competitors!" Tony announced. "We have the lovely blonde Sonja! We have the boy wonder Tike! The gorgeous Titaniamon! The talented Sailor Eris! And last, the hard-hitting Sagitarrimon!"

(End theme)

The crowd cheered all the competitors, but so far the ladies were easily winning over the males in the crowd. Between Eris' country bumpkin cuteness, Sonja's mysterious vibe, and Titaniamon's beautiful looks, the guys were on cloud nine. Tike, being the youngest, received cheers from everyone as his performance with David won them over.

Sagitarrimon whispered to Tike. "Say, let's knock Mummymon out of the ring first? What do ya say, mate?"

Tike scoffed. "No, thanks. Who cares about him? The girls are the ones we've got to watch out for."

Sagitarrimon was befuddled hearing this. "Bwuh?"

"By the way, thanks for helping us save those people from the attack."

"Um, sure..."

Sonja, Titaniamon, and Sailor Eris all each one another. They smirked and nodded.

"May the best lady win," they said in unison.

"This will be a no-time limit contest! Now, let's get this over with!" Tony announced.

Still standing in the ring center, Mummymon meticulously scanned his five challengers. He gulped and felt his whole body shake like crazy.

L-Let 'em come at me! I'm ready for them! Mummymon quickly readied his bandages and clenched his fists. Br-bring it on!


(Cue Dragonball Z Battle of Gods OST – Super Saiyan God's Power)

As the bell sounded, Mummymon prepared to move, but the other competitors already made a dash for each other. Titaniamon drew out her sword and clashed with Sonja. Eris quickly turned to the right and watched Tike knock Sagitarrimon out of the ring. Eris pulled out her lasso and ensnared Tike's right wrist, pulling him toward her.

"Hey!" Tike cried out as he grabbed the rope.

Eris smirked. "Big mistake, little man." She triggered the rope's secondary effect as it started siphoning Tike's Ki.

"Ugh, my Ki!" Tike cringed as the rope began draining his energy. The more he tightened his grip on the rope, the more energy was being siphoned off.

Eris jumped up and swung Tike around with her rope. "Give up?!"


While Sagitarrimon was being carried out, Mummymon stood flabbergasted and scanning every ring side. On his right, she saw Sonja and Titaniamon engaging in finger vs. sword action. On his left, Eris was swinging Tike around above the ring.

"Wow, and out goes Sagitarrimon! Not even a minute and he's gone!" Tony shouted. "Tike isn't the boy wonder for nothing, but he's now been caught in Sailor Eris' lasso! Tike better find a way out of this or she'll give him the Texas rodeo treatment! Meanwhile, Sonja and Titaniamon have been locked in a heated exchange! It's marvelous! Sonja is countering Titaniamon's sword with just her finger! As for our champion, he's... standing in awe?" He resisted the urge to laugh at Mummymon. Oh, you don't realize how much of a tool you look now!

Mummymon slowly backed off as his mouth went agape watching his four opponents clashing over who fights him.

"C'mon, Sonja!" Sora, Mimi, and Yolei cheered her on.

"Well, hey, Tai, Yamato, Kari, TK and the others aren't here, we might as well cheer for Sonja!" Biyomon said.

"Indeed," Hawkmon added.

Armadillomon clapped. "And I'm sure lovin' Eris' going Texas rodeo on Tike!"

"Go, Eris!" Ixion and Athena cheered for the Texan.

"Your lady's sure holding her own with Sonja. I'm rather surprised," Pikkan observed Titaniamon and Sonja's fighting exchange.

"Well, she did master her Ultima Armor and she was able to hang with Omega X in the Room of Time," CyberBeelzemon said. "I've even fought her myself. Nearly killed me and could've have done so, but our fight ended in a draw and our marriage was decided by the Amazon law."

"Hearing all this from you, she has good chances beating an Ascendant, huh?"

"Possibly so. And her Ultima Armor was created from the Valkyrie armors of three Sailor Senshi, she has all the magic she needs to neutralize any Ascendant she wants."

Pikkan smirked. "And Senshi magic is like kryptonite to Ascendants. We saw how well Varuna performed against Dimitri a while ago."

"Well, as long as it's high-level magic, yeah, but Sonja ain't an Ascendant last I checked."

"Your lady might be in for a rude awakening since Sonja never fatigues."

Meryl clenched her fists and called to the aghast Mummymon. "C'mon, daddy! Fight, fight!"

Mummymon flinched when hearing his daughter encouraging him to go. He turned and faced the competitors.

Unloading a flurry of punches, Mummymon boasted. "Hahaha! C'mon, finish each other off and I'll take on the last one standing!" To his dismay, he failed to elicit any response from the four fighters. "Uh... or just keep fighting and I'll park my butt here. Yeah, heh."

"Only five remain! Titaniamon and Sonja are having a go while Tike tries to make a rebound against Sailor Eris! Our reigning champ, Mummymon, is just biding his time waiting for whoever steps up to fight him!" Tony announced. "Only one of these five will walk out the champ! Who will prevail?!"

(End theme)

(Cue Fairy Tail OST – Erza Scarlet Theme (0:00-4:00))

As Titaniamon brought her sword down, Sonja hopped up and landed tiny-toed on the blade's pointed end. Sonja slowly walked over the blade and taunted the Digi-Amazon. Titaniamon jerked her sword back and jumped up throwing a punch at Sonja. Sonja caught Titaniamon's fist and backhanded her down. Titaniamon hit the ring hard. Sonja descended over to kick Titaniamon out of the ring, but the red-haired warrior lunged at Sonja's legs and picked her up, slamming her on the tiles. Sonja bounced up to her feet only to have Titaniamon discharge lightning from her sword.

"Take this! Testarossa Force!" Titaniamon successfully hit Sonja with a strong thunder blast, which not only caught but surprisingly neutralized Sonja.

Sonja felt the electrical charges immobilize the bio-mechanics inside her body. She cringed and fell to her knees. "Damn it! High-level electricity...!"

Having discovered Sonja's weakness, Titaniamon decided to exploit this and converted her armor. If lightning is her weakness, I may have a chance! I better not squander this! "Titaniamon... Mode Change!" A set of emerald columns of light formed around her, converting her base armor to a more lighter and sturdier white and gold armor, which resembled more of a chainmail bikini type. Her feet were now covered in high-heeled, shin-high armored sandals. "Speed Armor Activate!"

While Sonja struggled to stand on her own, Titaniamon swiftly bumrushed the artificial and swung her sword forward, sending a shockwave so fast she knocked Sonja several feet back. Weakened and unable to conjure energy blasts, the artificial was now forced to utilize hit and run tactics with her fists. With her new found speed, Titaniamon's armor allowed her to move at faster than lightning speed movements. She flew toward Sonja and swung her sword down. Sonja barely sidestepped the Digi-Amazon's sword swing and raced across the ring, trying to reboot her biomechanics.

This is gonna take a while for this electricity to wear off! I'll have to buy enough time and not get my ass knocked out of the ring! Sonja turned to her right, but was quickly cut off by Titaniamon.

"Going somewhere?!" Titaniamon shouted as she swung her sword over Sonja.

The artificial dodged and performed several handspring backflips to create a distance between them. Titaniamon dispelled another lightning blast from her sword.

"Surrender now!"

Dodging the lightning blast, Sonja scoffed and muttered under her breath. "Not a chance!"

Titaniamon hastily shot across to attack Sonja and went on the offense. When the Digi-Amazon went for another sword swing, Sonja caught the blade with her two hands and jumped up kicking Titaniamon's sword while disarming her. Tossing the sword aside, Sonja engaged Titaniamon in hand to hand combat. Both were evenly matched and fought at an even pace.

"Man, just look at them go!" Yolei cheered. "C'mon, Sonja!"

"Izzy, Sonja won't be able to use her energy attacks as long as Titaniamon's lightning's in effect!" Tentomon pointed out.

The Bearer of Knowledge added his five cents. "Yeah, Sonja didn't seem like she was prepared for it. Datamon's biomechanic design for her and Jax are near perfection, but it was discovered not too long ago high levels of electricity can neutralize the infinite energy implants in her body."

"At least she can still use physical based attacks like she's doing now," Ken observed.

"True. We'll see how long this tactic can last," Izzy replied.

As Titaniamon went for a leg sweep, Sonja bounced back and backflipped from the Digi-Amazon several times. Sonja quickly launched herself into Titaniamon, hitting her in the gut with a headbutt. Titaniamon doubled over and cringed. Sonja thrust her right-handed palm into Titaniamon's face, flooring her in one shot. Titaniamon fell facefirst and turned over to see Sonja picking her up. Sonja tossed Titaniamon into the air and shot up pursuing her. Titaniamon rebounded flying down and kicking Sonja's face. Sonja retaliated by backhanding Titaniamon. The Digi-Amazon punched Sonja, sending her sailing in the air.

"Impressive you can still fight without your energy!"

"I always improvise whenever I'm in trouble. How else am I going to win?"

Titaniamon smirked coolly. "I like your style. Heck, I'm really starting to like you."

Sonja brushed her hair side and smiled back. "Likewise, besides Sheila, you know exactly what I want."

"Ready to give these people a good show."


"Just look at those two lovely vixens going at it! I'm surprised they haven't torn each other's clothes off already..." Tony shook his head. Oh man, I hope Pepper didn't hear that! Get your mind outta the gutter, Tony! "Well, Sonja and Titaniamon are sure to continue flaring this ring up, the boy wonder has made a quick turnaround and broken loose from Eris' lasso trick!"

Tike powered up so much Ki that it nearly overloaded Eris' lasso, forcing the latter to recall her rope. As Tike went to attack her, Eris frantically dodged his flurry of kicks. One kick did land and send Sailor Eris sailing out of the ring.

"Eris Dai-Valkyrie Power! Make-Up!" Eris converted her Senshi uniform to her Dai-Valkyrie armor. She stopped herself from falling out of bounds and floated up. "Almost had me, boy! Now, let's rodeo!" She declared. Then, she dove toward Tike, who cupped his hands and formed a blue energy ball.

David cheered on his friend. "Take her down, Tike!"

Kara cried out. "Don't go too far, bro! She might not be able to take it!"

"Look out, Eris!" Ixion shouted.

Athena gasped, clamping her hands together. "This is so exciting! Right, Meryl?"

"Yeah! But... um..." The mummy child pivoted to Mummymon, who still hadn't budged from his spot. "What's wrong, daddy?"

"You think you can take this?! Tsunami...!" Tike summoned his attack.

Dai-Valkyrie Eris invoked her falcon spirit's, Zephyr, power and infused it with her own. A pair of falcon wings made of spirit power formed from her back.

"The hell are you crazy?! This blast might obliterate you!" Tike warned her.

"Hit me with your best, kid!" Eris dared him.

"Fine. Tsunami Wave!" The Ascendant child discharged an immense blue wave, sending it toward Dai-Valkyrie Eris.

"Augh, here we go! I'm taking my ass under the ring!" Tony made a dash behind a ring corner.

Once again, the audiences were captivated by the boy wonder's display of raw power and witnessed the biggest energy wave they'd seen in the event. More surprising was Dai-Valkyrie Eris readily preparing to take the blast head-on. The falcon wings sprouting from her back folded in front of the Texan and caught the beam. Tike discharged more power in attempt to break Eris' defenses.

"It's like a light show out here! Ladies and gents, this is no 3D show!" Tony shouted.

The shockwave from the power collision knocked Mummymon back, nearly sending him out of bounds. But, Mummymon, not willing to lose, clung onto a ring corner like his life depended on it.

"IT'S HAPPENING AGAIN! JUST LIKE THE WAR GAMES!" Mummymon screamed like a girl.

David and Kara cheered in unison. "C'MON, TIKE!"

Sailor Ixion cried out. "ERIS! STAY AT IT!"

Dai-Valkyrie Eris willed her spirit wings to catch the beam and redirect it to the sky. As the power struggle ceased, Tike looked on discouraged. Eris let out a deep sigh of relief.

"Yee-hah, now that was fun!" Eris cheered. "You got some power there, kid!"

"Yeah, thanks..." Tike smirked as he watched Eris land near him. "But, I'm ending it here!"

Dai-Valkyrie Eris replied. "Do your best." She winked to throw off his concentration.

Tike shot forward and threw a punch. Dai-Valkyrie Eris sidestepped and unleashed a wind attack on the Ascendant child. Nearly blown right out of the ring, Tike powered up and jetted forward, shooting a Ki blast at Eris' feet. Eris phased and swiftly reappeared behind Tike. She spun around catching him in a tornado, almost throwing him out of the ring. Tike flew out dazed and with eyes whirling around.

Heheh! I've got him now! Dai-Valkyrie Eris flew behind Tike and readied her lasso again.

Feeling the movements from her, Tike instinctively swerved out of the lasso's reach and powered up to Ascendant state. He launched right at Eris and kicked her down so hard he knocked her out of bounds.

Eris hit the floor outside the ring and landed in a heap.

(Theme fades)

"Augh! That was smarts!" Eris cried out. "Nice rebound, Tike."

"Eris!" Sailor Ixion hurried over to check on the Texan. "Are you ok?"

"Fine. I almost had him."

Ixion looked up and sighted Tike in his Ascendant state. "He definitely caught you off guard going super form. You thought it was going to be that easy?"

"All right, bro!" Kara cheered.

David pumped his fist. "You're almost there! You can win this!"

"Not really," Eris said, sitting up as she dusted herself. "Just didn't think he'd turn his ol' hair blonde and sneak up on me like that."

"Sailor Eris is out of bounds! The boy wonder, Tike, continues his streak of dominance!" Tony announced. "Only four competitors remains! Sonja, Titaniamon, Tike, and the defending champ Mummymon!"

Mummymon was left aghast having seen Tike and Eris captivate the audience. He felt he had no business being in the same ring, much less the same dimension as these fighters.

How am I gonna get out of this match with my title... much less my life?! Mummymon glanced over to Tike's direction and quietly approached him. "Hey, kid, got a second?"

"What?" Tike asked, giving him a somewhat fierce look.

Mummymon flinched from the boy's gaze. "Um... well, how about letting the ladies finish fighting? Then, we can convince whichever lady wins and convince her to leave the ring? Then, it's down to you and me. And maybe I can offer you some candy? Money? Anything you want? I mean, you don't want my title, do ya?"

The Ascendant child turned his back to Mummymon. "Are you bribing me? No way, I'm going to beat you and win this fairly."

Darn it! He's not buying it! Mummymon panicked.

"Besides, I'd rather fight one of those two than you. Who's to say you won't be gone before the match is over?"

As Mummymon prepared for the worst, Tike walked off and didn't bother throwing him out.

That Eris girl was tough, but it's these two that are gonna be a challenge. Tike discerned Sonja and Titaniamon's fast fighting. He keenly followed their movements as did most of the other warriors.

Sonja propelled right into Titaniamon and knee lifted her in the gut. Titaniamon narrowly caught Sonja's knee and dodged her flurry of punches. The Digi-Amazon headbutted Sonja and. As she swayed back, Titaniamon let an aura envelop her body and convert her armor.

"Here we go. Ultima Armor time," CyberBeelzemon observed.

"This should be good," Pikkan remarked.

(Erza Scarlet Theme (4:01-6:46) continues)

"Titaniamon... Mode Change!" The red-haired warrior shouted as the light changed her Speed Armor to her Ultima Armor. She was garbed in an armor mostly purple but trimmed with golden orange and green in some places. Her forearm and arm armors were green while her shoulder and gauntlet armor was purple; a silver breastplate formed on her chest where the letters J, V, and S alternated randomly. A battle skirt, long and silver trimmed cloth, cascaded down her waist. Her sword converted into a glaive weapon. "Titaniamon Ultima Mode!"

"And Titaniamon undergoes another wardrobe change!" Tony announced. "How many armors does this woman keep stashed?!" Wish I had my own set of armors. Heh, now there's an idea.

"Wow, Titaniamon's power has spiked!" Kara exclaimed.

"Think she can take Sonja?" David wondered.

"Good possibility," Pikkan added.

CyberBeelzemon chuckled. "The Ultima Armor not only contains her own power, but the Valkyrie powers of Sailor Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn. She has access to most of their techniques and the weapon you see has changed into Saturn's glaive."

"If Sonja and Tike aren't careful, she just might win this whole thing," Simms said. "Right, X?"

"Time will tell."

Sonja floated around and assessed Titaniamon Ultima Mode. There's no doubt that armor's given her one hell of a boost! I better not let down my guard...

As the breastplate shifted to J for Jupiter, Titaniamon UM wasted no time and readily produced a lightning bolt.

"Sparkling Wide Pressure!"

Sonja quickly dodged a close lightning counter and tried charging energy into her hands. She felt a warmth in her right and and saw light seeping through her skin.

"My biomechanics are kicking in again. Good."

"Big mistake dropping your guard!" Titaniamon UM shouted as he phased in front of Sonja and slashed at her with her glaive.

Sonja quickly dodged several glaive slashes. At one point, she tried catching the glaive, but Titaniamon produced a barrier to repel her. The J on the breastplate shifted to S for Saturn

"Silence Wall!"

Sonja was thrown back.

The breastplate changed from S to V for Venus. "Venus Love Me Chain!" Titaniamon UM produced a long chain to catch the artificial with, but Sonja phased out and became out of reach. She then blew a kiss, producing an orange heart that she threw at Sonja. "Venus Love and Beauty Shock!"

The one heart exploded and multiplied into twenty. Sonja tried conjuring energy in her hands and to her shock she was able to feel her energy being restored.

"Biomechanics back online! Power Blitz Barrage!" Sonja shouted as she pressed her hands together, discharging a barrage of energy blasts to wipe out the 20 hearts.

Titaniamon UM narrowed her eyes and assessed Sonja. It's hard for me to assess her because I can't feel any energy from her! But, now it appears she now has access to her energy source. And I doubt she'll fall for a lightning attack again. It appears I might have to combine the Sailors' attacks my own creative way.

"You had the advantage, but now it's my turn to reclaim this match!" Sonja openly declared. With that, she produced two discs in her hands. "Take these! Destructo Discs!" She hurled the discs at Titaniamon UM, who made evasive counters avoiding getting dissected.

At one point, a disc came hurtling at her front. Titaniamon UM instinctively produced a barrier, which stopped the disc at its tracks. The second one swerved behind her. The barrier spread and covered Titaniamon, shielding her from the discs. Then, she discharged two explosive hearts that collided with the discs and made them explode.

"Going to have to do better than that!" Titaniamon UM shouted, dropping her barrier.

"We can keep this up all day. Just know you'll be the first to wear down."

"I'm not foolish to let this match drag out. Time to end this!" The Digi-Amazon raised the glaive overhead and started spinning it. She twirled the glaive around and dispersed ribbons; these ribbons were a mix of golden orange, green, and purple. These ribbons wrapped around Titaniamon UM and formed into two massive metal wings. "Galactic Dance!" She glided across ready to meet Sonja head-on.

Sonja readily conjured two Destructo Discos and propelled forward to attack Titaniamon UM. As she threw her discs, the Digi-Amazon folded her wings in front and caught the discs. While her armor was spared, the discs tore through the wings and ripped them to shreds. This, however, allowed Titaniamon UM to use the distraction to glaive slash Sonja.

But, Sonja had beaten her to the punch and shoots a beam into Titaniamon, shattering her defenses and knocking her out of ring bounds.

(End theme)

"And after a hard fought battle, Sonja eliminates Titaniamon! Give it up to Titaniamon for all her efforts!" Tony announced. "We're down to Sonja, Tike, and the reigning champion Mummymon!"

As Sonja floated down to meet Tike, the two had a brief face-off.

"Just so you know, I'm not holding back just cause you're a kid."

"Wasn't expecting you, too. C'mon!" Tike beckoned her.

As Mummymon tried to reason with both, Sonja and Tike clashed head-on and unloaded with a flurry of attacks. Tike and Sonja punched and kicked so fast Mummymon couldn't even bother following. Titaniamon UM slowly stood and regressed to her base form.

"Hey, you did your best," CyberBeelzemon said, doing his best to lighten her spirits.

"It's fine. I came this far and she was a great opponent," Titaniamon said, smiling from ear to ear. "Probably my favorite opponent I can ask for. This also means I still need to fully master my Ultima Armor."

"You almost had her," Pikkan added.

"Yes, and it could've gone either way, but Sonja was the better woman today. Next time, the result will be different," the red-haired warrior faced the ring and watched Sonja engaging fisticuffs with Tike.

(Cue Dragonball Kai Insert Theme – My 18th Magic)

As Tike went for a Tsunami Wave, Sonja phased on his right side and punched him back. Tike backflipped and landed on all fours. The boy cringed while rubbing his face.

"Ow, that hurts."

"I told you I'm not holding back! Eyes on me!" Sonja shouted as she ran up and narrowly missed kicking Tike's head. She turned to her right and got headbutted in the gut. "Ugh!" She doubled over folding her arms over her gut.

Tike caught her with an uppercut, sending the artificial flying into the air.

"C'mon, bro! You've got her!" Kara cheered.

"Tike!" David shouted. "Sonja!"

As Tike shot up, he and Sonja encircled each other above the ring. They quickly exchanged a flurry of punches as everyone present watched in awe. Mummymon was left standing aghast and in a broken mental state.

"I-I-I don't even know anymore..." Mummymon muttered.

Tike and Sonja had the same idea as their punched each other's faces at the same time. Tike turned his head and secured a grip on Sonja's right arm. He threw her over and sent her sailing across. Sonja put on the brakes in mid-air and spun around. Tike propelled forward and unloaded with another barrage of punches. Sonja countered by blocking all of his punches. Sonja's scanners picked up on an opening and caught him with a clubbing blow to his back, dropping Tike to the ground.

"Down goes Tike!" Tony shouted. "And he goes crashing center in the ring!"

Laying in a heap in the ring center, Tike recovered and stood looking up to where Sonja floated over the arena.

"She's hella tough. What kinda cyber upgrades did she get to get this much stronger?" Tike wondered.

Suddenly, Sonja wasted no time and discharged a beam at the ring. Tike freaked out at the sight of the beam.

"Gah!" Tike dodged, letting the beam impact and blow a hole through the ring.


The audiences became shocked at the sight of the explosion and panicked, but luckily the beam was too condensed and focused that it didn't spread. Tony naturally hid behind one of the ring corners.

"Whoa, Sonja! Watch where you're blasting those beams!" Gennai exclaimed.

X nodded dismissively. "It's fine. She made sure her beam was concentrated enough that it didn't blow us all to kingdom come. Tike was her only target.

Simms added. "And had Sonja gone too far, Pikkan is here to stop it."

The Alterian scoffed. "Yeah, use me to clean up the mess. I ain't your janitor."

Titaniamon observed Sonja. "Amazing. She's not kidding about not being fatigued."

"Artificials like her run on infinite-supply energy," the masked watched explained. "Had you and Sonja continued fighting, it could've gone either way. You beating her with some kind of tactic, or you ultimately becoming too tired to continue and she easily picks you off."

CyberBeelzemon patted his wife's shoulder. "You'll get another chance."

"I hope so."

"Two can play it that way!" Tike flew up to Sonja's level and conjured two energy balls in his hands. He the compressed both beams and put his palms forward. "Eat this!" He quickly shot a blast that headed for the dark-haired artificial.

Taken aback by the size of Tike's attack, Sonja readily dodged and kicked the beam toward the ocean away from Destiny Island.


An explosive blast erupted from the ocean where the beam impacted.

Relieved, Sonja spared everyone a disaster.

"Man, almost had her!" Tike cried.

"Such speed and power..." Sonja was flabbergasted by Tike. "I knew the little ones were strong, but this is... I've got to end this now!" She channeled energy through her body as a cyan aura outlined her. Closing her eyes, she reopened her now blue eyes. "Tike, I'm going to win this!"


"Like this," the artificial smirked and crossed both arms over her chest. "Data Angel Mode Initiate." She activated a newly modified program placed into her by Izzy, Ken, and Yolei.

"Did she just say... Data Angel...? That's one of my programs not yet tested. No, wait, I remember Izzy, Ken, and Yolei saying they had a test subject to use that program. You mean... she was that test subject?!" Tony was shocked to witness this sequence transpire. He looked up sighting the aforementioned Digi-Destined, looking gravely concerned. "Oh, boy."

As Sonja completed her sequence, her body was now enveloped in a grid-like skeleton shaped like an angel. Long quill-like protrusions formed from Sonja's back, sprouting out like angel's wings. Tike wasted no time shooting a barrage of beams at Sonja's direction, but his beams were quickly absorbed by the Artificial's cybernetic aura. Sonja focused and channeled the absorbed Ki energy through her data wings. The wings glowed profusely with golden light.

"Is she freaking nuts?!" Yolei snapped "We've only tested the Data Angel program once and we were lucky she didn't blow up Stark Industries off the map!"

"She could barely even handle the program incorporated into her!" Ken exclaimed.

"Sonja, stop!" Izzy pleaded.

"Sounds like this was meant to be a last resort?" Pikkan asked, turning to X and Simms.

"Relax, I'm sure she has it under control," X reassured them.

"You think?! We should get ready and get these people out!" Sailor Ixion exclaimed.

"Wow, pretty angel!" Meryl pointed to Sonja's Data Angel form.

Athena eyed Sonja. "Hey, she's stopped glowing."

As the wings' light faded, Sonja seemingly powered down much to Tike's confusion.

Then, Sonja glided forward so fast Tike couldn't anticipate and got punched hard. She then unloaded a flurry of punches the boy couldn't anticipate. The wings folded around Tike and trapped him.

"Let me out!"

Sonja focused using her wings to subdue Tike. The boy frantically tried blasting his way out, but the wings contained reinforced shields that prevented him from escaping. The more he struggled, the more energy was being drained from him. Tike eventually lose so much energy he fainted and dropped out of his Ascendant state. Sonja floated down carrying Tike in her wings and placed him out of bounds.

"Tike's out of bounds..." Tony sighed with much relief. Oh, thank goodness. The program looks to be in working order. Well, done, guys.

(End theme)

Izzy, Ken, and Yolei sat down in their seats deeply relieved with the outcome.

"Whew, thank you, Azulongmon," Yolei said.

"Looks like the Data Angel program has adapted with Sonja," Ken stated.

"Good thing, too," Izzy added. "That easily could've gone wrong."

Titaniamon watched Sonja closely. "Now I have better reason to better myself. To beat her, I'll have to exploit this Data Angel's program flaw."

"You'll figure it out," CyberBeelzemon said. "That's what makes us fighters. We exploit the weaknesses of our opponents. Right?"

"Yes, of course."

"Tike!" David and Kara bolted over to the boy's side.

Sonja focused again and returned the siphoned energy of the boy back to his body. After a few moments, Tike awoke with his energy restored.

"Bro!" Kara cried out, hugging him.

"Thanks, Sonja," David said.

"Sure thing," she said.

Tike sat up holding his head. "Did I win?"

"No, you didn't," Pikkan plainly said.

"Damn it! I lost?!" Tike cursed. Looking over his shoulder, he saw Sonja powering down from her Data Angel state and facing Mummymon. "Humph, well she can kick his ass for me."

"Ooh, we're so gonna enjoy this!" Kara snickered evilly.

"Well, Mummymon can kiss his title goodbye," Sora commented, sitting back in her seat. "Still, that was a close call what Sonja did."

"How long do you give Mummymon?" Mimi asked.

"Not even a minute."

Sailor Eris folded her arms. "Damn, that should've been me in there lassoing up Mummymon."

Sailor Ixion added. "At least we'll get entertainment value from this."

"Now, it's just Sonja and Mummymon! The winner will be the champion!" Tony announced.

Meryl cheered on from the sidelines; "Go, daddy! You can do it!"

Having seen Sonja and the others in action, Athena was starting to realize Mummymon's chances were looking nil.

"I don't know. You saw what Sonja did, right, Meryl?"


"I'm just saying your dad might not win?"

"But, daddy's always told me he was the strongest in the Digital World."

"Is he really?"

"He said so."

Athena shook her head. "If you say so, I want to see."

Meanwhile, Sonja, being her calm and collective self, readied a stance and glared down Mummymon.

"I-I-I-I'm so... dead," Mummymon gulped.

There was a dual chanting for both competitors, but most were starting to lean toward the challenger.



"Which one of these two will be declared the strongest of the Digital World?! Who will merge with over ten million digi-dollars?! But, it sounds like Sonja's becoming a serious contender to walk out as the new champion!"

Realizing his grim situation, Mummymon fell in a state of mental disarray. There's no way I can beat her! No chance in heck!

X gathered everyone near him as he explained the Dark Coven situation.

"Listen up, guys. As soon as this match is over, I'll ask for a few to follow me to the Dark Coven hideout. We've confirmed their location," X whispered to them.

Pikkan interjected. "About time I get some real action! I'm in!"

"Have you heard from Ken?" Titaniamon asked the masker watcher.

"He's with Buddhamon's group and right now they're on another world confronting Zhuqiaomon. I can't teleport us there. Buddhamon would have to come pick us up to go there, but as I'm aware he's preoccupied. Don't worry, you two. Ken will be just fine. He has TK, Dimitri, Sedna, Keke, and others with him."

CyberBeelzemon shrugged. "Ken's also got Veemon, Shoutmon, and others to help him. We still work here needed to be done."

Nodding, Titaniamon complied. "Right, we'll go with you, X."

"We're in, too, and don't tell us no!" Tike entered the discussion.

"Wasn't going to argue with y'all. You can come, too."

Athena overheard their discussion and became curious. "Where are they going?"

"Something about a bad guy's hideout," PinkPatamon replied.

"Oh really?! Maybe we can go?"

"I don't think that's possible?"

Athena folded her arms and frowned. "We just need to ask."

Tony waved his hand down. "And let the final championship match begin!"

(Cue Dragonball Z Battle of Gods OST – The Pilaf Gang Drops In (Baby Gang))

As the bell sounded, Mummymon nervously dropped into a battle stance and gulped. He watched Sonja maintaining her calm demeanor. The last he ever felt this scared was the War Games where he got backhanded into a rock formation. But, now he was fighting a superior opponent in front of his fans.

Mummymon did his best to purge the notion of being humiliated in the fighting arena.

Sonja gave one cool smirk and made a dash for Mummymon. The champ freaked and gasped fearfully. Sonja phased out of plain sight, leaving Mummymon to frantically look around. He then felt one tap on his shoulder and turned around only to get put in a headlock by Sonja.

"GAH! MY NECK! LET GO!" Mummymon struggled to break loose, but Sonja tightened her hold and strangled him. He frantically flailed his arms about like mad. "P-P-Please don't kill me! I-I-I do anything! Look, I-I-I got a kid out there cheering for me!"

Sonja coldly muttered. "Shut up or I'll snap your neck. I know. I see her. That's why I'm this close to you."


"Now, listen to me. Do you want to win this fight? And make your cute little girl happy?"

"Y-Y-Yes, of course! But, I don't even need a belt to make her happy!"

"Oh, in that case..."


"I could let you win."


"Give me 20 million digi-dollars and it's yours. How about it? A fair bargain to keep your reputation."

(End theme)

Tony, much like everyone else, didn't know what to discern of this. "Sonja has Mummymon immobilized! He think he might've met his match!"

"20 million digi-dollars?"

"You can take the prize money which is 10 million, right? Or, I can humiliate you in front of the world and your little girl."

"N-N-No!" Mummymon pleaded. "I'll pay! I'll be glad to pay!"

Pikkan's ears twitched as he eavesdropped on their conversation. "Oh, don't tell me you'll stop that low. You've gotta be kidding me!"

"What?" CyberBeelzemon asked.

"You don't want to find out."

Sonja smirked after hearing Mummymon's squeamish answer. "Done deal. Pleasure doing business." She then forcefully threw herself back and screamed like she had been shot. Her acting vulnerable sounded convincing enough for the audience to buy.

Tony announced. "Oh! Sonja has just been knocked away by Mummymon!"

As Sonja steadied herself, Mummymon was befuddled. He saw her wink and his look of surprise was washed away by confidence.

(Cue DBZ OST – Wrestling Rock With Lead (Mr. Satan's Theme))

"Hahahah, yeah!" Mummymon boasted, laughing. He shadowboxed a few times. "Hyah, hyah, hoh!"

Meryl quickly sprang to life and cheered. "Go, daddy! You can beat her!"

"Hahah! I've seen through your techniques, lady!" Mummymon shouted, pointing to Sonja's direction. "You're going down!"

The audience were now starting to come back to Mummymon's side.

He clenched his fist charged at Sonja, unloading with a flurry of punches and kicks. Every blow connected with Sonja, who stood unfazed and wearing an apathetic look on her face.

"Mummymon is wailing on Sonja like no tomorrow and she's taking it like a champ!" Tony announced. How the hell is she putting up with this? She's not even flinching!

After a dozen or so punches, Mummymon saw his hands throbbing and Sonja standing with no damage to her body. He went for a straight jab, but Sonja simply caught it and flicked his face. Mummymon fell like bricks as he whined and screamed painfully.

"Ow, ow, ow!"

Sonja pulled Mummymon up and whispered to him. "What the hell are you doing? Finish this. Is this all you got?"

"But, I am giving it my all."

"I'm not buying it. We have to make it look convincing. Don't you have a special finishing move or something?"

"Um, sure I do."

"Give it to me then."

Nodding, Mummymon grabbed Sonja and tossed her in the air. The female artificial gracefully landed on her feet and steadied herself.

"Just look at the strength of Mummymon! He tosses Sonja over his head like a rag doll! How can Sonja compete with that?!" Tony announced.

"You're pretty good, but you went against the wrong opponent!" Mummymon boasted. "We're still in my reign as king! You're finished!"

(End theme)

Sonja chided him. "Finish it now, dumbass."

"Um... yes ma'am!" Mummymon sweatdropped nervously.

"DADDY!" Meryl's voice reached out Mummymon, who instinctively heard his daughter.

Looking over his shoulder, Mummymon sighted his daughter. "Meryl?" Clenching his fists, the Digital World champion gritted his teeth and bellowed. "ALL RIGHT HERE WE GO!" He bumrushed Sonja with his fist and declared. "Here it comes! My Mummy Special Ultra Stupendously Megaton Punch!"


Mummymon caught Sonja square in the face with a punched packed with an earth-shattering force. The audience marveled and became bewildered with Mummymon using brute force on the woman.


There was a brief silence between the two combatants. Sonja and Mummymon stared at one another blankly and awkwardly. Mummymon still had his fist planted into Sonja's face. Sonja stood unfazed.

"...this is your finishing move?" inquired the artificial.

"Um, well more or less. Yeah."

Sonja looked over to Meryl, who watched with anticipation. A part of her sorely wanted to humiliate Mummymon for his lackluster finisher, but the human side of her disliked seeing more than anything else a child in tears.

Sonja sweatdropped. "..." I'm so going to regret doing this.

With a yell, Sonja threw herself out of the ring and fell out of bounds. She landed right on her tush and looked up giving Mummymon a fierce look. The Digi-Destined, the Kai warriors, and company were baffled with the outcome, but a few (namely Pikkan) knew it would've come down to Sonja's greed.

This is so anticlimactic. I bet she bribed him. Tony shook those thoughts and resumed announcing. "Sonja has been knocked out of bounds! And Mummymon..."

Shaking off his shocked disbelief, Mummymon bellowed. "Did you all see that?! It may have looked like nothing, but a brief interval, that punch deals an explosive blow! It's my Mummy Special Ultra... um... Marvelously Awesome Punch!"

"And there you have it! Mummymon wins!" Tony announced.

(Mushroom Dance repeats)


"I'M NUMBER ONE!" Mummymon boasted.

"Sonja displayed amazing prowess, but she was no match for Mummymon!" Tony went on. "He has successfully defended his title!"

As Mummymon celebrated with his fans, Sonja walked right by the ring and paused to give him a cold glare.

"I'll be coming to your place tomorrow to pick up my money. You go back on your word and you're dead. Understood?" Sonja remarked as her threat put Mummymon on pins and needles.

Mummymon gulped and turned blue in the face. "Y-Yes, ma'am, will do."

"Don't you have a daughter to celebrate with? She looks elated right now."

With that, Sonja walked off leaving Mummymon to continue his celebration. Meryl dashed from the group and headed for the ring. She hopped over and hugged Mummymon.

"Daddy! You won! You won!" Meryl cheered while hugging her father.

"Meryl, this win is for you," he muttered, putting his daughter up on his right shoulder. "Let's give these people the benefit of flash photography. You ready to pose and show off with daddy?"


As Mummymon and Meryl posed together, Athena was happy to see her new friend spending time with her father. All she could think about were the whereabouts of her parents.

(End theme)

Eris groaned. "Oh, don't tell me she threw the fight and bribed him!"

Titaniamon shook her head dismissively. "Here I was giving her props, but she goes and pulls this stunt? Us Amazons would never stoop this low."

Tike scoffed. "I knew I should've knocked that lamebrain's ass out when I had the chance!"

Kara rolled her eyes. "You had the chance, bro."

David chuckled as he watched Meryl cheering. "At least Athena's new friend is happy, right?"

"What a rip, don't you think?" PinkPatamon scoffed. "Yeah, it's nice she's getting the spotlight with her pops, but I wanted him to lose!"

"The pink one speaks for all of us," Pikkan scoffed. "These Digital Tournaments are too commercialized these days. No true honor and the championship is a joke. Next time, I'm inviting all of us to the Digiuniversal tournament. Our tournament still maintains its dignity."

"Are we invited?" CyberBeelzemon asked. "Me and Titaniamon would love a shot."

"When Tai is willing to defend his title, I will."

X addressed the group. "All right, it's time to make our leave. For those who volunteered to come with me and Simms, follow us. We need to get to the Dark Coven's location as soon as possible."

Pikkan, Tike, David, Kara, CyberBeelzemon, Titaniamon, Dai-Valkyrie Eris, and Dai-Valkyrie Ixion amassed with X and Simms. Athena and PinkPatamon slipped right by watching them closely.

"What are you thinking, Athena?" inquired the pink-schemed Digimon. She noticed a curious demeanor etched on the child's face. "Don't tell me you want to go?"

"I'm curious about these bad guys they're fighting. Besides, mom and dad are out there fighting them. I want to go see them fight."

"Maybe that's not a good idea?"

"C'mon, where's your sense of adventure?" Athena whispered as she whipped out her Digivice.

"Are we ready to go, everyone?" The masked watcher asked them a last time, preparing to lead them off to the Dark Coven's location.

I'm coming mom and dad, wherever you are! Athena thought.


Digital World/Near Ruins of Myotismon's Castle

Unfamiliar with the territory, Loweemon wandered through the forest and came upon the ruins of a once prominent castle once occupied by the tyrannical Myotismon. Memories of the Adventure TV show came back to the Warrior of Darkness' thoughts. But, his mind was mostly set on hunting down his false dark counterpart – Duskmon.

"Where are you, Duskmon? Come on out!" Loweemon demanded. He heard something move behind some shrubs and turned around shooting a black beam. "Shadow Meteor!" He blasted the shrubs, but exposed no trace of his would be opponent.

(Cue Digimon Frontier OST - Kyoufu)

Suddenly, he heard the familiar evil laughter erupt from his surroundings. Loweemon frantically looked around feeling his presence.

"Duskmon, come out you coward!"

"Oh, but I'm having much more fun toying with you this way, my false counterpart." Duskmon's dark but smoothing voice taunted Loweemon.

Loweemon quickly brandished his lance and turned to his left. He sighted a dark figure swiftly moving through some bushes. He instinctively fired a beam from his staff and cleared the bushes.

"Whoops, almost had me there, Loweemon! Hahaha!"

"Get out here this instant! I've beaten one Duskmon. I know exactly how you fight! Now, enough head games and face me!"

"Where am I?"

"Definitely not behind me because you're not the typical predictable type."


Loweemon quickly pivoted to his right and countered what appeared to be a crimson blade. Duskmon materialized next to Loweemon seeing that his own blade was stopped by Loweemon. As Loweemon prepared to blast him, Duskmon hopped over on top of a rock formation.

The Warriors of Darkness intently glared one another down. Wind blew by rustling the trees and a small downpour of rain hit the area.

Loweemon and Duskmon took battle stances, waiting for the other to initiate the first move.

"You think you can take me, false Warrior of Darkness?"

"I know I can."

As the 'D' emblem flashed over his forehead, Duskmon snickered fiendishly. "Then, show me what you can do! I'll kill you and send your energy straight to DarkMagimon's monster!"

"No, you won't! I'll finish you here and now!" Loweemon shouted and jumped up to meet Duskmon.

Duskmon dove straight down brandishing his crimson blades. "You're welcome to try!"

The Warriors of Darkness clashed and initiated their battle.

(End theme)


Next chapter: 10 Warriors vs 10 Warriors! A Spirit Evolution Rumble!


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So, next time, not only will we get to Legendary Warrior action, but I will be shifting gears back to the Zhuqiaomon battle, too. X leads off his group toward DarkMagimon's quarters, but can they get there in time? Athena seems curious about this. Will she get Meryl involved somehow?

Speaking of the tournament, ever thought how the tournament would've really gone down (in both the actual DBZ version and this one)? Like, imagine a what-if scenario where the tournament goes uninterrupted by the bad guys until after the finals. Who would be up for a 'what-if' bonus chapter (or gaiden) about this tournament and seen the outcomes of each fight? I'd be down for it if there's demand. :D

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