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Dimension Coordinate Key

DF-616: Digimon Fusion Kai dimensions

YYGDM-01: YuYuGiDigiMoon mainstream dimensions

XLR-08: Accel Stream dimensions


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Digimon Fusion Kai

Season 3, Arc 1: Digital World Tournament

Chapter 117: Tai's Big Announcement! Let's Enter the Digiworld Tournament?!


Odaiba District/Odaiba University/Yolei's dorm/DF-616/6:00 PM

Later that day, following the New Digi-Destined's brief venture in the Digital World, the group returned using a Digiport to transport them into Yolei's dorm room. Prior to their arrival, they dropped off the Scooby Gang Digi-Destined through another Digiport that sent them back to Jun's place. Yolei and Hawkmon cleaned up the mess the purple-haired girl called her home.

"You call this a room?" Sonja looked around in disgust.

"The perks of being a college student and living on my own," Yolei grinned sheepishly after throwing away a few ramen cups in her trash can. "I'm really sorry I had to take us here, but since Sora, Mimi, and Izzy attend this school, I felt it was necessary we call them for a meeting."

"That's a good point," TK said, sitting down on Yolei's bed with Patamon.

Kari picked up Gatomon and sat on the other end of the end. "Sure you don't need help, Yolei?"

"Nah, we're good. Appreciate the offer, Kari!"

Hawkmon picked up a few sodas and bowed apologetically to everyone. "Please do excuse us."

"Ok, so what's the deal with those Digimon and those strange marks on their foreheads?" Davis reminded everyone of their new dilemma.

Ken added, sitting down with Wormmon. "Whatever they are, they mind controlled and enhanced those Digimon's strength beyond their normal limits."

"Brilliant deducting the obvious, guys, but we have to figure out the source of this new evil. Whoever it maybe," Yolei interjected while vacuuming around her bed.

"That's why contacting Gennai and X is crucial. They should know what's going on," Cody pointed out.

Armadillomon nodded. "Yeah, since X is a watcher after all."

"We can use Yolei's desk computer to get in contact with X and Gennai," TK walked over to occupy Yolei's computer. "One of y'all go get Sora, Izzy, and Mimi."

"I'll do that," Yolei offered as she finished. "Hawkmon, Ken, Wormmon, come with me." She walked out with her Digimon, Ken, and Wormmon to go get their friends. "This won't take long, guys!" Her voice was heard halfway down the dorm hall.

Davis lied back on Yolei's back and sighed. "Man, college life must be fun."

Veemon added. "You said it!"

"Not according to Yolei," Kari said, walking over to check on TK trying to contact Gennai.

"Darn, Yolei forgot to give us her password. I bet Izzy helped set up an online communication link with Gennai and X," the blonde-haired teen said, typing up random passwords. To his chagrin, nothing came up and TK just stopped typing.

"Let me give it a go," Cody offered as he sat TK's place. "Yolei and Izzy invited me to help upgrade Yolei's new hard drive, after all." After typing in the desired password, he successfully logged into the Digital World's communication system. "Izzy entrusted me, Yolei, and Ken with the password."

"Thanks a lot, Cody. Dependable as always!" said the Bearer of Light.

Armadillomon leaned next to Cody and saw a bag of chips Yolei left behind. He stared hungrily at it. Cody handed his hungry partner the bag and let him engulf the remaining chips.

"We're back, guys!" Yolei's rang out in the room.

Everyone in the room saw Sora, Biyomon, Mimi, Palmon, Izzy, and Tentomon join the New Digi-Destined and company. Izzy approached Cody and established communication with Gennai first. As Izzy and Cody conversed with Gennai, everyone else recapped Sora, Mimi, and their Digimon on the recent situation with the 'D'-marked Digimon.

"D-Marked Digimon?" A befuddled Biyomon was taken aback.

Palmon blinked twice. "That doesn't sound good!"

"But, thank goodness Jun and the others are ok now," Sora stated. "I wonder who's behind these possessed Digimon?"

"We're trying to get to the bottom of things, Sora," TK said.

"I can't wait to get my hands on the new bad guy in town!" The Bearer of Miracles tensed up, clenching both fists.

Veemon growled. "Same here, Davish! We're gonna pulverize him!"

"Easy, you two," Sonja said, patting their heads.

"We're looking to get answers from X and Gennai since they're likely to know," Kari said. "And I hope Tai becomes aware as soon as possible."

Sora nodded. "He's been training in Other World. I hope we'll see him and Agumon soon."

"I'm sure they'll get here again soon. Anyways, I just contacted Matt, but looks like Yamato's back in control again. God, Yamato," Mimi sighed deeply, shaking her head dismissively.

"Still not over his obsession with my brother, huh? Figures," the Bearer of Light rolled her eyes over Yamato's never ending obsession that continues to eat him from within. Her face contorted with disdain. The second she faced TK her features softened. "No offense, TK. I still don't like the Yamato side of your brother."

"None taken. I'm not making any excuses for that persona," TK shook his head.

"Guys! Gennai just confirmed there's been a series of these attacks by D-marked Digimon across the Digital World," Izzy addressed the group behind them. He moved away and let Gennai directly face the Chosen assembly in the room.

"Oh, good. Most of you are here, but unfortunately some aren't present."

"Don't forget about me," suddenly came a low and tough sounding voice tinged with a youthful tone. As everyone looked toward the door, Yamato made his 'bad man' entrance with Gabumon. The young man wore a dark blue sleeveless jacket, black pants, and his spiky hair was sticking outward. All eyes were on him briefly, which slightly perturbed him. "What are you all staring at? Mimi was the one who called me over."

"Please excuse us," Gabumon apologized the group.

"Good to have you with us, Yamato and Gabumon."

"Gennai," Yamato mumbled and folded his arms. "What's this all this fuss about some possessed Digimon?"

"We were just discussing how we're going to find the source behind this evil," TK said.

"You guys can't do this on your own? You interrupted me from my training when I face that clown Tai again," the proud young man proclaimed his goal. "Where is he, Gennai? I know he and Agumon are training with X in that Other World."

"Yamato, when they're ready to return, you will know."

Yamato snorted as he sat down on a chair with Gabumon by his side. "Sure, whatever you say. Get to the discussion at hand while we're at it." The attitude he gave Gennai wasn't well received as most of the Digi-Destined turned away not looking his direction.

"Right, as I wanted to tell you all, there's been peculiar activity running across the Digital World lately. A mysterious number of Digimon possessed by a source of dark magic have been gathering an insurmountable amount of energy. For what purpose? I can't begin to confirm at this moment, but I can only deduce the energy is being collected for an evil being's selfish purposes."

"Can you tell us where this evil mastermind might be hiding?" inquired TK.

"No. Unfortunately, this evil being keeps slipping from my scope. X is working on finding it. This source seemingly functions by slipping between this dimension and another beyond our own universe."

Kari furrowed her brows. "Sounds like complicating work for you, Gennai."

"Perhaps, but we'll trying to getting to the bottom of it."

"Speaking of X, any word from him about Tai and Agumon's new training?" abruptly asked Davis. "I bet he's having fun right about now in Other World. Wish we could be there."

"Funny thing you mention that, Davis. I have some good news..."

"Hey, guys! Can you hear me?!" Came a familiar albeit disembodied voice, which everyone in the room quickly recognized.

Kari and Sora were the first ones to jump from her seat and frantically look around the ceiling.


(Cue Dragonball Z Battle of Gods OST – I'm the Hero - Son Goku – Cha-La-Head-Cha-La - Main Title)

"That was Tai, wasn't it?!" Sora gasped as she, too, looked up having heard her boyfriend's voice. "I wasn't hearing things, right?"

"No, I heard him, too!" Mimi added.

"And don't forget about me, Agumon, too! It's been a while, guys!"

"Agumon!" Veemon, Patamon, Gatomon, Gabumon, and the other Digimon present exclaimed excitedly.

"Tai! It's really you!" Kari widened her smile. "Were you just listening to our conversation?"

"Yeah, sure seems like we have a weird but urgent situation in the Digital World. But, good news is that X just sent Keke and the others to subdue those possessed Digimon. But, that's not what I'm calling y'all for."

Everyone grew silent upon hearing Tai. Yamato stood from his chair and gazed toward the ceiling. A cool and collective smile formed on his face.

"I know you're training in Other World, Tai. You and Agumon really are trying to get the one-up on me and Gabumon, but don't get too comfortable. I've all but ensured to close that widen gap between us."

"I'm sure you have, Yamato. X and the others have been telling me how hard you're rigorously preparing for our rematch... whenever that time comes. Who knows? Your wish might become a reality very soon."

Yamato was slightly taken aback. "How? Enlighten me."

"I just got word about the upcoming Digital World Tournament being held next month on Destiny Island!"

"Destiny Island? That's 42 kilometers off File Island!" Gatomon said.

Agumon added as Tai let him through. "Yep, and we're announcing this not for you guys, but our other friends from the other two dimensions."

"You mean...?" Before Ken could finish, Tai inadvertently cut him off.

"That's right. Our friends from the YYGDM-01 and XLR-08 dimensions. I'm using X to simultaneously send a telepathic message to our allies in those two dimension. So, Karin, Dimitri, Kensuke, and the others should be hearing us right about now."

"That's awesome! I hope we'll be able to see them soon!" TK ecstatically said.

"Same here, TK," Tai said modestly. "X gave the ok for me to invite anyone willing to come to the tournament, whether as a participant or as moral support. Anyone is welcome to join or decline. No pressure."

"So, any one of us can participate?! Awesome!" Davis and Veemon exclaimed ecstatically.

Nodding, TK added. "Count me and Patamon in."

Sonja walked up to Davis. "If there's prize money involved in this, I'm in, too."

"We'll come, too, Tai," Sora spoke up, addressing the Bearer of Courage. "But, as spectators."

"Same here. Fighting is definitely not in my forte," said Mimi.

"The rest of us are in agreement," Izzy addressed him.

X finally butted into the the conversation. "The date is set for May 2nd, guys. Make sure to jot it down in your calendars. Get prepared. For us in the DF-616 dimension, that's a month away."

Yamato smugly interjected, taking up Tai's open invitation. "So you know, I'll be taking part in this tournament. Matty boy may not approve, but like I give a frick. We can finally settle this once and for all."

"You can bet I'm excited, too. Let's hope it comes down between us."

Finally a chance to fight Taichi in his Omega X state! This couldn't have been the best wish I could hope for! Thought the proud Ascendant, broadening a dark and elated grin on his face.

"I'll be seeing you soon, guys, but Agumon and I have some training to complete. Keke and the others are likely to participate in the tournament, too. So, that should be exciting. Hey, y'all in the YYGDM-01 and XLR-08 dimensions, did you get all that? Karin? Ryo? Dimitri? Kensuke?"

(End theme)


Azabu-Juuban/Hikawa Shrine/YYGDM-01

Karin, Dimitri, Athena, the other Kuiper Senshi, Takato & Guilmon, Rika & Renamon, Setsuna, Rei, Cammy, Hiei, Ryuuhi, and Koori stood looking up and hearing Tai's tournament invite in his universe. The other Senshi, the Neo Senshi, Ryo & Cyberdramon, Henry & Terriermon, Himura & Inumon, the Victory Tamers, the 10 Legendary Warriors, the Neo-Spirit Detectives, and the Duelists arrived just in time to listen to Tai.

(Cue Dragonball Z Battle of Gods OST – HERO – Goku's Curiosity)

"Karin? Dimitri? Ryo? Are you guys getting this? Here's what I want you to do and I'll tell Kensuke if he's up for it."

Ryo openly addressed the Bearer of Courage. "We're listening, Tai, and a lot of us are present to hear you."

Karin nodded, genuinely smiling when Athena's eyes lit up. "Hear that, Athena? That's your great uncle Tai."

Athena became ecstatic. "Wow, he sounds really cool! And his voice is so friendly! Now I want to really meet him!" She jumped up and down excitedly, holding PinkPatamon in her arms. Her long pigtails swung back and forth around her.

Dimitri called out. "Tell us what we need to do, Tai!"

"X and I will arrange for Karin, Ryo, you, and Ken to open the three dimensions to allow those willing to come to my universe for the tournament. You guys have plenty of time to decide which of y'all will go. And you can decide which of you wants to participate in this tournament. There's gonna be a lot of competition and I'll be taking part in it."

"Heh, you just couldn't resist that urge to fight, huh?" The future warrior grinned. "I'll gladly sign up."

Usagi chuckled a bit. "Sounds like fun, Tai." She looked over to Chibi-Usa, who stood beside Raizen Jr. and Mamoru. "That's the Omega X version of Tai I've told you about, Chibi-Usa."

The pink-haired princess replied, smiling from ear to ear. "Wish we can meet him."

"Hell, I'd like to have a go in this tournament!" RJ boasted, to which his father, Yusuke Urameshi, laughed out loud.

"Now we're thinking the same lines, RJ!" Yusuke exclaimed.

"Too bad we won't get the chance to go. What with the next Demon Tournament in our own world coming up soon," RJ sighed. "Ugh, so hard to choose! I'm missing out on getting the chance to face the great Omega X!"

"It'll be all right, RJ. Either way, I'll be cheering for you," Chibi-Usa said warmly, wrapping her arms around RJ's left arm and kissing his cheek.

"Yeah, some of us will have to be staying behind for the Demon Tournament," Ryuuhi said. "Father wants us to train me and my sister for this event."

Minako folded her arms. "As much as I'd like to go to this Digital World tournament, Rio and I have a kid to take care of. Plus, the future Ai is going to the Demon Tournament to see Adam participate." She turned to Rio, who was carrying baby Ai to her.

The future Ai stood beside the future Adam, who watched Karin asking the other groups.

"We'll gladly go," Himura addressed, speaking for himself and Inumon. "Inumon will ask Impmon and his Tamers to look after his and Renamon's pups while we're gone."

"You kidding? No way me and Henry are missing out!" Terriermon puffed up his chest. "After the whole Dawn of Chaos mess, we're ready to take on multiverses!"

"Sure you are, bud. That'll be the day when you survive a fight with an Ascendant," Henry shook his head dismissively.

"We're in, too," Phillipe spoke up for him, Jeri & Felinismon, Kazu & Guardromon, Kenta & MarineAngemon, and Suzie & Lopmon. "Our partners are looking forward to it."

"Likewise, we're not missing out!" Takuya pumped his fist and raised it overhead.

Kouji folded both arms behind his head and sighed. "Careful what you wish for Takuya. If you're taking part in this tournament, you might wind up fighting Tai's Omega X form."

"And that's what I'm looking forward to most!"

Vega approached Ami, who was near him. "Babe, are you ok with me going?"

"Yes, you go and have fun," the blue-haired young woman genuinely approved. "The kids and I will even prepare you with training before you go. Right, kids?"

The future Amaya and Daiki nodded together.

Tyra flexed her arm and smirked. "Hell yes! If it's anything like those Budokai tournaments, I'm in! How about you, Helena?"

"Well, if you're competing, sure why not? I'll go," Helena modestly replied. "Maybe you and me can have a great match if we're fighting each other."

"And we'll be there to cheer y'all both on!" Taylor chimed in as she, Jami, and Christina agreed to go.

Yugi walked up to Karin. "I came here to let you know we'll be sitting out on this one. We'll ask Vivian and Miho if they'll be available."

"It's up to them, but it'd be great to have the complete Kuiper team in this ordeal," Karin replied. She looked up and called to Tai. "Ok, Tai! So far, me, Dimitri, the Kuiper Senshi, the Tamers, and the Legendary Warriors will go!"

"Sounds great. Any others want to join y'all?"

(End theme)

Just then, Himura was approached by a few individuals behind him. He glanced over his back to see his sister Yui Tsubasa accompanied by DarkGabumon. With them was Kotori Ayami.

"I'm still thinking it over, but Kotori wants to go with you and the others to Tai's world," Yui said.

"Kotori?" Himura veered over to Kotori, who put her hand out to his face.

"No arguments. I want to see what the big deal is with these Ascendants."

"I wasn't going to say no," he muttered.

"Kotori, it's ok," Kouichi walked over to her. "Kotori, didn't mean it, Himura."

"Kouichi, I'll be ok," Kotori sighed, folding her arms whilst maintaining a hardened gaze. "Are you going to fight in the tournament, Himura?"


Jeri tried to interject between the two friends, but Himura politely beckoned her off.

Man, I hope Kotori is not insisting on fighting Himura in this Digital World Tournament. Quietly observed Kenta, who came to know Kotori better after briefly taking her out for coffee, but he was shortly casted aside in favor of Kouichi.

"C'mon, guys. Not now. Tai's going out of his way inviting us!" Takato quickly brought order as Himura and Kotori mutually gave each other space.

"Everything ok down there?" asked the masked watcher, who overheard the commotion.

The goggle-headed teen immediately reassured him. "We're fine, X. So, when's this event?"

X answered quickly. "May 2nd in our dimension. We'll let you know two days before the event starts for you to make final preparations. Have you narrowed down who'll fight in the tournament from your dimension?"

"Some of us, but we'll give you the full list of participants later if that's ok."

"No problem, Takato. Anything else you want to say, Tai?"

The Bearer of Courage added more. "Nothing more, but we'll see you all soon."

Athena leaned close to Karin, holding PinkPatamon close to her. "Now, I really want to see my uncle Tai, grandpa, and grandma."

"And we will, sweetie," Karin crouched over and pat the child's head.

Faith looked over to Dimitri. "Excited, Dimitri?"

"Did you need to ask?" Dimitri chuckled as he knelt down to tell Athena about Tai and Yamato.

Meanwhile, Ryo turned toward Takato and Takuya.

"This will be an interesting and fun experience for us," Ryo said.

Shaking hard, Takato was already getting with excitement. "Man, this is gonna be great!"

"You said it, dude," Takuya concurred as the goggleheads high fived each other. "If we do end up fighting each, let's give everyone a good show!"


Both Rika and Izumi watched their boyfriends laughing together. While the blonde couldn't help but giggle, Rika just rolled her eyes.

"They're never going to shut up about this," Rika mumbled.

"Relax, Rika, we're all going to have fun," Izumi patted the ginger-haired girl's back, making Rika loosen up and smile a bit. "See? Everything will be fine."

"All right, guys. Though we have plenty of time to decide, we need to narrow down who'll come and who'll participate in the tournament," Ryo addressed everyone present.

Can't wait to see you again, Tai! This is going to be an unforgettable experience! Takato thought as he and Guilmon looked up to the sky.


Digital World/XLR-08

The earth-shattering news reached the XLR-08 dimension. Kensuke 'Ken' Rainer stood up hearing Tai's voice. His Digimon partners, Veemon, Titaniamon, and CyberBeelzemon watched him close.

A late-teen with short brown, spiky hair, Ken, lifted off his sunglasses and coolly smirked listening to Tai.

Titaniamon was a red-haired humanoid female wearing armor and had a close resemblence to Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail.

CyberBeelzemon looked like an upgraded version of the previous Beelzebumon; his body was more black and metallic complete with two turbines, one blue and one red mounted on his shoulders. The shotgun, mounted on his leg, resembled a laser shotgun with a targeting screen. A scanner-like device was mounted to the right side of his face.

"An invite to a Digital World Tournament?" an intrigued Veemon muttered. "Sounds like fun."

Titaniamon added, intrigued at the tournament idea. "This tournament sounds interesting. I wouldn't mind having a go."

"Yeah, our strengths certainly increased. I think we can hold our own in this tournament," CyberBeelzemon said.

Mikato and Shizuka Kagami, along with their Digimon partners Bearmon and Liollmon, overheard the announcement.

"So, what are you going to do, Ken?" Shizuka inquired.

"It's your call," Mikato said.

"I'm not sure. It'll be great seeing Tai and the gang again. It hasn't been long since our last team-up against those Evo-lites. Can't wait to see them all again." Especially you, Karin, Dimitri, and Tai.


Other World/X's Planet/DF-616/6:30 PM

Tai Kamiya and Agumon sent their messages to the three worlds loud and clear. As the groups from the three worlds prepared, word of mouth spread within those networks. Tai looked behind him to see BW, BanchoLeomon, Pikkan, Sheila, Keke, Sam, Tike, Kara, and David.

"They got the message. Now, which of you guys are participating in the tournament?" X asked the assembled group.

There was an immediate show of hands from BanchoLeomon, Pikkan, Keke, Tike, and David.

"Sorry, guys, but I'm sitting this one out," Sam denounced his participation.

"What's the matter? You pussing out?" teased Sheila.

"Well, you didn't raise your hands, you smug bitch."

"Ok, guys, enough!" Keke abruptly cut the two off.

BanchoLeomon scoffed. Sheila and her usual shenanigans, what else is new? "This Digital World Tournament will have an interesting turn-out."

"Yeah! It's about time someone knocked that dumbass Mummymon off his throne and take his belt!" Tike boasted. "I'll be happy to do it!"

"One of us will," David said.

The masked watcher walked over to Tai. "Wanna continue the training? Time to test those weights again."

"Let's do it!" Tai declared, flexing his right arm out and clenching his fist tight.


Odaiba District/Odaiba University/Yolei's dorm/DF-616/6:32 PM

The news of the Digital World Tournament sunk into the Chosen's minds. Many were excited as they were going to see the Tamers, the Legendary Warriors, and company from the other dimensions. Some viewed this as a reunion and what a better way to celebrate than by going to the Digital World's most prestigious battle competitions.

"Guess we'll be seeing Tai in a month then," Biyomon said, looking up to Sora, who nodded genuinely.

Yamato grinned from ear to ear as he let out an evil chuckle. We'll finally settle our score once and for all. Who's better: Omega X or Metalla X? One Ascendant will stand triumphant and that shall be me!

Davis and TK saw Kari staring up toward the ceiling no taking her eyes off it for a moment.

"Kari?" Davis muttered, watching her still facing the ceiling.

Gatomon looked up and saw an unrestrained smile etched on her partner's features.

The Bearer of Light turned around, speaking up while garnering everyone's attention.

"One month is all we have and need. Let's get to work, guys."


Next episode: Training Days! Preparing for the Digital World Tournament!


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