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(Dragonball Z OST - 6 - Cha-La Head-Cha-La (Variations) (0:00 to 0:42))

Shu Ouma: The following is a non-profit fanfic parody. Digimon is owned by Bandai, Akiyoshi Hongo, and Toei Animation. YuYu Hakusho is owned by Yoshihiro Togashi and Studio Pierrot. Sailor Moon is owned by Naoko Takeuchi, Kodansha and Toei Animation. Yugioh is owned by Kazuki Takahashi and Konami. YuYuGiDigiMoon and Digimon Fusion Kai are owned by Kanius. Digimon Accel Stream is owned by Chaosblazer. Please support the official release!

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(Cue Soul Eater – So Scandalous)

(Yamato & Gabumon, Kaiba, Hiei, Sailor Mars, Sailor Varuna, Chazz, and Jack Atlas are all gathered in a conference by someone. That someone reveals to be the leader of Funeral Parlor, Gai Tsutsugami. Standing behind Gai are three of his cohorts, Shibungi, Argo Tsukishima, and Oogumo.)

Shibungi: As expected, Gai. Your guests have arrived.

Hiei: Why have you summoned us, human?

Mars: Mind telling us what this is about?

Chazz: Yeah! What's this all about?!

Gai: (calm) If you must know, you are all rivals competing with the heroes. Tomorrow, there is a dodgeball competition coming in The Dark Tournament.

Hiei: That's absurd! How you and your group are make deals with the referees?

Gai: (smiles) Well, we have our purposes.

Yamato: This dodgeball thing, I am not buying it to face Tai!

Kaiba: This looks ridiculous than some card game for a rematch with Yugi.

Varuna: Can't bet if I face Karin, even though we're friends rather than real rivals.

Mars: Yeah, me and Usagi are more like quarreling sisters than big rivals.

Gai: Hey, if we win, we can have some reward. Whatever it is.

Argo: (added) Besides, its gonna be fun.

(After the rivals took time to contemplate this...)

Kaiba: (gives in) Fine, I'll play your dumb game, but only if I defeat Yugi.

Gai: Now you're talking, your ego's still the same as ever.

Kaiba: (scoffs) Oh please.

Hiei: Perhaps I want my own TV show when this is over.

Mars: For me and Usagi, this is only a friendly competition.

Varuna: Yeah, likewise here between me and Karin.

Yamato: Don't forget about me, Cynthia wannabe! (Gai raises an eyebrow on a Pokemon Diamond Pearl compliment)

Gai: Then it's settled. Let's give it our all, because someone I know is leading the opponent team.

Yamato: Other than Taichi? (thinking: And that bastard Kenny..hate him more.)

Gai: (smirks) Yeah, and the name is Shu Ouma.

(End theme)


Dimension Coordinate Key

DF-616: Digimon Fusion Kai dimensions

YYGDM-01: YuYuGiDigiMoon mainstream dimensions

XLR-08: Accel Stream dimensions


(Cue Dragonball Kai Buu 2nd Opening – Kuu Zen Zetsu Go!)


(Cue Buu's Fury OST – Title Theme)


Digimon Fusion Kai

Season 3, Arc 1: Digital World Tournament

Chapter 118: Training Days! Preparing for the Digital World Tournament!


Digital World/File Island/April 9, 2009/DF-616/3:30 PM

With just a month before the Digital World Tournament, the Ascendants and some of the Digimon buckled down for rigorous training. Kari & Gatomon, TK & Patamon, Davis & Veemon, and Sonja met up with Tike, Kara, and David on File Island's beach to begin training.

After doing stretching exercises, Kari and Gatomon faced off with Kara.

"Been a while since I've done any active training," Kari said, wearing a confident smile. "Hope I'm not too rusty."

"Same here. Been cat napping too much," Gatomon remarked, sharpening her claws.

"Hah, I've been training my butt off!" Kara boasted as she dropped into a battle stance. "But, still, I think I'll go easy on you, Kari."

Rolling her eyes, the Bearer of Light matched her battle posture. "Oh, don't hold back on my account just cause I'm your mom."

Chuckling, Tike turned and faced TK. "Likewise, give me all you've got!"

"Sure thing, just don't cry if I beat you."

"Oh, I'm shaking in my shoes, TK!"

Patamon huffed. "You will be when WarAngemon kicks your butt!"

David politely bowed to Davis and Veemon before dropping into a battle posture. Sonja, Sam, Ken & Wormmon, Yolei & Hawkmon, and Cody & Armadillomon sat together on stands to watch their friends do some practice sparring drills. Even some of File Island's local residents, Centarumon, Andromon, Elecmon, the Yokomon villagers, Meramon, and a host of others stopped by to watch.

"Ooh, some spar fighting! This should be good!" Elecmon said, sitting down with some of the baby Digimon he's brought along from the nursery.

Andromon folded his arms and scanned participants. "Kari, TK, and Davis are going to spar Kara, Tike, and David? Statistics show odds favor Kari and her team, but the little ones are definitely no pushovers."

"Indeed," Centarumon said. "The little Ascendants are quite tenacious, but keep in mind Kari's Ascendant power destroyed Virus. She at least has a heads up over the others."

Meanwhile, Yolei turned to Sam and addressed him. "Say, why aren't you sparring?"

"Oh, don't mind me, Yolei. I've decided not to participate in the Digital World Tournament."

Ken was befuddled hearing this. "How come?"

"Simply put, I'm more of a lover not a fighter," he replied, holding out a rose. "Besides, out of the bunch, I'm the really the weakest. The three munchkins , Tike, Kara, and David, are already stronger than me. Keke, too, especially since Yamato demands she keep up with her training. Let's face it, I'm better off benched on this one."

Yolei shot up and snapped. "Hey, there's no way I'm allowing a son of mine to talk down on himself!" She then looked around and noticed everyone near her backed off nervously sweating. "Sorry." She cupped her own mouth and sat down. "My bad."

Hawkmon patted her back. "There, there, you're just being your honest self, my dear."

However, Yolei's outburst sparked something in Sam. He sat up, turning to both Andromon and Centarumon.

"Will you two spar with me later?"

"Um, sure," the two Digimon acknowledged.

Cody chuckled upon seeing Sam getting up to stretch. "Seems you got through to him, Yolei."

"Ah, well... hey, mother knows best," Yolei said, modestly scratching the bridge of her nose. "Say, Sonja, how come Sam couldn't ask you to spar with him?"

"Cause I'd kick his flamboyant Ascendant butt in less than 30 seconds? One minute tops?" Sonja sardonically replied. "No offense, Yolei and Ken."

They replied in unison. "None taken."

"Anyway, it's about to start," Sonja said. "Hey, Davis, you and David need to give us a good show!"

"Right, babe!" Davis waved to her as he and Veemon merged together to become Ultima X. He quickly dropped into a fighting stance and encircled David. "Ready, kid?"

(Cue Dragonball Z Budokai OST – Move Forward Fearlessly)

Nodding, David's hair turned gold and became Ascendant level 1. "Let's do it!"

TK & Patamon merged to WarAngemon. WarAngemon bumrushed Tike, who transformed into Ascendant form.

After Kara went for a flying kick at Kari, the teenage girl sidestepped and merged with Gatomon. The two formed Celesta X and charged at Kara. Celesta X and Kara quickly exchanged lightning fast kicks. The former spun around and punted Kara back. Kara landed on her feet and launched herself at Celesta X for a headbutt. Celesta X jumped over Kara and kicked her in the back.

"Nice! You haven't lost a step despite little training!" Kara grinned excitedly, wiping dirt from her face.

Celesta X giggled as she took on a stance. "Don't take your eyes off me, sweetie."

As Celesta X and Kara bumrushed each other, they exchanged punches and kicks that were far too fast for the untrained eye. Even to this day, Ken, Yolei, and Cody couldn't follow the fighters' movements. Their Digimon partners were barely able to see blurs flashing around the beach. Sonja was clearly able to keep up.

WarAngemon and Tike both flew over the water. As Tike took to the air, WarAngemon pursued him. The boy quickly turned Ascendant and charged energy in his hands. Tike fired off some rapidfire Ki blasts at WarAngemon, who was able to bat them away. Tike glided up reaching WarAngemon's flight level and unleashed a barrage of punches at him. WarAngemon dodged and parried the Ascendant child's blows. WarAngemon swiftly kneed Tike and dropped him following a clubbing blow to his back.

As Tike fell to the water, he cushioned his fall by hovering over the ocean's surface. He looked up seeing WarAngemon was nowhere to be seen. Just then, he instinctively sensed a Ki being discharged on his right. He turned around seeing WarAngemon lobbing a holy Ki beam with his fist.

"Seraphi Fist!"

Tike countered, unleashing a blue wave. "Tsunami Wave!"

Both attacks clashed with WarAngemon gaining an upper hand. WarAngemon swerved his beam over Tike's attack and sent it at his direction. Tike evaded the holy beam and swayed over the ocean, cutting through its surface and kicking up water around him.

WarAngemon smirked. "Pretty good dodging, Tike."

Tike chuckled calmly. "Thanks. Seems we're both in pretty good shape. Still, I'm gonna get jacked like a diesel for this tournament!"

"Swell. We have all month to get to our best."

Back on the beach, Ultima X and David sparred. The little tyke proved to be more than a match for Ultima X, who briefly went on the defense blocking David's punches. Having gone Ascendant mode, David unloaded with a flurry of punches at Ultima X. Ultima X parried the boy's punches and kicked him hard in the face, sending him sailing up. Ultima X propelled up and floated over David. He went for a punch, but his fist seemingly went through him. David befuddled him with an after image.

"Over here!"

Spinning around, Ultima X spotted David giving him a strawberry.


"Haha, you got one over me, kid! But, that ain't gonna last!"

"Catch me if you can!"

With that, David flickered out of sight. Ultima X laughed as he phased out and followed David.

As David rematerialized on top of a palm tree, Ultima X was already behind him. Ultima X tapped the boy's shoulder. David turned around and freaked out. Ultima X kicked him off the tree and sent him sailing into the air. David spun around out of control until he put the brakes on in mid-air. Regaining control of his flight, David floated around searching for Ultima X.

"Wow, Ultima X's faster than he was before! David better watch himself!" Cody commented, observing the spar.

Yolei shook her head. "At least Davis' not showboating... yet."

As soon as Ultima X reappeared above David, the Ascendant child turned around and fired.

"Tsunami Wave!"

Ultima X braced himself and caught the wave. David augmented more energy into his wave and worked to overpower Ultima X. Ultima X's hands turned gold, allowing him to push the wave back at David.

"Magna Impulse!"

Panicking, David moved away from the deflected beam. Ultima X came up and clubbed David's gut. Ultima X then dropped him an with elbow to the back. David hit the ground hard. David sprang up to his feet while Ultima X descended to meet him.

"Good move, David!"

"Thanks, Davis!" The boy replied modestly. "I thought I had ya. Haha!" He scratched his head, laughing innocently.

"Almost had me, kid."

Sonja couldn't help but smile observing Ultima X and David's happy-go-lucky exchange.

"Smiling, Sonja? That's a rare sight," Wormmon noticed.

"Oh? Well, seeing those two out there training and having fun with it puts me at ease," the lady artificial replied, flicking a long lock of her hair back. "Davis' definitely has gotten better. I made certain of that."

"Glad training between you two went as well as to improve Davis," Ken said.

"I'm definitely liking these six's chances in the upcoming tournament," Sam commented. "Of course, Tai and Yamato are definitely the top dogs."

"Kari, too. She might've slacked a bit, but she's still our lovable Ascendant powerhouse!" Yolei said. "Kicking Virus' no good butt is no easy feat!"

Sam thought. The slacking part definitely worked against Kari's favor. Unless she can delve and tap deep into Amazing Grace, she's third behind Tai and Yamato now. Speaking of which, those two are going to work their damned hardest to surpass all of us. I ain't got a chance. He sighed, resigning to this fact.

"Kick some butt, guys! Any one of you got a chance to win this whole thing!" Yolei encouraged her friends, quickly getting their attention.

The Ascendants adamantly continued their sparring sessions in preparations for the tournament.

"All right, Davis and David, make room cause here I come!" Sonja announced as she flipped over between Ultima X and David.

The boys charged her and unloaded with a flurry of punches. She quickly timed their attacks and dodged rapidly. She caught Ultima X's fist and countered David's punch by lifting her right knee.

"Good reflexes, babe," Ultima X complimented her.

"Thanks," the female artificial smirked coolly.

Celesta X concentrated as she and Kara encircled one another. She hastily dashed forward to engage the eager Ascendant child. Tai, Agumon, this is gonna be one interesting tournament. I can't wait to see what surprises Omega X has in store for all of us. I'm looking even more forward to see our friends from the other dimensions. The Tamers, the Kuipers, and the others are just adding to the excitement! This will be a tournament to remember!

(End theme)


Digital World/Outside Gennai's Home/Gravity Chamber/3:50 PM

Father and daughter took their training in one of Gennai's gravity chambers. Metalla X was seen shadow boxing very quickly. All the while, Keke was hanging upside down doing crunches.

"998. 999. 1000!" Keke breathed hard after every crunch, feeling her abs tightening. She flipped off the pull-up bar and dropped down on all fours. She smiled and stood up stretching both arms overhead. "Ah, good warm-up! I'm rearing to go, dad."

(Cue Dragonball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 2 OST – Mind Space)

Metalla X turned around and invited Keke to charge him. She obliged and transformed into Ascendant form. She dashed forward and unleashed a barrage of punches/kicks at her father, who parried all of her blows. Keke slipped in a leg sweep, forcing Metalla X to backflip. Metalla X created a distance between himself and Keke, who flickered out.

"Hmm," Metalla X murmured and looked over his shoulder, sensing Keke's approach behind him. He effortlessly caught Keke's fist and whirled around kicking her so hard in the gut he knocked her against a wall.

Keke grunted as she hit the wall back first. Regaining her composure, she saw Metalla X walking up to her.

"You aren't going to win if your flat on your ass, Keke. I'm training you so one of us has a shot at winning this tournament."

"I'm strong, but you and Tai are on a whole different level! I know my strengths, but you're expecting too much from me."

Metalla X scoffed. "Your brother wouldn't make that excuse."

"I'm not Dimitri. I'm..." She stopped and reflected back to her training in the Room of Time. "I can't lag behind you or Dimitri."

"That's what I want to hear. Us three survived the Room of Time's harsh conditions. Dimitri will want to see you fighting your best when we see him again."

Hopping back to her feet, Keke stretched out her legs. She then patted her cheeks a few times and put on her game face.

"Ok, father! I'm ready for you to push me to my limit! I just ask you don't go easy on me!"

Hearing his daughter regain her vigor, Metalla X smirked calmly. "Oh, I don't intend to. If you can land a punch on me, I'll take you and Mimi shopping."

He managed to get Keke where it motivated her most.

Keke beamed happily upon hearing her new goal to meet. "Well, there are a few of the latest colored trends I've been looking at lately! You're definitely my dad if you know what a girl wants!" She made a quick dash for Metalla X and charged up a pink Ki ball in her hand.

Metalla X sidestepped Keke and dodged the Ki Ball. No chance of you getting me with one hit, you poor girl.

"Hey, guys! How are y'all holding up?!" Came Mimi's voice from an intercom, which startled Metalla X.

"Woman, we're training...!" Before he could finish, Metalla X was left wide open for a side kick to his face.


(End theme)

Keke floored Metalla X with a kick and gasped realizing she had gotten one hit like Metalla X challenged her to do. She gasped only to jump up and laugh excitedly.

"Oh, oh, oh my gosh! Did you see that, dad?!" Keke giggled loudly. "You said one hit, right?! Hah, that means you have to take me and mom shopping during our free time!" She crouched over where Metalla X sat up rubbing his cheek. She grinned mischievously and waved a 'V' with her fingers over his face. "Looks like I win this round, dad!"

"Won what? What happened in there, Keke? Is Yamato ok?"

"Just floored dad flat on his ass. If he said if I hit him just once, he'd take you and me out shopping. And guess what we'll be doing on our free time, mom?"

Mimi was heard squealing excitedly on the intercom. "OH MY GOD! WAY TO GO, GIRL! And thanks for offering to take us shopping, Yamato! You're not so bad after all."

"Oh, ho, ho, we're gonna have a ton of fun, aren't we, dad?" Keke winked at him.

Picking himself up, Metalla X groaned. "Foolish woman you distracted me." He picked up his towel and wiped his face. This a lucky shot, girl. It won't happen again.

'That's my girl, Yamato. You really should know better than take your eyes off her. Don't blame Mimi for that fall.'

Ok, admittedly, Keke's certainly improved and put in a lot of time. I'll do whatever it takes to make her strong enough to match Tai's sister if I have to. That way one of us has a shot at beating Tai and/or Kari.

'Just don't turn this into a family feud. We only want friendly competition in this tournament.'

Sure, whatever you say. Just remember the Ishida family are here to win!

Metalla X looked over his shoulder and watched Keke drinking her bottled water.

"Keke, tell me. Do you believe you have the potential to reach Celesta X's level?"

"That a million dollar question? To be honest, as I am now, no way. But with a month's time, who knows, but I seriously doubt I'll get up to her Amazing Grace level. You, Tai, and Dimitri each hit new peaks with Ascendant level 2. I'm going to have to work extra hard if I wanna get to y'alls levels."

"I see. Then if me and Dimitri can do it, you can as well. I won't rest until you're strong enough to match Celesta X."

"You want to make it happen? Push my training harder. I'm ready!" The determined female said, crushing her bottled water. "Bring it on, dad!"

Metalla X smirked as he dropped into a battle stance. "Come!"


Digital World/Continent of Server/Piximon's Training Grounds/4:10 PM

BanchoLeomon, BW, Pikkan, and Sheila made good use of their training at Piximon's sanctuary. BW and Pikkan exchanged punches on an arena platform. BanchoLeomon was seen sitting while in a meditative state. Sheila lied back on a bench drinking water.

"Yep, yep, you guys are definitely going to shake the foundation of this tournament. It'll be about time until that fraud Mummymon loses his title," Piximon said, floating over to BanchoLeomon, who hadn't budged an inch from his spot for 10 hours. Wow, BanchoLeomon's been in this meditation state for over 10 hours. Such focus and dedication!

BanchoLeomon deeply focused, keeping his eyes closed and his muscles relaxed. A bright red aura outlined his frame, which granted him control over floating on his own.

(Cue Dragonball Z Budokai 3 OST – Twist of Fate)

BW raised his hands overhead and forged a large red ball. Pikkan smashed both fists together, discharging a fiery blast.

"Terra Destroyer!"

"Thunder Flash Attack!"

The warriors threw their attacks at each other. Both attacks collided and exploded, sending a shockwave that rattled the whole arena. Pikkan and BW shot toward each other, unloading with a barrage of punches and kicks. Pikkan caught BW with a punch to his chest. BW rebounded and nailed the Alterian with a headbutt. BW and Pikkan clenched their fists. Both had the same idea and punched each other at the same time.

As the fighters continued coming to blows in mid-air, the shockwaves from their attacks didn't bother BanchoLeomon.

Taking off her shades, Sheila sighed with boredom. "Ok, break time is over. Those two are having a load of fun, BanchoLeomon." She sauntered over to BanchoLeomon and waved over his face. "Hello? You wanna wake up and get to sparring? I've been inching for a warm-up." When she got no response, she groaned. "C'mon, my body's ready, you giant throw rug! You want me to rub your ears again?!"

Upon hearing this, BanchoLeomon's ears twitched some, prompting Sheila to rub his ears.

"There, you like that, don't ya?"

"Sheila, knock it off. My ears are not meant to be touched."

"Ah, but you get aroused when I play with your ears, right?"

"Ok, Sheila, enough. If we start sparring, will you cease this foolishness?"

Sheila shifted her hands away from his ears and grinned. "Yeah sure. You have my word."

With that, BanchoLeomon broke his own concentration and finally came out of his meditative state. He opened his eyes and floated on the ground. He stood and looked over to Sheila, who ran up and threw a punch at him. He instinctively grabbed her hand and threw her over his head. Sheila gracefully landed on all fours and jumped onto BanchoLeomon, putting her finger up to his throat.

"Oooo, nice reflexes, kitty kat! But, since training with you, I've gotten to know you too well."

BanchoLeomon scowled and turned around grabbing her arm. He threw her off and turned around seeing her landing on her feet. Sheila brushed her hair back and crouched on all fours, smirking seductively.

"Take this seriously, Sheila."

"I am. You're the one who's overlooking me," she purred like a cat and made a hasty dash for him. She then unleashed a barrage of kicks, forcing BanchoLeomon to go on the defensive. "What's wrong? Am I too quick for you?!" She jumped up, folding her legs over BanchoLeomon and dropped on her hands. With exquisite flexibility, she flipped BanchoLeomon over.

BanchoLeomon quickly phased out and reappeared behind Sheila. He then locked her in a nelson, folding both arms under her pits and restrained her. Sheila jumped up kicking her feet up. BanchoLeomon floated into the air carrying Sheila along.

"Ok, you got me! Let go!"

BanchoLeomon shoved his foot on her butt and pushed her. Sheila scoffed irritably and turned around smiling.

"You ready to get down to business?" BanchoLeomon asked, unfastening his strap and let his sword. "The Digital World Tournament this year will be extremely competitive with Omega X joining. Yamato and the other Ascendants will no doubt be in it, too. Then, there's our friends from the other dimensions who Tai just invited."

"These other friends. Are they talented warriors like us?"

"They have varied powers and they're not to be overlooked. That's why we should get serious about training, Sheila. Do I make myself clear? Either one of us needs to be prepared if we're paired up against an Ascendant."

"Crystal," Sheila nodded, dropping into a quick battle stance.

"Don't forget us," Pikkan addressed them both. He popped his neck. "I've already fought Omega X once before. We pushed each other to the limit. But, that was then. He's upped way ahead of me."

BW chimed in. "We have a whole month, guys. Let's make good use of the time we have before we make noise at the tournament."

(End theme)

"Right, let's get to it then," BanchoLeomon said, facing Sheila and beckoning her to engage him.

'Heh, that Sheila's a hot piece of ass, ain't she, Leomon? You know you want that. Stop being such an asexual jerk. She's been all over you for the past year, man!'

Irked, BanchoLeomon growled when hearing Ogremon telepathing with him. Ogremon, she's more your type.

'Hey, lest you forget, I share your body on a permanent deal after we merged with those two Olympus Digimon. Mercurimon and Marsmon definitely can vouch for me here! Right, guys?'

Mercurimon and Marsmon added, both yelling inside BanchoLeomon's mind.

'You're our vessel now, BanchoLeomon! You now contain our knowledge and techniques. The rest you can do is provide us entertainment!' Marsmon bellowed.

'Hate to agree with these two, but start making a move on her.' Mercurimon asserted.

As he became too absorbed in his thoughts, BanchoLeomon almost got decked by Sheila. He quickly went on the offensive and fired a fiery blast from his fist. Sheila narrowly dodged, letting the blast blow up a section of the arena.

"Whoa, watch it! I've had this arena renovated not too long ago!" Piximon shouted, freaking out.

Pikkan and BW observed BanchoLeomon and Sheila's spar session.

"Is it just me or has BanchoLeomon been off lately?" BW observed.

"What do you expect? He's sparring with Sheila, who seems to have found ways of getting to his head."

"Well, that's partially true. Besides, don't we have women of our own in that YYGDM-01 universe? Or, at least different versions of them? From what I heard, they've already found love partners."

As this realization slapped him in the face, the Alterian sighed. "Yeah."

"I'm actually referring about this evil coven, Pikkan."

"Yeah, supposedly Kari and her crew saved some friends of theirs from some brainwashed Digimon with embellished marks on their foreheads," Pikkan acknowledged.

"Should X and the other watchers find out anything, we'll be amongst the first to know," BW aptly said.

BanchoLeomon and Sheila came into blows again; the latter dodged BanchoLeomon's punches. Pikkan and BW resumed their sparring session.


Other World/Central Planet/Training Grounds

(Cue The Matrix – Propellerheads – Spybreak!)

In Other World, Tai and Agumon underwent rigorous training under X and Simms' supervision. At the moment, Omega X was seen kicking and punching in mid-air with weights attached to his wrists and ankles. X and Simms viewed Omega X's progress.

"He hasn't strained with those weights. Not bad," Simms stated, observing Omega X's training closely.

X replied. "What do you expect? Several tons attached to this body is child's play to him."

"Say, what are you two up to?!" Came the voice belonging to Otto, who approached both X and Simms. He was accompanied by a Jupitermon, an Olympus warrior sent to train a new crop of warriors.

"Ah, welcome, Otto," Simms acknowledged his fellow Higher One. "What brings you here?" He noticed Jupitermon. "Oh, you brought Jupitermon to put some new trainees through the learning tree?"

"Indeed," Otto chortled.

"They will learn the hard way after I'm done with them," Jupitermon vowed, standing firmly and proudly to show off his superiority. He flexed his body, but paused to notice Omega X training. "Who's that up there?"

"Ah, you're new to this quadrant, Jupitermon. Allow me to introduce you to the champion of the Digiuniversal Tournament, Omega X," Simms pointed to the Ascendant.

Jupitermon was taken aback. "You mean he's the tournament winner? And he defeated Pikkan?"

"Yep, you're catching on, Jupitermon."

Scratching his bottom chin, Otto keenly observed Omega X. "How much weight is he training with?"

Simms grinned casually. "Not that much. Just 10 tons each."

"1...0 tons each?" Otto was a complete loss for words.

"Are you surprised?"

"Um, not really, Simms. Heh, Jupitermon could handle that and more! In fact, I don't think Omega X compares to him!"

"Oh, really? There's a tournament about to take place in the Eastern Quadrant's central Digital World. He's going to participate in it. If Jupitermon is as good as you claim, why not send him down and sign up?"

Otto chuckled modestly. "Yeah, I'll consider it What do you think, Jupitermon?"

"Bah, I'm sure to win it! I'll think about it," replied the overly confident Olympus thunder warrior.

X immediately called out to Omega X. "Hey! You wanna go for some heavier weights?!"

"Hm? I never thought you'd ask. These weights are too light," Omega X said, moving his weighted arms and legs freely. "How much more?"

"How about 100 tons each?"

Both Otto and Jupitermon became baffled when hearing this.

"1...00 tons each?! Surely, you're not being serious, X!" Otto blurted out. "That's 400 tons total!"

"Let's do it!" Omega X declared.

"Hah, X, I never knew you'd have such a sense of humor! I underestimated you!" Otto tried hard to keep a straight face.

"You can power-up if you want, Omega X!" X said.

"Cool! I'm ready!"

Simms turned over to Otto. "Would you do the honors of converting the weights to 400 tons?"

"Heh, sure just to see the guy fall like a dead weight!" Otto exclaimed. He raised his hands and prepared to convert the weights. "Shoot, I'll make them 500 tons each. You'll be carrying 2,000 overall tons, boy!" With a snap of his fingers, he magically converted Omega X's weights to 2,000 tons.

(Theme fades)

Feeling the weight of 2,000 tons, Omega X sank toward the ground straining hard from the weight density.

"Hah, try overcoming that!"

(Skybreak! resumes)

Just then, Omega X responded by powering up to his full-powered Ascendant state. Omega X left Otto and Jupitermon stupefied as he unleashed a flurry of punches and kicks casually. Otto and Jupitermon gazed on with their mouths agape. Omega X continued to marvel them as the 2,000 tons of weight became nothing to him.

"Hah, this is way too easy!" Omega X shouted, getting exuberant with his training again.

Simms snickered, veering over to Otto. "The tournament is in 31 days. May 2nd to be precise. That is if you and Jupitermon are still interested."

Taking his response to heart, Otto shrugged off Simms. "Huh, sure, but Jupitermon probably isn't interested in your offer after all. Right? Jupitermon, this lowly tournament is so beneath you. C'mon, we got some boys we gotta whip into shape!"

Jupitermon complied and followed Otto. "Good luck in the tournament, Omega X." He said before taking off with Otto.

X sweatdropped as he whispered to Simms. "Thanks for getting them off my back."

"No probs! After all, you've mostly been handling my watcher duties. Wow, just look at Omega X. He's sure to win the Digital World tournament!"

Folding his arms, X addressed Simms. "I've yet to find anything about the mysterious dark coven. Apparently the enemy's able to slip between dimensions much like Paradixalmon, the Digital Warlord, and the Evo-lites have done."

"That's troublesome to say the least. We won't know when they'll touch base on our reality."

"Shintomon and his father will be keeping their eyes open for anything. We'll definitely be one of the first to know if there's anything. In the mean time, we can focus on this tournament. It'll be great to have our friends from the other dimensions visit us."

"So far, who's been confirmed to come?"

X answered plainly. "From the YYGDM-01 dimension, the Tamers, the 10 Legendary Warriors, and the Kuiper Belt Senshi in addition to a few tag alongs, including a Valkyrie warrior named Brunhilde. From the XLR-08 dimension, it'll just be Kensuke and his Digimon crew, but I understand Ken won't be participating in the tournament. One of his Digimon will, though."

"That's an interesting line-up. I look forward to seeing who will participate."

"Likewise, Simms. Omega X, Metalla X, and Celesta X might be the favorites to win it all, but don't count out the others. We just might have a dark horse winner and I don't care who, but someone needs to take the belt off that jerk Mummymon!" The masked watcher said.

(End theme)


Digital World/Mummymon's Mansion/4:30 PM

"ACHOO!" Mummymon sneezed loudly as he rubbed his face. "Sounds like someone's been gossiping about me. Must be one of my biggest fans." He sighed, lying back on his chair and gripping his championship belt tight. With the tournament coming up, I gotta stay focused... heh, nah, I've got this one.

"BOO!" A face popped up in front of Mummymon and startled him.

"AH!" Mummymon freaked out as he jumped out of his chair.

Giggling, a small girl with half of her body, and face, covered in bandages looked up seeing Mummymon fall on his chair. "Silly, daddy! Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you!" She stood. Underneath the bandages, she wore a dark purple skirt and carried with her a WaruMonzaemon doll. Tufts of dark ginger hair stuck out of her head. Her eyes were large and had thick green irises that shone like gem stones. She gave off a very cute impression from first glance.

"Meryl? Meryl, don't scare poppa like that, ok?" Mummymon let out a relaxed sigh. He reached over and picked the Mummymon child up. "What is it you need, honey?"

"How come you alone here, daddy?"

"I just needed time alone to concentrate for my big fight. You know the next tournament?"

"Uh-huh! Of course, I'm going to see you fight!" Meryl nodded, her face beamed with excitement. "You're going to win!"

"Of course and I'll still remain the champ!"

"Yeah!" Meryl cheered, flailing her arms around. "Oh yeah! Arukenimon says you got fans outside. I think they wanna see you, daddy."

"I see. I better go and greet them."

"Say, daddy?" Meryl asked, watching her father leave.

"Hm? What is it?"

"Well, is it true some really strong fighters gonna show up to fight you?"


"One day, I hope I can be strong like you, daddy!"

Seeing his energetic daughter's exuberance made him feel good but feel crappy. Deep down, he knew he was living on borrowed time and he feared one of the Ascendants would sooner than later expose him as a weakling. He wasn't even sure he could keep face to keep his daughter happy.

"Yeah, but first grow up to be a beautiful young lady, Meryl. Then, when daddy's ready to retire you can carry my belt in my honor. Deal?"

"Deal!" Meryl said.

As he closed the door behind him, Mummymon caressed his face and groaned.

"I gotta own up to her one day. I ain't crap compared to those super-powered freaks."


Shinjuku Central Park/YYGDM-01/3:30 PM

Most of the members of the Tamers and Legendary Warriors met up to begin training for the Digital World Tournament. Realizing they'd be fighting Ascendants and similar powered beings, the members decided to increase the intensity of their training.

To stand a chance in a duel with Agunimon, Takato borrowed his Beast Spirit's, Suzaku, powers to become the warrior Suzakato. Named the Warrior of Suzaku, his brown hair turned fiery red as well as his eyes. Takato's ears became pointed like an elf's. His armor was bright red with yellow outlining around the edges. A pair of white pants formed underneath the shirt top. His feet and hands became bird claws. Long, red feathers protruded out from his back. Sprouting out of his back were massive, wide-spread red wings. His face was human and maintained some of Takato's facial features.

Suzakato and Agunimon bumrushed each other, shooting bursts of flames toward one another. Agunimon went for a fire-imbued punch to which Suzakato countered by putting up a flaming shield. The fire warriors nullified each other out and created a distance between each other.

"C'mon, Takuya, we both know we don't have a snowball's chance against an Ascendant one on one. We gotta turn it up!" Suzakato exclaimed.

Agunimon concurred, breathing heavy. "Yeah, we got our work cut out for us."

"Don't say that! You two have at most better odds than the rest of us!" Blitzmon called out. "Heck, I know I'd get my butt whipped."

Himura and Wolfmon met face to face. Utilizing the powers of Byakko the White Tiger, Himura combined with Byakko to become Himakko. In place of Himura stood a warrior garbed in white armor. There were yellow outlining around the armor, the shoulder guards, and waist. His skin was white with black tiger stripes running across. The warrior's pants were white. His armored gauntlets were also pale white and had yellow outlining around the sections. Noticeable on his hands and chest were Yin-Yang symbols. His face appeared human but his nose was black, black streaks decorated his cheeks and a pair of tiger ears protruded through the hair. The warrior's hair was also snowy white. A golden headband encircled his forehead. Protruding out from the warrior's posterior was a long tiger's tail. However, the most distinctive features of the warrior were his eyes. His left eye was green but the other eye, where it was once covered with an eye patch, was now golden yellow.

Himakko started trading blows with Wolfmon.

"If there's anyone I'd like to fight is Metalla X," Wolfmon said.

"Yeah? Same here, just so I can knock the ego outta him," Himakko remarked, lunging forward and going for a kick at Wolfmon.

Loweemon sat on the sidelines watching his brother and Himakko exchanging punches.

"C'mon, Himura!" Inumon cheered his partner on.

"Go, Takato!" Guilmon encouraged his partner.

"You can do it, Takuya!" Fairymon cheered him. She sat down next to Jeri, who cheered on for Himakko. "Say, where's Kotori and Rika at?"

Jeri replied to the Warrior of Wind. "Oh, those two actually went to train together."

"Really? You know, those two have started to bond more over the last year after that whole chaos ordeal," Fairymon pointed out.

"I guess cause Kotori has been looking for another girl she can somewhat relate to. They're both the definition of ultimate tomboys. Also helps they train at the same gym."

"I'll tell you what, girls," Loweemon walked over, overhearing their conversation. "Kotori told me she's gung ho about fighting these Ascendants. She won't take no from anyone for an answer. Himura and I can't talk her out of it."

Jeri sighed. "That pride of hers."

Also overhearing them talking about Kotori, Phillipe walked over carrying Jaguarmon. He spoke up. "Yep, that's my cousin for you. Isn't she something?"

"Yeah, she's Rika, but to the tenth power," Kazu chimed in, shuddering fearfully. "Don't wanna get on her bad side."

"Me neither. She'd break us into pieces and then munch us in her mouth!" Guardromon whimpered.

Kenta interjected in their conversation. "Tell me about it. But, look at it like this, she's a warrior at heart now that she's an awakened Valkyrie. I'll bet a fight between an Ascendant and a Valkyrie would be an epic thing to see!"

"If you don't want the whole arena to get blown off the map," Blitzmon shuddered.

"In any case, this tournament's shaping up to be very interesting," Suzakato said as he and Agunimon sat down pacing themselves to go for another round. "I can't wait to see Tai, Kari, Kensuke, and the others again."

"Same here, man. This reunion's going to be great," Agunimon replied.

"Yeah, no disrespect to our friends, but I hope one of us from our world wins this whole thing. He or she can win it for the team!" The Warrior of Suzaku rallied his friends as they cheered in unison.


Shinjuku District/Local Gym/3:50 PM

Standing on the outside of a training room, Renamon watched Rika and Kotori meeting for a spar session. Both young ladies were garbed in similar gym clothes: sports bras (dark blue for Rika and dark red for Kotori), black yoga pants, and bare-footed. Rika and Kotori paced around and studied each other's movements.

Rika smirked, dropping into a fighting stance. "Glad you accepted my invite. Hopefully this'll help you keep your mind off the boys."

"Thanks, I don't need distractions now," Kotori replied kindly.

"C'mon, and please don't hold back on my account."

(Cue The Matrix Soundtrack – Lunatic Calm – Leave You Far Behind (0:00-2:20))

"Be careful what you wish for," Kotori chuckled as she rushed forward and went for a straight kick.

Rika ducked under Kotori's kick and dropped down for a leg sweep. Kotori jumped up and somersaulted to the side. Rika turned around and sighted Kotori standing on her right. Kotori goaded her to attack. Rika didn't take the bait and tied back her hair.

"Rika, be on your toes," Renamon murmured, watching the girls fiercely exchanging kicks.

Kotori and Rika had the same idea and executed kicks. Their legs and feet touched each other. They quickly grappled and grabbed each other's hands. This proved advantageous for Kotori as she used her Valkyrie strength to overpower Rika and push her against the nearest wall. Rika struggled to break loose, finding herself easily overpowered by her spar partner. Rika pressed her right ankle to the wall. She pressed the other on the wall. She then hopped up and scaled the wall with her feet. Kotori tried to toss her up, but Rika bounced off the wall and slipped down behind Kotori.

"Hyah!" Rika cried out, landing a kick to Kotori's back.

Kotori stumbled forward, falling facefirst on the floor. Rika paced over and went to press her foot on Kotori's face; the latter barrel-rolled to the side and jumped up. Charging like a bull, Kotori bumrushed Rika and picked her up, eventually slamming her to the mat. Kotori hooked both of Rika's legs and pinned the ginger-haired girl down.

"Got ya again, Rika."

"Oh yeah?" Rika replied, sliding her legs out of Kotori's reach. She then folded both legs around Kotori's waist and applied pressure, trying to squeeze Kotori into submission.

Kotori gasped out, feeling Rika's legs crushing her waist. She lifted Rika off the mat and swung her around. Rika held on tight keeping her legs folded around Kotori's waist. The dark blue-haired girl yelled out hoarsely and slammed Rika into a wall several times. Rika grunted as the back of her head bounced off the wall. Rika didn't let go, but Kotori wouldn't stop slamming her. Kotori picked Rika up and tossed her up to the ceiling. Rika cried out as she flew up to the ceiling.

Suddenly, Renamon entered the room to save her partner. Rika instinctively shot out a water blast from her hand, which hit the ceiling. Rika used this to help slow her fall. She landed catching her breath as Kotori walked over favoring her left side.

(Theme fades)

"Still going for my ribs like always, Rika. We've gotten so used to our fighting styles by now."

"Hey, you know I always gotta ground you down before you rebound. You'd kick my butt if we're fighting head-on."

Kotori nodded dismissively. "Nah, give yourself more credit than that, Rika. I picked you as my sparring partner for a reason."

"Besides us being tomboys and taking time away from our boyfriends?"

"Because we have similar warrior spirits. Kenta told me we're both confident and headstrong, but whereas I'm fiery and passionate, you're cool and collected. I act out more aggressively in our sparring sessions. You always seem to employ more patience and find ways of taking me off my feet. I don't give you the chance, but when I drop my guard, you often sneak in a hold to bring me down to your level. I may possess more brute power, but you're way more experienced and resourceful than I am in battles."

"Funny you say that, because had we met a long time ago, we'd probably be the best of friends or worst of rivals."

Kotori smiled as she picked Rika up. "Perhaps, but I think now we're friends. Don't you think?"


Then, the girls exchanged devilish grins and looked up to the ceiling. Both thought along parallel lines.

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking, Kotori?"

"Yep, sure do!"

Renamon chuckled. "See you on the roof then." With that, she vanished from sight.


(Leave You Far Behind (2:20-3:10) resumes)

It wasn't long after that as Kotori turned into Valkyrie Brunhilde and Rika became Seirika.

Brunhilde was fully dressed in black armor - sans her forearms, neckline, and face. Her head head was encased in a black helmet trimmed with purple edges and three white feathers. S sharp ax-shaped blade protruded from the top of her helmet. Her body armor also was trimmed with purple edges. Around her neck was a golden neck choker with a purple gem hanging from it. A golden belt with an orange gem materialized around her waistline. Her long dark blue hair hung down the back of her helmet. Her high-heeled armored boots touched the ground as Kotori completed her transformation leaking out a massive amount of dark purple light. In her right hand, she firmly held her dark blue dagger. A pair of dark wing wings, both of which were four feet in length, folded behind her.

Seirika, a merger of Rika and Seiryuu the Blue Dragon, was a complete fusion with the combined characteristics of both. Her red-orange beautiful hair changed into a light blue pigmentation. Her ears were replaced by 'fins'. A pair of horns grew from out of her cranium. A few scales formed on her upper cheeks and the eyes changed into a crimson color. The hair was tied up into a ponytail with a yellow band to keep the hair in place. Blue upper body armor formed with yellow trimmings and edges around it. A dark blue gem materialized at the center. A yellow belt buckle formed with another dark blue emerald embedded. A flowing skirt materialized with white pants underneath. The gloves and boots were light blue with yellow trimmings. Stretched out of her posterior was a long, serpent-like tail with fur running across. A long trident appeared and the newly transformed warrior grasped it with her right hand. Her face was still human and retained some of Rika's facial specific features.

Brunhilde and Seirika clashed weapons. Brunhilde's sword smashed against Seirika's trident. Both glided to the air and unleashed their attacks on each other. Seirika discharged lightning from her trident, attempting to hit Brunhilde with. Brunhilde wove her sword around, expelling blue flames to stop the lightning bolt.

Brunhilde hastened her flight speed and rocketed toward Seirika. Seirika narrowly evaded only to get kicked in the back. Brunhilde followed up dropping a heel kick to Seirika's head and slamming a fist over Seirika's back, dropping her to the gym rooftop. Seirika grunted as she hit the rooftop hard. Brunhilde descended and waited. Seirika slowly rose and raised her head, glaring down the Valkyrie Maiden.

Renamon watched quietly as the two maiden warriors exchanged prideful grins.

"I'm going to win this tournament, Rika, but not just that. I want to fight one of these Ascendants. I don't care which one, but I want the strongest one. Rika, you know these Super Saiyan-esque guys better than I do. Who's the strongest one of the group?"

Seirika paused to take a gander at Brunhilde's face and noted ecstasy. She replied calmly. "Tai Kamiya, but in this world he's also known as Omega X."

"Is that so? Then, he's the one I want to fight."

Is she serious? Renamon thought, feeling nervous at the prospect of an Ascendant and Valkyrie clash. That could only lead to disaster.

"Who knows? You two could get paired up in the tournament if lady luck is on your side," Seirika said.

"I hope so. My Valkyrie instincts are telling me I have to fight an Ascendant at least once!"

"We'll see, but whichever Ascendant you fight, it'll be something to look forward to."

"Hell yes," Brunhilde grinned, sheathing her sword. "Let's call for break and check on the others."


(End theme)


Digital World/Forest Dominion/XLR-08/6:00 PM

(Cue Deftones – My Own Summer (Shove It))

Now transformed as Dramon X, Ken spent this time preparing Titaniamon for the Digital World Tournament taking place in Tai's dimension. Dramon X resembled a humanoid Gundam, a stark contrast to the golden-haired Ascendants; his body armor looked akin to AlforceVeedramon. A large metallic V adorned his chest. Attached on his back is a circular converter pack. His face helmet looked like AlforceVeedramon that mostly covered his face except for his eyes. A golden V adorned his forehead.

Dramon X lunged forward unleashing blade strikes at Titaniamon, who dodged and blocked his attacks with her sword. Titaniamon quickly smashed her sword to the ground, sending an arrow-shaped lightning projectile.

Dramon X crossed his arms, allowing him to tank Titaniamon's attack.

Breathing hard, Titaniamon was almost spent as they trained for over 10 hours straight. Dramon X powered down, splitting back to Ken and Veemon.

"Let's take a break, Titaniamon."

Veemon gave her a thumbs up. "You're doing good! You didn't need to bust out that Ultima Armor to keep up with our Ascendant form!"

"Well, having trained with you two and then later Omega X during the Yagami fiasco, I've adapted to fighting on even grounds with you Ascendants. It's been no easy feat to accomplish, but I worked my way through."

Ken walked over and patted Titaniamon's shoulder. "I know. Even though I've chosen not to fight in this tournament, this can be your chance to shine. Make the most of it, Titaniamon. Besides, you can become the champ and win a ton of digi-dollars."

"I don't fight for personal gain, but I will fight to improve myself and make myself strong for you."

"Glad to hear that."

"So, um, Ken, excited to see Karin, Tai, and Dimitri again? I mean, it hasn't been long after we beat the Evo-lites."

"I've had plenty of time to myself. Their words of encouragement have brought me out of my darkness. I'm ready to move forward to the future. Starting with this reunion." Ken said, looking down at his clenched fist. He genuinely smiled as all he could think about were Sedna, Orcus, Dimitri, Athena, Tai, and the rest of his dimension friends.

He also couldn't get his mind off over Sedna telling him about her nightmares.

Whoever's been sending you these terrible nightmares, I swear I'll find him and break every single square inch of his body until every trace of him is gone. Nothing's going to ruin this reunion gathering!


Azabu-Juuban District/Hikawa Shrine/YYGDM-014:00 PM

The Kuipers had been paired up into twos and trained on the shrine grounds. Sailor Sedna was paired with Sailor Orcus. Sailor Eris and Sailor Ixion sparred with each other. Sailor Quaoar and Sailor Varuna had an evenly paced sparring match. Dimitri & Faith and Athena & PinkPatamon viewed the Kuipers' training.

Sedna and Orcus were the first ones to take a break. Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Kamen, Sailor Neo Moon, Yusuke, Raizen Jr., Sailor Mars, Hiei, Cammy, Sailor Venus, Sailor Pluto, Sailor Jupiter, and Sailor Saturn called for Sedna, Dimitri, and Athena.

(End theme)

Sedna was taken aback by their decision. "You're not coming with us, guys?"

Moon nodded dismissively. "As much as we'd like to, we have family responsibilities. Additionally, we need to be here in case a crisis shows up. You just never know."

"And we'll be staying behind to spend time with our families," Neo Moon said.

Moon continued. "We encourage you and the Kuipers to go with Takato and Takuya's groups. You have friends there dying to see you again, Karin."

Realizing this, Sedna smiled. "Yeah, and I'd like to see them again. Most of all, Athena wants to see them."

"I'm sure she'll be delighted to see her Grandpa Yamato and Great Uncle Tai," Mars smiled down to the child and her PinkPatamon.

"Big sis Usa, will you and the other big sisters be ok here?" Athena asked, veering over to Neo Moon, who walked over and patted her head.

"Sure, we'll be fine, little Athena!" Neo Moon giggled, patting the child's head. "RJ, big sister Koori, Auntie CereCere, and the others will be around to look after things here while you're away."

"In any case, we'll only be away for a few days," Dimitri addressed the Senshi and their cohorts.

Sedna looked over her shoulder as she sighted Sailor Mercury and Vega having a pleasant talk.

"Sedna, listen to me," Pluto called the Ice Senshi to her attention. "Whatever you find that's linked to your dreams lately, report to us whenever you can. But, remember you have powerful friends that should be efficient enough to neutralize this mysterious enemy."

"Right, I understand, Pluto," Sedna affirmed.

"You and the Kuipers have come far. With this training, one of you might even have a shot winning the tournament! Win one for us!" Yusuke blurted out, giving a thumbs up.

Raizen Jr. chuckled. "Meanwhile, you and I are gonna be wrecking house in that Makai Tournament. You're looking at the new king of demons, dad."

"Oh, you're so full of it, RJ. You're definitely my son."

Hiei scoffed at the father and son duo. "Please, not if me and Ryuuhi have anything to say about it."

Cammy added. "Or, Koori for that matter."

Mars rolled her eyes. "In that case, I hope Koori wins the Makai Tournament."

The Senshi sweatdropped hearing Yusuke and RJ boast about their manly egos.

"Anyway, this is more your mission, Sedna."

"Do really think that Sailor Moon?"

"Absolutely. But, Pluto has even more confidence in you."

Nodding, Sedna looked at both Moon and Pluto. She bowed her head.

"Thank you. We won't let you down."

Dimitri stepped forward and bowed his head politely to the Senshi. "And you have my word nothing bad will befall the girls, especially Karin and Athena." He vowed, glancing toward his girlfriend and future daughter.

"Ok, so the main Senshi are out. The Spirit Detectives are out. The Duelists are also out," Orcus narrowed the groups down. "Besides Taylor talking with Larry, we haven't had contact with the Chimeras. Sailors Makemake and Haumea just left for Hong Kong. Haumea shooting for a movie there."

"It'll be ok, Orcus," Sedna reassured her. "I believe we already have enough just being us, the Tamers, and the Legendary Warriors. Anyone else is more than welcome to come, but it's their choice."

"Hah, I've gotta a flight for Hong Kong in the morning," Sailor Venus chortled proudly. "I'll be having a part in that film Haumea's gonna be in. Rio, little Ai, big Ai, and Adam will be leaving with me."

"Good luck on that role! Knock it outta the park!" Orcus cheered for her idol.

"Ah, but they're right Karin, you and your team got this in the bag!" Venus said.

"Thanks for the support and we won't let any of you down," the Ice Senshi replied.

Sailor Saturn added. "Obviously, the first ones to receive premonitions will be Pluto, Mars, and myself."

Suddenly, Sailor Quaoar was sent skidding back from a kick from Sailor Varuna. Everyone turned around and watched Sailor Varuna's boot imbued with energy.

"If there's any of us who's winning that tournament, it's gonna be me!" Varuna boldly declared. "Besides me, Helena, and Dimitri, I hear Takato, Takuya, Himura, Kotori, Vega, and Dimitro are throwing their names in the hat. Anyone else? What about you, Karin?"

"I'm sitting out on this one."


"Nope, sorry."

"Bah, even Ixion declined. Taylor hasn't decided yet. C'mon, we've got a good shot at becoming champ!" Varuna exclaimed. "Besides, we get to kick that Mr. Satan-wannabe's ass and expose him like the fraud he really is!"

"You mean Mummymon?" Dimitri asked as he just remembered the man was the Digital World Champion. He groaned. "How could I have forgotten that loon?"

Athena blinked innocently. "Hmm? Loon? Who's a loon, poppa?"

"Just some crazy guy who thinks he's stronger than Dimitri, honey," Sedna sighed.

"WHAT?!" Athena spat out. "No one talks about poppa like that! You kick his butt if you fight him!" She then unloaded by rapidly shadow boxing frantically.

"How cute," Varuna chortled. "Does she get that from you, Dimitri?"

"Her flipping her lid at the sound of someone talking smack about me? Yeah, kinda. She definitely didn't get it from her mother."

"I always pegged you down as the calm one, Dimitri," Quaoar wondered.

"Yeah, you're a cool guy, Dimitri. At least, you don't stroke your ego like Yamato," Eris said. "No offense."

"None taken. I am 90 percent of the time, but I still have that Ascendant pride. But, between being raised by my mom and being around you guys, I'm much more relaxed. Anyway, let's do our best and fight with good sportsmanship in the tournament. We're all still friends in the end."

"Of course, and together we're going to bring down whatever's been haunting our dear Karin!" Ixion shouted.

The Kuipers and Dimitri all nodded together after putting their hands together.

"Yay, we're going to see Grandpa Yamato and Uncle Tai!" Athena cheered merrily. She then picked up PinkPatamon and danced with her. "Isn't this exciting, PinkPatamon?!"

After being shaken around, PinkPatamon's eyes twirled around giving off the impression she was about to hurl from motion sickness.

"Uh... yeah... really exciting, Athena...!"

"By the way, Orcus, you know Ken and his Digimon army will be coming, too, right?" Sedna asked the Darkness Kuiper, who blushed on her cheeks. "Ah, that face tells me you are. You're excited to see him again."

"Yeah. I just hope he's ok after going through the whole Evo-lite ordeal," Orcus sighed, smiling as Kensuke immediately came to her mind.

"I think he's had plenty of time to adjust. He needed some time alone, but he'll be happy to see us again. This will be good for him as he'll be with us," the Ice Senshi proclaimed. "Granted, from our mental linked conversation last night, he said he won't be fighting in the tournament. That at least eliminates the chances of him and Yamato fighting."

"Oh yeah! Don't wanna disaster to ruin the reunion," Orcus sighed in exasperation. "So, what then?"

"One of his partners. I think Titaniamon will be participating instead."

"I don't care who I face, I'm giving it my all," Varuna announced.

Quaoar walked over and whispered to Varuna's ear, causing the tall blonde to blush a bit.

"Oh no, of course not... if you say so, I won't go easy on you."

Quaoar gave a friendly smile. "That's what I want to hear, my Varuna."

(Cue Dragonball Z: Battle of Gods OST – Super Saiyan God is Born)

"We've got plenty of time to prepare, guys," Sedna announced to her crew. "Once we get there, let's make the most of our visit and hope nothing goes south for us. Here's a great occasion!"

Watching Sedna rally her group on, Moon was reminded of herself gathering her team together for an upcoming crisis. Now, it was the Kuipers turn to once again respond to the next big conflict awaiting them.

"Takes you back, doesn't it, Sailor Moon?" Venus asked.

"Yeah, and they've shown they can handle their own battles without us," Mars said, looking over to Sailor Moon. "They along with our daughters from the future are the next generation, after all."

Pluto added sagely. "As you say, Sailor Moon, the new generation has swiftly begun taking over our duties and already have surpassed our expectations. This being the Kuipers' first dimension travel mission, this is a huge monumental mission for them."

"I know. And I'm proud of all of them," Moon muttered softly, smiling from ear to ear.


Other World/Central Planet/Training Grounds/May 1, 2009/YYGDM-01

31 days later, the time of the tournament was vastly approaching. All the viable contenders from the three dimensions adamantly worked hard to finish up their training.

As X and Simms watched from a distance, Tai and Agumon stood out conspicuously on a tall rock formation.

Excitement ran through both Tai and Agumon. What made this reunion that more special was the fact his friends from the YYGDM-01 and XLR-08 dimensions were coming.

The reunion of the Trinity was set to commence.

Tai and Agumon both sported excited grins.

"Ready for the reunion, Tai?"

"My body's ready for everything. Can't wait to see them all again. Tamers, Legendary Warriors, Kuipers, especially you, my friends."

(End theme)


Next episode: The Trinity Assembled! Here Comes The Heroes!


A/N: Just to clarify a few things: The 'Trinity' composes of the Digimon Fusion Kai, YuYuGiDigiMoon, and Accel Stream universes united to resist omega-level dimension threats. In this case, it's just a reunion for fun, but little do they know things will go south eventually for them.

In the YYGDM universe, right now it's been a year removed from Dawn of Chaos. Some of the members from each hero group have come less active. The Tamers, most of the Legendary Warriors, the Kuiper Belt Senshi, and the 'Neo' Spirit Detectives/Duelists (the NSD are now being led by Yusuke's successor Yui Tsubasa and the N-Duelists are the GX crew) have taken over the majority of hero duties. While the Digital World Tournament happens in the Kai universe, the next Makai Tournament to determine the new demon ruler is being decided (leaving the Detectives and Neo-Detectives occupied with this).

Other tidbits for YYGDM: Himura and Jeri do become a couple. Kotori begrudgingly accepts, but takes her anger on a wall. This leads to Kenta becoming a companion to talk to and a shoulder to lean on. They 'date' a few times mostly for Kotori to get her mind off Himura. Eventually, unbeknownst to Kenta, Kotori and Kouichi started seeing each other, leading to her telling Kenta. Yeah, Lazer has something of a ficlet written for it I haven't posted yet.

On the subject of Kotori, she and Rika developed a friendship following a few Tamer missions and a sparring sessions at the gym they both work out at. These two are a lot alike with some characteristic differences. Even in her civilian form, Kotori could totally wreck Rika had she cut loose with her Valkyrie strength, but wanted to be fair with Rika. Rika, no slouch, has battle experience as a Beast Tamer and finds ways of keeping Kotori off her feet. She's picked up on martial arts and submission moves to use on the stronger Kotori. They could be long lost sisters. :D

Now, Kotori wants to fight an Ascendant, but not just any Ascendant. She wants the strongest one of the bunch: Omega X. Who would've thought? An Ascendant vs. Valkyrie Maiden. Of course, Yamato wants first dibs. And on the subject of Yamato... he now owes Keke and Mimi a day of shopping sprees.

Allow me to introduce Mummymon's cute little daughter Meryl! Give her a warm welcome. Too bad she's too naïve to see the truth about her phony of a father. Speaking of which, Athena didn't take too kindly to hearing someone supposedly talking smack about her dad. It's too good to pass up Athena and Meryl interaction. We'll see. ;)

I did my own reversioning with the Omega X and weight training thing. On another note, I find it hard to believe 40 tons was Base Goku's limit in the Buu arc. That bit made no sense and had to have been an inconsistency (and Toriyama not being good at math; I'm not mathematician either, but even I knew something was wrong with the whole '2 tons' thing). So there you go, I added more weight for Omega X and he handles 2000 tons in full-powered Ascendant state without breaking a sweat. But, yeah, I'm not opening this can of worms anymore.

As for participants for the tournament: for the YYGDM side, it's Takato/Suzakato, Takuya/Agunimon, Himura/Himakko, Tyra/Sailor Varuna, Helena/Sailor Quaoar, Dimitri/Angemon X, Vega/Arbormon, Dimitro/Mercuremon, and Kotori/Brunhilde so far. Taylor/Sailor Eris, Kouji/Wolfmon, Kouichi/Loweemon, and a few others might be other potential candidates.

Kensuke won't be fighting but have a presence as a spectator with his friends. Titaniamon (the Digimon expy of Erza Scarlet) will take part in the tournament presenting the Accel team.

So, um, for those who aren't familiar/read my YuYuGiDigiMoon series or Chaosblazer's Accel story, I hope this wasn't too hard to follow, especially the scene shifts to the other dimensions.

A lot to say, but had to air my thoughts on these matters.

Next time, the three groups arrive at the tournament thanks to Ryo, Karin, and Kensuke's dimension powers. The tournament takes place on Destiny Island (a nod to Kingdom Hearts). Tai and Agumon arrives to unite the Trinity while meeting new and familiar faces. And we'll see who qualifies for the tournament (the roster will be finalized hopefully in the next chapter or so).

Ok, so send a review when you can and see you soon for the next update!