A/N: As I said previous chapter, serious crap goes down from here on out.

Quaoar finds herself in peril and the Dark Legendary Warriors come out of hiding, setting up for the reveal of the 'evil coven'.

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Digimon Fusion Kai

Season 3, Arc 1: Digital World Tournament

Chapter 123: Quaoar in Peril! The Corrupted Legendary Warriors Emerge!


Destiny Island/Outside the tournament arena/1:40 PM

Meeting outside the arena, the Legendary Warriors, all in their H-Hybrid forms, converged to briefly discuss their plan.

"Guys, seems our dark counterparts are here. According to X, some freak who's been behind this whole coven group used some dark power to turn this universe's 10 Legendary Spirits into Dark Warriors just like Duskmon," Agunimon briefed them.

Loweemon dreaded hearing this. "That means I can expect Duskmon again. Great."

"But, we're stronger than before. We can surely beat these guys," Grottomon said.

"That evil counterpart of mine is gonna be sorry when he meets me!" Arbormon said, popping his knuckles.

Fairymon sighed. "I'd really hate to meet my evil counterpart. She's likely not gonna be as cute as me."

Ranamon concurred. "Likewise, sugah fairy."

"I think we may have finally met my dark counterpart," Wolfmon deduced. "His aura did feel similar to my own. I dismissed it thinking it was nothing, but my Spirits warned me otherwise."

"Fluorescemon," Mercuremon pointed out.

"What about Fuegomon? Shouldn't we be out there helping Helena out?" Chakkoumon asked.

"She'll have the others helping her. We need to do our parts as X requested," Agunimon firmly stated. "Now, let's up! We'll use our D-Scanners to communicate should we find anything peculiar. If you find one of these Dark Legendary Warriors, engage him or her, but make sure it's away from civilians. Got it?"

"Right!" The other nine Warriors declared.

(Cue Evangelion 1.0: You Are (Not) Alone OST – Les Betes)

As they split up all over the tournament grounds and amusement area, two figures emerged from a portal on a wall. Fluorescemon emerged first undetected and behind him was a familiar face: Duskmon, the Corrupted Warrior of Darkness.

"Fluorescemon, have our other colleagues been informed? The Legendary Warriors of that other dimension will be looking for them."

"They have and we're all set to rendezvous in the arena when the strongest warrior arrives to fight in his or her match," Fluorescemon informed him. He pulled out a white device with a long protrusion at the front. A 'D' symbol is embellished on the center of this device. "We'll have the energy we'll find for our master."

Duskmon nodded. "Indeed."

Both of their foreheads glowed, displaying the same 'D' marks, but they glowed bright red to match the color of their eyes.


Destiny Island/Tournament Arena/1:42 PM

Meanwhile, Dai-Valkyrie Quaoar had taken enough punishment from Flameramon. She fell into the ring breathing heavy and gingerly standing on her own. Irritated with Quaoar's resilience, Flameramon bumrushed Quaoar to strike her down.

"NOW, YOU DIE!" Flameramon raised his claws.

Jeri turned away. "I can't watch!"

"Quaoar! Move damn it!" Rika shouted.

Suddenly, a rush of immense power knocked Flameramon back. Everyone in the audience and waiting area were relieved when Quaoar's rescue crew made it in time.

Cutting off Flameramon from the pass were the Kuiper Belt Senshi, Angemon X, Dramon X, Titaniamon, and CyberBeelzemon. Sailor Varuna was at the forefront carrying Quaoar in her left arm and holding her ax. Varuna shot an intense and terrifying glare at Flameramon.

"That's as far as you go, monster," Sailor Sedna warned. Suddenly, she slightly gasped when she noticed the 'D' embellishment on the beast's forehead. That mark! That's the same mark I saw on that creature from my recent nightmares!

Flameramon stepped back, growling intensely. He realized despite his strength he was greatly outnumbered and his immense size made him an easier target.

Varuna pointed her ax to Flameramon. "Touch my Quaoar again and I'll cut your head off!"

Quaoar opened her eyes and leaned her face against Varuna's chest. "You came..."

"You protected these people well, Quaoar. You're definitely more badass than I could ever hope to be," Varuna said, carrying Quaoar away out of the ring. Quaoar slipped her fingers into Varuna as both looked fondly into each other's eyes. "Glad I got you out before things got worse."

"And thank you, my shiny knight," Quaoar murmured.

Both firmly secured each other's hands tightly.

Tony barely poked his head out and witnessed the events unfolding. "Um... whoa... this is intense."

"All right, confess! Where are the other Corrupted Legendary Warriors?!" Angemon X demanded from the beast. "We know the rest of you are here!"

Slightly taken aback, Flameramon growled and prepared to attack until a voice called to him.

"Enough fooling around, Fuegomon! You're supposed to be the leader of our group! Act like it!" The same voice chided the monster.

Emerging from a portal beside Flameramon was Fluorescemon.

(End theme)

"It's you!" Eris said.

"Who are you working for?!" Dramon X demanded.

Fluorescemon ignored the heroes and slapped Flameramon's thigh. "This isn't what we set out to do. Come, the others await us."

Nodding, Flameramon complied and turned back to Fuegomon. He joined Fluorescemon as they jumped into the portal into seemingly another location.

"Wait!" Sailor Sedna shouted. "Now where have they gone?"

"Sedna, did something alarm you?" Angemon X asked his girlfriend as he noticed the distressed look she gave when looking Flameramon in the face.

The Ice Senshi replied. "Did you see the mark on his forehead?"


"It's the same mark I saw on the monster from my nightmares."

"What? Was it Flameramon in your dream?"

"No, not even close, but I did recognize the mark. The creature I saw was far bigger."

"Think we need to tell Tai and the others about this?" Angemon X suggested.

Sedna looked to Angemon X and nodded. "Yes, I think I need to."

X whispered to Tai. "We'll need to keep alert from now on."

"Yeah and Fluorescemon still has his match to show up for," the Bearer of Courage said. "Now, the big question remains: where is this coven hiding? They can't keep running from us forever."

"Hopefully, Takuya and the others can find something out soon," Kari added.

"Excuse me, but I'm gonna have a word with Shintomon and his colleague," X said, turning to leave to meet with the two sages. "Tai, Agumon, Pikkan, you three are welcome to join."

"Hey, Tai, did you bring some Digi-Vitamins?" Simms inquired.

"No, but thanks for reminding me! Me and Agumon can just Instant Movement over to Azulongmon's place to pick some up," Tai replied. "I honestly didn't think we'd need them, but seems like we'll need them. Ready, Agumon?"


With that, Tai and Agumon used Instant Movement to relocate to Azulongmon's realm.

Meanwhile, BanchoLeomon looked over his shoulder where Shintomon and Buddhamon talked with X.

"No need to stay in the dark anymore, BanchoLeomon," X said. "Come over here and join us."

BanchoLeomon complied and approached them. What do they have in mind? I hope something related to this dark coven.

'Gee I don't know why not get the scoop and find out?!' Ogremon chided his rival in his head.

'Yes, do try to get the scoop on what's going down.' Mercurimon telepathed with the warrior.

"What's going on?" BanchoLeomon addressed X and the sages. "X?"

"It's about what those dark Legendary Warriors intend to do. They're here for a reason and it's time we let the cat out of the bag," the masked watcher replied, catching BanchoLeomon's attention from the other proceedings about to happen.


Medical Area/1:53 PM

The Kuipers, Dimitri, Faith, Athena, PinkPatamon, Ken, Veemon, Titaniamon, and CyberBeelzemon stood outside the medical vicinity waiting for Quaoar. Varuna and Ixion had gone in with Quaoar to get her friend checked out for injuries.

"That was too damn close for comfort!" Ken snapped, gritting his teeth and clenching his fist. "We were lucky to pull her out of the match the way we did!"

"She sustained quite a few burns after taking all of those blasts from that monster," Orcus said.

"Tell me about it!" Eris said. "I mean yeah, that jerk got disqualified for attempting to attack the audiences, but that's still not enough to satisfy me!"

"Quaoar gets by to the next round, but who's to safe she'll be in any condition to fight in the next round," Titaniamon noted.

"Well, Quaoar's in good hands with Ixion working with the arena's medical team," Sedna reassured everyone. "Ixion's been studying to be a doctor and she can use some of Quaoar's herbs to heal her."

"That's good to know, but Tai and Agumon did leave to retrieve some Digi-Vitamins just in case," Dimitri said. "But, don't you guys find out mind boggling Fuegomon was revealed to be the dark Warrior of Fire? Apparently, the legendary spirits of this dimension have been converted into dark warriors by this mysterious coven I've been hearing about."

"Man, I still can't believe it!" Veemon chimed in.

"Takuya and the others are already scouring throughout the island. Those dark warriors are sure to pop up again," Sedna informed everyone. "They have to if Fluorescemon still has a match to compete for."

"Or, he could just no show now that their cover's been blown," Eris said.

"Who cares?! Next time those jackasses show their faces, I'm breaking their faces in!" Ken yelled out passionately, punching a hole on a wall behind him. He breathed deeply some and calmed them. "I'm sorry."

"It's ok, Ken," Sedna nodded to him. "After what happened with your world's Helena, I don't blame you being this angry."

Athena lightly pulled on Sedna's skirt. "Momma, will Helena be ok?"

"Of course, sweetie. Varuna and Ixion are with her. Ixion can handle her pain. Isn't Jami a good doctor from your time?"

Athena nodded in response to Sedna's inquiry. "She is! She and Ami are the best doctors from my time! They're also very kind to their patients and treat them well!"

"Seems the future have the best medical team one could ask for," Orcus was relieved hearing this. "That's our Jami."

Suddenly, the doors opened and everyone turned around to see Sailor Ixion walking out. Ixion had her head hanging down for a few seconds before she changed her mood and gave them a thumbs up. Sailor Varuna came walking out with Sailor Quaoar. The latter's burns were completely gone.

"Quaoar!" The Kuipers and Athena cried out as they gathered around her.

"Whoa, hold on! She needs space, guys!" Varuna beckoned them off.

"It's ok, Varuna," Quaoar reassured them as she stood and walked on her own.

"The medical team were very cooperative with me," Ixion informed everyone. "We were able to arrange a special treatment for our Helena."

"Think you can compete in the next round?" Dimitri asked the Brazilian Senshi. "You don't have to if you don't want."

"I can manage, but thanks for your concern, everyone," Quaoar smiled genuinely to give her friends some relief.

"I believe the next match is about to start now," Faith announced.

"Who's competing next?" Varuna asked.

"Himura and Pikkan," answered Titaniamon.

"This one should be interesting," CyberBeelzemon said.

"Well, let's go and check it out, guys," Sedna addressed and gathered everyone forward.

"Mom, I've gotta get water! I'll be right back!" Athena called out as she and PinkPatamon raced off to find the nearest water fountain.

"Ok, but hurry back, Athena!"

With that, the group headed out to the arena waiting area where the fighters were at.

Athena and PinkPatamon ended up turning the corner as they bumped right into someone. Athena fell back seemingly unfazed, but the other person cried out.


"Oh, sorry!" Athena apologized as she turned around and saw Meryl sitting on the floor rubbing her forehead. "I was in a hurry looking for water."

Meryl raised her head and blinked. "Oh? There's one that way!" She pointed to their left where a water fountain was sighted near a restroom. She was offered a helping hand from Athena and took it. "Thanks."

"I'm Athena by the way. This is my friend PinkPatamon!"

PinkPatamon sniffed Meryl. "You smelly kinda musty."

"I'm Meryl. I'm the champ's daughter."

"You are?! Wow, that's neat! My dad is competing in the tournament!"

"Both of our dads are fighting in this tournament? That's neat, huh?!"

Athena and Meryl both beamed happily while thinking of their fathers going head to head.

"Let the best dad win then, Athena."

"Yeah, you too, Meryl! Thanks for showing me the water!" Athena waved and hurried off with PinkPatamon to get some water.

PinkPatamon whispered into Athena's ear. "C'mon, Dimitri can kick Mummymon's sorry butt. It's no contest."

As Athena and PinkPatamon finished, they waved bye to Meryl and went back to see the next matches.

"Athena, huh?" Meryl said, widening her smile. "Heh, you're not so bad. Maybe we can be friends?"

"Meryl! Where are you?!" Mummymon's boisterous voice came down the hall. Then, another voice belonging to Arukenimon emanated from another direction. "Huh? Poppa? Lady Arukenimon?"

Mummymon turned the corner and sighted his daughter. "There you are! I've been looking all over for you!" He raced over to check over his daughter like any overprotective parent would. "You shouldn't be wandering the halls like that. Make sure tell me where you're going or have Miss Arukenimon go with you."

Nodding, Meryl beamed innocently. "I think I might've made a new friend!"

Mummymon blinked thrice in befuddlement. "Huh?"

"She said her dad's competing in the same tournament like you! I don't know who, but two dads possibly fighting each other! Sounds exciting, no?!"

Mummymon nervously chuckled. "Yeah, sure is..." Please don't tell me this dad of hers is not one of those super powered freaks from the War Games! I'm so done!


Digital World/Azulongmon's Realm/1:55 PM

Tai and Agumon received a bag of Digi-Vitamins from Falcomon, Dianamon, and Minervamon.

"There's the bag of Digi-Vitamins like you asked, you two," Minervamon said. "We made sure there's enough."

"Thanks, guys!" Tai and Agumon replied in kind.

Falcomon warned the two. "You two keep on your toes. I've had another ominous feeling forthcoming. Best be careful."

"Likewise," Tai replied.


Tournament Arena/1:57 PM

"Ladies and gents, I do apologize for letting that match get out of hand! That act of barbarianism got way out of hand! But, thank goodness for that Sailor Quaoar!" Tony announced, trying his best to win favors with the audiences again. "She prevented what could've been a disaster! And thus to make sure Fuegomon doesn't compete again, I've disqualified him for his actions! Quaoar, we've yet to get an update on her condition..."

Suddenly, one of the arena staff went up and whispered to Tony.

Elated, Tony was happy to announce. "Great news, everyone! Quaoar has recovered just fine! Our best medical team and one of Quaoar's friends treated her wounds well. Apparently, she's healed so fast she may even get to compete in the next round!"

The audiences cheered for Quaoar's recovery.

(Cue DBZ OST – Mushroom March)

"Now, let's get on with the show! Our next match will pit Himura against Pikkan! Gentlemen, please step on the ring!"

Himura and Inumon walked out together first. They waved to Takato & Guilmon behind him. Pikkan walked across following Himura and Inumon.

"GO, HIMURA! YOU CAN DO IT!" Jeri cheered from the stands.

As his ears twitched, Pikkan listened to Jeri cheering for the opposite. He tried calming down as not let his nerves get the better of him. He couldn't even stand to look at Jeri without being reminded of the Jeri he once knew and loved.

"Be careful, Inumon. Pikkan is not an opponent to mess around with," Renamon muttered, noticing Inumon waving to her. She vaguely smiled, sitting down next to Rika. "Well, what do you think, Rika?"

"From what I heard, Pikkan's a really strong guy. I heard he's called an Alterian or something."

"You'd be right," BW interjected as he and Kara approached them.

"Who are you two?" Phillipe asked.

"Sorry, but I'm BW," he introduced himself to Phillipe, Jaguarmon, and Felinismon. "And this is Kara."

"Hey, sup, guys!" Kara waved to them.

"You're friends of Pikkan?" Felinismon asked.

"Yeah, you can say that," BW replied, glancing over to Renamon. "By the way, Renamon?"


"Inumon treats you well, doesn't he?"

Renamon nodded. "He can be quite a child at times, but he treats me with dignity."

"That's good to hear. You two live a happy life together then,"

Renamon was a bit taken aback by BW direct question to her. However, she didn't think too deeply of it.

"What brings you two here?" Rika asked.

"We came to watch this match with y'all besides we were bored standing over there," BW replied. "Besides, Sheila needed some space after BanchoLeomon forfeited his match."

Kara chuckled. "And you thought I cussed like a sailor? Whoo-wee! She really wants BanchoLeomon's ass after this show is over."

"Poor BanchoLeomon then," Phillipe said. "But, I wonder why he forfeited that match to Shintomon? It looks like he could've taken the short guy."

Renamon advised. "I wouldn't overlook the short one. There was a strange aura about Shintomon. Something I can't even describe myself."

"Well, he did make BanchoLeomon nervous," Rika said.

Perceptive as always, Renamon. BW thought. "I just hope Pikkan doesn't get too out of his hand in this match."

"Why do you say that, BW?" Jeri inquired.

"It mainly has to do with Himura. That's why I'm here just in case Pikkan doesn't go overboard."

"Same here," Kara added.

(End theme)

Upon hearing this, Jeri became nervous and turned to see the competitors in the ring. She eyed Himura first and then shifted over to see Pikkan taking a battle stance.

"Yeah, I don't think Himura has a chance. No offense, guys," Kara observed the fighters take stage. "Even if Inumon helped him out, Pikkan's on a whole different level."

"Well, let's not judge too quickly, Kara," BW said. "The beings from the YYGDM dimension have other attributes that make them formidable besides pure strength."

"If you say so."

"C'mon, Himura!" Phillipe cheered his friend on. "Show that pointy-eared guy what you're made of!"

"Himura! We're behind you all the way!" Jeri shouted energetically from the stands.

Pikkan scowled, gritting his teeth hard while glaring down Himura and Inumon.

"What's your problem?" Himura asked, taking out his D-Ark. "Tiger Spirit! Byakko!" A silver column of light consumed him, changing him into Himakko the Warrior of Byakko. He grabbed his spear and brandished it.

(Cue Dragonball Kai OST – The Fierce Battle)

Inumon stood on the outside of the ring serving as back-up for Himura.

"Let's take him down, Himura! We're going all the way to the finals!" Inumon boasted up for him and his partner.

"Man, aren't you two in for a rude awakening?" Pikkan snorted as he dropped into a fighting stance.

On another side of the arena, Henry, Suzie, Kazu, Kenta, and their Digimon were cheering on Himakko and Inumon.

"We're behind ya all the way, buddy!" Kazu cheered the Warrior of Byakko.

"Man, can't believe Himura actually settled to sign up for this gig," Kenta said. "He's got a lot of guts."

"Considering who's he's fighting, yeah," Henry said. "I just hope things don't get too ugly. I heard Pikkan can be a fierce warrior."

"Oh? Then, maybe... Himura and Inumon are asking more than what they've bargained for?" Terriermon gulped, watching Himakko pointing his weapon toward Pikkan. "Poor guy."

"C'mon, Himura! We're behind you!" Suzie cheered on.

"I'm also worried about where those dark Legendary Warriors will turn up next," Henry spoke up. "Takuya and the others just went up to find them. I hope they can find those dark warriors before they hurt anyone else."

"Well, Helena had quite the close call," Lopmon said. "Thank goodness she's recovered."

Back in the ring, Pikkan and Himakko sized each other up. The Alterian narrowed his fierce gaze, which barely fazed Himakko any. Despite their powers being so far apart, Himakko wasn't about to let the Alterian intimidate him.

"You two ready? Ok, let the match begin!" Tony called for the bell.

Without wasting time, Himakko quickly went on the offense and thrust his spear at Pikkan. The Alterian quickly saw through his strikes and dodged them all. Pikkan flickered out from Himakko's view and reappeared on Himakko's right. Pikkan jumped up and grabbed Himakko's spear, disarming the Warrior of Byakko. He tossed the spear across the ring and knocked him back with an aura. Himakko produced his claws and planted them into the ring, preventing him from falling out of bounds.

"What's wrong, boy? Am I too much to handle?!" Pikkan barked, maintaining his battle aura over him.

"No! I can take it! I've taken worse!" Himakko pulled up one of the ring tiles his claws caught. He then threw the ring tile at Pikkan, who easily blew it apart with his aura. He threw the other on his other claw, sending it sailing at Pikkan.

Pikkan merely caught the tile with his hands and blasted it to pieces. Amid the debris that came from the exploding tile, Himakko had already lunged forward and within reach of Pikkan. Pikkan quickly sidestepped Himakko and swerved to the side. Himakko landed on all fours. Slowly rising, Himakko raised his left claws with a piece of clothing from Pikkan's attire hanging on the middle claw.

Flabbergasted, Pikkan looked down and noticed a piece of his white cloth had indeed been torn off. This only made the Alterian even more frustrated.

"Told you I've taken on bigger and badder guys than some angry man like you," Himakko rebuked, tearing the article of clothing from his claw. "I know you can easily blow me up to pieces. C'mon, let's see you do it!"

(End theme)

(Cue DBZ OST – Pikkon Theme (1:03-3:59))

"You're asking for it, you punk," Pikkan growled, clashing his fists together and unleashing a fiery blast at him. "Thunder Flash Attack!"

Himakko narrowly dodged the blast as it headed for the audience. The Alterian swerved the attack away from the crowds and sent it toward Himakko. Finding himself in a scary predicament, the Warrior of Byakko jumped up avoiding the blast, but it homed on his every move.

Shit! Maybe I was asking more than I was bargaining for! Byakko, let's try taking his blast head-on! Himakko thought and telepathed with his Beast spirit. Crossing both arms in front, he concentrated a steel gray aura around him, which barely protected him from the blast. But, the force of the blast still managed to knock him into the ring. "Ugh!" He coughed as his back hit the ring.

Pikkan quickly dashed right up to Himakko and punched him hard in the gut. The Warrior of Byakko doubled over in pain, favoring his gut.

"HIMURA!" Jeri and Phillipe cried out together.

"No, c'mon, buddy!" Inumon pleaded to his partner.

"Do you understand? You won't make it far in this tournament. Not with the likes of me here," Pikkan chastised him. "Suck it up and get up." He backed off, giving Himakko room to stand.

Himakko grabbed his gut and slowly rose. He gritted his teeth and gutted it out. He brandished his claws and swiftly bumrushed Pikkan, who sidestepped him. Pikkan spun around and kicked Himakko back, sending him falling facefirst. Pikkan floated over Himakko and threw an energy ball at Himakko. Himakko barrel-rolled from the blast and sprang up. Another energy ball was thrown at Himakko, who caught the ball with his claws. He flung the ball into the air, sending it out of the arena.

Pikkan swiftly vanished and reappeared in front of Himakko. As the Alterian prepared to punch him, Himakko clenched his right hand, using his magnetic pull to rip a steel railing from the audience stands. He then redirected toward Pikkan, who turned around and blasted the large piece of steel. Himakko used this distracted to summon the Byakko Fang, which he used to swing and send an immense force that swept Pikkan back.

Pikkan flew right out of the ring, but floated over to prevent his own fall. He hovered back in the ring and sighted the massive blade in Himakko's hand.

"About time you busted that out," Phillipe sighed with relief.

"Good, now he's got an edge on Pikkan," Rika said.

"Not necessarily, he's lucky that he managed to distract Pikkan like that to get that weapon out," BW stated. "If I were your friend, I wouldn't waste any time and give Pikkan a chance to attack."

"Himura..." Jeri muttered worryingly.

Pikkan eyed the massive sword and frowned. "Did you pull that one from your ass?"

"No, I've always had this weapon if you recall from our siege in GranDracmon's castle."

"Oh right, I remember. Still, you're not gonna beat me with that!"

"We'll see!" Himakko shouted as he charged and jumped up, swinging the Byakko Fang down. "Take this!"

Pikkan phased out, avoiding the cutting-edge projectile sent from Himakko's sword. He reappeared on one ring corner. Himakko sighted him immediately.

"Thunder Flash Attack!" Pikkan hollered, sending another fiery blast at Himakko.

Himakko swung his sword down, sending a projectile that seemingly cut through Pikkan's attack. As the attack closed in on the Alterian, Pikkan narrowly dodged and reappeared behind Himakko. He caught Himakko's back with a punch, prompting Inumon to race into the ring.

"Himura! Hang on!" Inumon called out as Himakko's distress prompted the D-Ark to activate.

Inumon?! Himakko saw his partner reaching over to him. Their hands touched igniting a silver light to enveloped them both.

"Inumon! Biomerge to!"

Pikkan was blinded by the light produced from the merger. Once combining, they formed their Beast Biomerger: a Digimon that closely resembled YoukaiInumon, Inumon's regular Mega form. The new warrior wore white and silver armored garments, white gloves, and white tiger-like features, including distinctive white fur in some areas complete with stripes. His eyes were heterochromia, which was one of Himakko's most distinguished feature. One eye was gold and the other blue. In his right hand, the Beast Biomerger held the Byakko Fang.


Tony was flabbergasted seeing this happen. "Oh, man! Just like Takato and Guilmon! We're seeing another merger between a human and a Digimon. Just where do they get these gimmicks from?!"

Pikkan faced off with AuroraInumon, who readied his Byakko Fang. They both charged one another. AuroraInumon swung his sword down, sending a spear-shaped projectile toward him. The Alterian narrowly dodged and spun up into the air, spinning himself around like a tornado. He lured the projectile toward him and spun around so fast he sent the attack out of the arena. He continued spinning around and tried pulling AuroraInumon to him.

AuroraInumon drove his Byakko Fang into a ring tile and held on tightly. "Can't let this beat me! Won't let it!" He plucked the Byakko Fang from the tiles and transferred some of Byakko's power into the blade.

"Don't give up, Himura! You can do it!" Jeri cheered him on.

Overhearing Jeri cheer for Himura, Pikkan became perturbed just a bit. What does she see in you?! He turned around and watched AuroraInumon lifting his Byakko Fang, which was now imbued with white light. "You're persistent!"

"And so are you!" AuroraInumon howled as he jumped up to Pikkan's level. He swung the sword down, sending an immense white light that washed over Pikkan's tornado. "Magnetic Impulse!" His attack not only absorbed but nullified Pikkan's tornado.

"WHAT?!" Pikkan was aghast at the outcome. He barely dodged AuroraInumon's incoming attack and dropped down where the Beast Biomerger bumrushed him.

AuroraInumon barely caught him with a shoulder tackle, but the Alterian swerved around him. He shoved both hands on AuroraInumon's back and discharged a Ki ball. AuroraInumon turned around, splitting the ball in half with his Byakko Fang.

"Thunder Flash Attack!"

"Magnetic Impulse!"

The warriors' attacks impacted and exploded. The shockwave of the explosion sent both fighters flying out of the ring. Both clung onto the barriers preventing themselves from falling out of bounds. AuroraInumon turned around and sighted Pikkan flying up to him. AuroraInumon hopped off the side wall as Pikkan punched the spot with a tornado-like fist. AuroraInumon landed back in the ring, but then lost his footing while doing so. The Alterian caught onto AuroraInumon's plight and fired a blast, taking the Beast Biomerger off his feet.

"Augh, damn!" AuroraInumon cursed as he fell over.

"Out you go!" Pikkan shouted, jetting over to AuroraInumon to kick him out of the ring.

AuroraInumon immediately rebounded and planted the Byakko Fang on the ground. He jumped up grabbing the hilt and spun around kicking Pikkan's face, sending him flying back. AuroraInumon picked up the Byakko Fang and tossed it forward, pinning down a piece of cloth from Pikkan's back. Pikkan found himself caught between a wall and AuroraInumon flying at him.

"Oh man! He's got him!" Tai exclaimed.

"C'mon, Himura!" Takato, Guilmon, and Brunhilde cheered him on.

The Tamers were all on the edge of their seats as AuroraInumon flew at Pikkan.

In which point, Pikkan phased out of reach and reappeared behind AuroraInumon. He channeled Ki into his fist and punched AuroraInumon back, sending him crashing to the ground. AuroraInumon landed out of bounds.

(End theme)

"And out goes AuroraInumon! Pikkan is your winner!"

Upon seeing this, the Tamers' excitement levels deflated seeing their friend fall.

"Aw, man! I thought he had it!" Takato exclaimed.

Phillipe shook his head. "So, close, but what an exciting match that was."

"Wow, never thought Himura would hang in there so long the way he did," Kara remarked.

"Yeah, same," BW said.

Jeri stood up as she called out to her boyfriend. "Himura!"

Pikkan's ears picked up on Jeri's voice and he looked up. Jeri gasped when they made immediate eye contact. Pikkan waltzed over to Himura and Inumon, both of both already powered down from their Beast Biomerger form. The Alterian offered a hand to Himura.

"Good showing for a human."

"Um, thanks," Himura nodded, accepting Pikkan's hand. He pulled himself off the ground with Pikkan's helping hand. "But, me and Inumon almost had you."

"Hey now, don't get too carried away!" The Alterian barked, raising Himura's hand as the audience cheered them both.

Inumon stood up and saw Renamon clapping for him. "Aw, thanks even though we didn't win."

"No, but we won over an audience with our performance, buddy."

"Damn straight, Himura."

Jeri clapped for Himura despite his loss. Pikkan turned around raising Himura's arm and got a quick look at the girl. He had a somewhat somber look on his face and looked back to Himura.

Guess it can't be helped. At least she's with someone who's strong enough to protect her. Pikkan thought, accepting the facts. All right, X, how will you make this up to me?

"Glad to see some sportsmanship again after that whole Fuegomon debacle," Tony said, wiping his forehead with a handkerchief.

Back in the waiting area, Takato, Guilmon, and Brunhilde were disappointed with the turnout. Himura, Inumon, and Pikkan returned to get praise from their friends. Brunhilde waltzed over to Himura and patted his shoulder.

"Close call, huh, Himura?" Brunhilde grinned. "Still, that was a good show. You and Inumon almost had him!"

Nodding, Himura replied in earnest. "You know, you're right. I shouldn't feel bad. You guys aren't mad about it."

"Disappointed at first, yeah, but we're not upset," Takato said. "You and Inumon did fine."

"Yeah, and seems I won favors with Pikkan, too."

"See? That's a good thing!" Inumon approved.

"Got that right, but I'm not losing my match!" Brunhilde boasted, patting Himura's shoulder again.

Suddenly, Tai and Agumon surprised everyone teleporting with Instant Movement.

"Ah, good you brought Digi-Vitamins," X said. "You never know if we need those."

"Another match was just decided while you two were gone," Gennai informed.

"Ah, so where's Quaoar? We wanted to give her one," Tai asked.

"She won't be needing one, Tai," Sedna spoke up as she, the Kuipers, and Dimitri approached him. "Ixion helped the doctors treat her."

"Really? Well, that's great to her."

However, Quaoar walked over and picked out a Digi-Vitamin from the bag.

"But, I'll take one to replenish my energy."

Varuna added. "Good idea."

"Hey, Kari's match is next," TK whispered to him.

Taking TK's word for it, Tai and Agumon noticed Kari and Gatomon getting antsy.

"I think you're up next, sis," Tai addressed Kari.


"Don't be nervous. You got the power to win this whole thing. You've got this match in the bag, but still be very careful."

Nodding, Kari put on a white headband and a pair of fighting gloves. "Thanks, Tai. Ready, Gatomon?"

"Let's do it to it, Kari!"

Tony announced. "All right, our next match pits Kari Kamiya and Gatomon against Buddhamon! Competitors, step on up!"

"You've got this one, Kari! Kick his butt!" Davis and Veemon cheered her.

"Good luck," TK said. He and Patamon gave her and Gatomon thumbs up.

Kari and Gatomon approached BanchoLeomon as the warrior wished them luck.

Kari and Gatomon walked out together with Buddhamon on the opposite. Kari and Gatomon sensed a mysterious sage-like power from Buddhamon, putting him at a whole different league than most Digimon.

"Buddhamon's like ten times her size. Kari's gotta be intimidated, right?" Eris wondered.

"Nah, not our Kari," Keke said. "She's been fearless ever since the War Games."

"GO, KARI!" Tike and David encouraged her.

"By the way, Tai," Sedna addressed him. "How much has Kari been training for?"

"Haven't really kept up like I should, but she hasn't done much besides this past month," Tai confessed. "She's definitely fallen behind a bit."

"She's just the third strongest out of all of us," Yamato spoke up. "You and me are above her now, Tai."

"Yeah, but don't count out that Amazing Grace of hers."

"Psst, Tai," X called the Bearer of Courage over. "You, too, Agumon."

Agumon pointed to himself. "Us?"

As Tai and Agumon were called over, X, Simms, Shintomon, and BanchoLeomon were there to greet them.

"What's going on?" The Bearer of Courage wondered, looking between the three. "Wanna tell us something? Cause I don't want to miss Kari's match."

"You won't, Tai. This will only be brief," X replied. "It's about the whereabouts and plans of the coven. Shintomon has just discovered their base of operations and the whereabouts about Zhuqiaomon."

Tai and Agumon were both befuddled by the sudden news, but stayed to listen in on the private conversation.


Outside the Tournament Arena/2:07 PM

The Legendary Warriors reconvened after their search for their dark counterparts led them astray.

"No luck, guys?" Agunimon inquired, looking to each of his colleagues.

"Nada," Blitzmon replied. "Nothing by air either."

"We even searched all over the amusement park," Wolfmon confirmed.

Fairymon took a few deep breaths after all her flying. "Sorry, guys nothing on my mine and Ranamon's end either."

"Shit, this is like being led on one of those wild goose chases," Arbormon grumbled.

"I suggest we keep looking but all that's left is the arena now," Loweemon suggested.

The Warrior of Fire complied with Loweemon's idea. "All right, we'll scour the arena. Split up and contact each other if you find anything!"



Tournament Arena/2:12 PM

In the ring, Kari and Gatomon were standing face to face with Buddhamon. The crowds were beginning to get restless and becoming anxious for another adrenaline rush.

"Kari's finally up to fight," Sora noticed the Bearer of Light and Gatomon facing Buddhamon.

Biyomon noted Buddhamon. "He's sure a big opponent."

"Yeah, but our Kari can definitely take him down," Mimi said.

"Buddhamon, huh? He just looks like a big Pandamon to me," Palmon added.

"What do you make of this, Renamon?" Rika asked her partner.

"Kari's certainly got the edge with her Ascendant power, but Buddhamon's aura feels too similar to Shintomon," Renamon assessed their energies.

"Like Shintomon's? Is that a bad thing?" Phillipe asked.

"One thing's for sure, Kari ain't walking out like BanchoLeomon did," Kara eyed her mother closely. "Take his big ass down, Kari!"

In another section of the arena, Joe, Gomamon, Izzy, and Tentomon went over to check on the Scooby Digi-Destined. Jim and Jun were the first to notice them.

"Hey, over here!" Jun waved to them.

"Hey, Joe! Glad you could find us!" Jim greeted him. "Where have you been?"

"What? You didn't get the memo that we were given the VIP section!"

"Are you guys serious?! And we didn't get any messages from any of you?!" Momoe snapped, bringing herself face to face with Izzy.

The Bearer of Knowledge backed away from Momoe's wrath. "Hey! That's why we came to get you! Besides, we've been sending you emails for the past few days?"

"Really?" Chizuru asked, scanning through her Digivice. "Oh, hey! We did get a message! But, I'm the only one to get a message?"

"Must've been Yolei who forgot to send the rest of us emails," Jim said. "How come you didn't tell us, Joe?"

"Hey, a lot's been happening! Just slipped my mind is all."

Gomamon and Tentomon both looked out to the ring.

"You guys might want to see this!" Gomamon pointed everyone toward the ring. "Kari's match is about to start."

"Yeah, she and Gatomon are fighting some Buddhamon," Mantarou watched the fighters stand-off. "Say, let's give Kari the support she needs, guys! She did save our lives after all!"

"Let's do it!" Momoe pumped her fist up and cheered loudly. "Go, Kari! Go, Gatomon! Go!"

The Scoobies and their Digimon cheered on Kari and Gatomon. Izzy, Tentomon, Joe, and Gomamon immediately followed suit. Everyone other Digi-Destined joined in cheering them on.



Letting their friends' cheers soak in, Kari and Gatomon concentrated on Buddhamon. The panda sage faced them with the most serious demeanor that could match BanchoLeomon's. His penetrating stare had Kari unable to discern his motives.

"Kari Kamiya and Gatomon vs Buddhamon! May the match begin!"

After Tony called for the bell, Kari and Gatomon raised their eyes to Buddhamon's level. The panda hadn't budged from his spot since they entered the ring.

"Any suggestions, Gatomon?" Kari whispered to her feline partner. "This guy doesn't seem like an easy opponent you don't evolve or we don't go Ascendant mode."

"It's up to you, but decide fast."

Nodding, the Bearer of Light turned and faced Buddhamon.

"Hikari, turn Ascendant with Gatomon. I'd like to assess whether you'll be valuable when we really need you," Buddhamon finally spoke up and addressed the duo.

"What?" Gatomon gasped, taken aback by Buddhamon's request.

"How do you know about Ascendants?!" Kari demanded. "And what do you mean by help you?"

"You'll find out soon enough. I wish to see what you can do."

(Cue Digimon Xros Wars OST – Shuurai)

Meanwhile, back in the waiting area, Tai, Agumon, BanchoLeomon, X, and Simms rejoined the others watching the match stand-off.

Shintomon keenly eyed the ring. "It's begun."

"You're kidding? You want me to turn Ascendant to fight you?" Kari asked. "Please don't take offense with all due respect, sir, but I don't want to hurt you. Perhaps you can let Gatomon evolve?"

"I'd be up for that!" Gatomon concurred.

Davis cupped a hand to his ear. "What are they saying? Guys?"

"Seems the big guy wants Kari to go Ascendant," Tai spoke up, to which his colleagues were shocked to hear.

X nodded. "Yeah, he wants to assess Kari's power."

"For what purpose?" TK inquired, suspicious of Buddhamon's motives and rightfully so.

"Looks like we're about to find out," Sedna stated.

Elsewhere within the arena, Fuegomon and Fluorescemon found a perfect concealed location to watch the match. Fuegomon had in his hand an apparatus with a 'D' insignia on it.

"Fuegomon, anything yet?"

"Nothing. It's not them. Their powers are too low."

"KARI! GATOMON!" BanchoLeomon called out, garnering their attention from Buddhamon. He have a nod of approval, giving them the 'go' to turn Ascendant.

"BanchoLeomon?" Kari blinked in befuddlement.

"What's up, BanchoLeomon? Do you know something?" Keke asked.

"Yeah, you keeping us in the dark on something?" Tike's curiosity was piqued.

"Actually, BanchoLeomon's not the only one..." X spoke up.

"X?" Gennai asked.

"Everyone, listen to me," Shintomon interjected as everyone in the waiting area watched him enter. He stood at the forefront where Tai, Agumon, Yamato, Gabumon, and BanchoLeomon were standing. "We must make use of Kari. I'm sorry. I will need you all to stay put for a moment, no matter what happens."

"What?" Davis was confused by the vagueness of Shintomon's tone.

"What are you planning?" Dimitri demanded.

No, I definitely don't like the sound of this! Brunhilde thought, but before she could act she felt her body freeze. Why can't I move? Did that guy just read my mind? And he stopped me with his own power?!

"What's up with you, Kotori?" Himura noticed Brunhilde 'frozen' stiff in her place.

"Guys, something's about to go down!" Ken (XLR) pointed out. "Looks like Kari's giving what he wants!"

Kari finally complied with Buddhamon's request. "Guess I have no choice then?"

Buddhamon nodded. "Please do so."

Narrowing his eyes to Shintomon, Yamato scoffed irritably. "Why the hell should we listen to you? Who are you?"

BanchoLeomon interjected. "Yamato, you will show respect to the prince of the Supreme Digi-Deity!"

(End theme)

Upon hearing this, nearly everyone except those in the know about Shintomon's title. The YYGDM group shared the same shock hearing this news.

"The prince of the Supreme Digi-Deity?!" Keke exclaimed. "But, I've heard about you from X! I thought you guys were supposed to be a myth or something!" She turned around and faced X. "You knew about the Supreme Digi-Deity and neglected to tell us this whole time?"

"You guys weren't supposed to know until the time was right."

"KARI!" TK, Davis, Tike, and David called out to the Bearer of Light.

"Gatomon," Patamon and Veemon muttered, eyeing the feline.

Back in the ring, Kari clenched her hands tight as the tiles underneath her began cracking. The ground started to tremble softly. A golden aura coupled with streaks of lightning formed around her. The reddish brown hue in her eyes slowly faded, seemingly turning white and becoming a pale emerald. Gatomon's body became enveloped in a white light. Both of them were slowly pulled toward the other.

The gentleness in Kari's eyes became narrower and fiercer. The Ascendant nature slowly overtook her kind nature. Her glare became fixated on Buddhamon, who could only look on in awe.

"Hey, when are you three gonna go now?!" An audience member shouted impatiently while the crowds became restless over the overly long delay.

"Quit wasting our time!"

Sora and Biyomon immediately stood up berating the crowds behind them.

"Hey, you jerks better pipe down! You're about to see something real awesome!" Sora shouted.

Rika sighed with relief. "Thanks, Sora. Wow, I can't believe this. Kari's really gonna cut loose, huh? Buddhamon's just asking for it."

"Indeed," Renamon said.

"That golden glow," Jeri noted. "She's going to transform just like Dimitri does!"

"You better believe it," Kara grinned proudly. "Buddhamon, get ready for some pain."

Davis questioned Shintomon. "Is something about to happen when she goes Ascendant? You're acting way too suspicious for my liking! What's about to happen to Kari?!"

TK put an arm to Davis, cutting him off from the pass. "Shintomon, please tell us. We have every right to know."

Tai, Agumon, Pikkan, X, Simms, and BanchoLeomon kept quiet over the matter.

"Fuegomon and Fluorescemon will undoubtedly attack Hikari. Bit as I said, I want you to do nothing. Fear not, they're not out to take her life, just her energy."

"Energy?" Takato asked in befuddlement.

"Wait! Don't tell me...!" Before Himura could finish, he and the other overheard Kari speaking out to Buddhamon.

"I'll do as you ask, but I don't know why you'd want me to push myself this far," Kari said. "I really hate having to go Amazing Grace here and now."

Buddhamon gasped. "Amazing Grace?"

With a loud high-pitched cry, Kari turned herself into a bright white flash of light. Nearly every tile in the ring flew up and floated near her. The light consumed her and Gatomon, merging them together into a single being. Standing in the radiance of a white aura was Kari sporting spiky golden hair and light emerald eyes. Every tile fell back on the ring.

(Cue Dragonball Z Battle of Gods OST – The Legendary God)

Now standing basked in the white light and electrical streaks crackling around it, Celesta X was in her fully Amazing Grace glory. Every audience member marveled at the sight of Celesta X.

Fuegomon and Fluorescemon were shocked seeing the sequence unfold before their eyes.

Celesta X held her ground facing Buddhamon, who was consumed with shock.

"Man, that's wicked cool," Kazu was left aghast.

Kenta was captivated seeing Celesta X for the first time. "You're not kidding! Henry, you guys actually got to see this?!"

Terriermon grinned, putting on a pair of 3D glasses. "Now this is entertainment!"

Suzie gleamed at Celesta X's white light. "How pretty!"

Sora nodded in approval. "What do you expect? Our Kari never disappoints."

Mimi concurred. "I'll never forget hos beautiful that light is."

Jeri and Phillipe both gaped in shock.

"Hot damn! Now that's immense power!" Jaguarmon exclaimed.

"Tell me about. Renamon and I got to see this side of Kari up close before," Rika said, recalling their tag team battle against Arkadimon.

"Buddhamon hasn't budged an inch. He seems to have bitten more than he can chew," Renamon observed the two fighters.

"What do you expect? He's facing Kari's Amazing Grace!" Kara said.

Sam added. "I'll never get used to this. What do you guys think?"

Yolei, Ken (DF), Cody, and their Digimon all nodded in agreement.

"Kick his butt, Kari!" Yolei encouraged her friend.

Back in the waiting area, most of the other fighters marveled at Celesta X's presence.

Brunhilde finally felt herself released from being 'binded' by Shintomon. She watched Celesta X and gaped.

"My god..." Brunhilde muttered softly.

"Now that's what I call a presence," Takato said.

Elsewhere, Fuegomon checked the apparatus and noticed the scale shifting like crazy.

"H-Hey, Fluorescemon! Look!"

"Such tremendous energy! It has to be her!"

Celesta X nodded to Buddhamon. "Ok, I'm now in Ascendant form. Now what? Do we fight like this?"

Buddhamon shook at the power emanating from her. Already he was having second thoughts. What colossal power! It's hard to believe Homeostasis chose this mortal girl to be her vessel. Coupled with the Ascendant power she inherited from the Crest, it's no wonder she's been sought after by the Coven!

Assessing Celesta X's power, Yamato scoffed, unimpressed. "She was far stronger when she beat Virus. She's slacked off in her training regimen. Peacetime can weaken a warrior."

"It's still more than I imagined," Shintomon addressed. "I'm not sure if I'll be able to stop this power. Homeostasis, what possessed you to choose this Ascendant?"

Tai turned to the sage. "Homeostasis?"

Gennai interjected. "The being that possess Kari, Tai."

X added. "Yeah. It combined with the Ascendant power is what produced the Amazing Grace in the first place."

Simms nodded. "The power of Homeostasis is what sets Kari apart from all other Ascendants.

Sedna overheard them. "Interesting, I had no idea."

(End theme)

Back in the ring, Celesta X and Buddhamon had yet to make a move.

"Buddhamon, come at me if you're willing to," Celesta X beckoned him as two voices seemed to come out; her own and the other being's.

Fuegomon and Fluorescemon stood poised to spring their plan into action.

"We're taking that energy, Fluorescemon. No ifs or buts about it!"

"Let's make sure to hold him tight while our other colleagues close everyone off."


(Cue Dragonball Z Battle of Gods OST – Goku in Trouble)

With that, the two dark Legendary Warriors sprang out from their concealment and flew into the ring.

Shintomon quickly caught onto them. "Here they come!"

"KARI! LOOK OUT!" TK and Davis called out.

"Those two assholes are back!" Tike shouted.

Glancing over her shoulder, Celesta X instinctively caught Fuegomon and Fluorescemon gliding up behind her. She narrowed her eyes and turned around.

"You two?!" Celesta X growled, preparing to blow them away with her aura.

Suddenly, Shintomon acted just in time and unleashed an immense force that binded Celesta X. Celesta X felt her whole body stiff and being rendered immobile. This prompted TK, Davis, and Tike to confront Shintomon.

"Hey, let her go, jerk!" Davis demanded.

"What's the meaning of this?! Tai, we've got to do something!" TK exclaimed.

Although he knew this would happen, Tai tried his best to resist the urge to intervene. He and Agumon watched the two dark Legendary Warriors grab onto Celesta X. Then, from out of nowhere, eight other figures popped out from the crowds and landed on each side of the ring.

"Perfect timing!" Fuegomon called out. "Dark Warriors, initiate dark binding sequence!"

On the top most side of the ring was a dark green metal-bodied man with signs of wear and a wedge-shaped protrusion from the head. He also had two blades jutting from the elbows and spikes lined up across his chest. On the metal man's right was a rotten wooden humanoid with thick green moss and yellow eyes shining through two gaping holes. His mouth was jagged, giving a haunting 'jack-o-lantern' like look.

"Rustmon and Rotmon!"

On the right side of the ring was a dark blue-bodied stag beetle with red incisors, a black armored back, and limbs covered in black scales. On the evil-looking beetle man's left was a white bear dog covered in shards of ice and bearing sharp teeth used to tear his enemies apart.

"Strikemon and Polarmon!"

On the left side of the ring was a Harpymon with black and white feathers, but without a head piece and with long dark red hair hanging down her head. Her arms were bare, free of feather, and armed with sharp talons. Her eyes are covered in a metal visor like Cyclops'. On her right is an attractive-looking shark fishwoman; her upper half is a long black and fringe-haired woman with yellow eyes, resembling a shark's, and wearing a dark purple coat. Her lower half is the body of a great white shark's.

"DeviHarpymon and Tylowomon!"

On the bottom most side of the ring was a Golemon-like Digimon, but with dark red skin and with added armor covering his shoulders. A large hammer was seen attached to this behemoth's back. And on his left was a familiar sighting that shocked those familiar with him.

"NegaGolemon and Duskmon!"

"DUSKMON?!" Ken (XLR) became flabbergasted seeing the Corrupted Warrior of Darkness. How?! Unless this is a different one?!

Blitzmon was the first to catch sighting of the Dark Warriors.

"Guys! I've found them! Our dark counterparts!" The Warrior of Thunder alarmed his colleagues.

In no time, the other nine Warriors stormed out from the audience and sighted their dark counterparts surrounding the ring.

"Look! There they are!" Grottomon pointed to them.

"They didn't waste any time, huh?!" Chakkoumon said.

"Hey, you deal with us now!" Agunimon called out.

Loweemon was taken aback seeing Duskmon, who turned to notice his 'lighter' counterpart. "Duskmon! I can't believe I'm seeing...!"

"He's not the same Duskmon we fought before, Kouichi," Wolfmon reminded him. "But, it's never a pleasure to see any Duskmon."

"Now!" Fuegomon barked out a command to his colleagues.

With that, the eight warriors pushed their hands forward and released streams of black energy over the ring. These streams solidified to form a wall-like barrier that sealed them, Fuegomon, Fluorescemon, Celesta X, and Buddhamon. While Celesta X was still caught by Shintomon's binding technique, Fuegomon shoved a device with a sharp spike, jabbing it into Celesta X's side. Celesta X let out a loud cry as Fluorescemon held her tight.

"Now that's some Naruto Sound Four binding bullshit going on!" Ken (XLR) snapped.

"THAT SON OF A BITCH!" Davis snapped as he and TK prepared to move in.

"No, don't move!" Shintomon ordered them.

"Why should we?!" Ken (XLR) exclaimed. "You're gonna let Kari's energy get taken so the bad guys can use it to revive some monster, right?!"

"How did you guess?" Shintomon asked.

"How did you hear our discussion?" Tai turned to Ken (XLR). He quickly turned around and eyed the barrier. "Shintomon, I'm sorry, but screw this noise! My sister needs me!" He placed his fingers on his forehead and prepared to teleport inside.

Back inside the barrier, the two villains finished extracting enough energy from Celesta X.

It's almost over, Hikari! I promise it'll be over soon! Buddhamon thought, resisting the urge to stop the villains.

"Yes, we've extracted enough energy!" Fluorescemon announced.

"Good, let's go!" Fuegomon said, dropping a drained Celesta X on the ground. He laughed. "That was far easier than I thought! All right, Dark Warriors! Move out!"

The Dark Warriors undid the barrier and released those inside. Fuegomon and Fluorescemon quickly took to the air with the device filled with Celesta X's energy. Agunimon and his colleagues stormed the ring to give chase to the other Dark Warriors. The eight Dark Warriors also flew up and followed after their two leaders.

(End theme)

"GET BACK HERE!" Agunimon called out.

"Ugh, they can fly, too?!" Ranamon spat out. "Cheaters!"

"KARI!" TK and Davis cried out as they stormed the ring to check on their fallen friend. Patamon and Gatomon checked on Gatomon, who defused from Kari.

(Cue Dragonball Z Battle of Gods OST – Indestructible Beerus)

Tai and Agumon teleported into the ring to where Kari and Gatomon were laying. Tai lightly pushed TK and Davis aside to see the pale look on his sister's face.

"Tai... TK... Davis..." She murmured weakly. "Running low... on energy... need Digi-Vitamin."

"Hang on, I've got one with me," Tai reassured her as he took out a Digi-Vitamin.

"KARI!" Kara cried out as she flew from the VIP seats and landed in the ring. She was joined by Tike and David.

"She needs a Digi-Vitamin fast, Tai," Keke said.

Nodding, Tai lightly shoved the Digi-Vitamin into Kari's mouth. Patamon and Veemon fed Gatomon one as well.

"Please, allow me," Buddhamon insisted as he placed two hands over both Kari and Gatomon.

"Just what do you think you're doing?!" Tike and Kara shouted defensively.

"It's ok, everyone," Shintomon chimed in, doing his best to calm everyone down. "Buddhamon will heal Hikari and Gatomon to normal. For now, we will follow those two. Please come with us if you wish. It would be a great deal of help."

"Hey, you didn't answer my question!" Ken (XLR) snapped.

"Ken, that's enough!" Sedna chided him. She whispered 'I'm sorry' to him before facing Shintomon. "Lord Shintomon, is it true those dark warriors are going to revive some kind of monster with that energy? Is that what this coven aims to do?"

Shintomon frowned vaguely. "If you wish to know more, you can follow me."

"Feh, you bet I'll come if those warriors are indeed our dark counterparts," Agunimon growled.

Dimitri turned to Tai. "It's your call, but I'm following him."

"You read my mind," the Bearer of Courage replied as he watched Buddhamon healing Kari and Gatomon. "Buddhamon, I can leave my sister and Gatomon in your hands?"

"I vow to restore them to their top conditions."

"All right then, decide which of y'all gets to join us," Tai addressed everyone in the ring. "I'm going, Dimitri is going. Sedna, you're going, right?"

"Yes! And so are my team!" The Kuiper leader responded.

"Don't forget us as well, Tai!" Agunimon chimed in.

Takato raised his hand. "Guilmon and I will come, too."

"Kotori? You want to go?" Himura asked the Valkyrie.

"You bet your ass I do. The tournament can wait!" Brunhilde said. A monster like Majin Buu, huh?! I can't miss this!

"Mom, dad?" Athena approached Dimitri and Sedna. "What's going on? Where are you going?"

"Athena, honey, you'll need to stay here," Sedna softly whispered to Athena. "You have PinkPatamon here and I'm sure some will stay behind."

"So, are you two going?" Ken (XLR) asked Dimitri and Sedna. "Then, I'll go, but I recommend we be very careful. I do have a bad feeling about this."

In the audiences, the other Digi-Destined and Tamers were distressed with the whole event going down.

"Kari!" Sora and Mimi cried out.

"Those son of a bitches! We're not letting them get away with what they did to our Kari!" Yolei snapped.

Sam, BW, and Sheila flew off the VIP stands as they landed near the ring. Renamon picked up Rika and jumped off to the ringside.

"Whoa, hold on!" Phillipe called out.

Wasting no time, Shintomon flew from the ring and jetted off after the Dark Warriors' direction. The Supreme Digi-Deity's prince traveled so fast he was already gone from plain sight.

"Well, Tai? Are we going?" Dimitri asked.

"You bet. We have their word Kari and Gatomon will be ok," Tai declared.

X chimed in. "Indeed, Shintomon will tell us more once we follow him. Those who wish to stay, may stay behind. We won't hold anything against you if you're not up to the task."

"You bet we're coming," Agunimon said. "We want to get to the bottom of those Dark Warriors!"

"And finally get to the bottom of this coven," Sedna added. And find out if this is the source of the nightmares I've had lately.

"We're in, Tai!" Takato replied after talking it over with the other Tamers.

Agumon nodded. "Looks like most of us are ready."

"Though some appear to be staying behind," Tai noticed Davis talking with Sonja and Titaniamon conversing with Ken (XLR). "It's fine. I think we'll still have plenty of fighters to go by. This coven has messed with the wrong warriors!" Wait until I give them a piece of my mind for messing with my sister!

(End theme)


The Dark Warriors were already halfway across the Digital World. They coasted over the endless Net Ocean. Fluorescemon pivoted to the device filled with Celesta X's Ascendant energy, which Fuegomon carried.

"Yes, the Reaper can finally be revived!" Fluorescemon boasted.

Fuegomon grinned manically. "Hahah, yes! Lord DarkMagimon will be pleased!"

"I've gotten word that our forces have begun attacking the island near the arena," Duskmon informed them.

The Dark Warrior of Fire cackled fiendishly. "That should keep those fools busy while we deliver this energy to Lord DarkMagimon!"

Tailing behind the Dark Warriors was Shintomon, who was fully intent on stopping the 'coven' from unleashing their monster, a being from another realm's age old past.


Next episode: Secrets of the Terrible Dark Coven! The Man Behind the Sinister Plot!


A/N: Quaoar gets healed as many have expected. Good for her as she didn't really need more emotional scarring (coughKitosscough). Thank goodness for Ixion and her medical expertise!

Pikkan and Himura's match finally settles the whole Jeri matter. Himura wins favor with the Alterian; and as much as it pains for him to do it, Pikkan begrudgingly accepts Jeri being with Himura and awaits what X has planned for the Alterian (BW as well).

Celesta X returns to unleash the Amazing Grace side of her. And what's this Homeostasis thing mentioned by Buddhamon and Shintomon? Well, it's no fanmade thing. Actually, according to the Digimon Xros Wars manga, is the light force that possesses Kari in the Adventure series. If you can, please do research on it. It was a new thing to me. I'm just glad that mysterious force finally has a name!

And the Dark Warriors have been revealed. As if you already didn't know, the corrupted Warrior of Darkness needs no reintroduction. You know all know him. The others, on the other hand, are all in their dark H-Hybrid forms:

Corrupted!Warrior of Thunder: Strikemon

Corrupted!Warrior of Ice: Polarmon

Corrupted!Warrior of Wind: DeviHarpymon

Corrupted!Warrior of Metal: Rustmon

Corrupted!Warrior of Wood: Rotmon

Corrupted!Warrior of Water: Tylowomon

Corrupted!Warrior of Earth: NegaGolemon

Yes, you can expect Good!Warriors vs Dark!Warriors in the upcoming chapters! :D

Next time, half of the cast follow Shintomon and Buddhamon as the story behind the new 'evil' is unveiled. Bit of exposition before we shift to the next saga of the season. And this 'DarkMagimon' will also be revealed.

Until then, send a review and see you next time!