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Destiny Island/Tournament Arena/2:30 PM

There was much confusion and disarray after the Dark Legendary Warriors made off with Celesta X's Ascendant power. The Kai Destined, YYGDM crew, and Kensuke's entourage were discussing which members would leave to follow Shintomon. Tai and Agumon were the two most obvious to go after Shintomon.

(Cue Dragonball Kai OST - Mystery)

"All right, guys, we're going after Shintomon," Tai addressed everyone. "I really want to get to the bottom of this coven business. Anyone is more than welcome to come. Any volunteers?"

"Remember, this is y'alls choice," Agumon informed them.

"We're in, Tai," Takato stepped in with Guilmon. "As a matter of fact, Rika, Himura, and Henry will go."

"Great, anyone else?" The Bearer of Courage turned to everyone else.

"Count us in, too. We want to find out about those Dark Warriors," Agunimon chimed in. "Right, guys?" He looked over and asked his teammates.

"No doubt. They have ties to these coven," Wolfmon said.

"Moreover, finding out how the Spirits of this universe were taken and most of all... Duskmon..." Loweemon paused to take a breath and not totally flip out.

"Anyone else?" Agumon asked, pivoting over to the others.

"You kidding? I can skip out on this tournament and get some fun beating the hell outta these freaks," Pikkan said, clenching his fist. "BanchoLeomon? BW? What do you say?"

BanchoLeomon nodded. "I'd like to find out more of the coven and the members they've acquired the services of."

X looked across the direction Shintomon flew off to. He mulled over what had transpired. I can't believe this Dark Coven has managed to find the Legendary Warrior spirits of this dimension. Duskmon being one of them surprises me little. Shintomon, what else have you and your father been able to find out?

Ken (XLR) and Veemon (XLR) was seen talking with both Titaniamon and CyberBeelzemon.

"You sure you want to take behind and compete, Titaniamon?" Ken (XLR) asked again.

"As much as I'd like to join you, I don't wish to squander all that training I put forth preparing for this tournament," Titaniamon replied. "Whether I win or not, we'll be reconvene with you."


"Relax, Ken. I'll stay and give her support."

"Fair enough. When you get things done here, we'll meet up again."

As Ken (XLR) finished conversing with his two Digimon, Sedna, Dimitri & Faith, and the Kuipers approached him.

"Brother, we're ready to go," Sedna addressed Ken (XLR). "You mind joining us?"

"Nope. Let's get this over with. Are all of you going?"

"Sure, why not?" Quaoar smiled genuinely to him. "Don't worry. I'm completely healed and good to go!"

Orcus added. "Let's take down these coven jerks for ruining our weekend!"

Dimitri glanced over and watched Athena running up to them. "Athena?"

"Karin! Dimitri! Where are you all going?" Athena asked, carrying PinkPatamon with her. "You're going to fight some bad guys, right? Please let me come!"

"Honey, it's best if you stay here," Sedna walked over, crouching down to look Athena in her eyes. "There could be a lot of dangerous stuff. Plus, we got your dad, me, uncle Yamato, and Great Uncle Tai fighting these bad guys."

"I know, but I wanted to go."

"Titaniamon, CyberBeelzemon, since you two are staying here, how about looking after Athena?" Ken (XLR) asked his two Digimon partners.

CyberBeelzemon replied. "Whatever you say."

Titaniamon nodded. "Leave her to us, Sedna and Dimitri."

"Thanks, guys," Dimitri said.

Athena looked down, sighing sadly. "Ok, I'll stay."

"Told ya they'd say no," PinkPatamon remarked.

Davis confronted Sonja after pleading her to go with him.

"Why would I want to go? There's no money involved and didn't we already vow one of us would leave here with prize money?"

Davis chuckled. "Right, just don't kill anyone in this tournament."

Veemon (Kai) added. "Nah, there's still Tike, Sailor Eris, and Titaniamon, I think are all staying behind."

"Hmm, see, babe? You still got some competition. We'll be careful!" Davis said as he and Veemon reconvened with Tai.

"If it gets too dangerous, you two bail out!" Sonja called out. She sighed, shifting her view over to Tike, Eris, and Titaniamon.

"Um, guys, hate to interrupt, but my show's done for, huh?" Tony stepped out of hiding as he walked over to meet with Tai and company. "I mean, first that big freak trying to attack the audience and now this? The audience are completely lost on what's going on."

"We've got an urgent situation, Tony. We really hate to break the news to ya," Tai apologized. "We're going to get to the bottom of this."

"Why not ask the officials to work out something for the remaining combatants staying behind?" TK suggested.

"That's not too bad of an idea. At least I'd still have a show one way or another."

"Most of us are dropping out though, so a few should stay behind and give these people their show," Tai said, giving Tony some semblance of reassurance.

"Most of us you say?!" Yamato barked as Tai could hear him scowling behind his back. He bolted right over and turned the Bearer of Courage around getting him to look him in the eye. "You're not backing out of this one, clown! Did you forget we have a fight to compete in?!"

"Aw, sheesh, this isn't the time, Yamato!" Tai backed off. "We have more urgent mat-!"

"No! Don't you give me that bull!" Yamato growled. "Why should I care what this Shintomon wants? The only reason I signed up for this infantile event was to fight you one on one!"

"Ok, ok, here's an ultimatum. We settle our fight even if it's not an official tournament match? Deal?" The Bearer of Courage simply just gave into Yamato's demands, postponing their match for later.

"You better keep your word."

"Come with us, Yamato. We're sure to beat some bad guys up and send them out of our world."

The Tamers and Legendary Warriors cringed watching the two rivals settling their postponed fight.

"That Yamato's so deeply obsessed," Himura sighed.

"Tell me about it," Inumon shook his head dismissively.

Rika patted Takato's shoulder. "Be glad our rivalry's behind us."

"Well, we never really had a rivalry as intense as theirs."


"What are we waiting for then?" Pikkan asked as he, BanchoLeomon, BW, and Sheila were the first to shoot up into the air.

"Let's go," BanchoLeomon insisted.

"Wait," Buddhamon called out as he finished healing Kari and Gatomon, both of whom awoke.

(End theme)

"KARI!" TK, Patamon, Davis, and Veemon (Kai) called out as they checked on them both.

"She's ok, guys," Kara said, sensing Kari's energy restored.

"Guys, she's right. I'm ok," Kari said, gazing over her hands and body. She saw the wound made by the sharp protrusion was completely gone. She stood and clenched her hands. "I'm all healed and all my power's been restored."

"Thank you, Buddhamon," Gatomon smiled, nodding to the panda.

"I suggest we split into two groups, my friends," Buddhamon addressed everyone present. "I wish to take some members of your group with me. Tai, take whoever you need to catch up with my master Shintomon."

"I think I've got my group," Tai said, eyeing Agumon, Yamato & Gabumon, Kari & Gatomon, BanchoLeomon, Keke, Kara, Sam, Tike, David, Pikkan, BW, Sheila, Davis & Veemon (Kai), TK & Patamon, Sailor Sedna & the Kuipers, Dimitri & Faith, the Beast Tamers & their Digimon, the Legendary Warriors, and Ken & Veemon (XLR).

"Hmm, this might be problematic. The size of your group is far too conspicuous as the enemy will know of your approach," Buddhamon scanned the immense group size. "If it's possible, I'd like to take half of the group with me to help me confront Zhuqiaomon."

"Wait, what? Zhuqiaomon?" Kari became befuddled when hearing this from Buddhamon.

TK was taken aback. "Zhuqiaomon is on our side! What does he have anything to do with those Dark Warriors and this coven?"

"Because Zhuqiaomon's been missing for over a month," X spoke up.

"You know about this, X?" Keke inquired.

"More like me, X, Gennai, Tai, and Agumon, are in the know. We're aware of what's been going and who's been taken in by the coven," Simms chimed in, garnering everyone's attention. "Unfortunately, the enemy has managed to capture Zhuqiaomon and converted him to their side."

"And we weren't told this sooner?" TK turned to Tai and X. "Why keep us in the dark? What else have you been keeping from us?"

"Tai, Agumon, and Pikkan have met Shintomon and his father the Supreme Digi-Deity Shinmon," X revealed.

"So, you know who's the head of this coven, Tai?" Kari asked him.

"Now that we don't know. We swear to it."


(Cue Digimon Xros Wars OST - Kusen)

A massive explosion seemingly exploded outside the tournament and startled everyone. A series of blasts were seen raining down from the sky and obliterating areas of Destiny Island. Alarmed, the audiences panicked.

The Kai, YYGDM, and Accel group were startled by this turn of events. They sighted Airdramon, FlyBeemon, and Flymon diving from the sky while dropping aerial attacks on bystanders.

"Great, bad timing! Heads up, we got company!" Yolei snapped as she, Cody, Ken (Kai), and their Digimon partners stood up seeing the aerial Digimon.

"The coven sure aren't wasting time keeping us from finding them!" Agunimon exclaimed.

"The Dark Coven haven sent minions to delay us from following them," Buddhamon stated. "But, if we hurry we can go after them now."

"Good thing we're staying behind," Titaniamon firmly stated, drawing out her sword. "CyberBeelzemon?!"

"Time for some target practice," grinned CyberBeelzemon.

"Ixion, Eris, you stay and help them take care of these Digimon," Sedna ordered as the aforementioned Kuipers stood poised with CyberBeelzemon, Titaniamon, Sonja, and others who've decided to stay behind.

The Kuipers, minus Eris and Ixion, quickly suited up into their upgraded Dai-Valkyrie forms just like Quaoar and Varuna showed earlier. Dai-Valkyries Sedna, Orcus, Varuna, and Quaoar prepared to depart.

Dai-Valkyrie Sedna came out wearing a full-bodied blue and purple armor. She donned a long white dress that came down from her armor, concealing her legs and barely showing her dark purple boots.

Dai-Valkyrie Orcus emerged wearing a near full-bodied black armor. She donned a long white dress that hung down from her armor, covering most of her legs and barely showing her dark boots.

"Phillipe, Jeri, Kazu, Kenta, you and your partners lend support to those staying behind! We're leaving with Tai and his group!" Takato called out to his team.

Nodding, Phillipe turned to Jaguarmon and drew out his DDM-G Digivice. "We've got this!"

"We'll take care of things here!" Jeri declared.

"Ready for action, you two?" Sora asked both Biyomon and Palmon. "Mimi, we need to lure those monsters from the audience."

"You got it," Mimi complied. "We got our Crest Weapons after all, right?"


Zhuqiaomon's been converted and in league with the bad guys now? Ugh, don't like the sound of this! Tai thought. "Everyone, there's no time to loose. Those who feel compelled to stay behind and fight off these Digimon can, but everyone else follow me or Buddhamon! We're exposing this coven once and for all!"

(End theme)


Southern Realm/Zhuqiaomon's Castle

(Cue Digimon Tamers OST – Kyodai Kuukan)

Deep within his crimson fortress, the Sovereign of the Southern Quadrant, Zhuqiaomon, awoke as a thick red aura brimmed around him. His crimson eyes invoked untamed fury as he sighted a large red orb floating near him. The orb displayed the Dark Warriors advancing to the Dark Coven's current location. The visual then switched over to Shintomon, who was already pursuing the Dark Warriors. Then orb then switched to Tai and his entourage preparing to make their leave from the Digital World Tournament.

Zhuqiaomon grunted, painstakingly viewing the orbs and the events preparing to unfold. "So, they're onto our scheme? No matter. Our Dark Warriors will have already given DarkMagimon the ample Ascendant energy he needs to resurrect his monster." As he raised his head, the 'D' emblem on his forehead gleamed brightly. He fiercely let out an earth-shattering screech that shook his entire castle. "Bring all you want! I'll defend my castle and ensure you don't get in Lord Magimon's way, you wretched humans and Ascendants! Your end is at hand!"

(End theme)


(Cue Dragonball Kai Buu 2nd Opening – Kuu Zen Zetsu Go!)


(Cue Buu's Fury OST – Title Theme)


Digimon Fusion Kai

Season 3, Arc 1: Digital World Tournament

Chapter 124: Secrets of the Terrible Coven! The Man Behind the Sinister Plot!


Destiny Island/Tournament Arena/2:40 PM

"All right, it's been decided," Tai said. He quickly accounted himself, VictoryGreymon, Yamato with ZeedGarurumon, Kari with Ophanimon, Davis with Imperialdramon to carry a heavy load, the Beast Tamers with their Digimon partners, Brunhilde with MetalSeadramon (which surprised the Kai Destined), the Ten Legendary Warriors, BanchoLeomon, and Sheila. "Here's my group and we'll be catching up with Shintomon."

Buddhamon nodded. He managed to amass TK & Seraphimon, Dimitri & Faith, Sailor Sedna, Sailor Varuna, Sailor Quaoar, Sailor Orcus, Kensuke & AlforceVeedramon, BW, Keke, and Sam.

"Remember, my friends, we're there to subdue Zhuqiaomon and break him free from the Dark Coven's curse," Buddhamon informed his party. "Understood?"

"Loud and clear," Keke replied.

"I can't believe this group has someone who can control a freaking Sovereign!" Sam said.

"With as much resentment Zhuqiaomon has had for humans in the past, it's no shock the Dark Coven's leader was able to exploit Zhuqiaomon's darkness and use that as the catalyst to convert him to one of his subordinates," Simms said.

Another explosion occurred just outside the arena causing more of the audience to panic. Already primed and ready to stop the D-Marked Digimon are Pikkan, Tike, David, Kara, Sonja, Sailor Eris, Sailor Ixion, Athena & PinkPatamon's Armor Evolved form Pegacormon, CyberBeelzemon, Titaniamon, the other Digi-Destined, and the Victory Tamers.

"We're counting on you guys to protect these people!" Tai called out to the others staying behind.

Pikkan grumbled. "Why couldn't I have come?"

CyberBeelzemon chortled. "Look at it this way, we have much to catch up on while we play target practice."

"Still can't believe you were my rival Astamon. You've definitely moved up the ranks."

"Thanks, man," CyberBeelzemon grinned devilishly, cocking his blaster and pulling out an explosive device.

"As soon as I'm done here, I'm heading where either Tai of the panda's groups are. Wanna come?"

"Wish I could, but I want to stay and support my wife's match. She's competing you know."

Taken aback, the Alterian sputtered. "What the hell?! You married?!"

"You haven't noticed our rings?" CyberBeelzemon showed him his ring on his left finger finger. He then pointed Pikkan to Titaniamon, who also wore a similar ring on her hand.

"What?! You and her?!"

"It's a long story, but it did involve an Amazon ceremony in that YYGDM-01 dimension. We fought, pushed each other to our limits, and our fight ended in a draw. The queen was nice enough to let us marry despite the conditions."

"How has that Ken kid been able to take it?"

"Since the last major battle, he's given us more leeway and freedom, but we're still his Digimon partners."

Pikkan shook his head. "Talk about crazy shit. Still, I'm dropping out of the match even though I just advanced."


"Just to give your wife a better fighting chance and I don't want to waste my time fighting that goofball dipshit for his title."

CyberBeelzemon laughed. "When did the great Pikkan develop a chivalric code?"

"It's not like that at all!"

"All right, my group follow my lead!" Tai declared as he and VictoryGreymon shot up into the air, leading their group toward the direction Shintomon took earlier.

"Be careful, guys," TK muttered.

"Good luck, Tai! We'll take care of things here!" Sora called out, readying her Arrows of Love.

"We'll be leaving soon, my friends. Make sure and try to keep up."

Dimitri added. "Oh, don't you worry about us. We will."

Sedna glanced over to see Athena and Pegacormon standing close to Eris and Ixion. "Be careful, sweetie. We'll be reunited after all this is over."

X, Simms, and Gennai stayed behind.

"Think they can avert the crisis, X?"

"I hope they can, Simms. They have a big enough group to make a difference. They can give Shintomon the support he sorely needs. Powerful as he is, he's still nowhere near his father's level."


Digital World/120 Miles from Dark Coven location/2:50 PM

Meanwhile, Fuegomon, Fluorescemon, and the other Dark Warriors hastily made their advance to their destination. Fuegomon made sure to carry the device filled with Celesta X's Ascendant energy carefully.

Shintomon purposefully slowed his pace to allow the others to catch up. In no time, Tai, VictoryGreymon, and their entourage all flew into view as the Supreme Digi-Deity prince sighted them. Imperialdramon was seen carrying most of the Legendary Warriors aka the ones who can't fly; Ardhamon, Fairymon, and Blitzmon were the only ones able to fly and catch up.

"I'm knew you'd come," Shintomon said as Tai and VictoryGreymon glided over to his right. "I can't thank you enough. We probably can't win without you."

"You need help to beat those two?" Ardhamon asked.

"No, they and those other Dark Warriors are just pawns," Shintomon answered. "Our foe, the head of the Dark Coven, is a warlock of pure evil."

"Warlock?" BanchoLeomon asked.

(Cue Dragonball Kai OST – A New Foe Rears His Head)

"Correct. Long ago in another part of this Digiverse, long before the Huanglongmon and the Sovereigns first evolved, there lived an evil sorcerer named BlackMagimon. One day, he accidentally created a terrible monster. This monster is a fearsome entity known as D-Reaper."

The reveal of the creature's name shocked the Beast Tamers and their Digimon. They and the others quickly reflected to the warning Beyond made regarding another D-Reaper he and his brother Greil engaged, which led to the demise of the Ascendant race in their universe.

"Did I just hear that right?" MegaGargomon/Henry asked with shock in his tone. "The D-Reaper?!"

"It can't be! We stopped D-Reaper already!"

"This D-Reaper is far different from the one you Tamers defeated in your own universe," Shintomon corrected them. "In fact, this D-Reaper's origins are traced to a different dimension from this one as well. It's origins are similar yet different from the one you're used to, Tamers. What started as an early deletion program in the human world was extracted by BlackMagimon and converted into an engine of destruction thanks to the sorcerer's dark magic. This D-Reaper exhibits neither reason nor compassion. He exits solely for slaughter and the extinction of digital races. He exists to strike fear into the hearts of all living things. In just a mere few years, hundreds of Digital Worlds were wiped out. BlackMagimon has also moved D-Reaper into different dimensions and destroyed many, including this world you speak of where Beyond and Greil were raised."

Kari furrowed her brows. "How terrible."

"Holy crap, you're kidding!" YoukaiInumon/Himura was baffled hearing this.

"Definitely a different D-Reaper than the one we're accustomed to," Sakuyamon/Rika noted.

"Still, we can take him, right, Takato?" Gallantmon asked.

Takato replied while inside his partner. "Surely if we're all here together."

"Definitely Majin Buu inspired," Brunhilde muttered. "Not good."

Yamato smirked after hearing Shintomon's story. Any Ascendant could do that.

"No, Yamato," Shintomon answered, shocking the young man as Digi-Deity quickly probed his thoughts on a whim. "Way back when, there were five Supreme Digi-Deities. Each of them could've easily fell Burizalor in a single blow. Four of them were eradicated by D-Reaper. My father was the only survivor. "

"Sheesh, you're kidding?! Your father was one of five of these powerful digi-god types?!" Tai was flabbergasted hearing this.

Yamato growled. Why the hell didn't anyone warn me he could read minds?!

"D-Reaper's ferocity was far too great for his creator to handle. When he needed a respite, BlackMagimon placed the monster under a magic seal."


Southern Realm/40 Miles Away from Zhuqiaomon's Castle

Buddhamon used his own method of 'Instant Movement', which he calls 'Kai Kai Movement' to teleport him and his party miles from Zhuqiaomon's castle. Much like Shintomon, he briefed them on the D-Reaper's back story.

Buddhamon delved into more of what Shintomon briefed with his group. "BlackMagimon has since shifted D-Reaper's seal to different dimensions and released him to destroy any being BlackMagimon considers a threat to his plans. It was until recently he brought the sealed egg to their next target: this dimension, including all four Digital Realms and the Earth. The egg is on the Eastern Realm as we speak. The last Supreme Digi-Deity's prince, whom you've seen before you, was waited for this chance. With his father's approval, Prince Shintomon went to slay BlackMagimon before the villain could release the monster. D-Reaper was left intact inside his sealed shell. It was assumed only BlackMagimon could release the seal, but recently we learned of something dreadful."


Digital World/80 Miles from Dark Coven location/2:58 PM

"The sorcerer BlackMagimon had a son!" Shintomon revealed. "And make no mistake. DarkMagimon is every bit the monster his father is!"

"All we have to do is just stop them from reviving D-Reaper," Tai plainly said.

"Precisely, which means destroying DarkMagimon first."

"Is this guy tough?" Wolfmon asked.

"He's physically weak, but he has no need for strength when he has his dark magic. His father, BlackMagimon, was the same. Warlocks like them take advantage of the evil within people and take control of them. Sometimes all it takes is finding a trace of hate and darkness in someone's heart, which DarkMagimon exploited in Zhuqiaomon and used that Sovereign's old hate for humanity to convert him. In the case of the Dark Warriors, DarkMagimon stole the Legendary Spirits, which were meant to be found by a group of warriors one day, but he used his dark magic to transform the spirits into his dark warriors."

Ardhamon frowned. "Now we know how they were turned into those Dark Warriors. We've already encountered one Dark Warrior from our dimension."

"Don't get me started," Loweemon scowled, remembering seeing Duskmon with the other Dark Warriors.

"Don't worry. We're gonna beat the crap outta those fakers!" Arbormon vowed.

"Well, technically they're this dimension's Legendary Warriors," Chakkoumon corrected him.

"Hey, let me just enjoy the thought of beating up my counterpart, ok?"

"Sis, things are looking to get crazy from here on out," MegaGargomon/Henry addressed Ranamon.

"Yeah, tell me about it."

"Let's just hope he hasn't involved anyone of formidable strength to oppose us," Shintomon said.

"So, why were Fuegomon and Fluorescemon there at the tournament? Most importantly, what did they do to me?" An inquiring Kari demanded to know.

"D-Reaper has been sealed away for a while. To revive him, BlackMagimon and now DarkMagimon requires a tremendous energy source. He knew he could tap such energy quickly at the tournament. You were the perfect source when you turned Ascendant, Hikari, just as we anticipated. Your energy was unique to any Ascendant we've ever seen."

(End theme)


Southern Realm/30 Miles Away from Zhuqiaomon's Castle

Buddhamon explained as he and most of everyone flew behind him. "Prince Shintomon and your friends are off to find his hideout. D-Reaper's shell wasn't left where it was before. The seal has since been moved around with DarkMagimon's ship. That's why he went to pursue Fuegomon, Fluorescemon, and their cohorts."

"But, why leave the D-Reaper around?" Keke asked.

"Well, he just said the bad guys keep moving D-Reaper's shell around? Maybe they're already onto the Digigods and feel compelled to move around," Ken (XLR) replied. "Maybe these bastards have some method of dimension travel?"

"Kinda like the Arcadian Cross," Dai-Valkyrie Sedna said. "Aya told me her and Zagato's ship usually shift through the Aether Sea and opens rifts to other dimensions. That's how they were able to cross over into my world. Maybe DarkMagimon has been using that."

Dai-Valkyrie Orcus added. "How can I forget that? The Arcadian Cross, I mean."

Dai-Valkyrie Varuna scoffed. "Too bad we're not going where this DarkMagimon is. I'd love to cut this freak into pieces!"

Dai-Valkyrie Quaoar chuckled. "Our friends can take care of that problem for us."

"Indeed, we're here to confront and subdue Zhuqiaomon," Buddhamon promptly reminded them. "Destroying Zhuqiaomon is not our intent."

"We can try using our Sailor powers to remove the dark magic DarkMagimon's used on Zhuqiaomon," the Kuiper leader suggested.

Dimitri nodded. "That's a good idea, but make sure you're careful when you guys get close. If this Zhuqiaomon is anything like the one from the world we're in..."

"I know. Every Zhuqiaomon I've met are grumpy birds, but one that's been brainwashed by some warlock is going to be a bit troublesome."

"Stay close and suppress your powers, everyone. We don't want Zhuqiaomon to know we're approaching."

With that, the group continued their trek toward Zhuqiaomon's castle.

"Hey, sis," Ken (XLR) asked Sedna. "What do you think? Could this D-Reaper be the same one Paradox and Greil have mentioned before? Everything's really falling in line to what they warned us."

"I have little doubt," the Ice Senshi said. "And this D-Reaper must be the same monster that's been plaguing my dreams lately. It's not just a dream. It was a message. A warning. We have to stop DarkMagimon and his coven at all costs."

AlforceVeedramon added. "We will stop them, Sedna. Just as we're done knocking sense into the big red turkey."

"Remember. Don't flip out and try to kill Zhuqiaomon. I know how heated you can be in a fight."

"Don't worry, sis. I won't need the Zero Factor for this."

Buddhamon overheard Ken (XLR) as the mention of 'Zero Factor' got his attention. He has THAT ability?!


Destiny Island/3:05 PM

Meanwhile, the others that stayed behind fended off the D-Marked Digimon sent by Zhuqiaomon and DarkMagimon in an attempt to delay the heroes. However, that strategy was ultimately stopped altogether.

Pikkan, Tike, David, Kara, Sonja, Sailor Eris, Sailor Ixion, Athena & PinkPatamon's Armor Evolved form Pegacormon, CyberBeelzemon, Titaniamon, the other Digi-Destined, and the Victory Tamers were already taking care of business all over Destiny Island. Others stuck close the tournament arena to fight off the corrupted Digimon. While others spread all over the Destiny Island to neutralize the D-Marked Digimon invaders.

(Cue The Matrix Reloaded OST – Chateau)

Tike and David were seen flying up headbutting an Airdramon, sending it flying into the ocean. Kara hovered behind a Flymon and kicked it so hard she dropped it into the beach.

"Boom! Score!" Tike, David, and Kara shouted in unison.

They watched a swarm of D-Marked Flymon amass in front of them.

"Want some more, guys? Don't say we didn't warn ya!" Tike boasted. "You're looking at the next champ right here!" He formed two Ki balls in both palms and shot them at Flymon.

Pikkan and CyberBeelzemon were seen beating up an army of D-Marked Fuugamon.

"The one who takes out the most targets wins! Ready? Go!" CyberBeelzemon declared as he began shooting up and slashing up some Fuugamon and Roachmon. He turned around, pointing his custom made shotgun. "Laser Impact!" He quickly blew a Fuugamon's head off and blew apart some Roachmon as double shotgun bullets hit them.

"Show-off!" Pikkan howled as he smashed both fists together, shooting a fire blast that incinerated some Garbagemon. "Thunder Flash Attack!"

"Corona Blaster!" CyberBeelzemon fired off his main canon weapon, discharging assorted blasts that took out a few Flymon. He quickly turned on his 'scouter' and locked onto a swarm of FlyBeemon and Flymon. "Bang. Death Blossom." He initiated his attack and fired off blasts. "Laser Impact!" He shot up more aerial Digimon.

Two Apemon attempted to ambush CyberBeelzemon from behind. Pikkan intervened by punching them both down. He spun around kicking a Roachmon down.

"Darkness Claw!" CyberBeelzemon slashed two Fuugamon apart. "Man, this is getting tedious."

"Hey, tell me. How is your form different from other Beelzemon? What happened to you?"

"Guess I forgot to tell you? I've become Digi-locked with a HiAndromon."


"I already explained it to you when we fought that Hydra thing not too long ago."

The Alterian replied, groaning. "Yeah, my memories getting bad."

"Probably all those blows in the head you've taken from all those fights."

"Hey, why don't we just settle this in the ring? Screw this damn tournament!"

CyberBeelzemon sighed. "Dude, we'd need a bigger arena and barriers to protect the fans when we cut loose." He pointed his shotgun behind him. "Missed one." He shot a hole through a Roachmon and made him explode.

"Why don't you two just kiss and make up already?!" Titaniamon called out from above them.

Both CyberBeelzemon and Pikkan looked up to see Titaniamon fighting off ten Apemon on a roller coaster. She was spinning around slashing up Apemon with graceful moves. She turned her blade and slashed a Yanmamon in half.

Jumping off a train on a roller coaster, she raced on a rail and discharged a lightning spell from her sword. "Testarossa Force!" She quickly sliced up Yanmamon, Flymon, and FlyBeemon. She then converted her armor into Ultima Mode. A 'V' materialized on her chest armor, turning her whole armor orange and gold. "Crescent Beam!" She unleashed a barrage of blasts on an Apemon.

As a RustTyrannomon charged at her, Titaniamon's Ultima Mode turned green and a 'J' appeared on her chest plate. "Supreme Thunder Dragon!" She summoned a massive dragon forged from a thunder bolt. "Courtesy of my friend Sailor Jupiter! Have some!" She quickly neutralized RustTyrannomon, causing him to malfunction. She then raced forward while her Ultima Armor converted to a dark purple scheme and an 'S' flashed on her chest plate. Her sword quickly turned into a glaive, which she used to slice up the robotic dinosaur in half.

Garbagemon fired off garbage blasts from cannons and aimed them at Titaniamon Ultima Mode.

Titaniamon UM raised her glaive, producing a barrier in front of her. "Silence Wall!" She quickly stopped the garbage and jumped up spinning her glaive around, sending projectiles that cut up the Garbagemon.

"Um, damn..." Pikkan was left aghast at Titaniamon UM's feats.

"That's my wife. She has a good shot winning that belt if she goes all out using her Ultima Mode."

"Um, yeah, she has good odds. Mummymon better kiss ass and his belt goodbye."

Sonja was not too far off from Titaniamon UM as she summoned energy discs from her hands. "Destructo Discs!" She threw them at Roachmon and Apemon, slicing them up. Another RustTyrannomon came charging behind her. She merely turned and raised her hand, one-shotting the behemoth with a destructive blast. "Power Blitz!"

Sailor Ixion dodged Garbagemon's trash blasts and fired poisonous arrows to take them out. As an Airdramon swooped down to grab her, Ixion barrel-rolled to the side and transformed into her Dai-Valkyrie form, which was semi-armor set that was a mix of yellow and brown. She had on a long black skirt covering her legs and barely showing her yellow boots. She jetted up and shot a bigger poison arrow that neutralized the Airdramon.

Sailor Eris threw her lasso and ensnared two Roachmon. "Yuck! And I thought I'd seen the last of big roaches since living the ranch! You guys take the cake!" She tossed around the Roachmon and tossed them into the air. Suddenly, a barrage of beams were fired from above as Yanmamon swooped in to attack her. She quickly evaded their blasts and transformed into her Dai-Valkyrie form. Dai-Valkyrie Eris wore a similar revealing armor with sandals, but her armor schemes were mostly green rather than white and gold.

Eris flew up as two falcon wings made of spirit energy helped fly her up. She unleashed a tornado attack that swept the Yanmamon back. She formed a funnel around her right fist and punched a RustTyrannomon so hard she clocked the machine hard.

Sonja observed both Titaniamon UM and Dai-Valkyrie Eris. Looks like I've got decent competition in the tournament after all.

Phillipe sped through some Apemon and Roachmon hitting them with speed blitzed attacks. He dodged Garbagemon blasts.

"Augh! Hold still, ya punk!"

"Keep firing!"

"We're stinking up this whole place! Oh, shit!" A Garbagemon exploded as Phillipe ran through him.

Artemismon, who Mega Digivolved from Jaguarmon, emerged resembling a female human. She had long, brown hair flowing down her back and her eyes were emerald. Resembling that of a mythical warrior, her chest armor she wore was purely white. Stretched down her legs were black pants, long white boots and matching color gauntlets. Covering her mouth was a white mask. Each gauntlet had a violet gem embedded at the center. Her white helmet assumed the shape of a feline's face with a pair of crimson eyes on the sides. Flowing down her back was a majestic, red cape. Strapped on her back was a white long bow with arrows.

Artemismon dodged and shot down Fuugamon with arrows. Sora joined in helping Artemismon by using her Arrows of Love to take out some Roachmon. Phoenixmon blasted away Airdramon with fire shots.

"Yuck! Get back, Roachmon!" Mimi screamed, sweeping back Roachmon with her Fan of Sincerity.

"Tell me about it, Mimi! I"d thought you and me seen the last of our roach problems!" Yolei added, conveying her utter disgust and contempt for the disgusting insects. "C'mon!" She ran off luring two Roachmon away. She turned a corner and waited for them. As the Roachmon turned, she threw her Shuriken of Caring at them.

The Roachmon duo dodged the Shuriken and bumrushed her. "Ya missed!"

"Who said I was aiming to take you out? I was just a distraction."

"Huh?!" The Roachmon gawked in confusion.

"Now, Silphymon! Squash these bugs!"

As Silphymon dropped behind the Roachmon, he crushed them under his hands.

"Bingo! Life saver like always, Silphymon!"


Meanwhile, Jeri used telepathy to pick up a roller coaster train and smashed some Apemon with it. Her partners, Felinismon and Leomon, backed each other fighting off D-Marked Digimon. Kazu bumrushed through Roachmon and Garbagemon, sending them all flying back. Andromon bombarded Apemon with guided missiles and lasers. MarineAngemon sealed up Roachmon in bubbles while Kenta protected bystanders.

"Everyone get to safety!" Ken (Kai) addressed the audience. He sighted a Fuugamon sneaking up on a some civilian Digimon. He pulled out his Boomerang of Kindness, which he hit the Fuugamon and stunned with.

JewelBeemon swooped in slashing Fuugamon.

"Thanks, JewelBeemon!"

JewelBeemon gave him a thumbs up and flew off to take out some Yanmamon.

Cody fought off a Roachmon with his Blade of Humility. He turned the blade and stabbed Roachmon. Shakkoumon backed Cody up protecting him from Airdramon.

"Heads up!" Joe hollered, shoving his Spear of Reliability into another Roachmon.

Plesiomon expelled water blasts, which washed away some Garbagemon.

Izzy put up his Shield of Knowledge, protecting some civilian Digimon. HerculesKabuterimon tackled a RustTyrannomon back as the giants wrestled back and forth.

Even Sagitarrimon, one of the few remaining competitors left, helped defend the civilian Digimon.

"Things are certainly looking up!" Jim shouted as he, Jun, Mantarou, Momoe, and Chizuru sent their Digimon to defend the arena.

"Sonja, hope you don't mind some help!" Jun called to the female Artificial. She sent Dinohumon to tackle some Roachmon.

Sonja looked down, nodding in approval. "Thanks, Jun."

Tike and Kara boasted together. "That'll show them!"

David added. "We got plenty of work to do it."

(End theme)


(Cue Dragonball Z Battle of Gods OST – The Pilaf Gang Runs Away)

Elsewhere within the arena, Meryl was chased down by some Roachmon and Garbagemon. The child tripped over and hit the ground. She turned around as a Roachmon reached to grab her. She screamed frightfully until Athena dropped in landing kicks to the D-Marked Digimon. She knocked each back and elbowed a Roachmon's face. Pegacormon swooped up and picked Meryl on her back.

"Good save, Athena!" Pegacormon said.

"Let's get her to safety, Pegacormon!" Athena ordered as she flew off with Pegacormon.

(End theme)

Meryl opened her eyes and gasped when realizing where she was. "Where am I?!"

"You're safe now," Athena reassured her. Giving a disgusted look, she then wiped the Roachmon's spit off her hands. "Ugh, giant roaches! Gross!"

Meryl's eyes lit up with joy as she fawned over Athena. Wow, she's so cool! She can fly and she's got a pegacorn!


Somewhere in the arena, Mummymon was escorted out of his dressing room as he stopped to gawk at all the commotion.

"Sir, we have to find Meryl! With all this chaos going on, I can't imagine her getting caught up in trouble!" Arukenimon chided him.

"Meryl!" Mummymon called out for his daughter. He spotted Tony near the ring and confronted him. "Have you seen my daughter?"

"Sorry, champ, but with all this craziness happening I wish I knew!" Tony said until he looked up and pointed to Pegacormon flying over the arena with Meryl. "Um, is that her?"

"Huh?" Mummymon looked up and gasped. "MERYL! GET DOWN HERE!"

"Hey, dad! This is pretty fun! I'm flying high up!" Meryl cheered. "This girl and her Digimon saved me!"

Athena flew over the arena with Pegacormon. She paused and sensed an immense power encroaching near the island.

"I don't like this feeling," Athena muttered. "Pegacormon, let's drop her off and find out what this is."


(Cue Digimon Xros Wars OST - Kazegumo)

"Hey, there's something off from the shore!" Pikkan sighted a massive figure emerging from the ocean's depths.

"A bigger target. Perfect," CyberBeelzemon grinned evilly, readying his both shotgun and cannon. "Bring it on!"

Sonja sighted the behemoth and scanned it with her sensors. "This has a higher strength level than these lightweights. One or two of us might have take him on."


Emerging from the ocean came an army of large grayish-green raptors with head structures resembling that of an Allosaurus. D-marks were seen on their foreheads. These are the Venatomons.

Also coming out of the ocean was a huge muscular tyrannosaur with three claws on its tiny arms, scaly grayish-green skin, and its abnormally huge jaws. A D-mark is seen emblazoned on its chest. This tyrannosaur Digimon, a top predator of Planet Cretaceous, made every other Tyrannomon types look insignificant in comparison.

However, riding this fearsome monster is a towering 30 foot tall Ogremon-like being that looked like something straight out of Monster Hunter. He has light green skin, dark green/gold armor with red stripes, shoulder skull plates with spikes, four gold/red horns on his head, white hair, golden skull feet, and carries a huge crude, golden sword with SkullGreymon's head. A 'D' mark is seen plain sight on his chest. This was Titamon, born born from the data of Digimon defeated by the Olympus XII from Planet Spira.

Titamon sighted Destiny Island's amusement park and witnessed the signs of battle not too far. A loud grunt escaped his mouth. Coming into Titamon's plain view were Pikkan, CyberBeelzemon, Titaniamon UM, Sonja, Tike, Kara, and David.

(End theme)


Digital World/10 Miles from Dark Coven location/3:15 PM

"DarkMagimon and his father often like choosing locations where it's inaccessible to Digimon and humans," Shintomon inferred. "Where we're going, it'll probably be an uninhabitable place."

As they made several more miles forward, they noticed the Ten Dark Warriors descending past high rock formations.

"They're making their descent, everyone!" Shintomon announced as he and the group lowered near the rock formations. "That's strange me and Buddhamon just checked this vicinity before. Everyone suppress your powers!"

Meanwhile, the Dark Warriors descended near what appeared to be a small white cone-like structure protruding from the earth. The front of the cone-like formation was the same 'D' symbol emblazoned on the top. A door slid up making a whirling sound and out came an alien with a resembling Burizalor's third form and facial features looking like Rezor's. He is seen wearing a black jumpsuit and white armor with two spikes on the backside. He has the same 'D' mark on his forehead.

The alien creature grinned, chortling. "Ah, they're here, my master." He walked out to greet the Dark Warriors and checked the device Fuegomon carried.

Behind the backdrop of the rock formation Shintomon, Tai, VictoryGreymon, and the others descended. Most of the Digimon regressed back to their Rookie forms, especially Imperialdramon, whose massive size made him too conspicuous. They poked their heads out and surveyed the area where the Dark Warriors landed.

"Hey, I see someone! Is that DarkMagimon?" asked Kari.

"No, that's one of DarkMagimon's henchmen," Shintomon answered.

Gallantmon/Takato noticed the terrain encompassing the cone-like structure. "Hey, is it just me or does the earth where they're standing on seem like it's been recently dug up?"

"It does appear to be dug up from the ground," MegaGargomon/Henry noticed.

"Of course! Not only has he managed to shift between dimensions, but his ship was hidden underground!" Shintomon realized. "That explains why we never found it! He knows we've been pursuing him. Otherwise, why bother hiding his ship here? He's kept throwing us off."

"We should make our move before they utilize Kari's Ascendant energy and revive D-Reaper with it!" BanchoLeomon said.

Sheila scoffed. "Hate to agree with the kitty cat, but I suggest the direct course of action. We've got a bunch of us here."

"No, they'll come outside to resurrect D-Reaper so they don't destroy the ship. We can make our move then. Let's see and wait."

(Cue Dark Music – Dark Ritual by Adrian von Ziegler)

As the alien walked inside the ship, he left the Dark Warriors out to wait.

Ardhamon growled. "Man, this is getting tense. I want to fight and stop our evil counterparts."

"Calm down, Takuya. We'll get our chance," Wolfmon whispered.

Loweemon shuddered as he eyed Duskmon. I can't believe our paths are going to cross again. Duskmon, you're the last guy I ever wanted to see again!

Kari shifted over toward a house that was near the underground ship. She and others became horrified when they sighted the the bodies of three; a father, mother, and child Burgermon. The father was seen laying with a hole in his head and laying in a pool of his blood. In a more grisly sight, the mother was literally torn in half from the waist with her blood staining the ground. The child was laying facefirst with his neck snapped.

"Those monsters..." Kari gritted her teeth, trying her hardest to suppress her anger.

"They won't get away with this," Ophanimon muttered angrily.

"How could they?" Fairymon shared Kari and Ophanimon's disgust.

"Everyone, someone's coming out!" BanchoLeomon announced, getting everyone's attention.

Another whirling around was heard coming from the cone-shaped structure. Like an elevator, a platform shifted up with two individuals inside; there was a short one and a tall one behind him. A black clawed hand came out of the door first.

The alien emerged and stood beside the Ten Dark Warriors. They all bowed their heads to the short figure floating down.

The impish sorcerer looked like an alien imp with tan skin and two small antennas on his chin. He was seen wearing an orange cape, a small black chest plate, a light blue pant-like robe, black shoes, and a white belt with a 'D' emblem.

Towering over DarkMagimon was a bearded demon that resembled Devimon, only with a more built and robust upper body. Muscles filled out his arms. His wings are perfect with no damage unlike Devimon's. Like the other enslaved Digimon, he, too, has a 'D' mark in his forehead.

No, not him! Has DarkMagimon managed to enslave HIM of all monsters?! Shintomon was bewildered upon seeing the Devimon-like figure. He got the King of all Demons?!

(End theme)


Next episode: The Insidious DarkMagimon and KingDevimon's Trap!


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