Silver and Gold

Professor Severus Snape could have cackled at that very moment; if that didn't mean he would break out of character…

But, he was indeed having more fun right now than all those times he spent trying to prank that blasted James and his insufferable gang. Now, all he had to do was make sure that Elric fell for this and the other professors never found out that he was to blame.

The plan was simple enough. Elric was due to visit his class today to gain some insight about the magical world – this time, potion wise. Severus had rigged the work table Elric would be sitting at just a few hours earlier so that the cauldron nearest to him would explode. For the fun of it, he had wanted to put a batch of Shrinking potion in the pot; unfortunately, Severus was too lazy to have to brew up an Enlargement potion later, so he decided to go with a classic – the Color potion.

Rubbing his hands rather gleefully, Severus glided towards the door to call the students in; the third year Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs. "Come in," he sneered cheerfully, making many of the students shiver in fear at the sight of a gleeful Snape. It never, ever meant anything good if the Potions master was happy about something. Perhaps today was the day the professor was to fulfill his ever present threat of testing poisons on them…

Severus, who as usual, was completely oblivious to the aura of fear permeating in his class, started his lesson as he always would; by sneering, listing out the instructions, ingredients and dishing out a few…warnings of what could happen to the failures. All in all, it was a pretty normal start to a potions lesson in Hogwarts; nevertheless the students were grateful that today's assignment was a simple Color potion, the only hard part of it being able to choose the right ingredients to make a specific color, but today they were allowed to experiment with it.

Now they just had to figure out why the potions master was being so lenient with them…

'Knock, knock'

When the students had reached the third step or so in making their concoctions, the doors to the dungeons opened, revealing the Alchemy professor. Snape had just nodded at the man and gestured for him to sit down on a stool near a work table at the back. Nodding, the blonde had done so; peering at both the instructions at the board and some of the premade potion, while looking through a thick volume.

Nobody noticed the evil, amused glint in the Potion's master eyes however. Neither did they notice the greasy haired man reach for his wand and give it a slight wave.

Instead, all of them jumped at the sudden explosion at the back of the class, at the exact spot where the Alchemy professor was seated.

"Ack!" they heard him shout, as they all scrambled to the front of the class, away from the smoke. Expecting Snape to sneer and chase them back to their places, the students turned to face him, more concerned about their fates rather than the Amestrian behind. They had also expected Snape to be slightly, slightly, concerned about his colleague…but instead, there was a huge smirk plastered on his face much to the shock of the poor students. Apparently, their professor was having…fun.

When the smoke cleared to reveal the Alchemist, the smirk had only widened, to the point where most of the students thought that Snape was smiling. A Ravenclaw had almost run out of the room by then, with the sudden urge to scream of the world's end, if that made any sense…

Meanwhile, Edward was hacking away, trying desperately to clear the smoke around him by waving his hands about. Having no idea as to what had just happened, Ed somehow managed to step out of the smoke, eyes watering, only to hear suppressed giggles from the students – and weirdly, a smirk that could match Mustang's on the Severus's face…

"What's so funny?" he asked. Severus's smirk had widened further (how was that even possible?!) when he replied, "I suggest you look at yourself, Elric." Raising an eyebrow, Ed slowly brought his eyes dow to his fuchsia pink pants…Wait a second…FUSCHSIA?!

Frantically, Ed took a good look at himself. If his clothes were any indication, every single part of him that was exposed had somehow been dyed a brilliant pink, including his hair. His eyes widened as a thought clicked into his mind; the only person who had any motive for doing this…he growled out, "Severus…what did you do?"

"And why would you think I did anything?" was the cool answer, "After all, it was just an …accident." Edward was not convinced however, when the Potions master smirked amusedly as he said that. Instead of prolonging the pointless argument though, Ed stomped out of the room, deciding to make a run to Madam Pomphrey.

After all, revenge could always come later…

But for now, the scoreboard would remain;

Edward: 1, Severus: 1


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