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It's a normal school day in your class 2-1 in Raimon Junior High; the Math teacher had just finished giving out last week's test result, and your class was in such a hectic about it, to which the teacher tried to calm them down but with no avail.


You were sitting on your desk – ignoring all those noises – looking at your paper test facing you in your hands that bore the score of 95, which was a good score for many, but not exactly for the competitive, perfectionist you. Especially when your rival got a perfect score of 100, a fact that you found out from the amazed squeals of your female friends.

You were about to thoroughly scan your paper test once more in attempt to find your mistake when a familiar voice called you.

"(L/n)-san? What did you get for your Math test?" Yes, your very rival – Shindou Takuto himself – was bending his body over your table, smiling nicely as ever.

"As you can see," you leaned the paper so he can see it. "Ninety-five."

"Ah, that's a nice score." He took the paper from your hands to examine it. "You only got one number wrong," he pointed out that certain number.

"But you got better; one hundred," You quietly – and in some envy – said to him. "You nearly always get one hundred."

"Hmm?" Noticing the strange tone in your face, he lifted his head from the paper and focused his hazel eyes on you, and began speaking. "Well, (L/n)-san—"

"Uwah, you got ninety-five, (L/n)?!" an amazed voice of Kirino Ranmaru popped from behind Shindou, cutting Shindou's sentence.

"Eh? What about you, Kirino-kun?" You asked, already had an assumption that he got a score below you.

"This!" Kirino shoved his paper test right in front of your face with a frown, on which, after moving your face backwards a bit, you can see a 60 written there – in other words, he should be expecting a remedial test next week.

"Ahaha… Do better next time, Kirino." Shindou tried to cheer his friend up.

"Argh…" Kirino groaned desperately. "And another remedial next week… My mom's gonna kill me…"

"Well, Kirino-kun, it's still better than…" Your sight and finger hovered for a while, before stopping on a certain direction, "them."

Both Shindou and Kirino turned their heads to the direction you pointed, to find a group of three, the Niinen Trio: Hayami, Kurama and Hamano, standing next to each other, holding their paper tests.

Hayami was screeching about a foreseen apocalypse, Kurama was uttering every single swear word known to mankind, increasing his volume at every word, while Hamano was scratching the back of his head with one hand and holding the paper test with the other, not speaking at all but confusion was written all over his face.


Upon the view, you, Kirino and Shindou could only sweat-drop – their reactions were worse.


"Eh… Shall we go to them?" Kirino asked. "To cheer them up too?"

"Okay… why not?" Shindou agreed, and so the three of you advanced there.


"You guys—" You were about to start your question when Hayami interrupted.

"AHHH! THIS IS THE WORST MARK I'VE EVER GOT FOR MY MATH TEST! IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD! I'M GOING TO BE KILLED BY MY MOM!" Hayami shook your shoulders upon his 'newest revelation'.

"Argh, this—this stupid, crap, fu—hmmff!" Kurama was still grumbling his 'lovely' words until Kirino shut his mouth with his hands, fearing for more even offensive words that would have caused Kurama to be sent to the Counseling Room for 'polite-speaking' lessons.

"Hamano…" Shindou called to the still-staring-at-the-paper Hamano.

"Erm, Shindou… I don't understand this at all…" he answered. "What did I do wrong?" Shindou took the paper and as he scanned, you can see a sweat-drop from Shindou, as if saying "Seems there's no hope at all…" or "I guess I'll give you an additional lesson for the remedial?"


"Well, seeing you guys, my friends, are going to have a remedial… why don't we study at my house? I'll help you guys," Shindou offered – just like you had thought Shindou would do, seeing his previous sweat-drop.

"ARE YOU SERIOUS?" Hayami, Hamano and Kurama answered with the same words but different expressions – Kurama seemed in doubt, Hayami was shocked and Hamano seemed grateful.

"Eh? You passed THAT DEADLY TEST, Shindou?" Hayami asked in disbelief.

"Of course! What would you expect from our class' best student!" Kirino snapped with a sweat-drop, and suddenly realizing your also-notable reputation, he added, "Yep, like (L/n)!"

"Let me correct that, Shindou-kun's the best student, not me," you immediately answered humbly – despite that's the truth you whole-heartily thought, even though you can't help feeling proud at being equalized with the smart Shindou.

"Haha… So, would you like to help me in this, (L/n)-san?" Shindou chuckled.

"Of course! If you guys don't mind, that is," you smiled, always feel nice of Shindou's humbleness, in spite of his obvious smartness.

"So you passed too?" Hamano turned to you, and in response you nodded and smiled.

"Uwaaah, how nice…" Hayami replied, to which, Hamano and Kurama nodded in unison.


"Well then, when shall we start?" Kirino asked.

"My house is free to do additional lessons at any day," Shindou smiled. "There's no practice after school today, so shall we start this afternoon? You can all have lunch at my house,"

"Will there be fish?" Hamano's eyes glittered in hope.

"I guess I can ask my chefs to cook herring or tuna or whatever you like…" Shindou replied with a chuckle at the fish-lover boy.

"And… um… there's no ghost there, right?" Hayami suddenly asked.

"Eh?" Shindou asked in confusion. "Ghosts?"

"I—I heard that huge houses like yours usually have unseen beings like ghosts inhabiting there…" Hayami quivered.

"Hahaha no! That probably works for very old buildings like ancient castles or palaces but, as far as I knew, there are no ghosts in my house!" Shindou laughed.

"Don't worry! There are a lot of butlers and maids and other workers to help us hunt the ghost down if one is spotted!" You followed with a laugh. That's true, you have never visited Shindou's house before, but you already heard the richness of Shindou's family and his house's pleasures from Kirino.

"O-Okay…" Hayami nodded.

"Any other objections?" Kirino smiled.

"Nope," Kurama shook his head.

"Well then! Let's meet up in front of the school building, shall we?" Shindou offered.

"Why in front of the school building?" You asked in confusion. "We're all in the same class!"

"You see, (L/n)… Every time practice is cancelled, Tenma would go straight to Shindou, ask him if the practice is really cancelled, ask him why, and finally, beg him to practice right away," Kirino sighed.

"I can't let anyone practice without any professionals watching like Endou-kantoku over us…" Shindou explained. "Today's practice is cancelled because Endou-kantoku had a coach meeting in the Football Association."

"That Tenma is just…" Kurama shook his head. "His head is really made up of football, isn't it…"


Before the conversation can go any further, the teacher, thinking that the students had been given enough time to evaluate their tests, yelled, "THAT IS ENOUGH! GET BACK TO YOUR SEATS IMMEDIATELY!"

The teacher's tone was final. All students immediately scrambled to their chairs, and the lesson continued.

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