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Yes, while you were quarreling as you walked, you had arrived at Shindou's house – or rather, his mansion. Yes, it was as huge as Kirino had told you, maybe even bigger? It was a fine white-painted mansion, surrounded by luscious green yards filled with different kinds of trees and neatly trimmed bushes. There was also a nice blue glittering swimming pool completed with umbrellas and casual chairs. The whole property was also fenced just like that of a fortress, with a classic golden-colored gate as the entrance.


"Uwaa~" Tenma, Shinsuke, and the rest of the Raimon, and you, who had never gone to Shindou's house could only stare in amazement.

"I'm back!" Shindou said to the interphone in next to the gate, and in a moment, the gate swung open, allowing all of you to enter. "Come in guys!"

"Uwaaahh~" Tenma and Shinsuke had run inside, preceding the owner of the house himself, which resulted in a slapping-face Aoi, a sighing Midori and a giggling Akane.

"Let them be… Tenma, Shinsuke! Come in whenever you like!" Shindou called to them, and led the group inside, to his grand study-room – with numerous mahogany polished tables and chairs.

"Have a seat! I'll ask my butlers to get you drink – what do you want? Just mention it!" Shindou offered as he stood on the door, while the rest of you sat down.

"Ice coffee!"

"Orange juice!"

"Iced water!"

"Lemon tea!"

"Sweet tea!"

Similar orders of drinks followed, until …

"Bloody Mary!"

Upon the last beverage spoken, all of you turned to the voice owner – Kariya.

"K-Kariya-kun?! Is that even a drink?" Hayami gulped; even the name doesn't sound like a drink – for human kind, but maybe yes for a vampire?

"Kariya!" Kirino turned to Kariya, who happened to be sitting next to him – a very strategic position to pester Kirino to no end.

"It is!" Kariya retorted.

"Bloody Mary…" Suddenly, you and Shindou – who had walked back to the table – started the explanation in unison.

"Eh?" Both of you turned to each other in confusion, and once again, earning more 'cheering' from the rest of you.

"Same timing of speaking?! Awww," they cheered on.

Automatically your eyes glanced to Akane – you had just arrived and Akane already had to witness two instances of possible romances between you and Shindou. You didn't dare looking at Akane's expression nor thought much about Akane's feelings about the embarrassing-photo-on-phone incident, but now you braved yourself to do it.

Akane's expression, however, was unreadable as she was facing down her camera with her bangs covering her face. Oh great, you groaned inwardly. If I were Akane, surely I wouldn't be too happy

As much as you were secretly happy – wait what? – of being acknowledged as Shindou's level, you couldn't ignore the feeling that any girl who liked Shindou, Akane for instance, would want to be in your position –

And with that, your stream of thought came into a halt. What were you just thinking?

You were happy? To be more exact, you were happy because you got to be in a position that any Shindou fan would dream about? Didn't that mean you're one of Shindou's fan – NO!

No, I'm happy because I'm seen as a rival of Shindou, you concluded. Yes, Shindou has always been your rival, and even without wanting to admit it, he's better than you since he could do sports and you couldn't… so getting in a level position for once would make you happy, right?

And no, I'm not going to steal Shindou away from Akane, you decided. Akane was such a sweet and hardworking manager of the club… you're not related to the club other than normal relations with its members and managers as schoolmates. Akane had so many chances to win Shindou's heart more than you… since they're both in the club, and you're not.

But why did your heart suddenly ache upon the thought Akane would be the one standing next to him, not you?


Your thoughts once again, came to a halt with an exclamation.

"Nice going, Shindou!" Nishiki even slapped Shindou's back, causing him to bump right in front of your face – it was less than a few centimeters length that separate your faces. And upon that realization, both of you jerked back with reddening faces.

"G-Gomenasai," Shindou, covering his supposedly-blushing face, and you, ignored more 'cheering' from the crowd.

"Continue the explanation, please." Sangoku triggered the conversation – and inwardly you thanked him for taking the embarrassing subject off.

"So—" Both of you started together – again.

"Oh, you two seemed to have the same kind of timing of thinking and speaking~" Kurama snickered.

"Just a coincidence," You murmured, still with red shades on your face, remembering how close Shindou's face was.


"So anyways… What's the Bloody Mary again?" Midori prompted.

And this time, you and Shindou only looked at each other, not starting a word.

"I'm waiting…" Kariya tapped his fingers on the table. "to prove to Kirino-senpai that Bloody Mary really and officially is a drink!"

"Go on, Shindou-kun," You finally managed to say, with your blush already lessen down a bit.

"O-Okay…" Shindou sighed. "Bloody Mary is now known as a type of a cocktail drink, consisted of some kind of fruits and soda, and is regarded as one of the hardest cocktail to make in the world."

"Yes." You nodded. Shindou does have a wide range of knowledge.


"See, Kirino-senpai? It is a drink!" Kariya smirked in victory.

"B-But, why it's named that way?" Hayami squeaked. "Doesn't seem to be a really mouth-watering or attention-catching stuff…"

"Unlike fish!" Hamano added with a grin.


"Go on, (L/n)." Shindou let you explain the rest.

"Well, the term 'Bloody Mary' was first used to refer to Queen Mary of England, who executed thousands of Catholics on her time. But over time, 'Bloody Mary' is also used as a name for a cocktail drink like Shindou-kun had explained." You finished.

"That's right," Shindou nodded.


"See? I told you, Kirino-senpai!" Kariya was still smirking to the defeated-looking Kirino.

"Yeah, yeah… but wait, you knew this all along?" Kirino suddenly gape at the realization.

"Oh, when I visited Hiroto-san last week, Midorikawa-san was bringing him the very drink, and Hiroto-san told him the name was Bloody Mary!" Kariya grinned. "Who knows that new knowledge would do a good for me this quick. Maybe I shall have to listen more of Hiroto-san and Midorikawa-san's conversations,"

"Kariya…" Kirino slapped his own forehead. "Eavesdropping is not good, and using what you got from eavesdropping to annoy others is worse!"

"Eh, by the way, Shindou-senpai… Can I really have a Bloody Mary? I wanted to have a taste of it since it's so intriguing, but Hiroto-san won't let me!" Kariya asked and pleaded.

"If you're serious about it, yeah! I guess my chefs have been taught to make international beverages!" Shindou smiled. "Is that all? Did you get them all, Himuro-san?" suddenly Shindou turned to his butler, who was standing by the door since who-knew-when – he had been completely silent until he replied, "Understood, Takuto-sama." And proceed to do his master's bidding.


"Shall we start our lesson then?" Shindou walked to the whiteboard facing the table, while you sat down on the chair nearest to the table, as it was the only one empty other than Shindou's chair.

"Eh? (L/n) is not going to help Shindou teaching?" suddenly Kirino asked – all too innocently. The others, you noticed, were all looking at you – oh yes you knew what those looks meant.

"I'll be here to assist you guys in any way," you smiled innocently in response – realizing you would get more whistles and cheers and such if you were to stand next to Shindou, side-by-side, the whole lesson.

And thus, the study group of one mentor (plus one associate mentor) and a handful of members were about to begin!

You braced yourself for whatever's going to happen – be it frustration or embarrassment or even, enjoyment.

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