*cut to battlefield*

All of the contestants were screaming and running away from the dragons that were on the loose. All of the seats of the peanut gallery had burned down and the area was ablaze with fire. They all ran behind Mount Doom to hide from the destruction that was going on in the field.

Sierra clung on tightly to both Cameron and Cody and screeched, "NEVER LEAVE ME!"

Izzy, on the other hand, ran over towards the dragons and yelled out, "Hey! Come and get me!" The dragons then dove down towards Izzy to attack her and she ran as fast as she could, yelling "You'll never get me alive!"

Before the dragons could attack her, Harry managed to grab the Hungarian Horntail's saddle and get on its back. The dragon was startled by this move, but it managed to be tamed by Harry. The Peruvian Vipertooth was still on the move after Izzy, but Harry caught it just in time by the saddle, jumped on its back, and tamed it. He then cast a spell over the battlefield that caused the fire to cease. The contestants came back to the battlefield and applauded at Harry's bold moves.

Brianna ran over to Harry and gave him a big hug. "Thank you so much, Harry! You're my savior!" she squealed.

"It is my pleasure, comrade. The dragon is tamed. So, you can hop on! You too, Lyell!" Harry said.

Brianna and Lyell both hopped onto their dragons and were ready to battle. Chris then announced, "And we're almost ready to begin the fight! Helpers, you may now go behind Mount Doom to find the weapons for your respective finalist! Remember to watch out for orcs and fire balls! Hehehe...Before we start the battle, I just have to go and run a quick errand!"

*cut to the right side of Mount Doom*

Soonchan was looking through a cannon and Macy and Michael were watching him. Chris and Chef then walked over to the interns. "Do you see her yet?" Chris asked.

"Not quite...oh, wait! I see her! Her back is turned towards us too! And she's nearby too! This is perfect!" Soonchan said, pointing to Blaineley.

"Well, what are you waiting for? Fire away and I'll double your paycheck!" Chris excitedly said.

"You never doubled my paycheck! Heck, I haven't gotten mine since you started hosting Total Drama! Gimme my money!" Chef demanded angrily.

"Ay ay, captain!" Soonchan saluted as he shot a fireball from the cannon.

*cut to Blaineley*

Blaineley was walking with her back turned to Mount Doom. She wandered around, trying to think up another prank to pull on Chris and the gang. Before she could think anything else, a big fireball hit her square in the butt. She yelped in pain and ran around in a frenzy.

"AAAAHHHH! IT BURNS! IT BURNS!" she screamed as she sprinted around in circles. She then saw a nearby pond and she dove straight into it, trying to relieve the burns she had. She then turned towards Mount Doom, saw everyone there, and then said to herself, "Oh, so they want fire, eh? Well, I'll give 'em fire! MWAHAHAHAHA!"

*cut back to battlefield*

"Also, you guys may want these!" Chris said as he handed each of them their shining armor. Brianna was handed shining blue armor and Lyell was handed shining red armor. They both put them on and hopped on their dragons.

"Alright! Red vs Blue!" Sam cheered.

"Thank you Sam! Anyways, I've stalled you guys enough! It's time we get this thing started! Helpers, go to Mount Doom and get the weapons!" Chris announced. Olivia, Connor, Brighton, and Jordan then headed off to Mount Doom to get the weapons.


"A bit too far there, Eva..." Noah said.

"Yah, my great great-" Staci said before Jo slapped her upside the head and yelled, "Shut the hell up!"

"As I was saying..." Chris said in an irritated tone. "Until your helpers get your weapons, you will have to use the dragons to your advantage!"

"Wait a minute...how do we move these things?" Lyell asked.

"Just think of it as driving a car, Lyell!" Chris announced. "Anyways, before Eva kills me, let's get this party started! Go!" He then blew the airhorn. This caused the dragons to take off into the sky, gradually.

"Remember guys! This is all above Mount Doom!" Chris reminded.

"Come on dragon dude! Let's do this for my bros and bras back home!" Lyell encouraged as he held one of the Hungarian Horntail's horns and pulled it to the right. The dragon then steered to the right really fast and Lyell was in for one wild ride! Lyell shook from left to right as he was trying to steer the dragon in the right direction. The dragon flew over to the top of Mount Doom and Lyell nearly fell off, but he managed to get back on safely.

"Let's do this!" Brianna shouted as she pulled the Peruvian Vipertooth's horn to the right. She was in for an even more wild ride as the dragon flew as fast as it could, catching up with Lyell's dragon. Brianna jumped off the dragon, did a triple backflip in the air, and successfully landed back on the dragon.

"Whoa...she's got some awesome moves!" Gwen said.

"Sha-unbelievable!" Lightning said, with his mouth gaped wide open in awe.

By then, both of the dragons were over Mount Doom and were ready to fight it out. Lyell and Brianna were both unsure of what they were going to do next. They thought for a while about what their first move was going to be. As they thought, both of the dragons glared at each other and began charging at one another, surprising both of the finalists greatly.

*cut to side of Mount Doom*

"Okay, where the f*** are we supposed to find a flipping weapon around here?!" Jordan snapped as she and the other helpers were scouring around the mountainside.

"Umm...can you please watch your language? I don't like those words very much..." Olivia told Jordan.

"NOBODY TELLS ME WHAT TO DO! CAPICHE?!" she responded back, loudly. This caused Olivia to shed a few tears and quiver slightly. She turned away from Jordan and weeped a little.

"Wow...that's pretty low..." Connor said, looking pretty shocked at what Jordan had just said.

"Uh-huh! I'm my own woman! No one's gonna tell me what to do!" Jordan firmly said. "But seriously, how are we supposed to find stuff around here?!"

"Don't worry, we'll find something!" Brighton said, looking around. He then noticed a big wizard's staff that was lying nearby. He went to get it when all of a sudden, a tall figure with shining armor and long black hair and a creepy looking face looked him straight in the eye and growled loudly under its breath.

"Oh...no..." Brighton said as the orc's shadow approached nearer and nearer and then shed darkness over his entire body.

*cut to Mount Doom*

The dragons were flying towards each other, about to clash and fight it out. At the last second, however, Lyell grabbed onto his dragon's right horn and pulled it to the right, steering it out of Brianna's way. It then turned around and now, both dragons were in the same position they started out with at the beginning. The dragons ran towards each other once again and both of the finalists steered out of each others' way and came back in the same position.

"C'mon! We need more action around here!" Chris complained.

"You call this action?! This is boring!" Heather yelled.

"This is a total snore-fest! If I were in the final two, I would've made this damn game a lot more interesting! UGH!" Deja complained.

"Hey, I'm much more interesting than you! I should be up there!" Courtney told Deja.

"That is so not true! I was an antagonist! I was a strategist! I should be up there sabotaging everyone!" she defended.

"Well, I used to be a CIT, unlike you!" Courtney snapped.

"You know what?! DIE!" Deja screamed as she ran to punch Courtney, but ended up punching Duncan instead.

"Wow...taken down by a girl! That's pretty sad, bro!" Trent said. Gwen laughed at his comment.

*cut to side of Mount Doom*

"Nuh-uh! You are not getting past me!" Brighton firmly said as he attempted to run past the orc. Suddenly, the orc raised its leg and kicked him square in the groin. "Mama..." he winced as he passed out on the ground.

"Wow, bro! You're a real wimp!" Connor said as he jumped in the air and knocked out the orc by punching it in the face. He then grabbed the staff. Before he could run back to Mount Doom with Olivia, Jordan punched him in the stomach. This caused him to squeal in pain and drop the staff. Jordan then picked it up.

"Come on Brighton! Be a man and get the hell off the ground!" she yelled as she ran off to Mount Doom. Brighton held his kiwis and ran off with her.

As Jordan was running, she came across five orcs that covered her path and refused to let her cross.

"LET ME PASS!" Jordan yelled as she banged the staff on the ground. As she did this, a huge line of light traveled from the staff and knocked out all of the orcs that were in front of her. Jordan was surprised yet extremely proud of herself at the same time.

"That was pretty impressive!" Brighton complimented.

"Why thank you! Now let's go!" Jordan responded as they both ran off to Mount Doom.

"Great! Now what are we supposed to do?" Connor complained as he held his stomach in pain.

"Look! There's a wand over here!" Olivia said, pointing to a stick nearby.

"Alright! Let's catch up to them!" Connor said. They then both ran to join the others. Suddenly, they came across an orc that was much larger than the others.

"Oh great! What are we going to do now?" he asked in frustration.

Olivia then noticed a big boulder nearby and then suggested, "Well, let's see if this thing works or not." She then waved her wand towards the boulder and said, "Wingardium Leviosa!" The boulder then traveled upwards. As this was happening, the orc walked closer and closer towards the two. Before it could lay its hands on them, Olivia raised the boulder upwards and closer to the orc. She spontaneously lowered the wand and the boulder came crashing down on the orc's head, knocking it out.

"Alright! We did it!" Connor said, giving Olivia a high-five. They then went back to Mount Doom to join the others.

*cut to Mount Doom*

"Okay, dragon dude! This time, we're gonna attack for real, okay?" Lyell told his dragon. "Let's go win this, okay?"

"This time, we're going for real, okay? The game is on, this time!" Brianna told her dragon. "Let's go!"

The dragons then came flying towards each other once again. Lyell maneuvered his dragon to claw Brianna and Brianna maneuvered her dragon to claw Lyell. The dragons managed to successfully accomplish this task, knocking both of them off their dragons. Luckily though, Lyell managed to catch the tail of his dragon before he could fall in the hot boiling lava. He flipped up in the air and back onto his dragon. Brianna also caught one side of her dragon's saddle. She then noticed that the saddle was a bit loose. However, she managed to flip back onto her dragon before the saddle came off. She tightened it up a bit and was ready to battle again.

"Alright! One more time!" Brianna encouraged as she and her dragon flew back towards Lyell.

"Bring it on!" Lyell shouted as he flew back to Brianna.

The Peruvian Vipertooth raised its paw and came towards Lyell to claw him. Luckily, Lyell saw it coming and he pulled the dragon's saddle off and jumped in the air. "COWABUNGA!" he yelled as he surfed the air with the saddle. He did some twists and turns and even used his saddle as a rock guitar before safely landing on his dragon and tightening the saddle back to the way it was.

"Dude...that was so radical!" Geoff hooted. "Full props to that dude!"

"I know right? I can surf waves, but surf the air?! That takes skill!" Bridgette responded.


*in confessional* Lyell: What can I say? I'm a true skater boy! Woo hoo! I gotta do that again! That was so awesome! Just as awesome as the time me and Erin went on the Dragster at Cedar Point ten times in a row!

"Now, it's my turn!" Lyell said as the dragons came towards each other again. The Hungarian Horntail raised its paw, ready to claw Brianna. "Good thing I'm a cheerleader!" Brianna yelled as she jumped in the air, doing several backflips and landing back on the dragon in a headstand.

"I wish I could do those cool moves! *sigh* If only I got an A in gym..." Beth said, sighing.

Mike then gasped, turned into Svetlana, and said, "Svetlana can do zat too! Svetlana can do ze unthinkable!" She then did several flips in the air before coming back to a safe landing.

Zoey laughed and said, "Okay, Svetlana. I think we get your point. Come back Mike!" Svetlana gasped and Mike was back. Zoey grinned and he grinned back.

"It's about time we finally see some action here!" Chris said in an irritated voice.

"Brianna! Heads up!" Brighton called as he threw the staff over to Brianna. Brianna steered the dragon towards Brighton and successfully caught the staff with one hand.

"I see you have the wizard's staff! That's one of Gandalf's most powerful weapons!" Chris said.

"Catch, Lyell!" Connor shouted as he threw the wand towards him at a very high throw. He was very proud of his throw. "Beat that, Brighton!" he bragged as he blew a raspberry at him. Lyell managed to catch it before it could fall in the depths of the boiling lava of Mount Doom.

"Looks like Lyell has just a normal magic wand! And yet, it's capable of casting so many neat spells!" Chris said.

"Alrighty, let's see what kind of spells I remember!" Lyell said to himself as he inspected the wand. "Hmm...I dunno...flipendo?" he continued, pointing at Brianna. All of a sudden, a spark of magic came from the wand and flew right at Brianna, flipping her upside down HARD.

"Oww..." she sighed in pain as she got up.

"Sorry about that! I was just 'testing' it out!" Lyell said, trying to come up with an excuse.

"Sorry bro, but that wasn't a good enough excuse! Two can play that game!" she said as she took her staff, stood up on the dragon saddle, and set it firmly down. A powerful ring of light came rapidly towards Lyell and sent a force that pushed him down HARD.

"Wow...good move..." he dizzily said as he struggled to get back on his feet.

"Sorry! That was payback for last time!" Brianna said, laughing slightly.

"Hmm...I think I've heard of this spell in one of the movies. Uhh...expelliarmus!" Lyell said.

A spark of magic came towards Brianna, but she managed to reflect it with the magic of her staff. The spark then came towards Lyell, but he managed to duck just in time.

"Flipendo!" Lyell shouted.

The spark of magic then came around to Brianna, but luckily, she jumped in the air, did several backflips in the air, and landed safely back on her dragon.

"Not feeling the magic, are we, Lyell?" Brianna teased and giggled. "Well, get a load of this!" She set her staff firmly down and a ring of light came emerging towards Lyell. He managed to jump over the ring of magic before the force of it would knock him down again.

"Well, a few more oughta do the trick!" Brianna then said as she summoned several more rings from her staff towards Lyell. One by one, Lyell managed to jump over all of them and didn't even trip up once!

"Come on, is that all you got?" Lyell taunted, laughing out loud.

"DO SOMETHING! SOMEONE GET HURT! THIS IS GETTING SO F***ING BORING!" Jordan shouted at the top of her lungs.

"Ugh! Please watch your language!" Olivia said.

"Don't you tell me any s*** like that! I can swear any f***ing time I want to, you got that!" Jordan screamed at the top of her lungs.

Olivia suddenly started tearing up and she turned away from Jordan, wiping her tears and hiding her weeps. Colin then came to her side and gave her a big hug. "Shhh...it's okay, Olivia. It's okay. I'm here for you."

"Thank you so much Colin. You always know how to make me feel better" Olivia said, smiling at Colin as he wiped her tears away with his hands.

"And get a room while you're at that!" Jordan irritatingly said.

"Come at me, Bri!" Lyell continued to taunt.

"Don't worry! I got some magic up my sleeve! Plus, I got an ultra poisonous dragon right here! Bring it on!" Brianna taunted back.

All of a sudden, a large boulder came out of nowhere and flew between the two. The two finalists steered their dragons out of the way of the flying boulder and managed to do so safely. They looked to see where it came from. But surprisingly, there was no sign as to where it came from. Suddenly, a loud stomping could be heard through Malchoir Forest and it approached closer and closer.

"Umm...Owen? Is that you?" Chris asked suspiciously.

"Uhh...no? I was just standing here talking to my best buddy, Noah!" Owen replied, putting his arm around Noah.

All of a sudden, there was a loud roar that came from very close by. Everyone was starting to get very nervous, especially Chris. "Say Owen, are you sure that's not you?" he asked suspiciously once again.

"Are you kidding? My stomach rumbles and my farts aren't as loud as that!" Owen defended.

The loud stomping and the loud roaring grew closer and closer and all of a sudden, another large boulder came flying between Lyell and Brianna once again. By the time they turned around to see where it was coming from, they noticed all the contestants huddled up in a corner and a giant beast in dark, metallic armor with a dark face, fiery eyes, and spikes all over his body. It let out another mighty roar and held its sword firmly in its grasp.


*in confessional* Brianna: You have got to-


*in confessional* Lyell: be kidding me...


*back to Mount Doom*

All of a sudden, Chris's scared face turned into a grin. "Wow...perfect timing!" Chris said, complimenting Sauron's sudden appearance.

"But we thought we defeated him!" Lyell and Brianna both said together.

"We all know that Sauron has to get his revenge sometime! Especially against those people that brutally defeated him in last challenge's epic battle!" Chris responded. "You guys are going to have to deal with him sabotaging you as you guys fight it out for the mil!"


*in confessional* Brianna: Ugh, can this get any worse?


*back to Mount Doom*

"AVADA KEDAVRA!" a loud voice yelled as two sparks of magic came upward towards Lyell and Brianna. Luckily, they moved out of the way before the sparks could strike them dead. They looked down to see a pale figure with a strange looking face and a black cloak.


*in confessional* Brianna: I stand corrected!


*back to Mount Doom*

"Voldemort?! Seriously?!" Brianna shouted in an irritated tone.

"Sorry bro, but this is not cool. There's no way we're gonna live now!" Lyell stated.

"True, but just imagine the ratings after this! This'll be the highest rated finale we've ever had!" Chris excitedly responded.

"Yeah...this is the typical Chris that you newbies are gonna have to get used to" Heather told the Total Drama Kingdom contestants.

"And I expect a lot of money that I shall take home after this!" Voldemort sneered, pointing his wand to Chris.

"Okay, whatever. Well, there's no time to lose. It's a brief show and I wanna get out of this island and get some lunch. Let's cause some drama here!" Chris ordered.

"And drama I shall cause!" Voldemort sneered again, laughing evilly.

He then casted a Firestorm spell that sent a very wide and tall ring of fire around Mount Doom and then cursed Mount Doom to spur large fireballs at both Brianna and Lyell. Both of the finalists gasped at this and had to go through a lot of trouble to dodge every single one of the fireballs while riding their dragons. Voldemort then casted another spell that sent an army of dark, cloaked, floating creatures heading straight to Mount Doom.

"Dementors on top of that? Don't you think that's a bit too harsh, Chris?" Brant asked.

"Hey, as long as it makes this game interesting, I'm cool with anything!" Chris proudly said.

Sauron fiercely threw a big stone at Mount Doom. It hit Lyell right at the armor, causing him to fall hard on his dragon. In the process, his wand flew out of his hand and landed on Brianna's dragon. This gave the dementors the perfect opportunity to attack. One of the dementors gave him the accursed 'Dementor's Kiss' and prepared to suck the life out of him. The other dementors piled on to aid it in the attack.

"Leave me alone! I have a girlfriend already!" Lyell screamed, trying to escape.

Brianna saw that her friend was in trouble and thought, "Oh my gosh. I sure hope I remember how to do some spells...oh, wait! Good thing I watched the third Harry Potter movie to remember this!"

She then raised Lyell's wand and yelled out, "Expecto Patronum!" Her spell took the shape of a stag and it fended off all of the dementors in the process. They were all destroyed in a matter of seconds. Brianna then flew over right next to Lyell, raised her hand out for him, and helped him back up to his feet.

"You alright, Lyell?" Brianna asked.

"Yeah, I think-" Lyell started. He was cut off by a fireball coming in between them from the lava of Mount Doom. "Glad I didn't get my soul taken from those creepy guys! And I hope Erin doesn't break up with me for making out with a dementor!" They both laughed.

"Come on! This show is called 'Total Drama'! Not 'Total Friendship'!" Courtney complained.

"Not to worry, Court! I'm sure our two devious demons can take care of that!" Scott said, pointing to both Sauron and Voldemort.

Sauron then stomped over to Mount Doom and wielded his big ax at the two of them. This startled the dragons and they went out of control, flying everywhere around Mount Doom. Lyell and Brianna struggled to hold onto their dragons as they experienced a wild, wild ride.

"I don't think I can hold on much longer!" Brianna yelled as her dragon flew everywhere, dodging all of Sauron's swings with his ax.

"Me neither! Things are getting way too crazy!" Lyell yelled back as his dragon did a back flip in the air.

Sauron roared again and took another swing with his ax. Lyell narrowly avoided the attack, but the ax cut off a piece of his spiked hair. He shrugged it off and continued to dodge the attacks. Also, as Brianna was dodging Sauron's attacks, a fireball was hurled at her from Voldemort, hitting her right in the armor. She fell onto her dragon unconscious. Alarmed at what had just happened, Lyell and his dragon flew right in front of Brianna and her dragon, trying to cover the attacks on her and defend her. Before Sauron could do another attack, a loud voice yelled out, "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!"

This loud bellow caused Brianna to waken out of her unconsciousness and back to reality. Everyone, including Sauron and Voldemort, turned around to see who it was. Why, it was Gandalf! Gandalf the White! And standing right by his side was another wizard who looked just like him, except he was wearing gray clothing, a small gray hat, and a pair of eyeglasses.

"Dumbledore?!" Daniel gasped excitedly.

"I think it's time that you stop doing what you are doing!" Dumbledore yelled at both Sauron and Voldemort.

"Are you trying to say that you're going to stop me?" Voldemort cackled humorously.

"Do you not mean, 'we'?" Gandalf added, standing by Dumbledore's side.

"Oooo...I'm liking the tension here! Seriously, I'm expecting high ratings for this show after this epic finale!" Chris excitedly told Chef.

"Let's hope so!" Chef responded.

Chris then noticed Lyell and Brianna just standing on their dragons and watching the confrontation that was going on between the two wizards, Voldemort, and Sauron. "HEY! What the hell are you guys doing?! This ain't a movie theater! This is Total Drama! You guys are supposed to be fighting for the mil, not just standing there! Now, go! I want to see some action here within the next few seconds!" Lyell and Brianna then nodded and continued to compete.

"We shall easily fend off you and your magic! After all, dark magic is the most powerful of all!" Voldemort proudly said. "AVADA KEDAVRA!" He casted another spell towards Lyell and Brianna, but luckily, they saw it coming and flew out of the way just in time.

Sauron then stomped both of his feet very hard on the ground. This caused the ground below Mount Doom to vibrate and both Lyell and Brianna felt the vibration as well and started to lose their balances easily. They both almost fell off, but luckily, they managed to hop back onto their dragons just in time.

"It is time to end this!" Gandalf and Dumbledore both said together. Gandalf set his staff firmly on the ground, sending a powerful ring of light towards both Sauron and Voldemort. Sauron almost fell down as a result of the spell's powerful force, but Voldemort managed to reflect that magic back towards Gandalf and Dumbledore. Luckily, Dumbledore casted a shield that prevented the magic from having an effect on them. However, the impact of Gandalf's spell caused another strong vibration that almost made Lyell and Brianna lose their balances on their dragons.

Gandalf attempted to fend off Sauron with the magic spells from his staff, shooting many powerful balls of magic throughout the course of the battle. Unfortunately, they had little to no effect on Sauron. He continued to stand his ground and not let the magic destroy him. With a swing of his ax, he managed to disarm Gandalf, causing his staff to fly in the air and down on the ground hard. However, as quick as a wink, Gandalf grabbed his staff back and attempted to aim at Sauron's arm that contained the hand with the ring on his finger.

"It's one of the only ways to defeat him once and for all..." he thought to himself.

"Expelliarmus!" Voldemort called out as a spark of magic came towards Dumbledore and knocked the wand out of his hand. He then came closer and closer to Dumbledore, pointing his wand right towards him. "Dumbledore, I'm afraid that your time has come. Give it up. I've done many dastardly and evil deeds in the past. And I intend to continue to do so. And I refuse to let people like you stop me!"

"Now, it is time to get this done and over with!" Voldemort firmly said as he backed away from a distance and pointed his wand towards Dumbledore. "AVADA KEDAVRA!" A huge green spiral of magic darted towards Dumbledore at a very fast pace. Before Dumbledore could be defeated by Voldemort's deathly spell, he suddenly pulled out another wand from his cloak.

"Good thing I save this for special occasions like these!" he said, winking to the camera. "Expelliarmus!" A huge red spiral darted towards Voldemort and the two magic spells collided. Both of them were not ready to give up just yet.

Meanwhile, Gandalf and Sauron were battling it out. Sauron's ax and Gandalf's staff clashed several times throughout the course of the battle. Suddenly, Sauron lunged at Gandalf, but Gandalf jumped to dodge it and attempted to use a spell to sever his arm, but Sauron pushed him off and tried attacking him once again. Both were determined to defeat the other.

It also looked like Voldemort was most likely going to win over Dumbledore because in the overlap of both of their spells, Voldemort's spell was the most prominent and he was feeling very determined to rid of Dumbledore once and for all. However, at the last second, before Dumbledore could succumb to the Avadacadavra spell, he pulled his hand back and powerfully thrust it forward, causing the disarming spell to completely overrule Voldemort's death spell and reflecting it on Voldemort himself. Voldemort had a blank expression on his face as he fell hard on the ground and his body cracked, broke, and turned to dust. All that was left was his black cloak. The firestorm then ceased.

On Gandalf's side, Sauron attempted to slash him with a swing of his ax, but his ax ended up getting caught deep in the ground. As he was briefly preoccupied with pulling it out, Gandalf managed to run off to the side. Right after Sauron pulled his ax out of the ground and search for Gandalf, he let out a cry of pain and saw that his arm had been cut off. Some sparkles of magic lay on the fresh wound. Gandalf then jumped onto the floor and swung his staff around to show that he was the one responsible for the act. The arm, in fact, had the ring on it. He crashed onto the ground very hard and a loud and powerful explosion occurred. All of the peanut gallery members backed away from the explosion and looked above to the top to see what happened to the finalists.

Right as the finalists were fighting, the loud, powerful explosion had such a significant impact on the dragons' behavior. Once again, the dragons went crazy, but to the point that they tore their saddles off and both of the finalists were sent falling off their dragons and into their doom below the lava of Mount Doom.

All of the peanut gallery members gasped at this and began to frantically worry about the finalists.

"Oh my gosh...are they okay, Chris?" Zoey asked. Chris shrugged it off and didn't seem to be too concerned.

"I'm sure they did. After all, I survived a brutal lava accident a couple of years ago. If I survived, then they can easily survive" Alejandro calmly said.

"Gee...I hope they're not dead..." DJ said, feeling worried.

Katie and Sadie were clinging onto each other and crying. "I don't want them to die! Katie, they're so awesome!" Sadie moaned.

"Oh my gosh, I know..." Katie said, weeping.

Olivia was weeping in Colin's arms and Colin hugged her and tried to comfort her. "Brianna was an amazing team leader and Lyell was the amazing dude who brought us together in the first place! They don't deserve to die!" Olivia cried.

"There there, Olivia. I hope they'll be okay, too..." Colin sighed.

Everyone else was still surprised as to what had just happened. Some people were crying for them, some people were pissed that Chris let this happen, and others were much beyond words.

"Alrighty, enough with this funeral scene. Sooo, will our finalists ever be found? Dead or alive? Find out after the break!" Chris announced, signing off for the break. All of a sudden, he felt a sharp burn below his feet. He looked down and saw that there was fire.

"AHHHH! FIRE! FIRE! FIRE!" he screamed as he ran around all over.

All of the other contestants laughed at Chris's misery. However, they no longer had a reason to laugh as all of their feet were on fire and it was their turn to scream and run around in a frenzy. They all ran to find the nearest pond to get rid of the fire. Blaineley looked at everyone from behind a tree and laughed evilly as she looked at the magic wand that she used to cast the 'Incendio' spell on everyone!

Oooo, another cliff hanger ending and one more chapter left! Stay tuned for the final chapter to be out tomorrow! Are our finalists dead or alive? Will Chris and the gang get their revenge against Blaineley? Answers and more coming up next time! R&R your thoughts and predictions!