"Alright contestants! Welcome to Malchoir Island, where you guys will be quote-on-quote "enjoying your stay"! Sometimes you will, sometimes you won't!" Chris proudly proclaimed, chuckling evily. The contestants looked at each other with concerned looks. "Now, moving on, let me show you around the island!"

The contestants and Chris rode a small horse-drawn chariot through the island. "Hey you. Wanna arm wrestle?!" Brighton asked Connor.

"Sure thing, it's on! I don't have a strong right arm for nothing you know! I weight-lift 10 times a day!" Connor proudly said.

"20 TIMES! Beat that!" Brighton bragged.

"OH, YOU ARE SO ON!" Connor replied as they arm-wrestled.

Deja looked back at the boys and rolled her eyes. "Boys..." she thought.

Chris pointed to a small cell jail and said, "This is where you will have your confessionals and share your thoughts about the game and other contestants to the entire viewing audience!"


*in confessional* Daniel: Yayyy! My very first confessional! So, this place seems cool, I guess. I was a bit concerned when Chris mentioned that sometimes, we won't enjoy our stay. Well, there's always hoping for the best!


*in confessional* Brianna: You have no idea how excited I am to be here! I'm feeling super confident about this game. After all, guess who was student council president for three consecutive years and leader of her rad cheerleading team? Sure I miss my cheerleading team and all my other homies back home! Hey ladies, if you're watching, I promise that I'm going to get off this island in flying colors and show what a rad experience this is going to be! WOOT!


*in confessional* Jordan (trying to squeeze in while eating a big bag of hot Cheetos): Why is this Chris McClean character so cheap? He couldn't afford to give any of us a little elbow room in this contraption. Anyways, not likin' this flipping island so far. I just want to punch Chris in the face. And Chef in a dress? Hahaha, cracks me up everytime. Time to show these suckers that you do not mess with the "Young Star" (shows off the back of her sweatshirt).


*cuts back to island*

"Yo Chris, where are we gonna be chillin'?" Lyell asked.

Chris responded, "Well Lyell, there are two different places that you guys are going to be staying at. Let's start off with the place where the winners will stay. The winning team will live life in luxury at the McClean Spa Manor!" He then shows them around the spa.

"And you guys are going to love this place! We have queen-sized beds in every bedroom, private bathrooms made of gold, Greek-styled hot tub and spa, and a wonderful dining room with delicate China, butlers, five-star Medieval-style meals. With the addition of some harp tunes to lighten up the mood!"


*in confessional* Colin: Hmm...harp tunes...I like it!


*cuts back to island*

"As for the losers..." Chris sneered, chuckling a little. "They will be staying in the Creepy Chriskaban Dungeon!"

"Umm, isn't that a title to a Harry Potter book?" Brant asked suspiciously.

"It's a pun! Don't you people have a sense of humor?" Chris answered back, slightly annoyed. Brant just rolled his eyes.

He then points to a series of dark, creepy dungeon cells. In it, skeletons were lying around everywhere, gathering dust and cobwebs. Paintings of mad Queen Chef were hung on the walls. There were no windows for the sunlight to come in. All the cells were very dark. All the contestants looked creeped out at the sight of the dungeon.

Noticing that there were no beds, Daniel asked, "Umm, Chris? Where are we going to be sleeping?"

Chris answered, "Over there!" He pointed to a wooden bench in the corner with a tiny pillow. Daniel cringed a little at the thought about it.

Soonchan then wandered towards the other competitors and snickered evilly, bumping his hands together deviously.

Brianna turned her head towards him and moaned, "Oh god no...Soonchan is here too?! That pain in the neck?!"

Chris chuckled and said, "That's right! Soonchan is going to be one of my interns this season. I also left him in charge of all the losers overnight to make sure you guys aren't causing any trouble! Wasn't that my most clever idea ever?!"


*confessional* Brianna: Seriously?! Why is Soonchan here?! It's bad enough that I have to deal with him during school! I don't need him ruining my summer!


*back to the island*

Soonchan then told Chris, "Oh Chris! I just saw one of the hottest blondes that I've ever met! She's even hotter than my ex-girlfriend, Laura! She was tall, she was in great shape, she had this gorgeous red dress, she was feisty, she-"

Chris, knowing who he was referring to, gave him an annoyed glance and covered his mouth tightly with his hand. "Moving on..." He then led the cast towards a small courtyard behind the dungeon. There was a small bonfire in the center, and surrounding it, lay 14 small thrones.

"This is where we will be holding the elimination ceremonies. But we'll get to that part later, because that's my favorite part! And I enjoy saving the best for last!" He chuckled slyly.


*in confessional* Tess: I wonder what Chris has in store for us...but I sure do love surprises! Especially that one time when me and my friend Christine went to the California Pizza Kitchen for dinner and our waiter kept flirting with us and giving us his telephone number. Or that other time when my other friend Jessica got us both tickets to the One Direction concert on my sweet 16. And that other time-"


*back to the island*

The cast goes back to where they started from: on the shores of Malchoir Island. On one side, there was a logo with a red circle with red devil horns. On the other side was a logo with a black horse. "Now that we're back here, it's time to divide up the teams!"

"Ooooh! Can we pick our own teammates?!" Nora asked, excitedly.

"No can do, Nora! I'm picking the teams!" Chris responded.

"Darn..." Nora muttered.

"So, this season, we're going to be having two teams: the Devilish Demons and the Valiant Knights!" Chris then puts on his reading glasses, takes out his list and reads the list aloud.

"Brighton...Jordan... Deja...Shamus...Brittany...Lyle... and Nora! You guys are the Devilish Demons!"

Brighton woots loudly and jogs over to the Devilish Demon logo. Jordan quietly walks over with Deja and Brittany walking with her. Lyle puts on his big Jamaican-colored headphones and struts over, humming quietly to himself. Nora did not seem too happy about this. "But I'm not a demon..." she thought.

Shamus then walked over to Nora and tried making some moves on her. "Hey babe, you look funky fresh. If we win, you wanna chill?" he asked, winking and putting his arm over.

Nora answered, "Ummmmmmmm...No! Find someone else!" She pushed his arm away and stomped off. Shamus stooped low and sighed in failure.


*in confessional* Nora: There's only one way for this day to just go wrong. Man, I miss Alex back home. We had an amazing time at the Jonas Brothers concert last month and chilling at the mall every day. Yo, Alex! If you're watching this, I'm gonna win this game for both of us! If we win, I'm gonna buy a huge mansion and we're gonna throw wild parties every night! We'll never have to go hungry again! I sure hope that'll happen though.


*in confessional* Shamus: Aww man, my ladies' man charm is slowly fading away. I'm tired of being a lone wolf! I need some magic in my life...NOW.


*back to the island*

"Daniel...Colin...Olivia...Brant...Connor...Brianna...and Tess! You guys are the Valiant Knights!"

Connor ran over to the Knights side and yelled at Brighton, "Hey you! Yeah you! You're goin' down!"

Brighton yelled back, "Yeah right! You're the one who's goin' down!"


*in confessional* Brighton: I know this is a bit too early for this. But here's the game plan...TAKE DOWN CONNOR!


*in confessional* Connor: I have more muscles and swag than that jock wanna-be! Time to crush him like a little bug!


*back to the island*

Daniel and Brant are walking together and talking about school life. Olivia was also walking calmly until she accidentally bumped into Colin.

"Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry! I'm such a klutz!" Olivia kept on apologizing.

Colin lightly shushed her and responded, "No, no! Don't worry about it! I'm perfectly alright! No harm done!" He smiled a little. Olivia smiled back. Her cheeks turned slightly red as she looked at him. Realizing what they were doing, they laughed awkwardly and headed to the Knights' side.

Chris continued, "So there you have it! Our teams for Total...Drama...Kingdom! Now follow me as we start the first challenge of the season!" Chris and the cast traveled through grassy and hilly areas to get to their destination. The areas were rich in trees, small ponds, and wildlife galore.

"Aww, look! It's a bunny!" Brittany smiled, pointing at a rabbit. The rabbit then roared at her and bit her hand. She then shrieked, "AHHH! GET IT OFF! GET IT OFF!" She shook her arm everywhere. Jordan, who was standing nearby, just pulled it off her hand and the rabbit ran away. She glared slightly at Brittany. Brittany nervously chuckled.

"Hey Brittany. You wanna win this game?" Jordan firmly asked.

"Uhhh, yeah. I think so..." Brittany replied.

"It's a 'yes' or 'no' question! Do you wanna win or not?!" Jordan shouted.

"Yes! Yes, I do!" Brittany jumped back, nervously.

"Okay then. If you wanna win, you gotta do what I say! Capiche?" Jordan continued.

"Uhh, what does 'capiche?' mean?" Brittany asked.

"Never mind! If you wanna win, you gotta do exactly what I say, all the time. I can take you under my wing and take us to the finals. Now, here's a little test for you. Take out your bag and give me another pack of Sour Skittles. I just finished my pack of Hot Cheetos and I need something tart and sweet for my spicy and salty" Jordan tested.

Brittany, without saying a word, reached into her bag and pulled out some Sour Skittles. Jordan grabbed it from her hands, opened it, and munched furiously at the candies. "Perfect. You're hired. Say 'hello' to victory for the two of us!" Jordan proudly proclaimed. Brittany smiled and followed her lead.


*in confessional* Jordan (eating her pack of Sour Skittles): Of course, in the end, victory shall be mine. I'll pull her closer in my grasp, and 'Bam!' She'll fall like a hot potato! Why am I so good?


*back to the island*

Deja, who was watching the whole scene, came up to Jordan and said, "So, you've made her your minion, huh? Impressive"

Jordan haughtily responded, "Well, she learned from the absolute best. And if you're gonna do that, you've got a lot of work to do, missy! 'Cause you'll just have to face the fact that I'm much better than you!" Jordan and Brittany then walked away. Deja stood behind, glaring at both of them.

Tess and Nora were chatting as they were walking down and up the hilly areas. "So, just out of curiosity, didn't you go to the Jonas Brothers concert last month?" Tess asked Nora.

Nora excitedly responded, "Hecks yeah, I did! Me and Alex had such a blast there! Here's a picture of me and her with them!" She takes out her phone and shows Tess the picture.

"No way! I was there too! Plus, I got a picture of them! I went with a bigger group of friends though!" Tess showed Nora the picture and they both grinned.

"Hey, if you like One Direction and Drake, you may have to be my new BFF! I know we're on different teams and all!" Nora said, grinning. "Sorry Alex" Nora continued, looking at the camera.

Colin and Olivia, meanwhile, were chatting about some of their favorite musicals. "So, Newsies is your all-time favorite musical, eh?" Colin asked, grinning at Olivia.

"YES. You should see me watching the movie at home, singing to 'Seize The Day' and 'King of New York'! Haha, what's your favorite musical, Colin?" Olivia replied.

"Hmm...that's a tricky one. But I would have to go with ragtime. Ragtime is one of my favorite music genres along with jazz. My parents listened to that kind of music a lot when they were growing up. So, I grew up with it as well and I'm very happy about that! That was what encouraged me to start learning piano, bass, and guitar!"

"Whoa, you simultaneously learned how to play all those instruments at once? That's so cool! I actually don't play any instruments. I'm more of a singer. But I would like to learn guitar in the future. It would be cool if you could teach me!" Olivia exclaimed.

"I would gladly teach you, Olivia!" They both smiled at each other as they continued walking.

Soon, all the contestants reached a tall, gray mountain. "Welcome to Mt. Chrismore!" Chris proudly exclaimed.

"Wooooo, another famous monument named after you...how original!" Brant mumbled.

"Yes, Brant! It's original! And don't interrupt me...EVER!" Chris yelled back, flicking Brant's nose.

"Whatever..." Brant thought, rolling his eyes.

Chris then introduced the challenge. "For this challenge, you guys are going to be hiking up Mt. Chrismore. On the way up, your teams will be required to retrieve 5 Gilded Chris awards per team. Each Gilded Chris award has a team symbol on it. Get the one that matches your team's symbol. The team that makes it to the top with all their Gilded Chris awards will win and stay at the luxurious McClean Spa Manor. The losers will immediately be sent to the courtyard to eliminate one of your teammates and will stay at the Creepy Chriskaban Dungeon...with Soonchan!" Soonchan winked and waved deviously at the contestants. The contestants all looked intimidated.

Daniel noticed a small troll with long blond hair and a javelin. "What the heck are those things?" he asked.

Chris looked and said, "Oh, I almost forgot! On your way up the mountain, you will come across several trolls, orcs, and dark elves that will do anything to throw you off your path and prevent you from reaching the finish! Oh, and let's not forget Chef and his cannon!" Chef sat there with a big cannon. "Oh, this is gonna be sweet", he said, winking at the camera.

"So, to get past these dark creatures, one of your teammates will hold this HEAVY bag of football-sized stones, which you will use to give them a little beatdown".

"I'm a team player! I got these stones all covered!" Connor told the Knights as he carried the stones all on his back. "Hey, these aren't that heavy!" he bragged. All of a sudden, he fell forward on his chest. "Oof!"

"Hey, I'm a team player too!" Brighton yelled out as he grabbed the bag of stones.

Jordan pushed Brighton away and said, "Nuh-uh! Brittany's a better team player than you! Here, Brittany, you can take the rocks as our team player!" Brighton glared at Jordan as she handed the rocks to Brittany. Connor, who was standing nearby, blew a raspberry at Brighton. Brighton then glared at Connor.

Jordan then leaned in and whispered into Brittany's ear, "And you remember the plan right?" Brittany firmly nodded. "Okay good, but remember, if you blow it, then you're a goner!"

Chris then yelled, "Let the challenge begin!" All the contestants began to race up the mountain. Connor sprinted up the mountains, determined to win for his team. All of a sudden, he saw a tiny troll with short black hair, a red hat, and a small javelin. It was blocking his path. Connor kicked it, but then it got so furious that it hit Connor's foot with its javelin. "YEOW!" Connor shrieked as he fell and hit the ground.

"Well, look who's here! It's our 'team player'! Hahahaha!" Brighton yelled out as he ran past Connor. Connor's face turned bright red with fury. "Oh no...not gonna happen" he thought as he ran up the mountain, trying to catch up with Brighton.

Olivia, who was running nearby, suddenly bumped into a large, devious-looking orc. It was holding an axe and looked like it was about to chop off someone's head. Olivia screamed in fear. All of a sudden, a football-sized stone flew out of nowhere and hit the orc in the groin. The orc whimpered in pain as it fell off the edge of the mountain and to the ground. Olivia turned to see who it was and it happened to be Colin.

"Wow, Colin! Thank you so much for saving my life!" Olivia exclaimed, smiling at Colin.

"It was my pleasure!" Colin said, smiling back. "Now, let's go and win this thing!" They both ran up the mountain together.

Shamus took his shirt off and clobbered the trolls in his path. He saw Nora running by and flirtatiously asked her, "Hey, you like my muscles?"

Nora stuck her tongue out in disgust and ran off. She then laughed when a dark elf came up behind Shamus and sent a flame flying towards his butt, causing him to run around and scream in pain.

Brianna, meanwhile, was doing flips over the trolls and the orcs in her path. "Wow, you're incredible!" Tess gasped in awe as she watched Brianna. Brianna grinned and thanked her. "I wish I could do that..." Tess thought. All of a sudden, she noticed Nora being taunted by a troll, but she saved her just in time, even though they were on different teams.

Daniel and Brant noticed a tall orc that was standing at the end of their path. Daniel then reached for the stone that he got from Connor's bag and focused his aim. "Hurry, Daniel! I think this orc is getting ready to attack!" Brant exclaimed. Daniel focused his aim and threw the rock straight at the Orc's head. The orc fell to the ground and held its head in pain. "Wow, I guess the rules of physics were in my favor that time!" Daniel exclaimed as he and Brant made their way up the mountain.

All seemed to be going well for the Valiant Knights. The Devilish Demons, however, were having a little bit of trouble. Jordan was going through beast after beast, attacking one after another. All of a sudden, she ran into a dark elf. With its dark magic, the elf sent a small, but fast flame hurtling towards Jordan's arm. She yelped and ran around in pain from its impact. The elf continued to use its dark magic to throw Jordan off her path, to the point that Jordan could not take it anymore. Even beating it up would not do any good.

"Yo Brit! Do you have the stones?!" Jordan yelled out.

Brittany looked around and nervously answered, "Umm...they're all the way down there..."


Deja added, "That's it! If we lose this challenge, you are so gone!" Brittany looked down the floor in shame.

Lyell seemed to be doing fairly well. Though he got knocked down by a troll once and was about to fall off the mountain, he grabbed onto the edge and flip back on just in time. Brighton, on the other hand, did very well in the beginning until during a flip, he was caught by an orc, who in turn, flipped him off the mountain. Brighton grunted loudly in anger and proceeded to start over.

Connor, meanwhile, was almost at the top of the mountain. He could almost taste the victory that lay before him. All of a sudden, a huge chunk of meat hit him right in the face. He turned to see that it was Chef. Instead of yelling in anger, he cheered, saying, "Alright! Time to go lean on my protein!" He ate the meat that was spread on his face and continued running up the mountain.

Olivia dodged the large meatball that came from Chef's cannon and calmly said, "Thanks, but no thanks, Chef! I'm a vegetarian!"

Brighton was running back to the top, trying to catch up to his team. "The team player is coming! The team player is coming!" he kept yelling out.

Everyone else was dodging meatball after meatball, or at least trying. Meanwhile, in the forest near the mountain, a ruffle could be heard through the bushes. A shadowy figure crept out of the bushes and slowly revealed itself. It was Blaineley! "Time to give Chris a taste of his own mind!" she said, plotting out her revenge. As she slowly crept up behind Chris, ready to attack, the blond troll started chasing her, holding his javelin in the air. Blaineley screamed as she was running back into the forest.

"Hey Chef, do you know where that screaming came from?" Chris asked out of curiosity.

"It was probably the fresh scream of pain and misfortune" Chef replied, slyly.

"My favorite..." Chris sneered.

As Blaineley was running back to the forest, she tripped and fell. All of a sudden, Soonchan, who was standing nearby, picked her up and was about to kiss her when she smacked him and slipped away. "Get away from me, you freak!" Blaineley yelled out. "Oooo, she likes me!" Soonchan thought, cracking a smile.

Meanwhile, all of the contestants were just arriving at the top of the mountain. Brighton ended up being the last person to arrive due to his little 'accident'. Chris and Chef then met up with them. Chris then said, "The winners of this challenge are the Valiant Knights! They get to stay at the McClean Spa Manor as their reward. The Devilish Demons will meet me at the courtyard, because one of your teammates will be eliminated!"

The Valiant Knights cheered. Tess and Brianna high-fived each other, Connor cheered and blew another raspberry at Brighton, Brant and Daniel high-fived, and Colin and Olivia hugged. The Devilish Demons groaned in failure.

*cut to McClean Spa Manor*

Connor was enjoying a nice platter of roast beef. "Now I know why they gave this roast beef five-stars! This place is fantastic!" Daniel and Brant were reading some books. Tess and Brianna were chatting about their high school life. And Colin was playing a Medieval rendition of 'Sweet Caroline' on the harp.

"Is that 'Sweet Caroline'?! I love that song!" Olivia exclaimed as she listened to Colin play.

"It's one of my favorite songs too. I have too many favorite songs to count!" Colin laughed.


*confessional* Olivia: I have to say that my day, so far, has been absolutely fantastic. And Colin is so cool and really sweet. I'm so happy to have a friend on this island!


*cut to courtyard*

The Devilish Demons sat around the bonfire, waiting for Chris to announce their status in the competition. "Welcome to the very first bonfire in the competition! For those who are safe, you will get a bronze dubloon! If you are the one being voted off, you will not get a bronze dubloon! That means that you are out of the competition and you can never come back...EVER!"

"The first dubloon goes to...Lyell!" Lyell grinned and picked up the dubloon.

"Shamus...and...Nora!" Shamus made eyes at Nora as they picked up their dubloons, but she ignored his moves and walked off.



They both picked up their dubloons while glaring at each other. Brighton and Brittany were the only ones left.

"And the final dubloon goes to..."
















Brighton wooted and picked up his dubloon. "Brittany, it's time to go!" Chris continued.

Brittany hung her head in shame as she walked off with Chris. "That's why you should've listened to me!" Jordan told her.

"Does this mean that I'm going to go on the Dock of Shame to the Boat of Losers?" Brittany asked.

"Not quite, Brittany! This season, we have the Fling of Shame!" Chris proudly said, pointing to a giant fling.

"Umm, how does it work?" Brittany asked out of curiosity.

"Alright, here's how it's done! First, step in this compartment" he said as he led her into the compartment in the fling. "Now Chef!"

Chef then pushed a button that sent Brittany flying out of the fling to an unknown location, screaming. "Hehehe, I love my ideas!" Chris said proudly.

"What kind of drama is in store for our competitors? Who will win? Who will lose? Find out next time! On Total...Drama...Kingdom!"

Sorry for the long wait, folks! School's been very busy lately! Hope you enjoyed this chapter! Feel free to post thoughts/predictions!