Our Christmas Tails

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What's in Santa's Sack Compilation

So, the next story out that big ole' sack is quite a different twist, but we love it! I love different POV stories, and you get that with this one! So, here we go with our next author - Dinia Steel

Name: Christmas Tails

Beta/pre-readers: JoanOfArt and buggins74

Disclaimer: Ms. Meyer started it all. I've borrowed her characters, but this storyline is mine.

Rated: M

Summary: It's a cold winter's night not too long before Christmas. There's snow on the ground and Kittybells is hurrying home to get warm and comfortable with Her Human, when her world begins to crash around her. She's saved by a Ginger-cat and a new adventure begins.


A/N: Here's a little Christmas gift whose main characters are cats. It's all told from Kittybell's point of view. I found it very difficult to think as a cat thinks. *smiles* *purrrs*


Our Christmas Tails

Dainty paws padded their way silently across the newly fallen snow. She didn't have far to go now. Her human would leave the kitty door unlocked until she was home safe, sound and dry.

She padded down the walkway, up the familiar steps on to the porch and up to the kitty door and pushed.

And pushed again.

And again.

Nothing happened.

It was LOCKED!

She wasn't late. She looked to the right and saw that the crazy ole cat lady was still up, but then she was always up.

Kittybells was starting to get upset. She was cold and hungry.

Her human would be sorry. Kittybells wouldn't talk to her human for days and days. She'd show her.

If a cat could cry tears she would have, but all Kittybells could do was caterwaul, and that she did. Over and over again.

Anyone who could hear Kittybells would know that she was distressed. But her human didn't come and let her in. Something must be wrong.

Kittybells was so miserable she just sat on the porch all huddled into herself waiting for her human.

"Hey Hot Stuff, 's up?" A long lanky tomcat with ginger fur came strolling up onto the porch.

Kittybells didn't recognize this Ginger-cat at all. He didn't even smell like the neighborhood.

For some reason, Kittybells felt she could trust this tom, so she told him how she was just a little late, maybe, getting home and that the kitty door was locked. Her human always left it unlocked until she came home.

After all, Kittybells had to put Her Human to bed so she could purr and help her human go to sleep.

The Ginger-cat, nodded his head sagely, he understood. It was part of his gift to his human as well, the purring him to sleep.

"Look, Hot Stuff, why don't you come home with me?. I know my human would gladly take you in until your human comes home. Say, are you chipped?"

Tomcat was being very sweet Kittybells thought. "Of course, I'm chipped. My human is responsible - well except for tonight." If Kittybells could stomp one of her feet she would have.

She was disappointed in her human. She rose and stretched her full length, working out the tiny cramps that were threatening to become bigger. "Ok. Let's go find your human."

Ginger-cat only lived down the end of the same street the Kittybell's house was on and they were going through the kitty door quicker than anticipated.

The neighborhood was colorful this time of year with all the lights most humans put on their houses, around their trees and on the bushes.

Ginger-cat led her onto the porch and through his kitty door.

Instantly she was warmer.

He led her to a rug that was in front of a fireplace that had a fire burning merrily. Conveniently, next to the rug was a bowl of kibble and a bowl of water. She hadn't realized she was so hungry and thirsty. Eying the kibble Kittybells look up at the Ginger-cat, "May I?"

"Oh! How rude of me, not to have offered. Yes, please help yourself Hot Stuff."

"Thank you Kind Sir, and by the way my name is Kittybells. Yours is...?"

"My human calls me Ginger-cat. You must be psychic."

Minutes later Kittybells was full and refreshed so she curled up on the rug and warmed herself by the fire ready for a nap. The only thing that would have made it more perfect would have been if her human was there.

Some time later, Kittybells heard heavy footsteps coming into the room. She thought it might be Ginger-cat's human.

It was!

"Well, Ginger-cat who do we have here" His Human knelt down and allowed Kittybells to smell his hand, then he began to stroke her lovely coat. "Aren't you a pretty one. Who do you belong to?" He was scratching her head and around her ears, then down her neck until his fingers found the Microchip that would have the information about who Kittybells belonged to and her shots information. "There it is. May I pick you up? Yes? Ok, up you go."

At first Kittybells was concerned that he wouldn't pick her up correctly. Her fears vanished as he scooped her up with one of his hands supporting her hind legs and the other holding her under the front legs at her shoulders. He was perfect...almost as good

as her human.

Kittybells was carried out into the driveway of Ginger-cat's house where a very large van was parked. Soon she found herself on cold metal table, but she wasn't frightened, Ginger-cat's human spoke very softly and reassuringly to her.

As the power came on inside the van, Kittybells saw that it was just like a vets office. It even smelled like one. She sat on the table like the little lady she was waiting. Ginger-cat's human pulled something from one of the compartments and ran it over the place where Kittybell's microchip was located.

"You're doing so good, Pretty Girl. Let's see who your owner is. Ok. There it is. Bella Swan, and you live only about five houses away from here, and your name is Kittybells."

Kittybells started purring showing her pleasure that he was calling her by her own name.

"Let me write this phone number down and I'll call Miss Bella and tell her where you are Pretty Girl. Oops! Excuse me. Kittybells."

Once again she was scooped up, correctly, and as he stepped outside the van, he locked the door and then they were back inside the warm house.

"Did my human scan you?" Ginger-cat asked.

"Yes he did. You didn't tell me he was veterinarian! He knows how to carry a kitty correctly. You are so lucky Ginger-cat! I sure hope he can find my human. I'm worried."

"Don't stress yourself anymore. My human will find your human." Ginger-cat stated grandly. "Let's just go curl up in front of the fireplace on the rug. Do you have one of these at your home?" Ginger-cat questioned.

"Yes, we do, but ever since my human brought that tree into the family room, she's not had a fire in it. She said 'It could catch fire.' Now I'm not certain if she was talking about the tree for sure."

Ginger-cat nodded understanding. "We have a small tree. My human calls it a 'Christmas tree'. I call it fun! I love to sit under it and pretend that I'm stalking something in the woods." Kittybells could tell he was excited about that.

Kittybells sat down and began to groom herself. Even though Ginger-cat's human knew how to treat lady kitties, her fur had been moved around in strange ways and needed to be put to rights.

Ginger-cat sat beside her and began to groom himself as well.

Its was a natural progression that they began to groom each other.

Soon they were curled around each other. Warm and content.

Kittybells slept. Through her dreams she heard her human's voice. "Hi, I'm Bella Swan, you called me about Kittybells?"

Her human was here? She was really here! She jumped up and ran to the door where her human was standing beside Ginger-cat's human. She began to insinuate herself between her human's legs purring loudly.

"Hello Bella Swan, I'm Edward Cullen. Won't you come in? I know Kittybells is glad to see you. Come in and have some Christmas eggnog with me."

"Oh, that would be lovely. I'm an ER nurse at the Community Hospital and I am so late getting home. There was a multiple car accident. In fact if I'd gotten home and my Kittybells wasn't there I would have been beside myself." My human was so conscientious. I rubbed my body against her with more enthusiasm so she'd know how proud I was of her.

"We're in the same profession, in a way" Edward said, "I'm a veterinarian. I don't have an 'office' just that huge van in the driveway. You call me and I come to your house. Less stress for the pets and their owners."

They were now sitting down and I jumped up at once into my human's lap and smelled her to make sure she hadn't been holding any other cats. We were clear.

I noticed that Ginger-cat also claimed his human Edward.

We watched our humans interact. They liked each other, and I suspected it wouldn't be long before they would be mating with each other. Their smells announced it plain as day, though humans could be incredibly dense a lot of the time.

A while later, I was awakened by my human cuddling me in her arms, getting up and starting to walk to the door. "I really need to get home with Kittybells so she can eat. I bet she's starved! I feel so guilty about not being there when she was ready to come in for the night."

And you should, I thought.

"Actually," human Edward said, "Ginger-cat shared his supper with her, but I'm sure she'd like to eat her regular food. What do you feed her by the way? Her fur is very soft and it doesn't appear to mat like many American Long Hairs tend to."

He didn't want my human to leave yet. Ginger-cat and I looked at each other.

"If I didn't have to get up in the morning for my shift, I'd take you up on the second cup of eggnog., but I do, so I can't." My human paused, then asked, "Rain check?"

Human Edward grinned. You know it was almost frightening to see a human 'smile'...all those teeth.

"Ok. Tell ya what. You call me when you're free and we'll make it a date?" He asked.

"You got it Edward. Merry Christmas, and thank you again for rescuing my Kittybells."

"No problem. My Ginger-cat brought her home with him." He looked thoughtful. "He's never done that before."

"Then, it must be kismet!" My human offered.

I started squirming. I was ready to go.

We were still on human Edward's porch. They were still saying good night.


"We've got to go Edward. I'm cold. I promise to call you in the next couple of days, I'm scheduled to have 3 days in a row off. If it actually happens, it'll be the first time in about 5 years that I've not had to work on Christmas."

Merry Christmas Bella. If you don't call me, I'll be calling you.

"Merry Christmas Edward. I know we'll be talking. Our cats seems to think we should see each other."

Carrying me in her arms, my human hurried to our house.

I supervised the preparations for going to bed, and waited patiently at the foot of our bed while my human did what she called "brushing her teeth".

I could never understand that. She could just chew on something and it would work the same way.

Just as my human was settling down, her telephone chimed.

"Humm, not a number I recognize. Hello?" My human got this strange look on her face, "Edward? What's the matter? Is something wrong?" She listened. "I'm an ER nurse, I always assume something is wrong. Goes with the territory you know. Yes, I really enjoyed meeting you too." She listened some more, "Yes. Let's have coffee in the morning. I don't have to be into the hospital until 8:00 a.m. So if you'd like to come down here about 6:30 or 7:00 that'd work out." More listening, "OK Edward. See you in the morning."

My human picked me up and hugged me. "I'm so happy you introduced me to Edward, Kittybells. I really like him. If things work out, he could be my Christmas present from you this year. Thank you!"

Now she was hugging me hard, and she KISSED me!

Yeah, Merry Christmas to you too. Ho Ho Ho.


Authors Ending Note: If I get enough positive response on this story line, I'll continue it. *Meow*


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