Holiday Tails

Chapter 7

4th of July

Summary: Formally named Our Christmas Tails, this will be the adventures of Kittybells and her Human Bella, Ginger-cat and his Human Edward through the Holidays of 2014. How will the 2 and 4 legged protagonists fare through the coming year as the holidays progress?

Disclaimer: Ms. Meyer started it all. I've borrowed her characters, but this storyline is mine.


Kittybells was worried.

Bella and Edward were acting very strange for the past several days and especially today! They very busy doing strange things. Maybe they'd gotten into her catnip!

Bella was doing what she called baking up a storm.

The house smelled different and Kittybells suspected that it was this aroma that caused Edward to forget his manners. He kept sneaking into the kitchen to steal food that was sitting on the counter. Bella would yell at him, then laugh.

Kittybells was very confused.

She was only two years old, and she'd never seen Bella doing the kinds of things she was doing since Edward and Ginger-cat had moved in full time with her and Bella.

All her human had ever done before was work or sleep when she was home, and of course she'd played and talked to Kittybells, but now...things were going on that Kittybells had never witnessed before.

For one thing, Bella was home all the time now. She no longer put on what Bella had called her uniform and gone to work. That didn't bother Kittybells because Bella always smelled so bad when she came home. The hospital Emergency Room must have reeked awfully.

Bella did go shopping.

When she'd come back home, there'd be paper bags - at least that's what Bella called them - that Kittybells could play hide and seek with Ginger-cat. They'd made the best noises when she'd move around in them and since no one could see her, she'd ponce out at them when they walked by. Yes, paper bags were fun!

Bella had just come home again from shopping with something Kittybells didn't really understand the need for, but Bella had lots of things humans called food. Bella had put one of those wonderfully empty and fun paper bags down for Kittybells to hide in.

"I see you Kittybells! You don't fool me," purred Ginger-cat. "I heard you moving in it!"

"Oh darn you Ginger-cat," Kittybells yowled. "Sometimes you are just no fun!" She emerged from her paper bag slowly.

Sitting down next to Ginger-cat, he asked, "Do you know what all the activity is with Bella?"

"No, I was hoping that you'd have a clue, cause I sure don't. Do you?" Kittybells replied.

"Well before I met you, Edward took me to what he called a party for animals to celebrate the 4th of July last year. He and the other humans males ate all kinds of food, some of it actually smelled good, and drank large quantities of something he called beer. I don't know how they can drink that stuff that's in those cans. It makes them smell really awful and do crazy things. I think it must be liquid catnip." Ginger-cat said.

"The 4th of July? What does that mean Ginger-cat?" Kittybells asked.

"I really don't know for sure, but it must be a fun holiday with all the liquid catnip I saw Edward drinking last time." Ginger-cat remarked.

"Is eating and drinking all humans do on this 4th of July?" Kittybells asked.

"No, they do other very loud things. You'll see tonight. Just remember our humans will keep us safe!" Ginger-cat stated.

"Should I hide somewhere?" Kittybells asked worried.

"No, but you'll probably feel safer sitting next to Bella, if she's here." Ginger-cat said.


Later that afternoon, Bella and Edward were in the backyard doing something that drew Kittybells' attention.

Edward had brought home a huge box. Now those were really fun to play in. You could really get your claws into that and no one yelled at you!

Anyway, they both were (it looked like) trying to build something. When they both stepped backto admire what they'd done Kittybells thought, "It doesn't look that special to me. What's it do? It is all bright and shiny, and about half as tall as Edward. What could it possibly be?"

Much later, Bella brought out some food; put it on a plate and took it outside to Edward.

He proceeded then to set it on fire!

Oh My. Humans do such silly things.

Two human friends of Bella and Edward came to visit. Kittybells thought their names were Emmett and Rosalie but she wasn't sure. They brought more food with them. Kittybells could tell because it really did smell good.

Not long after that, while Kittybells and Ginger-cat crouched on the back of Bella's couch looking out their window, several more cars pulled into the driveway or parked in front of their house.

Lots of humans seemed to be coming to visit Bella and Edward. Everyone of the humans who came brought some kind of human food. Kittybells could smell it.


Kittybells and Ginger-cat continued to watch trying not to be seen.

They finally perched on the window shelf over the kitchen so they could watch the goings on in the back yard.

Edward was standing very close to the object that he and Bella had put together. It appeared that he was burning more human food! Most of his male friends were standing around him talking animatedly about some subject, while Bella and the other females walked around looking at all the flower beds and Bella's green house.

Seeing the greenhouse once again brought back memories of the catnip that Bella had grown for Kittybells and Ginger-cat. Oooo, how she loved it.

It started to get dark and it appeared that all the humans were maybe getting ready to take naps. She'd never seen this many humans together. Some were still eating and standing in the yard in small knots while the majority were sitting on the patio talking and laughing.

The darker it got the tenser the humans seemed to get. They were waiting for something to happen. That seemed likely.

Finally there was a distant boom and a brilliance in the form of tiny flares of light appeared in the distance.

All the humans seemed to hum their approval and a couple even clapped their hands.

Many more loud booms started sounding from the same direction. Thousands of brightly colored sparks of light filled the night time sky. Kittybells watched with a certain amount of unease. The loud booms were frightening enough, but the noises the humans made were real cause for alarm.

It was then that Bella came back into the house. She started calling Kittybells to come to her. Of course Kittybells just sat there waiting for Bella to see her sitting in the window. Bella eventually saw her there.

"Are you doing okay Kittybells?" Bella asked worriedly. "I was afraid the loud noises were going to upset you." Bella scratched her behind the right ear...a place that she dearly loved her human to scratch and rub. "It's only fireworks to celebrate this country becoming a Nation Free and Independent of any other Nation's influence, namely England." Bella paused her talking to gently pet my head, then reached over and scratched Ginger-cat's chin. He does so love chin scratching.

Kittybells really didn't understand much of what Bella was saying but it was a great relief to have her human come in and try to explain.

Bella went back outside and stood next to Edward. He wrapped his arms around Bella and kissed the top of her head. Kittybells so loved watching them cuddle and groom each other.

Just then, another loud boom which seemed to consist of many other booms all going off at the same time. The sky was then absolutely filled with the tiny lights Kittybells was beginning to associate with the booms.

All the humans in the back yard clapped their hands and yelled. Kittybells wasn't sure why they were doing that. It was almost more frightening than the loud booms. In the distance she could hear a great many pops and whizzes going off.

Humans are so strange!


A/NE: As you might have noticed I've dropped referring to Bella & Edward as Human Bella or Human Edward. As one of the stories readers pointed out to me..."if the reader doesn't know by now that Bella and Edward are human, they never will." I found that to be quite true. Thank you for that prod.

A/N: My undying thanks to my Beta JoanOfArt and to buggins74, NanStew and Gabby1017 who pre-read for me. Wouldn't be able to do this without you! Honestly. Meow!