Batman doesn't belong to me or not any other characters in DC-universe. I have also wrote this story by myself.

They say that if your partner hits you, you can't be happy. Maybe in some ways they are not wrong but still, it really pisses me off. I know that people thinks that they are so fricking right about everything but they haven't ever seen a real chaos. They have never loved Joker.

First in the morning I make up my face all around. Nobody can see my bruises because then they would smile pitying and say: "My sweet Harleen, Joker is not the right man for you." My make-up will make him a better man. Somehow it is weird but well we aren't the most normal couple either.

When we are together all I do is mistakes and problems. But when I'm not around, Joker is so reckless. He makes crappy, yeah even I think so, plans how to kill Batman. Joker could say anything but I think that he is not a real murderer. He is just a man who wants challenges and he has chose that Batman is his greatest challenge. I think that he doesn't even understand how similar he is with Batman.

Batman doesn't know how to be happy. As pathetic as he is. Batty is always so serious and well a little bit creepy. But when that Boy Wonder is near, it is somehow different. He isn't happy but he cares. When somebody kidnaps Robin you can be sure as hell that Batman will come. He will never abandon his Robin and my Joker will never abandon me. He may hit, yell or make me think that I'm the worst person in the world, but he will never ever abandon me.

There is just a one thing that nobody understands. Someday, when I'm stronger, I will abandon him. Not just yet, I'm not strong enough without him now. Someday I will be free. Or so I'm lying to myself every day.

I hate myself. It's not a new feeling for me. I just don't understand why I'm so stupid and useless. All I only want to do is impress him. To make him love me even more, or even a little bit.

"That just surprised me, my sweet little Harley." You say that with your mad but somehow so beautiful voice.

"Nobody even dared to think to kill a bat besides me but you almost did it." He is so mad, so scary, so absolutely hypnotic. I want to run far away from him, I want to stay always near him. Who cares about freedom or sanity if you have that man besides you?

I'm sure that tonight he will eventually kill me. But I'm not afraid because I know that there is so much worse things than death. Like loving a psychopath. A part, big part of myself actually hopes that he will finally end my miserable life. I'm a little bit scared how much I would want that. It would be wonderful to sleep without even dreaming of him. But no, he doesn't kill me, he's just trying and failing. I feel like a Batman. No, now I have to stop laughing. But hell…Me and Batman, maybe we look a little bit alike. My boobs are almost as big as his.

I sound almost like Joker when I laugh. But one thing that monster got right: Why so serious? So I just laugh. And Joker is watching me always in the darkness. He will hear my mad laugh. He will see my want to die and my desire to be a normal again. And he will laugh at me and my hopeless wishes. It is too late to be sane. Harleen Quinzel and her boring existence is only a memory anymore.

A/N My first story here and also in English (I'm sure that even though I have read this so many times this is full of mistakes...). Of course this is about one of my all time favorite character. Love between Harley and Joker has always been chaotic and one sided. Mad love is maybe one of the saddest story in the Batman, but hey that is only my opinion. I really hope that you liked.