Down the Road
Chris/Steph forever!

Chapter 1

"Hey, you! Get back here!"
Chris froze. He slowly turned and faced Stephanie, who stormed up to him.
"Give me the paper." Her hand was held out, her face red and slightly glowing. "Now," she demanded a second time. Boy, she could be a tigress sometimes.
"...Okay, okay, don't get your panties in a knot." His face was a flush, then he handed her a piece of paper. It wasn't the actual paper, just a receipt. "Bye," he blurted, then escaped. Stephanie took a look in her hands, the receipt staring straight back at her.
"HEY! You JERK! Come back here!" With that, she give chase to him.
With a large breath, she took a last burst of speed and pounced on him like a leopard to impala. He fell forward and grumbled, struggling to escape, but she was sitting right on top of him. In that position, he didn't want to mess with her, just to keep his eyes unscathed. "Give me... The paper... now," she panted, holding out her hand. In defeat, he gave a big huff and handed her what she demanded. "Let's see what you have here."
'Dear Stephy,
I never thought I'd say this, but let's go out. I feel the need to be with you everyday and I can't hold back my feelings. I'll be waiting for your answer with abating breath even if it'll take forever. I'm your knight in shining armor dammit! Oh well. Please, just give me an answer soon. Love, Chris.'
She stared at the little note. Finally, she burst out laughing, pointing a big finger at him and rolling onto the floor. "Oh my God! Oh my God! Aww, does wittle Chrissy-poo feel the need to be with me?" She gave a hard pinch of his cheeks and giggled. "I can't believe your poetic skills!"
"Poetic skills?"
"Abating breath? Knight in shining armor? Admit it Chris, your literature is a straight 'F'."
His face burned hot red, breathing very hard. It was so humiliating. So... ruining his reputation. Sweet? No way! The Ayatollah, lion tamer, king of the world, Chris Jericho, would not stand for being called 'Chrissy-poo' in a million years! "S-so, what do you say?" he squeaked. HE SQUEAKED. Dear Lord, he hoped that the sky wasn't falling that day already.
"..Okay," her slow reply sounded, still recovering from utter shocking amusement of Chris' sweetness. "Okay. Tomorrow, eight, restaurant two blocks away from my house on the left corner. Be there... Or be square!" She burst out at 'square' and started to actually skip off down the corridor.
"Whatawhatawhat?" he replied comically. "What's up?"
"Do you know Stephanie's address?"
Kurt rose a brow. "You're not setting her house on fire are you?"
"Or planning an ambush to tar and feather her?"
"NONONONONO! Kurt! I need you to help me. By tomorrow! Pronto!"
"Calm down. Calm down man, your face is like tomatoes."
Chris huffed. "WhateverIneedyoutohelpme."
He could've sworn that he would suffer either from hypertension or a heart attack at the end of the day. If not, right at that moment. Kurt wiped the sweat of his neck with his towel, then took a drink. "What are you DOING?! You're supposed to help me, not leave me to die!"
"Why do you need it?"
"Must I tell EVERYONE why I should do something?"
"Hello," Kurt said, waving his arms around. "It's Stephanie. The one you throw mean, nasty insults at daily. The one you happen to have a tendency to bully alot. The one---"
"Okay, okay. She and I are going out tomorrow night." Kurt's eyes would've popped out of their sockets if this were a cartoon. "You? HER? YOU?" he said, his tone higher than his usual. "YOU? Oh my God!" He started to chuckle.
"You are supposed to HELP me, not laugh at me. I know it's weird. Strange, but I've made it. If I'm going to hold out any longer, I'm going to pass out."
"I always thought you had a thing for her." Chris glared. "Okay, okay. I'll tell you. But on one condition."
Chris grumbled and complained. He couldn't believe Kurt would make him his maid. Not butler. Maid. Well, not really, just like a morning dog, like fetching papers and everything like that. Unfortunately, his one condition had many sub-headings under them. But he was willing to do all that just for that address Steph gave him. What a friend.
Down by the corner, he spotted a nice little bistro. He smiled to himself and mentally patted himself on the back for having such great navigation skills. It was just a minute or so to eight, so he brisk-walked to his destination. When he took a step on carpet to the first two inches of the restaurant, an English-looking man popped up. "May I help you, sir?"
He sure sounded like some snot-nosed, smartass retard. "I, uh, I'd like to know if a Miss McMahon is here."
"Did she make a reservation?"
"I don't know..." Reservation?! He had to be kidding him. He tip-toed a little to scout for his date for the night. Not here.
"Then I cannot help you sir."
*Snot-nosed gorilla breath,* he thought, frowning. "I think I'll just wait outside."
"I'm sorry, but there's no waiting within 5 feet of the restaurant unless you want to enter and order."
WHAT?! What kind of restaurant had that kind of rule? Chris gave a polite nod and stepped away. He walked over to a postbox and leaned on it. The Englishman returned him a scary glare, to which he stopped once Chris leaned on a lampost ten feet away. "Bastard," he mumbled.
Fifteen minutes passed, and still no Stephanie. Chris decided pop into the place again.
"Have you finally decided to dine here sir?"
"Not yet," he replied, his frown now a significant part of his face. "But I'm going to ask you again whether a woman named Stephanie McMahon has stepped in."
"There's no way---"
"BROWN HAIR. ABOUT THIS HEIGHT," he said harshly, getting tired of this brown-nosed jackass, raising a hand and roughly gauging how tall she was.
"No." The man gave an indication of impatience in his tone himself, trying to counter Chris' rage. "I suggest that you leave the premises immediately before I take harsh action sir."
"Fine!" he shouted, shoving his hands into his pockets and storming away. About a distance away, Chris returned him the finger for all his hard work.
He couldn't believe it. Stephanie stood him up. He was square too, but that wasn't the point. Stephanie deceived him. Humiliated him. He walked away from the whole place, looking at the signs. An old man sitting on a rusty green bench, a nice floral shop and a boutique next to it. A woman with brown hair, in a wavy black dress, crossed paths with him with a frustrated expression of her own.
Suddenly, the both of them stopped. "Stephanie?"
"Chris?" For a brief moment, there was silence. "Where the hell were you?!" he angrily yelled, throwing his hands up in the air.
"Nonononono, Chris. Where the hell WERE YOU?!" she said, equaling his volume.
"I was there having a feud with a dumb lard fart to look for you! Where were you?"
"I TOLD you, you stupid idiot, THAT, is the restaurant." Her finger was pointing to a restaurant opposite to the one he went to. Oh damn. So much for navigating skills. He thought he turned to the right way... "What kind of a date ARE you? Did you know how long I waited for you?!" He felt color creep to his cheeks and he started to shrink away.
"Well I'm sorry if I got the place wrong!"
A blue aston martin horned them, forcing them both of them to take it on the sidewalk. "You dumbass," she said, sighing as her tone died down. "Why are you always so unobservant?"
"I don't know. Look, I'm really, REALLY sorry about this whole thing. I was such a jackass. Actually, that man was more of a bum than I was, but still, I'm a jackass because of this."
"...Fine, fine. I forgive you. Nevermind," she sighed again. "You're still an idiot in more ways that one."
"You're still the cow."
"Hey! You're so... Argh," she stopped, gritting her teeth, defeated.
"I'm still sorry." Chris' face was lit up now, with a giant grin on his face. When she saw it, she felt the effects and tried hard to control her own lips from curling up to a smile. "I think I just won a fight." She was totally having the cheesiest grin of her life now. "Bessie." He ran fast ahead, and she chased him down the lanes.

A/N: I'm just so totally in love with these two. Just can't stop writing new stuff when I've got so much other stuff to complete... Well, tell me what you think! Love, Pearl :P:).