Harry Potter, No More!


Plot: What happens when all that a hero sees is death, destruction and dismay everywhere he goes? Easy: he looks to the heavens and he decrees two words: NO MORE! But what happens when Harry decides on this course of action?

Author's Information: Well, here it is, ladies and gents: my last story of 2013 and also the winner of my 'Dark Den' poll and I feel I should inform you of how I'm doing this: three little words…How…I…choose! In other words, this comes from my imagination and my creativity and, if you don't like it, then don't read it and wind up spoiling it for those who enjoy my work.

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'Bullshit,' thought Harry, downing the potion before he smirked as he added, 'This is what Luna meant: they've just made the biggest mistake ever and now it's time for them to see the consequence…starting with Albus Dumbledore!'

Chapter 6: More Blood On His Hands

When the headline broke across the wizarding world that their so-called saviour was now a resident of Azkaban, there were many different reactions: some cheered and made remarks about it being about time that the young war-mongerer got his just desserts while others wondered about the mind-set of the Ministry and those who had considered themselves the ally of the Boy-Who-Lived. There were those who wondered about what would come next for the magical world while others prepared for the worst by either stocking up supplies or just hiding and cowering like headless chickens.

However, had those same people been inside Azkaban at that exact moment, they would have seen a sight that would have made the bravest heart turn to glass and shatter.

For, within his cell in the prison, Harry Potter wasn't scared or cowering; he wasn't dreading the arrival of the Dementors.

In fact, in a manner that none of the guards of the prison could explain, what Harry was doing was…reading.

Harry Potter, No More!

"So it seems the world has finally shown it's true colours; well, it took them long enough."

Turning the page in the Daily Prophet that he'd summoned with his powers, Harry sniffed once before he whispered to no-one in particular, "I see your game, Britain: you expect me to crack and beg for forgiveness and mercy, but it takes sterner stuff than you to break me."

"Who are you talking to, Potter?" asked the guard on duty, earning a sigh from Harry as he put down the paper and, rising from his cot, he walked to the door where the guard suddenly lifted his wand, "S-Stay back…you're n-n-not armed: I will strike you down."

"Do you feel that?" asked Harry, indicating the guard with a half-amused smile as he added, "It's fear, but it's not the kind of fear you feel with your pets there. It's a fear of the unknown and, if I may be so bold, it's just so human. That little nudge, whispering in your ear: go down, go down, go down. You're like a nine-year-old trying to repair a motorbike in his bedroom."

"What are you going on about?" demanded the guard, earning a cold laugh from Harry.

"You think you know what to do, but the truth is that you'd sooner break down and cry for Mummy," Harry replied, turning on his heel and, returning to the cot, he sat down and returned his attention to his paper, "But in time, you'll see the truth for what it really is: after all, they say that great men are forged in fire; tis the duty of lesser men to light the flame…whatever the cost. And, in here, those flames count for all twelve of the days I've been here so far…wait…"

As Harry strained his ears, a gong sounded through the cells that brought a smile to Harry's face as he added, "No sir…sorry…all thirteen: my, my how time flies."

Harry Potter, No More!

July 31st;

Harry's sixteenth birthday and it was a day that would forever be marked by death, destruction and a change for the magical world;

Before any of the above could be brought down on the world, however, Harry had an urgent appointment with a young lady and, while his power created the perfect alibi for him, the young sorcerer took a deep breath in before he Flamed out of Azkaban and made for the home of one Hermione Granger.

Appearing in her bedroom, Harry's excitement and longing for his lover was cut off when he saw Hermione lying on her side, her face and arms covered in bruises and scars, her body shaking with fear and shock.

Reigning in his anger, because he knew it wouldn't do to destroy Hermione in his rage, Harry approached and, bending over her face, he whispered, "Mia, it's me: I came back."

"H-H-Harry?" asked Hermione, looking up and, seeing those glowing emerald eyes, she gasped before she dived into his arms, her body almost wrapping around him as she gasped, "My love…please forgive me; I'm sorry…I shouldn't; I can't…"

"Calm down, my Queen," Harry replied, looking into Hermione's eyes before he asked, "Now start again: what's happened to you? Who has dared try to harm my love?"

"I'll…I'll give you three guesses," Hermione sniffed, indicating the bruises on her arms as she added, "Because…it's someone who…who wants to be yours, my love. When they learned I had claimed you and you had given your purity to me, they…they…"

Lightning suddenly flashed outside Hermione's bedroom window, a heavy rain accompanying the crack of thunder that echoed through the house while, in her lover's arms, Hermione felt Harry's power spiking and passing over her body, closing and healing her wounds while it also seemed to take root inside her.

"I am going to kill them for this," snarled Harry, lifting Hermione's chin before he asked, "Will you stand with me in this, Mia? Once we do this, we can't go back: today's the day I teach the magical world the dangers of lying: will you go into the dark with me?"

"I belong to you, Harry," Hermione replied, stepping back before, like their last night at Hogwarts, she kneeled before him as though she was worshipping him before she continued, "You're like fire and ice and rage; you're like the night and the storm in the heart of the sun. This power, the darkness you've embraced, the throne you will one day sit upon, they've changed you: made you ancient and forever; he who burns at the centre of time and he can see the turn of the universe and if I could say one thing about this new you, I'd say…he's wonderful. And I am honoured to be his in every aspect; just…promise me one thing, my love."


"The Dead Man Walking," Hermione answered, watching as Harry transformed her clothes into robes of darkness that billowed around her like a gown from the shadows, "Promise me that the final strike…is mine!"

"And here was I thinking I'd be the only one getting a present today," Harry laughed, taking Hermione in his arms once more before he asked, "Should we include Neville and Luna in this?"

"We're already here, Majesty," the familiar high-pitched tone of Luna Lovegood replied, both her and Neville appearing from the other side of the door where Luna added, "When the Red Troll made his biggest mistake, your Dark Knight and Black Moon came here to protect our Queen."

"And we will help you take care of him," Neville added, unsheathing what Harry saw to be one of the daggers that he'd conjured back in the Room of Requirement, "I've been reading up on my torture methods and, personally-speaking, I'm dying to put them into practice."

"Then come with me," Harry hissed, keeping the storm in place as he added, "But remember guys: have fun…otherwise, what's the point?"

Harry Potter, No More!

WARNING: Character Torture and Deaths ahead

Ron Weasley thought himself pretty good at the moment;

Where normally, he'd have been concerned with spending a birthday celebration with Mr Never-Die and his ilk, this time, he just felt pretty strong inside: after Potter's arrest, Ron had gone to Hermione with the intent to make her his. However, when he'd invited Hermione to the Burrow, both he and Ginny were horrified to discover that not only were their respected targets taken, but they were also dating one another and it had been one to take the other's purity and vice-versa.

Well, Ron wouldn't have that and, though Potter seemed to have put some sort of Dark Magic on the filth to make sure no-one else could touch her sexually, Ron wouldn't be denied the right to hear her beg and plead. So, with a few select jinxes and a few well-aimed smacks and kicks as well as a few works from Ginny's personal collection, Ron was certain he'd put the Mudblood in her place.

So, as the morning rolled on and a sudden storm danced over the Burrow's area, Ron was a little surprised and personally amused when said Mudblood could be seen watching him from the copse, waving to him as though inviting him to join her. Being the natural prick that he was, Ron left the room and made for outside without so much as a second glance.

At the same time, Ginny was contacted by Luna and told by her so-called 'friend' that she'd found a way to give Ginny Harry's child and everything Harry owned. Like her brain-deficit brother, the Scarlet-Tina witch made for the outside without a second thought, unaware of the cold laugh that could be heard from behind where Luna had contacted her as she did so.

When both of them met up, Ron turned to Hermione, his hormones going into overdrive when he saw she was wearing an outfit that exposed way too much flesh and barely seemed to conceal her at all. Her hair fell around her shoulders and came to a stop above her perky breasts while her navel and legs were also shown: her 'womanhood' was covered by this outfit, but it didn't matter.

"Hello Ron," Hermione muttered, her eyes on him as she walked towards the two, "And Ginny too: you know, I've missed you two: time without Harry has made me realise something. I need the satisfaction of a good man on my skin, but since I'm the accomplice of a known Dark Wizard, it seems almost too easy to suggest that my first choice would do: you, Ron."

"Good girl, Granger," Ron sniggered, unaware of the trees closing in around him, Ginny and Hermione, "I knew my little punishment session would make you see sense: did you like it?"

"I did," Hermione answered, pulling down one of the straps on her body as she asked, "Do you like what you see, Ron? Why don't you come and claim your prize: after all, Harry gave everything he has to me…so, if you make me yours, then…who knows?"

Ron approached, but, as soon as he got within three feet of Hermione, the brunette suddenly lashed out and grabbed his wrist, cracking it in the process.

Behind him, Ginny thundered, "What are you doing, you bitch? How dare you harm your betters?"

"But you're not my betters," Hermione replied, though, to the horror of the Weasley Duo, it wasn't Hermione's voice that came out; in fact, as they watched with horror in their eyes, Hermione's body seemed to melt away to reveal raven-black hair, killing-curse-green eyes and a look of utmost rage and fury in said eyes that burned with lightning-like sharpness. "In fact, it's the other way around."

"Potter!" Exclaimed Ron, crying out as Harry turned his hand once more, completely snapping the left wrist clean off the bones of the hand, "How…how did you…escape?"

"What can I say?" Harry shrugged, snapping his fingers and, as both Weasleys watched, the real Hermione appeared by his side, along with Neville and Luna, the latter almost creeping on all fours towards her king like a panther stalking its prey while Harry continued. "After Sirius escaped, Crouch escaped and half of Tom's forces got out, Azkaban doesn't seem as inescapable as before: especially to one with my level of power!"

"Dark Power," Ron seethed, earning a shrug from Harry.

"Don't you remember me saying that there's no such thing as good or evil, Ronnie? That there's only power and those too weak to seek it? But I digress: you see, I'm not here to talk about the past; I'm here to talk about the future and, sad as this is going to sound, you don't have one: Hermione?"

"Thank you, my love," Hermione replied, approaching Ron before she bent down and, with a flick of her wrist, she didn't just break Ron's hand, she completely severed it from the arm, blood flying everywhere, including over Hermione's face and body.

"You bitch!" Ron snapped, "How…how did you do that?"

"My love fed me his power like a Mother feeds its child," Hermione whispered, remembering the rooted feeling of Harry's power as he had healed her, "And now what is his is also mine…and he has given you, Ronald Weasley, to me to have my fun with, but don't worry, I'm not going to kill you, not yet anyway."

Lifting her hands, Hermione threw both arms down again, the magic around her obeying her commands as Ron was bound and wrapped up by the branches of the trees, holding him up in what certain people would describe as a sensually-arousing spread-eagle position. Pinned to one of the trees as he was, Ron gulped before he asked, "What…what are you going…to do to me?"

"Finally realising who has the power around here, I see," Harry mused, heaving a sigh before he walked over to Hermione, his arms snaking around her waist before he added, "Hermione, please tell me you're not planning a little sub-dom action with him? I'd never be able to excite myself with you again!"

"I would never punish you like that, my love," Hermione replied, tilting her head to let Harry kiss at her neck, much to Ginny's enraged shock, but she was currently being restrained by the wands and visages of the other two members of their party. "I'm going to show Ron the pains of desire and then I'm going to break him and, once the world has fallen around him and he realises he was never even worthy to call himself human, let alone one of us…then he has my permission to die!"

"Then enjoy yourself, Kitten," Harry whispered, tracing his tongue up Hermione's neck before he added, "But remember to have fun; otherwise, what's the point?"

Stepping back from Hermione, Harry heaved a sigh and turned to Ginny, who was now released from Luna and Neville's restraints, her eyes wide with trembling rage as she looked at Harry. Giving her a mocking wave, Harry asked, "What's wrong, Ginny? Too much of a good thing for you? Any last words? No; ah well, you were always a disappointment as a friend and companion and you actually think you're worthy to stand by my side as my faithful companion? You may have had the fire to petrify people and bring Hogwarts to its knees once before, but now…you're nothing!"

"But you're mine!" Ginny sobbed, her hands still clenched as she knew that, like her brother, both had forgotten their wands, "You're only mine, Harry! We're meant to be happily married and set up as the new era of Light: you're only good for someone like me."

"Maybe you're right," Harry mused, earning a shocked look from the others as he walked towards Ginny, "Maybe I am only good enough for you, Ginny…"

"But Harry…" Neville argued, but he was stopped by Luna; looking to her, Neville saw his friend shake her head with a knowing smile on her face.

"Let the King have his fun, Neville," Luna whispered, watching as Harry stopped in front of Ginny.

"Maybe, like the magics of fairy tales and legends, there's just one thing I need," Harry suggested, lifting Ginny's chin with his fingers before he added, "Maybe, just maybe, all I need…is a kiss."

Ginny's eyes widened as Harry closed in, locking his lips with hers and holding her in his arms; at their side, Neville still looked on in shock while Luna just laughed, both of them noticing how not even Hermione was stopping this.

When Harry released Ginny, a smile touched his lips as he told her, "Thank you…now I can let you go."

"What…what do you mean?" asked Ginny, watching as Harry stepped back into the darkness of the trees, Neville and Luna both moving to surround her escapes as she asked, "Where is he?"

"Safe," Neville answered, knowing then that Harry's ploy was all part of the plan they'd had; reaching into his pocket, Neville then continued, "As is his heart and love for our Queen: however, Ginny, you're not so safe as I will now prove."

Lifting his hand from his robe, Neville revealed what looked like a small blue beetle-shaped amulet with a golden outline; with a small flick of his own wand, Neville sent the beetle flying to Ginny's body and, as soon as it touched her chest, the amulet cracked and the beetle began to crush its pincers together.

"What…what is this?" asked Ginny, watching as the pincers burrowed into her skin, the rest of the beetle following.

"An old Egyptian torture method," Neville explained, "It's called a Scarab Beetle: once inside you, it'll burrow through your body, eating its way through you until it reaches your brain and then, needless to say, things get really messy."

"No!" Ginny screamed, thrashing at her body as the beetle moved through her, "Stop this; Harry will save me; he'll always save his lover!"

"You can believe that all you wish," Luna told her, watching as the beetle's progress reached Ginny's throat and moved into her head, "But it's not so true of you, for you are not Harry's lover. That right belongs to the true Black Lioness, Hermione Granger-Potter-Black and, as for you, Ginny, you're just left out in the cold."

"No!" Ginny screamed, but her words were silenced when the beetle that had burrowed inside her slashed its way through her vocal chords, leaving her to fall to the ground, her eyes sobbing tears as she then saw Harry return, Hermione sat with him.

As for Ron, he was now cut by several slashing curses and left to bleed out in some sickened manner of the Blood Eagle torture, Hermione now soothing Harry as she stroked his dark hair, her eyes on Ginny as she told her, "Thanks to you, my lover's path to the dark is complete: soon, the entire magical world will know his power!"

"But he's…" Ron began, before he was cut off by a snarl from Hermione.

"Hush!" She lowered her head to Harry's and, with a soft kiss, she told them, "My lover needs his rest after all you've done: he must be exhausted."

Then, to the horror of the Weasley duo, a strange and eerie tune seemed to fill the air as Hermione seemed to sing Harry to sleep…

Rest my dark-haired lover,

Let your flags fly unfurled;

Now that we are truly one,

We shall rule this world!

Green eyes met brown eyes as Hermione whispered, "Rest now, my king: from this night, your power intensifies…"

She then continued to sing with a heavier, almost determined voice;

For years you were kind and you were generous

And you fought in their defence;

But all their lies and accusations

Have left us feeling TENSE!

But now that Chaos has blessed you

The darkness in you shall rise

Your bloodlust hungers for your enemies

And so I'll bring you their bloody eyes!

They'll look up to the sky and they'll see

A great evil born inside of thee

They'll call out to you with pleas for help they'll cry

But instead you'll make them all die!

Now in the past you were forgiving and always willing to see

The shard of good in everyone, like Slut and Magpie Weasley

Almost like he was somewhat half-awake, Harry seemed to add his own two Knuts to the song;

But now I've finally found somebody

Who'll never leave me alone or apart

With a knowing smile, Hermione put her own words back in there:

Oh don't worry your black soul, my love

I'm yours, mind, spirit and heart

They'll look up to the sky and they'll see

A great evil born inside of thee

They'll call out to you with pleas for help they'll cry

But instead you'll make them all die!

Looking over to see Ginny and Ron almost close to the gates of death, Hermione sighed and, as she rose, she continued her eerie song;

Mom, Dad and Dog are dead

But don't be sad, little one

I'll turn you into the Dark King

No longer the Potters' Son!

As she restrained Ginny to the trees with her nearly-dead brother, Hermione heard Luna pick up the song with her own choice of words;

Sleep now, my Dark Majesty

And let your conquest begin

Now that Darkness has chosen you, we…

Hermione laughed as she picked up the song again, her, Neville and Luna all chorusing the next words:


You're not alone, not anymore

The dragons of your power shall roar

You'll paint their red blood

To the sky

Then you'll laugh at their mourning:

Ron seemed to find his voice again as he screamed:


"Too late," Luna whispered as Hermione finished the song;

A new day is dawning

And now our wings shall fly

Into the arms of darkest skies


As though this was some big concert, on the last note, Ron and Ginny fell to the ground, both of them no longer moving while Hermione, returning to Harry's side, heaved a sigh before she asked, "What next, my love?"

"I'm going home," Harry answered, sitting upright before he sniffed as he added, "If the world is going to be mine, then this is one king who'll need his castle…and, whether it was willing or not, Fudge and his foolish ilk have given me not only the perfect stronghold, but the perfect army!"

"What about these two?" asked Neville, indicating Ron and Ginny's now-dead bodies.

"Leave them for the vultures to find," Harry answered, earning a laugh from Hermione before he added, "Mind you, if you can get me a memory of Molly screaming when she finds them, I'll be greatly amused and willing to do anything to repay this debt…"

He glanced to Neville as he said this, his eyes glowing with magic that, from within, the former Squib-Gryffindor gasped as he realised what Harry meant, the Dark Lion then repeating his last word of the promise;


Chapter 6 and vengeance has been dealt, but what will Harry do to repay a debt and how will the Ministry react to the news of their hero turning worse than Voldemort?

Plus, who is next on Harry's hit-list and will he allow any more of his old allies to survive the fires that are about to burn?

Keep Reading to Find Out…

Next Chapter: Azkaban has a new ruler: Harry Potter! Plus, in a show of his power, Harry targets the two biggest pains in the Ministry and shows them the dangers of lying when he must not tell lies; also, the Weasleys react to Ron and Ginny's deaths, but not everyone's so eager to hunt down their killer;

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AN: I confess it here: the torture bugs used by Neville were inspired by the same 'death' of the Weasleys in StormyFireDragon's story 'Blood Is Thicker' and the lullaby was originally used after inspiration from Loki Palmer; all thanks and rights to those authors;