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The Secret Affair
Chapter One.

Deep within the restricted section of Flourish and Blotts found two from the light and dark locked within an embrace neither foresaw themselves in or she in particular dreamed they'd find themselves in this certain section of a bookshop.

But curiosity won over her, and she's glad she let herself go briefly for once, instead of being the goodie-two-shoes, that people know her to be when none knew her true desires and where her real curiosity lay which she kept supressed and at bay locked and buried in a trunk within the back of her mind.

She'd been reading books she knew she shouldn't be reading but couldn't let this opportunity pass when she'd let the boy's go and visit the Joke shop without her. She had an hour or two to herself. And she was going to do what she wanted for a change instead of doing what everyone else wanted or expected her to do.

If someone had told her this morning that she'd be within the restricted section of Flourish and Blotts pressed up against a bookshelves filled with dark curses being kissed and touched in places she'd never been touched before by a mysterious and as much as she hated to admit it handsome man she would have definitely laughed in your face and told you: you're crazy.

The weird thing was, was the strange connection that sprung between them and for the life of her she couldn't explain it but he looked incredibly smug after their interaction and few curses sent flying, mostly from her which he blocked with a lazy flick of his wrist… before he assaulted her lips, as if he felt it too but new what it meant and silenced her with a kiss before she could ask questions.

They only broke apart when they needed to breathe but his lips never left her as they moved to re-assault her neck and she clutched his head tighter to her, surprising herself by not wanting to let him go and the thought alone hurt.

His next question caught her by surprise and she responded without thinking.

"You are pureblood?"

"Yes!" She moaned and arched into him as he sucked on a sensitive part of her neck. He smirked at her reply, and he left her neck to look directly in her eyes. Piercing green met chocolate brown.

"Good. Because I would hate for anything unpleasant to happen to you before we continue this at a more comfortable location as only those with the purest of bloods can enter unharmed to prove their blood purity." He paused, looking deeply into her eyes. "With the exceptions of half-bloods of course depending on where their loyalties lay."

Hermione resisted the urge to gulp and whilst she had the courage to do so leaned forwards and kissed him hard. She suddenly felt her back meet unmistakably soft covers of a bed instead of a hard bookshelf and felt him press his full body wait into her.

Shock coursed through her very bones as she realised she'd successfully entered a clearly pureblood residents without being harmed… which only meant one thing. NO! Her mind screamed as realisation dawned on her.

He knew she had lied but decided to fix her after they'd entered through his wards and Lord Voldemort/Tom Riddle is very rarely surprised and he voiced this when he saw that she too had come to the same conclusion. His mate had managed to surprise him twice in a short space of time.

Tom felt smug enough walking through Diagon Ally without getting caught. But this outing was proving to be more eventful than he had hoped.

Leaving her lips he took in her stunned façade and lust mixed with desire chocolate pools and thought how beautiful she looked despite her stunned expression and how lucky he felt that he not only found his mate but she was also a mystery a mystery for him to solve. She met his gaze after she refocused her vision on him.

He leaned down to kiss the corner of her lips and trailed butterfly kisses along her jaw line as he made his way to her ear and kissed the sensitive spot bellow. He could feel the need to mark her as his but new it wasn't the right time just yet as much as that thought irritated him.

"I knew you were lying darling, but I've waited so long for you that it was a risk worth taking." And he kissed her again, pushing all the longing and triumph, even…. Emotions he'd never felt before into that kiss, and without using his wand cast a none-verbal spell that removed them off their clothing. She gasped then moaned that the sudden feel of skin on skin, and he could tell she is still pure.

He pressed his throbbing friend bellow against her lower lips and no longer being able to resist, kissed and licked his way down her body paying special attention to her breasts before venturing further down south.

He could feel their magic twining with each other around them locking them within a protective shield of sorts and he felt the power he held within his hands, intensify with hers mingling with his own. It is a beautiful feeling mixed with pleasure. He knew it would only get better. He wondered how she'd react when she discovers who he truly is. He banished that thought away and new that she wouldn't have been chosen for him, if she couldn't accept him completely and if she didn't well she'd have to get used to him, because he wasn't going to let her go, not now he's found her after all these years of waiting.

Hermione felt like she is on cloud nine with what his clearly talented lips and tongue was doing to her body. She felt a wave of jealousy wash over at the thought of another witch having been in the place she's in now with this man whose name she just realised has no idea who he is called.

But couldn't bring herself to care. As if he sensed her jealousy he stopped his assault on her lower regions which she was hesitant about first but his surprisingly calming yet dangerous presence calmed her, and warned her it wouldn't be a good idea to pull away from him, not now and she couldn't even if she wanted to and kissed her hard.

"No other witch will matter after this." He told her firmly, his eyes fierce and ablaze with desire, lust and something else she couldn't quiet place and she could have sworn they flashed red briefly but she quickly banished that thought as they met half way for a scorching kiss whilst he moved one of her arms from cradling her head to place his fingertips between the valley of her breasts and drifted down until he reached his hard shaft.

She suddenly felt nervous and shy as he stopped kissing her and rested his forehead against hers, his lips only a parchment thickness away from her own. Their noses touching, his eyes burning into hers.

"This is going to hurt…"

The last thing he wanted to do was hurt his mate, considering he'd feel it too but he really didn't want to hurt her and he'd kill anyone impart from himself who'd dare lay a finger on her.

She nodded and gave him her consent. He readied himself, and took hold of her lips as he pushed the whole way through without pausing. He felt her arch against him, and bite his lip as she felt the pain and he too, he could see it in her chocolate eyes as a tear fell across her cheek. But he kept her eyes locked with his the whole time, until he felt and watched as she relaxed and they both felt the pain melt away and pleasure be pains replacement.

Meanwhile a very embarrassed Harry Potter had collapsed on the floor of the back room of the Weasley twin's joke shop.

Speaking of the troublesome duo the pair of them turned around upon hearing the sound of a thud and looked down to see their bespectacled friend on the flood. Looking at each other, they crouched down concerned.

"You okay their Harry mate?" Fred asked placing a hand on the younger boy's shoulder.

"Is it…" George asked.

But then both twins realized he wasn't clutching his scar but down below and grinned amusedly with evil twinkles full of mischief in their eyes.

"Is old Voldie getting some bedroom action?" George asked.

"It's… n-not fu-funny." Harry Potter gasped out.

"Who in their right minds would want to go near ol' snake face?" Fred mused then both twins looked at each other and said at the same time.

"Bellatrix Lestrange." They then looked at Harry for answers. Harry shook his head as he fixed his appearance, cleaning his trousers.

"No… I didn't see who it was, this was the first time it happened and I'd like it to stay between us, and hope this will be the only time it happens."

"Was it a man?" George asked.

"No, definitely not a man, from what I could tell and I really do not want to have this conversation. As I said I didn't see who the poor woman was."

"Or man." Both twins said. Smirking, clearly having thought up some rude jokes for the Dark Wizard and his possible sexuality preferences.

"No!" Harry said starting to feel slightly annoyed.

"I don't know how to explain it, but it certainly was not a man."

"How can you be so sure?" Fred pointed out smirking.

"If you haven't experienced both?" George added, an identical smirk to his twins on his face.

Harry wished the ground would swallow him up. It was embarrassing enough having this experience in a way he'd rather of not experienced it but to have it happen at this time and in front of the Weasley twins of all people was his idea of a nightmare.

He honestly didn't know how he knew it is a woman Voldemort was with… but it had something to do with their bloody connection and right now he loathed it and felt sorry for whoever the woman is that Voldemort is raping as why else would a woman be with old snake face?

Back at Riddle manor Hermione lay snuggled in a strong protective embrace, their magic dancing between them as Tom held her closely to him. He'd marked her as they both came together. He leaned forwards to kiss the mark, causing Hermione to shiver in pleasure.

"Mine." Tom growled against her throat causing vibrations to flow through her body.

"What is your name?" Hermione asked him quietly. He lifted himself up so he was back in his previous position, but propped up by his hand and using his elbow for support against the sheets. Their legs entwined his other free arm holding her closely to him.

"Tom Riddle."

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