What you mean to me, Michael

For someone you're real mystery…

For others – reason to live…

But do you know what do you mean to me?

To me you're me,

your pain is my own pain,

your happiness is my own happiness,

your fears are my own fears,

your joy is my own joy,

your misery is my own misery,

but above all – your soul is my soul,

your heart is my heart.

My love for you is

furious love, obsession,

infection of the soul

that nowhere you can hide from,

which you can never escape.

Love more frightful than fear,

more alive than life.

There are no words, candles, compliments.

No flesh.

Neither flowers nor smiles.

There is no you and me, we two.

In my love I am you.

And I miss you so much,

that no words can describe.

But now I know that

wherever you are,

you are happy,

because at least,

no one can hurt you anymore, my angel!

Yes, you are my angel,

and when I say "I love you",

it's not because I want you,

or I can't have you.

I love what you are,

what you do,

how you try,

I've seen your kindness and your strength,

I've seen the best and the worst of you,

And I know exactly what you are.

You are more than a hero,

You are The One Michael!

And it was very hard for me to let you go,

but when you love someone, you must let him go…

And I did…I let you…But now I'm broken Michael…

I'm broken and I don't know how much

I can stand and bear, but I'll try,

I must try because of you, my love,

And because of the strength you gave me

through the years…

I'll fight to prove your sacrifice

will be honored with love and loyalty.

I love you my beautiful Moonwalker,

and I always will, because my heart

belongs only to you!

Rest In Peace, MJJ,

At least now you're in your Neverland,

and will never grow up…!

Yours Forever, M