Chapter 1

The Lion King : Tojo's Journey

The sun rose in the sky illuminating the savannah. King Kovu stepped of the dens entrance he stretched and yawned he shook his thick brown mane. It had been three months since Simba had died. "Well" Kovu said "I guess I should probably wake Tojo up for his lessons" he walked back in to the den and saw his mate and son asleep he walked over to his mate and said "Kiara its time to get up" Kiara just mumbled and rolled over Kovu tried again "Come on Kiara your suppose to be leading the hunt to day if you don't get up I'll just get Vitani to lead the hunt" this said Kiara bolted straight up now fully awake "Kovu don't do that you know Vitani can't hunt anyway" said Kiara "Well I suppose I better get going" when Kiara Left Kovu walked over to his son who was also wide awake "Come Tojo" Kovu said.

Tojo looked at his father and said "dad where are we going". Kovu looked an his and said "Tojo you are the future king and it's time to show you the kingdom". just as Tojo and his father were about to leave Cara came running up to Tojo and pounced on him she laughed getting off of Tojo and said "hi Tojo where are you going with your dad so early".

Tojo looked at his jet-black furred friend and said "dad's going to show me the kingdom". Cara looked at the caramel-brown prince in awe wishing she could be shown the kingdom even though she was a princess her parents were not king and queen, she sighed and said "well have fun". the sad tone in her voice did not go unnoticed by the caramel-brown furred prince he looked up at his father and asked "why can't Cara come i mean she is a princess". kovu looked down at his son and said "though Cara may be a princess she is not next in line for the throne therefore she can not be shown the kingdom". both cubs ears drooped sadly and said in unison "oh". then Cara got an idea and whispered it to Tojo a mischievous smile crept onto Tojo's face as he watched Cara run out of the den, they were going to be in so much trouble later.

Kovu cleared his throat and said "well we better get going". the brown king walked out of the den his son following close behind him. As the brown king and caramel-brown prince came out of the den kovu saw the hunting party he chuckled at the sight of Kiara trying to teach Vitani the basics as the brown king watched he remembered the time he tried to teach Kiara how to hunt.


Kovu was lying on the ground he was trying to teach Kiara how to hunt and she wasn't very good he could hear every noise she made and step she took, he sighed and counted down from three "three,two,one". kovu ducked as soon as Kiara pounced from her hiding spot, "oof" she said as she landed on her back then kovu walked over to her and looked down at her, Kiara opened her eyes and said "you could hear me huh". kovu looked at her and said "only a lot". he paused then walked forward and said "your still breathing too hard, relax feel the earth under your paws". as kovu said this he detracted his claws and drug them along the ground Kiara did the same. Kovu's ears perked up as he head birds squawking, he crouched slightly and whispered to Kiara "shh watch the master". Kiara watched as kovu slowly crept up the hill the started to run and then pounced on the unsuspecting prey.

End of Flashback

The brown king came out of his thoughts and said to his son "ready to go". Tojo nodded his head and followed his father into the savannah.

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