chapter five

The Lion King : Tojo's Journey

The sun had already risen by the time tojo woke up the caramel-brown furred prince yawned and stretched, as he exited the pride den he couldn't help wondering if what he saw in the gorge was real or not and so the young prince decided to visit rafiki.

When tojo reached rafiki's tree he climbed up to the dent in the tree where rafiki lived and said "hello rafiki are you here". the caramel furred prince then heard a familiar laugh and then the young prince saw the old baboon/mandrill and walked up to him and said "i take it you know why i am here". the old baboon/mandrill looked at the prince and said "hehehe so young prince wat can old rafiki do for you, no wait don't tell rafiki cause he already knows and it's about wat you saw in de gorge well rafiki has de answer, come closer and old rafiki will tell you de answer you seek". tojo stepped closer to the shaman and said "well what is the answer i seek".

The old shaman just laughed and said "de answer you seek is if you are crazy or not, well old rafiki can tell you dat you are not crazy but also dat when you were born you received someting you were not suppose to". the caramel-brown cub just looked at the old shaman as if he were the one who was crazy, just as the young prince opened his mouth to say something the cold wind from yesterday appeared and then a blinding light appeared blinding both rafiki and tojo and when the light was gone the prince and shaman opened there eyes and what they saw were two completely different things.

From tojo's point of view he saw his grandfather and from rafiki's point of view he saw nothing the old baboon/mandrill sighed and said "tojo wat do you see". when the prince didn't answer rafiki suddenly got very worried and said "you see him don't you". the caramel-brown furred prince merely just nodded his head, rafiki sighed again and said "tojo do you want me to tell you why you can see simba". the prince merely just nodded his head again, rafiki sighed for a third time and said "tojo de reason you see simba is because you were born with the powers of a shaman only much more powerful, you were never suppose to receive dese powers". tojo looked past his grandfather towards rafiki and said "what do you mean i was never suppose to receive these powers". rafiki merely just sighed and said "i was hoping dis curse would never come true".

Tojo looked at rafiki strangely and said "what curse, what's going on, why am i the only one who can see him, why". the old shaman just sighed for the fourth time and said "listen, tojo, long ago during the reign of the tyrant, tojo the first, was a dark time for the animals of the pride lands and all the animals were wondering why the grandson of the first king was so evil and so one night the shaman of tojo the firsts reign sought council from the first king and asked if there was anyway he could stop his grandson from completely destroying the pride lands and when the first king answered the shamans plea, he said "my grandson is nothing more than a tyrant and he deserves whatever punishment i inflict on him". and so the first king cursed his own bloodline making it so that nothing good would come to the future kings and so the first to suffer the punishment was his grandson tojo the first who was killed by his own son, the second was his great grandson mohatu who saw the pride lands suffer a terrible drought, the third was his great great grandson ahadi who saw his youngest son turn into a murderer, the fourth was his great great great grandson mufasa who was murdered by his own brother while trying to save his son from a stampede, the fifth was his great great great great grandson simba who saw his daughter almost killed by a fire the former outsider vitani and her brother nuka started, the sixth is kovu who will become the most vengeful king the pride lands has ever known, the seventh was kiara who almost lost her family to a pointless war, the eighth was kopa who watched his own father die by his claws and the ninth will be you, tojo the second who will suffer the punishment of all eight plus your own punishment which will destroy you, that is why you can see the simba , that is what the curse is, that is why the great kings of the past refuse to allow me guidance to help you and that is why you were never suppose to be born with dis curse and why you were never suppose to be born male cause this curse only affects the male members of the royal family whether they are marred into it or born into it this curse still affects them". tojo looked at rafiki with tears streaming down his face and said "w-why, w-why m-me w-what d-did i d-do t-to d-deserve t-t-t-this c-c-c-c-curse". rafiki just shook his head and said "because you are de Doppelganger of the tyrant, tojo the first". the caramel-brown cub just stared at rafiki in horror not wanting to believe that he the grandson of the mighty simba was the Doppelganger of the tyrant, tojo,the,first.

How will kovu deal with the fact that his son is the Doppelganger of the worst tyrant that ever ruled the pride lands and how will tojo deal with that fact will he give in to fates desire or will he free himself of the curse that his great great great great great grandfather has put on his family, will he break the curse or turn in to the biggest tyrant that ever ruled the pride lands. Well you'll just have to wait and find out