Tojo's journey 2

Tojo awoke in priderock he yawned and stretched and decided to take a walk "what did Rafiki mean" Tojo said to himself, suddenly the mahogany lion with the scar over his eye pounced from the grass.

"well well what do we have here, if it isn't the mighty Simba's pathetic excuse of a grandson what are you doing here and so alone" the scarred lion said Tojo just looked at the scarred lion and said "I'm not afraid of you Scar or should I say Taka" Scar then roared in anger and said "NOBODY CALLS ME THAT, NOBODY".

Scar was just about to strike Tojo when a large golden lion with a jet black mane emerged from the grass and said "stand down my son you are already in enough trouble with the great kings as it is now LEAVE" Scar was about to protest but then the first king appeared and Scar decided to just leave.

Tojo just stared at the two lions who saved him and said with glee "great great grandfather Ahadi" but then saw the first king and said with venom in his voice "hello Kovu the first here to curse your my family some more".

Kovu the first was taken bake by the venom in the young cubs voice and said "no i am not, but i do not regret what i have cursed my family with and you'd be wise not to question me about it because i know that my descendents are all tyrants in their own way" when Kovu the first said that Tojo just exploded and shouted "WHY THOUGH, WHY WOULD YOU CURSE YOUR WHOLE BLOODLINE WHAT DID MUFASA DO, WHAT DID SIMBA DO WHAT DID ANYONE OF YOUR DESCENDENTS DO TO DESERVE THIS FATE, WHY, JUST BECAUSE MY NAMESAKE WAS A TYRANT YOU DECIDE TO CURSE MY FAMILY, MY FATHER, MOTHER, GRANDFATHER, GREAT GRANDFATHER, GREAT GREAT GRANDFATHER, GREAT GREAT GREAT GRANDFATHER AND ME, WHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE TO SUFFER ALL EIGHT PUNISHMENTS PLUS MY OWN, WHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE SHAMAN POWERS IF I WAS NEVER SUPPOSE TO HAVE THEM IN THE FIRST PLACE".

Ahadi and Kovu the first just stared at the exhausted young cub deciding whether or no to tell him the truth so both lions decided to come back tonight and tell him the truth.

will Tojo be able to handle the truth or will he fall victim to his chosen destiny or will he change fates design and follow his own destiny.

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