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Chapter 1


He gently caressed her cheek as the tears started to fall down. He looked into her deep blue green eyes and said "I will make everything okay I promise".

She shook her head and said "how Nik? We've been running for over 200 years. Wherever we go he always finds us".

"Caroline, I love you more than life itself you know that".

She narrowed her eyes in confusion and said "of course I do...Nik, why did you say that?" Caroline could see tears forming in his eyes and said "Nik, I'm your wife you have to tell me".

He laced is free hand in her left and twirled the ring he got her around her finger. He apologised under his breath then looked into her eyes and said "you will forget about all of this. Your human, you know nothing about vampires or werewolves. You have lived a simple will find happiness". After he compelled her, he left her with an ally that he and his siblings had made.

At first Rebekah, Elijah and Kol all said that leaving Caroline alone without protection while Mikael was after them was ridiculous. After Klaus explained his reasons for doing it they agreed but there were some concerns about her. They said that people would notice that she doesn't age. They agreed that when they found somewhere safe they would go back for her and give her, her memories.


Klaus can still remember the day he first compelled her. He hated to leave her but after that day they had found safety many times but Mikael always found them so he always had to leave her. They had just managed to escape Mikael as an informant of theirs told them that he was spotted in France making his way to England. The original siblings took the information from their ally and headed to America for safety.

They took their private jet from London and arrived at New York seven hours later. They tried to avoid America as much as possible because although it was a good place to hide from Mikael this is where they left Caroline. They were now sitting in one of their penthouses and Klaus like always was drinking away his sorrows. Rebekah and Kol were playing a game of pool but by the look in their eyes you could tell that they had a hard life and had seen much. Elijah was calling his contacts around the world in his study and still looking for a way to get rid of Mikael like he always does.

Rebekah paused her game with Kol and said "how long has it been?" Klaus looked at her with confusion "how long has it been since you last saw her?"

"A year".

She put the pool cube down then sat next to him on the couch and said "I mean the real her. The Caroline we all know with her memories".

He clenched his teeth then said "5 years".

She sighed then said "you have to stop thinking about her".

He stood up then shouted "how? How can I stop thinking about the woman I love? Please Rebekah enlighten me with your knowledge" he drunk the rest of his scotch in his glass then threw it against the nearest wall.

Kol put his cube down and as Rebekah stood he stood next to her and said "brother, I'm sure she didn't mean it like that".

Rebekah shook her head and said "Nik, you misunderstood. All you do is think about the time when you had to compel her and all the time on the run, when you should be thinking about the happy memories...that's what we do".

Klaus said "how sister? How can I remember the good times when I can't even protect her? She was my wife!"

Kol said "she still is your wife. She is our sister. Do you not think that we don't care about her or miss her? Before she became our sister and your wife she was already apart of our family, she was Rebekah's best friend for crying out loud".

After a few moments of silence Rebekah said "Nik, remember the time you proposed to her. The time when you first had feelings for her, when you first laid eyes on her" Klaus smiled as it seemed to be working "those are the memories we hang onto".

Klaus said "thank you Rebecca, Kol. I apologise for my actions. I know that you all care about her but it is my duty to protect her and I can't".

They both nodded their heads to show that they accept his apology. Elijah then walked in and he heard what Klaus said and said "brother, the duty falls on all of us. You are not in this alone, you must remember that".

Rebekah placed a hand on Klaus's shoulder and said "we stick together as one, always and forever. Whether we are far apart or within arms reach".

Klaus nodded then looked at Elijah and said "brother, what have you found out?"

"Well I have found us the next doppelganger and there are rumours that the moonstone is located in the same town".

Everyone but Elijah smiled and Rebekah said "where?"

"You all must understand that it is vital we are careful-" Kol interrupted.

"We don't care about your morals Elijah. Our plan for nearly 1000 years has been to unlock Klaus's hybrid side so we can defeat our bastard of a father. Now tell us where it is".

Elijah glanced at all of them till his eyes fell to the floor and he said "both objects that we seek are located in...Mystic Falls".

Klaus thought that his heart skipped a beat as he collapsed onto the couch. He looked at Elijah and said "then all is lost".

"Niklaus, we must do this".

"No Elijah. That is where she is, I will not put her in danger".

Rebekah said "Nik, think about this. If we can unlock your werewolf side to make you a hybrid then we don't need to run you can be with her sooner".

He shook his head and said "if we go then Mikael will follow us that means put her in danger".

Kol said "but if we can make you a hybrid before that happens it means then we can finally end this".

Klaus thought over all the reasons and although it would be putting Caroline in danger he wanted to do it. It meant that he could be in the same town as her, watch her new life and eventually give her back her memories when the time was right. He looked up at his siblings and said "alright but at the first sign of danger we leave and move her someplace else. Rebekah, I want you to watch her at all times whenever I'm not there" she nodded.

They all had smiles on their faces that they were going to see her again. Elijah nodded and said "thank you should call her".

"Elijah, she has no memories".

"I didn't mean her. Let her know that were coming then she can be prepared". Klaus nodded then pulled out his phone. He and his siblings had one ally in Mystic Falls and they knew they could trust her till the end. They had after all been united as one family over a thousand years ago.

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