I used to be powerful.

A very short figure ran through the forever fall forest, gasping for oxygen. They were getting closer.

Now look at me.

The figure paused for a moment. He was getting tired. He wouldn't be able to keep this up forever.

I'm pathetic.

A roar sounded not to far away, and the boy began running again. Tears were streaming down his cheeks.

This is your fault!

The boy tripped on a tree root and landed face first in the ground. He quickly rolled over and tried to get up, but it was too late. They were here. Why was this happening to him. What had he done to deserve this?

You will pay...

Four Ursas towered over the young boy, claws outstretched and aimed at their captive.

Even if its not by my hand...

The boy screamed.

You will die.

Team RWBY walked through the forever fall forest, led by their cheerful leader Ruby Rose. In their hands, each carried a small jar.

"This is such a waste of time." The white haired heiress complained. "If professor Port so desperately needs these Ursa fur samples, why doesn't he get them himself?"

"Oh cheer up." Yang told the girl, her usual smile on her face.

"Yeah Weiss." Ruby agreed with her sister. "Just look at it as a team bonding exercise." Weiss mumbled a few things but was otherwise quiet. Blake Belladonna, as usual, was silent. Ruby was about to say something else, when a loud scream erupted through the air. All four girls dropped their jars and unveiled their weapons.

"Was that a kid?" Yang asked no one in particular.

"It was close." Blake said. With her advance Faunus hearing she could pinpoint the location of the sound.

"Lead the way, Blake." Ruby told her teammate. With a small nod the cat girl took off, her teammates close behind her.

The young boy screamed again. It was all he could do. He had a weapon, but what good would it do him if he didn't know how to use it? Actually, he didn't even have his weapon, he must have dropped it somewhere. Not that it mattered. The Ursa closest to him raised up its paw. The boy shut his eyes tightly, buried his face into his blue sweatshirt, and waited for the heavy paw to pound him into the ground...

But the blow never came. He waited a few more seconds before opening his eyes. In front of him, blocking the Ursas claws with a scythe, stood a girl with short hair and a short dress. She glanced back at him as she struggled to keep the Ursas claws from getting closer. She seemed to be inspecting him. There really wasnt much too see. He was very short, only about three feet tall, he wore a baggy blue sweatshirt, brown pants, and he had textured black hair.

"Are you ok, kid?" She asked with a remarkably calm voice. He tried to nod, but before he could move he was swooped away into someone else's arms. He looked up. A girl with white hair had picked him up and carried him to a safe distance. She put him down and pointed her weapon, a very slender sword, at the Ursas.

"Stay here." She told him, her voice and her icy blue eyes told him that she was serious. He quickly nodded.

"Weiss!" The girl with the scythe called. The white haired girl, apparently named Weiss, pushed something on her swords handle then stabbed the ground. A line of ice shot up from the blade then crawled across the ground all the way to the group of Ursas. The girl with the scythe jumped out of the way, just in time because when the ice touched the Ursas their feet were suddenly covered in cold crystals. The four Ursas roared in anger as they tried to move, but found they were frozen in place.

"Yang, Blake!" Scythe girl called out. Two more girls appeared from no where, one with bright yellow hair and the other with black hair. The yellow haired girl gave a few fiery punches to a couple of the Ursas, each punch landed right on their nose. With a few of what sounded like gun shots coming from the girls gauntlets, the Ursas were down. The black haired girl pulled out a katana from behind her back and slashed at the remaining creatures. It didnt take long for them to fall as well.

When all was said and done, and the creatures lied in a big furry heap, all the girls came over to the boy.

"Are you ok?" The blonde girl asked as she kneeled down to his eye level. The boy nodded but backed up a few steps.

"What's wrong?" The scythe girl asked. She still had her weapon out, but it was slung over her shoulder. The boy couldn't help but stare at the huge thing.

"Ruby! Put your weapon away you're scaring him!" The white haired girl, Weiss, hissed at her.

"Oops!" The girl, Ruby, replied and put away the scythe. The boy looked back at the yellow haired girl that still kneeled in front of him.

"Well, my names Yang." She said gently. She seemed to know how to deal with children.

"I'm Weiss." The snowy haired girl introduced.

"I'm Ruby!" She seemed to be the youngest.

"And I'm Blake." The last girl said softly.

"What's your name?" Yang asked him. He thought for a moment.

"My name is Shin." He spoke very quietly and his voice sounded extremely fragile. "But people call me Sho... I think."

"You think?" Weiss repeated his words as a question.

"I can't remember that much." He pronounced his 'r' like they were 'w'. The four girls looked at each other with concern before looking back at him. "I woke up in this forest and we walked around for a little bit-"

"Wait did you say 'we'?" Blake interjected.

"Yea, me and... Tao!" Sho began looking around. "Oh no, Tao! I lost him! Please! You gotta help me find him!" The four girls were already jumping into action.

"Yang, Blake!" Ruby began. "You guys take the West side. Weiss and I will take Sho and look on the East side!" Just as they were about to split up, Sho exclaimed;

"Tao! There you are!" A small creature pranced out of the forest. It was about the size of a cat, it's fur was red except for its black legs, and it had a tail that was similar to that of a raccoon's. In its mouth was a stick about a foot long. Sho rushed forward and scooped the animal up in his arms. "Tao I'm so glad you're ok!"

Weiss was the first to speak up. "Um... What exactly is, Tao?" Sho released the animal from his grasp before looking up at them all with a wide grin.

"Tao is a baby red panda. He's also my best friend." He said happily. "Hey! You found Satsuma!" Sho took the gold colored stick from the red pandas mouth and placed it in a diagonal holder that hung on his back. Seeing the confused looks on the girls faces, he tried to explain. "My papa gave me Satsuma for my fifth birthday last week. He said," Sho interrupted himself with a yawn. "That it was for protection. That's all I can remember." Again he yawned. Yang picked Sho up.

"Here, why don't you rest while we take you to someone for help?" She asked him. But Sho was already asleep.

"Aw, that's adorable." Ruby grinned.

"Poor child, who knows how long he was wandering around out here." Weiss said.

"So should we take him to the police?" Blake asked.

"Nah, screw the police." Yang replied quietly, as not to wake the sleeping boy. "They can barely solve a simple theft, no way am I going to leave this sweet little boy in their care." Meanwhile, Ruby began playing with Tao.

"So what are we supposed to do? We obviously can't keep him. I have enough problems keeping up with Ruby. I don't need to look after another child." Weiss said.

"Hey!" Ruby yelled, earning a 'shhh' from the other three girls.

"Lets just go to professor Ozpin." Ruby suggested as she stood up, Tao laying comfortably in her arms. "He'll know what to do."

"That seems reasonable." Blake agreed.

"Cool with me." Yang added.

"Whatever." Weiss said, trying to act as if she didn't really care.

"Then lets go!" Ruby exclaimed, again earning a 'shhh' from her teammates. She then began skipping happily in the direction of Beacon Academy.

"Hey Yang, you seem to be very good with children." Blake observed as they began walking. Yang grinned.

"Well, Ive had to take care of Ruby all these years, so I should be good at it by now."



"Hmm." Ozpin mumbled as he inspected the small child In Yang's arms. Team RWBY all stood in the professor's office, Ozpin was giving Sho a quick look over and Glynda Goodwitch watched quietly from the shadows. "And you say you found him in the forever fall forest?" Ozpin asked.

"Yes sir." Ruby answered. "He was being attacked by a group of Ursi." The professor looked down at Tao, who was sitting contently on his desk.

"And this little red panda was with him?"

"Yes sir."

The professor made another 'hmmm' sound and focused back in on the boy. He lightly poked his head, causing the small child to stir. "Sho." Ozpin said lightly. The boy lifted his head up and looked at the strange man.

"Hello." Sho greeted as he sleepily rubbed his eye. "Where am I?"

"You're at Beacon Academy, have you heard that name before?" Yang asked. The boy shook his head no.

"Sho, you say you don't remember anything from before you woke up in the forest, besides what you have told these four girls, is that true?" Ozpin asked. Sho nodded.

"I'm hungry." He said suddenly. Ozpin smiled.

"Well I'm sure these young ladies wouldn't mind showing you to the cafeteria." He said gently.

"With all due respect sir, we came here to ask you where we should take this boy. Maybe to the police or a day care or something? We need to try and contact his family." Weiss piped up.

"Well of course we will try to contact his family. But we don't really know who his family is." Ozpin said. "I will begin to do a little research, but for now I think it would be good for Sho to stay with you girls."

"What?!" Weiss exclaimed. Yang, Ruby and Blake all looked at each other, all of them were surprised, to say the least.

"I said, I think it would be a good idea if Sho stayed with you girls for a while. Oh, and Tao too." Ozpin repeated.

Sho had a wide grin. "You mean I get to stay with my new friends? Yay!" Yang sat him down on the floor.

"Sho would you mind going out in the hall for a second?" She asked gently.

"I think that's a good idea. Ms Goodwitch, would you go with him?" Ozpin asked. The blond woman looked at him before nodding. She walked over to the door and waited for the boy. Sho looked warily from Ms GoodWitch to Ruby.

"Oh, it's ok Sho. She's a nice lady." Ruby assured him. "Why don't you take Tao with you?" Sho nodded.

"Ok Tao lets go with Ms Goowith." He said as he grabbed Tao and headed for the door.

"It's Goodwitch." The woman corrected him as they both exited the room. When they were gone, Weiss began her rant.

"Sir, with all due respect, you can't be serious! The four of us have enough on our plate without having to take care of a kid!" She yelled.

"Sir," Blake chimed in. "I don't think that Beacon Academy would be a good place for Sho to stay, especially if we are the ones takin care of him."

"Yeah, Sho's cute and Tao is really fluffy, but taking care of a kid would take up a lot of time." Ruby piped up.

"Sho should be somewhere where people will have have the time to properly take care of him and play with him." Yang agreed.

Ozpin sipped his cup of coffee and looked at each of the girls. "You may have a point." He said, earning a collective sigh of relief from team RWBY. He then opened his scroll, pressed a few holographic buttons on the screen, and spoke into it; "Please send team JNPR to my office." He then close it.

"Um.. Why is team JNPR coming down here?" Ruby asked after a few moments.

"They will be assisting you in this endeavor." Ozpin said as if it were simple. "Between the eight of you, there should always be someone available to take care of Sho. And, to make sure of this, I will put all of you on a relaxed schedule." Weiss was about to say something else, but a knock on the door interrupted her.

"Come in." Ozpin said loudly. The door opened and team JNPR filed into the room, their eyes widened slightly when they saw team RWBY already there. "That was quick." Ozpin observed.

"We were nearby when we got your message, sir." Jaune Arc, leader of team JNPR, said nervously. The blonde boy shuffled over to stand next to Ruby. "Are we in trouble?" He asked quietly.

"Not exactly." Ruby whispered back, leaving Jaune with a puzzled expression.

After team JNPR was briefed on the situation, both teams were quiet for a few moments.

"You mean we get to play with him any time we want?" Nora asked suddenly with a large smile. Ozpin cautiously nodded, wondering if this had been a good idea after all. Nora squealed in delight. "This is going to be so much fun! We can watch cartoons and eat cookies and play with toys and-"

"Nora," Lie Ren interrupted calmly, effectively silencing the girl. The orange haired hammer wielder looked over at her child hood friend.

"Yes Ren?" She asked innocently.

"Remember, he's only five and he's probably scared out of his mind. We need to be gentle around him." Nora smiled.

"Ok." She said without further argument.

"Professor, Im still not sure I completely understand. Why are we the ones you assigned to take care of the child?" Pyrra Nikos asked. Ozpin looked over at her.

"Think of it as a new challenge." He mused. "You must find a way to balance your school work, training and the care of Sho and Tao. Any expenses, such as food or clothing, I will cover."

"Yes, but why don't we just take him to the police. I'm sure they are more than capable of handling this." Pyraa continued. Ozpin sighed.

"I believe I may know the boys parents." He said, earning surprised expressions from both teams. "But I'm not for certain. If I am correct, you only have to care for the boy for a week or two. I'm sure you can hold out that long. If you are successful and don't lose or kill Sho and Tao, I will boost your grade an entire letter grade."

"Done!" Jaune cried out suddenly. He was not doing so well in a few of his classes, so the letter grade boost was just what he needed.

"Jaune..." Pyraa muttered.

"What?" The blond replied. "It's only for a week or two. Besides, it's a joint effort with team RWBY. How difficult could it be?" He then turned to the professor. "We'll do it sir." He said confidently. The grey haired man nodded.

"Mhm." He said before looking in the direction of team RWBY.

Ruby looked at her teammates. Blake and Yang both nodded, and Weiss merely rolled her eyes. Ruby looked back at Ozpin. "We're in." She said with a smile.

"Very good." He stated. "Ms Goodwitch, will you bring him in please?" He called. The door opened and the blond woman and Sho, holding his companion Tao, walked in the room. Upon seeing the group if new people, he hurriedly hid behind Yang.

"Sho, it's ok." She assured him. "These are friends of ours." The boy slowly stepped out from behind the blond girl.

"Ohhhh! He's so cute!" Nora exclaimed. Ren put a hand on her shoulder.

"Remember, gentle." He reminded her. Nora nodded.

Jaune stepped forward and kneeled down to the boys eye level. "Juane Arc." He said with a smile and held his hand out to the boy. Sho put down Tao and warily shook Jaune's hand.

"I'm Shin. But people call me Sho." He said softly.

"Well it's nice to meet you Sho." Jaune told him.

"My name is Pyraa." The red headed Spartan said, her smile matching Jaune's in warmth.

"I'm Nora! We are going to have so much fun!" She said gleefully.

"And my name is Ren." He said gently.

Sho looked at all of them, then back at team RWBY. "Well, now that that has been settled," Ozpin spoke up. "Why don't you all take Sho and Tao to the cafeteria. I'm sure they are both very hungry."

"Ok, lets go!" Ruby said happily. She was surprised when she felt something grab her hand. She looked down to see Sho, looking back up at her. She smiled before continuing out the door, followed by both teams.

When they all were gone, Ms Goodwitch walked over to stand behind Ozpin. "Do you really think its him?" She asked in monotone. Ozpin removed his glasses and rubbed the bridge of his nose.

"I'm almost certain. It's fortunate that the boy lost his memory." He replied.

"Yes, no one, especially not a child as young as he, should have to bear the memories of the horrible things he's seen." Glynda replied.

"Now, Ms Goodwitch. That wouldn't be concern in your voice would it?" Ozpin asked light heartedly. Glynda merely scoffed before walking out the door. Ozpin chuckled and sat down in his chair.

"Oh what have you gotten yourself into now?" He asked as he looked at a picture on his desk.

You can't protect him.

It doesn't matter where he is.

He will die.


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