"Yu-chan, why aren't you helping us decorate?" A red-head teen called to his friend when he saw him leaning against the fire place, doing nothing.

"Don't call me that, Baka Usagi! And I'm not helping because the holiday itself doesn't need decorations." The black-haired teen retorted as he stared at the empty fire place.

"Kanda, are you going to light the fire this year?" A girl with short-purple hair asked as she carried a box of Christmas tree decorations to the red-head.

Not receiving a response from her friend the girl sighed along side the red-head, "Really, Kanda, ever since we found you crying to yourself at the fire place all those years back, you've refused to light the fire place on Christmas..." The girl sighed again when Kanda still didn't say anything.

"Why don't you tell us what happened, Yu-chan? It's not like you're being forced to stay quiet, besides, it'll help us stop worrying about your sudden obsession with the unlit fire place." The red-head insisted as he watched Kanda push himself off the fire place and walk away, before coming back with a sitting pillow, "Are you planning on spending all of Christmas alone again at the fire place? Really, Yu—."

"Stop calling me that." Kanda finally spoke up as he continued to stare, fixated, at the still fire place.

"Well, this year I'm not having it," The girl huffed as she left, as well, to get a sitting pillow, "If you want to spend Christmas alone, then you'll have to leave first."

"Lenalee, not you too, we had a Christmas party planned out and everything! Now you're saying that you're going to ditch it to bug Yu-chan?" The red-head questioned the girl as he, too, went to get a sitting pillow, "You should at least go, Lenalee, I'm better suited to annoy Yu-chan."

"Lavi, I'm not trying to annoy Kanda, I just want to see what he always sits here for, and that's all." Lenalee defended as she tried to get more comfortable on her pillow.

"Right." Lavi muttered as he stared at the fire place along with Kanda.

'Damn it, now he really won't come again this year because of these two. How long do I have to wait before he finally comes back? He didn't return after the first time, and hasn't since!' Kanda screamed in his head as he felt the carefully built patience he had accumulated over the years fail on him.

"What are you guys doing staring at the fire place? You know it won't light until you do it yourself." A voice called out from behind the trio.

"Timothy!" Lenalee called the little boy over, "We're waiting here to see why Kanda always sits here on Christmas, while never actually lighting the fire place."

"Oh, can I join?" Timothy asked as he fidgeted with the helm of his shirt, embarrassed and nervous at the prospect of being rejected.

"Of course you can—Oh, I mean—as long as Kanda's okay with it since we aren't even supposed to be here, and he may not want more people..." Lenalee glanced at the black-haired boy, but receiving a curt nod, she immediately jumps up to go fetch Timothy a comfortable sitting pillow.

"Thanks..." Timothy mutters as he sits, carefully, down on the pillow Lenalee brought him.

'Maybe he only shows up to kids? I was a child when I met him...' Kanda glanced at Timothy, feeling bad for thinking of using him. 'No, I must believe he'll come back to meet me.'

Hours passed and nothing happened. Lenalee and Timothy had fallen asleep where they sat, and Lavi wasn't too far away from following them. Kanda, though, stayed vigilant as he waited eagerly, 'It's about the same time as when we first met...'

"Damn it, I can't believe I got lost again! I would think that after all those years of having to be retrained by Master that I would have gotten rid of my directional issues!" A familiar voice echoed throughout the room, startling Lavi, Lenalee, and Timothy awake.

Jumping to their feet, they immediately summoned their weapons, but were shocked to find that Kanda had remained sitting, "Don't." He whispered to his friends as he sat, anxiously, with his muscles tense.

Obeying the black-haired boy's command, the trio put their weapons away and waited as they saw feet suddenly touch the floor of the fire place, "Man, it's been awhile since I came here, but damn, they haven't lit their fire place this whole time? There isn't any soot here at all!"

A figure emerged, causing Lavi, Lenalee and Timothy to gasp in surprise, drawing the intruders attention to them, "Damn it, I've been seen again?! Master is going to be so pissed he's going to detain me for another whole training session!"

The person before them looked to be only 14 years old. Though he had pure-long-white-hair in a small-thigh-high-dress, the most shocking part of the mysterious person, were the pitch-black wings that furled with his frustration.

"An Angel?" Timothy whispered as he stepped from behind Lenalee, who had tried to protect the young boy from the intruder.

"Oh, yeah, I'm sorry about this and all, but can you not tell anyone I was here? The last time I was seen didn't sit well with Master, and—."

"And you regret it Moyashi?" Kanda spoke as he finally stood up from the pillow he had been sitting on. Kanda smiled at the shocked look on the Angel's face, his hands twitched as if he longed to touch the white-haired boy, but he reframed from doing it as he stood in front of the fire place, as if to keep the Angel from escaping.

"You...called me...Moyashi..." The Angel whispered as he walked closer to Kanda, his hands outstretched to touch Kanda's face, but stopped mere inches of the familiar warm skin, "How...could you have known that...name? Unless, you—."

"Unless, I am Kanda." Kanda smiled wider as he relished in the stunned expression of the Angel.

"No! You can't be Kanda! He was this tall, and he was cute, and he never smiled, and he was cute, and he was always frowning, and he was cute! You're not cute! You're—!" The Angel stepped away from Kanda as he started to freak out at the idea that his cute little Kanda was gone.

"I'm what, Moyashi?" Kanda frowned as he tried to regain the space lost between them, but the Angel kept the space the same as he tried to escape Kanda.

"You're handsome! And a lot older!" The Angel yelled as his face became red with embarrassment and frustration.

"Yu-chan, who is this person, and why do you know an Angel?" Lavi asked, confused, as he watched the Angel try to run back for the fire place, but was grabbed by Kanda.

"He's the reason why I stayed by the fire place every Christmas! He's the one who made me cry all those Christmas' ago!" Kanda frowned as he saw the Angel struggle in his arms.

The Angel paused when he heard the red-head call Kanda by his first name, "Yu? Kanda...Yu... So, you really are the little boy I kissed that Christmas..." The Angel stopped struggling, and didn't try to escape when Kanda pulled him into a hug.

"Do you not like me the way I am now?" Kanda asked, his heart heavy at the prospect of having to let the Angel go when he finally had him in his arms.

"No, it's not that, but... Why did you age so much? I was only gone two years, and yet, you're so much older. I don't understand where the years went." The Angel wrapped his arms around Kanda as he admitted his worried aloud.

"Two years? We found Kanda crying at the fire place 12 years ago." Lenalee stated, confused at the Angel's information.

"12?! It's been that long?!" The Angel tried to get out of Kanda's grip, but the arms around him tightened, and he stopped moving, "I'm sorry, Kanda, I didn't know I'd been away retraining for that long."

"Baka Moyashi, you're here now, so it doesn't matter to me how long it took you," Kanda hugged The Angel tighter as he smiled into the boy's soft white hair, "I have a few questions though."

The Angel hummed as he snuggled closer to Kanda's warm body.

"One: Why are your wings still black ever though it's clearly not covered in soot?"

"Born that way, though everyone at home finds it weird too." The Angel muttered.

"It's beautiful, so don't listen to them... Two: What was this retraining you were talking about?"

"Angel's aren't supposed to be seen, and since I was I had to go through training all over again with my mentor, who I have to call Master."

"I see. Lastly: What's your name?" Kanda asked, determined to get his answer this time.

"I guess I should tell you since I did make to wait this whole time... Allen. Allen Walker." Allen smiled as he heard Kanda sigh in relief at finally getting the name of the Angel he had fallen in love with a long time ago.

"So what's this about you crying after I left, Ba-Kan-Da?" Allen teased as he saw Kanda's friends staring at the two of them with their mouths opened wide in shock.

"Shut up, Moyashi," Kanda growled as he swiped the other's feet from under him, making sure the Angel fell on the pillows, safely, "and Merry Christmas." He whispered, the last part, before kissing Allen, once again, on the cheeks.

Causing his friends to promptly faint.