. . . Sorry . . . Introduction . . . Not the First Chapter . . .

Hey everyone, as you can probably tell this first 'chapter' is an author's note and not the first chapter of the story . . .


I known what you're all thinking, and leave the mouse alone and just take a minute to read this, and then go on to the 'real' first chapter.

First, if you are in the group of people who had just finished reading the last bit of my story Try and Tri Again, you may all 'pass go and collect $200' (Meaning feel free to skip this next part and go on an enjoy the first chapter).

For those of you who have not come from Try and Tri Again, we need to have a little chat.

This story, Life After Hogwarts, is a sequel to my first story Try and Tri Again. I do suggest that you read that story first because it will help you better understand this story.


I'm going to try to write this so that even people who haven't read my first story can read this one too without being confused. Now, that's going to take a lot of work on both our parts, but I'm going to try, so I'd appreciate your help too.

My Try and Tri Again story is incredibly long (295,105 words without author's notes) and I started it three years ago, so the quality of writing goes from okay in the beginning to much better by the end. So, for people who haven't read the first story, (While I would like you to read it because I think it's fun) you have a job to do when you do read this story:

It's a simple job, all you have to do is pay attention to my Author's Note (A/N) at the beginnings and ends of the chapters because I may recap things as a reminder (for everyone because the first story is very long) as to what happened in the first story that matters in the given chapter, or I might just refer you to specific chapter(s) to read to better understand the context of the story.

Again, I'm going to try to write it so that you can read this sequel without having to read the first story, so the first few chapters will be exhibition and introducing characters and such.

If you've actually taken all the time to read this A/N and want to read my story, well welcome to my wizarding world, and I hope you enjoy the ride ;)