For those who are unfamiliar with the Love Pistol/Sex Pistol Universe, here's a crash course. There are two kinds of people ape-men (aka monkey)and madararui (animal kind varies). Madararuis are people who kinda have some animal breed in them. Heavyweight (being rarest), middleweight and lightweight are just terms used to a madararui's rarity and fertility rate. Soul appearance being the animal's soul inside of the madararui.

It was supposedly another normal day for Sanji to work at the Baratie - a restaurant ran by his surrogate father, Zeff. Zeff a.k.a. the Shitty Old Man made him go home early because he's been messing up in the kitchen for some time now. It pissed him off that he was off for some strange reason but he was also more than happy to go home. After saying some insults as a form of goodbye, he went off to his own apartment. And no, he doesn't live with Zeff but Zeff is just a door away from his place - he remembered the old man saying go live on your own, yet contrary to what he says, Sanji only pays half of his apartment bill.

And then he sees something interesting near his place. A green thing covered in white snow. He stops to stare at it - a moss head. He crouches down over the figure to examine whether the moss head is still alive. He notices the slow breathing and the growl of a stomach and it irks him. He should leave him alone, Zeff has told him not to bring strangers over his place no matter how pitiful they look or hungry they may seem. He stands up. Maybe this time, he should just call the local police or something, after all, he's not some kind of missionary trying to end world hunger.

He takes the first few steps away from the moss figure, but as if a call to his inner self, another growl reaches his ear. He sighs. He knows defeat and acknowledges it.

"Oi, wake up." He lightly kicked the figure as the snow that settled falls off. "Get up and don't be dead." He adds, patting the cold cheeks.

Sanji receives a grunt as a reply. Well, at least the human moss is not dead. "Get up. I have food inside." With heavy eyes, the human moss stares at him before mumbling words like curly eyebrow and creepy bastard. The blond could practically hear his vein twitch in anger. He's trying to help someone and he gets an insult. Another growl for food and he automatically grabs the moss by the back of his collar to haul him to his apartment.

After some heavy exercise of dragging a random stranger to his place, he leaves him by the floor to heat up some leftovers. He then puts the food on a large plate and serves it by the moss' side. He sees it twitch at the smell of food.

"Eat." Sanji says. It feels like he picked up a pet. "Here's the spoon and I hope you know how to use it." He then knocks the spoon on the other's head to somewhat wake him up. Sanji doesn't wait for the other to move, instead he leaves to go for a hot shower. Sanji faintly hears the sound of spoon clacking on the plate before he continues to relax in the hot bath.

When he got out of the bathroom, wearing an over-sized shirt and baggy trousers, he looks around for the moss head. He doesn't see the other where he left him but turning back to the kitchen, he sees the used plate and spoon already washed and cleaned. Sanji smiles at that, maybe that's how moss heads say thank you. At least, he knows some kind of courtesy. Not seeing the other on his small apartment, Sanji guesses that he already left. After all, it's kinda embarrassing to be seen half-dead on the streets and getting picked up plus accommodated with great food. Sanji leaves the thought at that, that's why he doesn't expect to walk towards the living room to find a giant white tiger sprawled on his couch. Sanji almost yelps at the surprise and then he remembers the moss head he picked up.

'Hmm, so he's a cat… probably a heavyweight.' Sanji thought as he silently pads towards the big cat. It's his first time seeing a white tiger. Its body is big, covering most of the couch, his tail hanging from the arm rest. A size that large must be quite intimidating especially when this cat wakes, but seeing its sleeping form, it really is just like a normal cat - looks harmless and could probably be treated as a pet. Sanji inwardly laughs.

That means, the moss head is a madararui as well. A stupid one infact. Letting out his soul appearance with a stranger is certainly not a nice gesture. But Sanji isn't one to talk, after all, here he is staring at the beast before him - and that is considered rude. Ok, he was curious. It's not like everyday, he sees a madararui in its full form. It's a bit scary but really interesting.

So Sanji carefully touches the cat's head. He feels the fine fur sliding on his fingers. The body has lean and defined muscles but they are just the right bulkiness that it suits him. He hears a somewhat pur coming from the big cat and when he brings his hand on the back of the ear, the big cat tilts his head to lean to his touch along with the body, making him see the cat's belly. An intoxicating scent hits Sanji's nose. It's alluring and is drawing him into the source. He has never smelt someone this good. The white tiger's scent is urging Sanji to do things he doesn't quite understand. It's as if it's ordering him to touch and be closer to the tiger. He then nuzzles with his hands the spot below the jaw and the pur got louder. When Sanji was nearing to touch the belly he hears a husky voice, the big cat's form turning back to its original body.

"What are you doing?" the moss head inquires with half-lidded eyes.

Sanji retreats his hands, faintly seeing the green eyes of the cat before returning to the human form. "Petting a stray cat." Sanji snickers before distracting himself by grabbing the remote control near the moss haired's back.

"You looked?"

"You let me see it. There's a difference."

"Hey, I'm still hungry."

"Well that's new. I don't even hear a thank you and I'm already getting ordered around my house by a stranger which by the way, I helped because he was dying outside." Sanji turned the television on to randomly watch whatever is on and sat on the floor, his back resting on the couch. "Guess I'm not educated with the ways of human moss."

"My name's Zoro." Sanji hears a grunt and the moss head sits. "I'm still hungry. Do you have more food?" the stomach growls and Sanji tries not to snort.

This guy obviously lacks manners. Not the first time he meets someone like this. But it is the first time he meets someone with green haired. He doesn't ask if it was natural or was just recently bleached. The green hair is weird but some reason, it suits the guy and the green eyes compliments it. This guy is rude but the fact that he's hungry makes him a person that hits Sanji's weakest spot.

"I do but that depends, why should I serve you?"

"Because I'm hungry. The food was good and I'll pay you afterwards."

"I don't need money from a stray cat. The food was good - that's payment enough for me." Sanji then stood up to face the other. "I'm Sanji. Glad that you enjoyed my food. I'll cook some meal for us."

"I didn't enjoy it. I was just hungry..." Zoro retorted, "curly brow".

In a split second, Zoro finds himself automatically holding a heavy leg that was aimed for his head.

"You don't call me that, bastard." Sanji further presses his leg on Zoro. "Freeloaders shouldn't talk back too much."

Zoro chuckles at the blonde. He faintly sees the silhouette of a thin tail and long perked ears. The blonde is easy rile up. He also notes the particular scent coming off him.

"What are you?" the green-haired asks.

"Tsk. Don't touch me." Sanji retreats and goes to the kitchen.

Zoro examines the room he is in. There are little to no extra stuff in the apartment except maybe for photos of the blonde and an old man with tied beard. The furniture has all the necessities - a couch, a television, a radio and a cabinet. If there is one thing that seems to stand out than the rest, it's the kitchen - he saw it when he cleaned up. It is excessively clean and everything is arranged carefully - from knives to ladles to pans. It's either the guy doesn't cook or he loves his kitchen too much.

Zoro looks back at the kitchen when he hears the sizzling of food. So it's the latter - the guy loves his kitchen. He again sees the flicker of the blonde's soul appearance while he cooks. The devilish side of him wants to see it. It's fair for him to see right? Besides, the blonde saw it when he was sleeping. And so Zoro decides. He uses one of the instinctively ingrained features of his inner soul - stealth. Softly and gently he walks towards the cooking blonde.

"Hurry it up will ya." Zoro speaks near Sanji's right ear and blonde practically jumps on the spot.

Zoro is successful. A grin almost breaks out from his face when he sees the ears and tail pop out. Sanji is a dog or a fox or maybe a wolf - as to specifically what kind, Zoro doesn't know.

Sanji then turns around to face the one that interrupted him. What Zoro expects is the same pissed off blonde that told him to not touch him but instead, he is met by a red tinge spreading all over the blonde's face. Sanji is covering the ear where Zoro's breath tickled him. The air seems to have changed when their eyes met and Zoro's eyebrow raises. Sanji's scent is turning different. It's more distinct and it's scattering around Zoro as if calling him closer, pulling him towards the source.

Zoro doesn't even know that he leaned forward slightly closing the distance between them until Sanji speaks. "Don't come closer or else." There's truth in the threat but there's something else.

Zoro doesn't know what is happening and it's like his body is on autopilot. His hand is reaching for the blonde's neck - where all the alluring scents seem to radiate from. When Sanji merely flinches and makes no move to push his advances, Zoro brings his nose to Sanji's skin, inhaling his very scent. Zoro traps him by putting both his hands on either side of Sanji, eyes slitting like a cat watching its prey. Zoro does watch - his every move, a swallow of nervousness, the ragged breathing, the twitch of muscles. The blonde is silently offering him something that Zoro is willing to take. The green-haired nuzzles more into the warmth Sanji is giving off and he hears a small whimper escape from the man beneath him.

Zoro growls.

They are madararui after all. They sometimes act with raw and primal emotions. And they choose partners by instinct. Yet, they are still also men - relational and capable of thinking. But even with that, there are just inevitable times when they give in to their animalistic desire. This happening right now is one of them. That even though they don't fully understand, the animal within them do.

Zoro bites down Sanji's neck, the pressure enough to leave teeth marks. He slightly draws back to examine the surprised face of Sanji. With a confident smirk, Zoro whispers, "Hey, Sanji", and then he nibbles his prey's ear, "You're in heat."

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The idea of dominant zoro and in heat sanji has been bugging me for awhile so this happened. And also because I love the veterinarian return doujinshi.

my first zosan so im still kinda scared so please tell me what you think of it.