"Nope, you gave me a leverage, now be a man and stick with your words."

A warm hand places on his hips while the other at the back of his thigh, resting, as if it's the most natural thing, and as much as Sanji denies the thumping of his own chest, he can't. But he must.

Sanji smacks his hand over Zoro's face as the moss head tries to close as much distance as he can. A painfully loud slap echoes to the room and Sanji almost laughs at the state of Zoro's head being pushed back.

"You have personal space issues." Sanji tells him and gets off from the position Zoro forced.

He hears Zoro grunt in protest but the arms loosen their hold on him. "And you act like a delicate lady."

"Ah, really?" Sanji answers sarcastically, "What about you? Have some special connections with the marimos, like if I split your head, would there be two of you?" He taunts as he leaves Zoro and goes to the balcony.

"Wouldn't you like that? Two of me servicing a curly-browed blonde."

Fishing out a pack of cigarette in his pockets and a lighter, he thinks about how weirder and weirder things are going because right now he's at ease. He's comfortable even though there's practically a stranger on his living room insulting him. He's enjoying their banters like they've done this for years. Should things be easy like this? Should he just fully go with the flow?

Sanji thinks.

No. Not yet. Not now.

Sanji flicks his lighter to fire up his cigarette. Leaning on the rails and looking down at the street with lamps aligned on the sidewalk, he brings his cigarette to his lips, sucking the nicotine. A cold midnight breeze blows on his body and he is reminded that it's still partly winter. It's not like he minds the chill too much, it's more like, his body was recently wrapped in body heat and now he wants some of it back.

And then he remembers what they did so far and his own actions as well. Reflecting on the situation, his mind wanders on Zoro. True that visually, the guy is not that bad, well maybe except for the unusual hair color. Sanji sighs along with the smoke that comes out of his mouth and nose. That tanned skin wrapped on a muscular and defined body, much different to his white and lean figure, is probably capable of luring some of the ladies. So why the hell is he so insistent on Sanji? And let's not get started on his somewhat surprising skills in bed. Sanji had a taste of it, and as much as how good it was, he isn't planning to do anything that includes him, Zoro and a bed.

Sanji's face heats up at the thought of how he squirmed like an untouched guy under Zoro's hold. In his displeasure and much embarrassment , he punishes himself by smacking his head on the rails of the balcony, absentmindedly forgetting about the company of the other guy in his apartment.

"Finally lost your mind?"

"No," is Sanji's immediate answer as he stands properly, "but I'm thinking you did."

Zoro goes to his left, leaning as well but facing the apartment with almost a meter between them. Sanji doesn't know if he's over-thinking things or things should just carry on as they are because like this, - them being in his balcony and not talking - should be awkward, but it's not, and Sanji is again torn whether he likes it or not. Well, definitely not. Maybe.

"You're not some kind of human trafficking agent are you?" Sanji says, punching himself in his mind for starting up a conversation.

Zoro gives him an annoyed look at what he just suspected him to be and grunts, "Wow, I must be making progress in your impression of me.", and with a slight mirth he adds, "First I was a marimo now, I'm a human trafficking agent."

Sanji can't help but crack a small smile. This guy is actually easing up the conversation, a different approach from their constant and natural bickering the moment they're close to each other.

"Well, I don't really know you. ID please?" Sanji puts the cigarette between his lips before offering his hand near Zoro gesturing to show it to him.

"You're not serious." Zoro asks and Sanji just replies with a wiggle of his fingers, "So you are."

Zoro rolls his eyes but nonetheless reaches for his wallet at his front right pocket. Searching a little inside, he fishes it out and hands it over Sanji's open palm. Sanji takes it and reads what's written with more interest than he should have and after reading everything he gives it back.

"So, Mr. Roronoa, you study at Shimotsuki Univ?" Sanji says as he rolls the cigarette between his fingers, "That's from the nearby city, right?"

"Uhh, yeah."

"Then what were you doing in the bar here? I think there are plenty of bars in your city."

"It's one of my friend's. I got invited and said there were free drinks, so why refuse." Zoro says and there's silence again between them before Zoro speaks again, turning his head at Sanji, "Speaking of that bar, how do you know that bar?"

'Oh, me? I was actually trying to find a place to drink away things like mating, madararui and you.' Sanji thinks but says, "Caught my attention s'all."

"Don't go too often." Zoro says a tad too fast. "Disgusting smells rubs and masks your natural scent."

Sanji wants to laugh, he really does but, when he meets Zoro, what he sees is the humorless eyes staring back at him. Sanji archs a visible eyebrow, sighing into his smoke again. Is this guy actually collaring him already? He then drags his eye away from Zoro and tries to inhale his cancer stick but he's stopped by a hand on his wrist, slapping his cigarette away and dropping it as Zoro's body hovers at his back.

"Hey, you know -" Sanji starts turning around to face Zoro but, Zoro speaks faster, firmer, "You were serious, right? That you wanted to give this a try."

Sanji freezes at the question and Zoro nonchalantly grabs the balcony rails, putting his arms on either side of Sanji. Sanji manages to compose himself, ignoring the always closing proximity Zoro always seem to engage on and reluctantly replies, "Yeah."

"But?" Zoro adds and it quite surprised Sanji that Zoro seems to know about his uncertainty.

"But, can we not go to the part where we both lay in bed naked." The blonde finishes, his breath ghosting over Zoro's chin.

"Why? I think that's the best part." Sanji could actually hear an amused tone in Zoro's words.

"You think it is but, it's not always that." Sanji explains, "Look, I just think things are a bit, you know, fast? Or something." Sanji drawls at the end, staring and hopefully sending some sort of common sense to Zoro.

"Fast how?" Zoro asks again.

"Like the first night." Sanji replies and almost instantly, Zoro replies with an implied context, "Yeah, you were fast."

"Not like that, you asshole!" Sanji retaliates with a light punch on Zoro's stomach. And no, he didn't think about how firm it was. "The part where you actually singled me out and thought you want-like-interested in me." Sanji mumbles.

"It's not a thought, it's what I decided."

"I know, I know. It's because of instinct stuff, right? But don't you think it's.." Sanji cuts himself off because truthfully he still doesn't like the instinct bullshit, "geez, are you even serious about this? Because you can just-"

"I am." Zoro cuts him off again.

"Okay." is all Sanji managed to say at Zoro's straight-forward words.

"Okay." Zoro repeats Sanji's words and leans on the juncture of Sanji's neck and shoulder. Sanji tenses immediately at the touch and Zoro chuckles, "You're stupid."

"Say that again and you'll find yourself kicked out of this room." Sanji then puts a hand at the back of Zoro's shirt to pull him away, "Now, get off."

"I like your scent." Zoro buries his nose on Sanji's skin, disregarding what Sanji had said. "And you like my scent too." Zoro adds a matter-of-factly.

'Yes.' Sanji almost breathes out.

And Sanji inwardly curses and punches himself at his answer even though he said it in his head. It's because it's the truth that Sanji hates it. He does smell Zoro. The unique smell of Zoro - a somewhat tantalizing mixture of sweat and shampoo, and another he can't put his mind into - is like a perfume brand Sanji wouldn't mind using, showering into it until it also sinks into him.

Zoro shifts the angle of his head so his lips are under Sanji's jaw, leaving traces of small pecks on it. "Wait." Sanji's voice stops him and lightly pushes him off so they meet face to face again, unwillingly retreating himself off Sanji's skin.

"You're always," touchy, clingy are the first words that runs in Sanji's head and with a lack of nice words instead says, "pushing yourself on me." Zoro furrows his eyebrows and stares at Sanji with a silent question. "I did tell you I'm gonna try and well, for once, you just," Sanji stops again, "you just, stay." At this, Zoro raises an eyebrow at him.

And stay, is what Zoro did.

Zoro then feels Sanji's hand on his chest and slowly down to his waist, tracing the contours of his chiseled body. Zoro lets out a low rumble of impatience. Sanji is feeling him through his clothes. "I'm trying thingsā€¦ with caution." Sanji reminds him and Zoro is overly thankful of his hands on the railings. He grips it in an attempt to distract himself from Sanji's ministrations.

The blonde is not teasing him, there is none of that because the look in the visible blue orb is inquiring, like a silent question if what he's doing is all right, an uncertainty Sanji wanted answered.

Sanji brings his hand on Zoro's face, cupping it before pressing for a chaste kiss. He draws back, biting his lips to stare at Zoro's reaction. Seeing nothing but dilated green eyes and a faint haze of lust, Sanji moves closer again. Zoro could practically taste his pheromones as it grows thicker by the second. Sanji kisses him with a silent smooching sound and when Zoro's lips are contacted by a swipe of tongue, he opens up, letting Sanji have control. Zoro lets Sanji have him, and Sanji explores him with gentle and unhurried contact but nevertheless makes them a bit breathless. Zoro's hands clutch harder on the rails as Sanji continues their pace.

Sanji pauses, their breaths mingling in the cold air, tilting his head and this time inviting Zoro to come to him. Zoro wants to take Sanji, to take more of what's Sanji is currently offering to him. Zoro growls at the invitation before kissing Sanji with more force than he wanted. Seeing Sanji's shoulder flinch and the hand pushing him for a distance, Zoro tries to calm himself in gradual increments. This is not about him, at least, not fully about him. This is about Sanji, this blonde who just don't want to follow his own instincts for some strange reason.

This is one of the differences Zoro pointed out in his mind, Sanji is a careful guy, afraid to obey his instincts. Zoro could read him: the want in his eyes, the heat growing in him and the scents he emits whenever Zoro is around, all telling him to mate. But Sanji always stops himself and it irritates the whole being in Zoro. Zoro's instinct is saying, yes him take want claim and mate. The chants so strong it takes another side of him to stop pouncing on this blonde male before him.

Zoro hums as he gently lets Sanji play into the kiss. He could taste the nicotine in him and a faint trace of vodka, and Zoro likes how addicted it makes him. He doesn't want to let go of this flavor and it's slowly driving him mad with want. It would be so, so easy, to grab this blonde, pin him below and fuck the living daylights out of him. He wants to hear every gasps he'll make and to see every bit of hot skin flushed under him.

It's easy, but he won't.

With a shaky breath, they both pull away. Sanji's arms drop to his side that was unknowingly wrapped around Zoro's neck. Panting small puffs of air, Sanji coughs in dismissal of the stare Zoro is giving him. He pats Zoro's chest and uncharacteristically says, "Thank you."

Zoro's eyes widen and then go lax. He breaks into a short laugh before replying, "Really? You thank me?"

There is still a tinge of red across Sanji's face and seems to grow darker, "I don't know! What was I supposed to say?"

"Nothing. Do you always feel inclined to talk?"

"Not really."

And again, silence stretches between them. Zoro is staring at him, green eyes never leaving their focus on him. Sanji tries to meet his gaze but there's an underlying wild emotion he dare not see.

"Anyway," Sanji starts, grateful for not stuttering, "move your hands. I'm going inside." He shrugs off one of Zoro's arm caging him and he is grateful again as Zoro willingly drops it.

Sanji is about to leave the balcony but is stopped by a hand curling around his wrist. Zoro stares again for a little while before speaking, "You're a waiter, right?"

"Fuck you, I'm a cook."

"Then, do you know?" Zoro says, "When someone is hungry and there's a delicious meal in front of him, he'll do everything to eat it."

"Uhhh, ok." Sanji nods, not quite sure where this talk is going.

"Right now, I'm hungry."

And that's when it hits Sanji. It's about Sanji. It's for him. He finally sees it in Zoro's eyes, the untamed look directly focused at Sanji. His heart seems to skip a beat at the realization:

The green orbs are seeing a prey.

"I get it," Sanji starts, unable to identify if he just acknowledge the hidden meaning Zoro is implying, "I'll make us some midnight snack." He adds before his hand slides away on Zoro's hold.

Sanji goes to the kitchen never looking back at the green-haired man standing on his balcony. The thumping on his chest goes faster as he could still feel eyes tracing him.

There is an undeniable truth Sanji might have trouble going through: Zoro sees Sanji as his prey, for him to eat and only for him to savor.

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