Anders, Fenris and Zevran became inseparable and they stayed on at Vigil's Keep much to Aedan's delight.

Anders was happier than Fenris had ever known him. He was with friends he adored and who adored him. He was no longer plagued by Justice and although he still wished freedom for his fellow mages he was no longer driven to the exclusion of everything else and he had no intention of risking his own life or the life of any other to achieve it. He fell back into life as a Warden with ease, spending his days on patrol and his nights with his lovers. Anders learnt to cope with the intense flashes of memory that returned to him and departed just as quickly. It was painful, but waking up to Fenris and Zevran soothed him. He still had nightmares and would sometimes comment to them on particularly difficult nights that he wished the ritual had wiped his memories of the Circle too. Fenris and Zevran couldn't change his past, but they ensured that Anders knew he was loved and that he was not alone.


Six months after Anders and Justice were separated Aedan told Anders of his son. Anders swore to help find him and studied the tome Morrigan had given Aedan and spent the next year researching the Eluvian. He returned to Kirkwall with Fenris and Zevran only once to speak to Merrill at Fenris's suggestion and learn all that she knew. Fenris had already warned Hawke and the others that Anders had no memory of them, but the week they spent in Kirkwall they made a few new memories.

Returning to Amaranthine Anders informed Aedan that he believed he could activate the Eluvian. With Fenris and Zevran accompanying them and Nathaniel made temporary Commander, they departed.

The Eluvian Morrigan had walked through was unresponsive to any magic and Merrill had destroyed the one she had tried so hard to repair. They travelled the length and breadth of Thedas and finally after two years of following every lead and any scrap of information, they found an Eluvian buried in catacombs beneath The Hundred Pillars mountain range.

Aedan gazed at the gateway and trembled. Somewhere his son would be turning eight years old. Eight years he had missed and he refused to have any more time taken from them. They had no idea what they were walking into; if it would even work, but his friends had refused to allow him to do this alone and he had never been more grateful for their presence. He nodded to Anders, watching his fingers drifting across the surface of the Eluvian feeling the magic swell around them.

Anders whispered the incantations, the surface shimmering into life the solid surface becoming liquid. He turned to Aedan with a smile that lit his eyes. "Let's go meet your son."

The four men stepped into the Eluvian; ready to face the unknown for friendship, love and the bonds between them, the surface solidifying once more behind them.


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