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Chapter 1: First Glance

"Next station: Trost".

The cold robotic voice shook Eren from his daily daydream of human eating titans and selfless soldiers who bravely defend humanity. His imagination had started galloping again and there was no stopping it. He knew there was no use in trying to suppress it. Actually, he never really tried. It was his only escape from reality, his haven, the only place where no one could judge him.

With a sigh he stood up, adjusted the strap of his messenger bag and stepped out into reality. He looked at his watch, knowing he was already five minutes late. Again. He could almost hear Professor Pixis's nagging about the responsibilities of being an adult. This was Rose University after all.

"Fuck", he muttered under his breath. His stomach was already complaining, but he quickened his step ignoring it. He usually ate breakfast with Mikasa, but since she had gotten that scholarship to Sina University, she didn't have enough time to stick around. He was happy for her, of course. Not just anybody could get into Sina Uni, let alone with a full scholarship. He just couldn't help missing her.

Ever since his mother died, Mikasa was taking care of him. She wasn't even his real sister and did a much better job than his father, if you can call him that. Not that he had any reason to complain. He never experienced any form of abuse and as far as material things go, he was never short of anything. But the gap his mother left was never filled. The saddest thing is that his father never even tried. He always worked and returned home drunk and even when he was sober, he would avoid Eren's eyes, as if his son's gaze would blind him. And that was something Eren never really understood.

"Are you sure you're gonna be alright on your own? I can always say no to them and go to Rose University with you. They have a nice law department. That would be-"

"No!" he didn't even let Mikasa finish. "You worked really hard for this and there is nobody in the world who deserves this more than you".

"Jee, Eren. When did you fall for that sentimental crap?", she half joked. Eren although could see the relief his words brought. "It's all those manga you're reading. They're turning you into a sappy little girl".

"Why? Are you jealous?", he asked as his grin spread across his face.

"You wish", she said adjusting the red scarf he had given her for her birthday ten years ago. Strangely, she never took it off and Eren couldn't deny that he kind of liked it. "It's not me who's crying over two anime dudes who were threatened by a swarm of bees. What was that even all about? I mean what the fuck Eren. Bees? Seriously?".

He could already feel his face turning red from embarrassment. "Shut up! It's one of my favourites!", his voice muffled by the pillow he used to cover his blush. "Leave me alone already!".

He could hear Mikasa's laugh as she retreated towards her room. That was the thing he loved about her. He could just be himself around her, knowing that she would always accept him. It was only two years ago that he had introduced to her his boyfriend at the time and she was completely cool with it. She was more that he could ever ask for.

Eren half-jogged through the campus, passed the pond manoeuvring through the ducks- who the fuck builds a pond in the middle of a campus!?- and finally reached the Economics building. Taking a big breath to collect himself, he opened the door only to find the drunkard-that's Professor Pixis for you- standing right in front of him.

"Well. If it isn't Mr. Jaeger. Finally decided to grace us with your presence?"

Eren didn't say anything and started walking toward his usual seat in the back, thankful for not listening to Mikasa's constant yapping to cut his hair, or else the drunkard would have seen his eyes roll and that couldn't have possibly ended well.

The class was boring as usual. The symbols on the board still didn't make any sense to him, even after an excruciating two-hour study session with Armin. His eyes wandered around the class to gaze at the half-dead students who were desperately tried to keep up with Pr. Pixis's incorrigible lecture. Does anyone really understand what that cheap Freddy Mercury cosplayer is talking about?, he thought. His hand was subconsciously doodling on his notebook, completely unaware of his surroundings.

That was when he saw them. Those cold, apathetic eyes. He couldn't put his finger on the exact colour. They looked like the sky just before a thunderstorm. Calm, yet dangerous. They weren't pointed in his direction, but the intensity of their gaze was something that Eren could definitely feel. He tore his eyes away to look upon the rest of the stranger's face. He wasn't pretty, you wouldn't call him that. His cheekbones were high, emphasising on his narrowed eyes. His jaw was clenched and you could tell from his demeanour that he wasn't quite the talker. Eren shamelessly took his time to appreciate the stranger's cryptic face that captivated him. He didn't realize he was staring until those cold eyes turned to look into his. The normal thing would be to look away, but Eren couldn't bring himself to do that. He could swear that he had seen a flick of surprise in those eyes, as if no one ever dared to hold his gaze that long, but that quickly faded into a clear hostility.

A tap on his shoulder broke the spell. It was Sasha, Eren's annoyingly cheerful co-worker, informing him that he had to work an extra shift tonight. Great, just fucking great. He turned to steal another glimpse at the stranger, only to realise that he was already gone. Confused he looked around, finding himself in a deserted classroom.