Take 1-



Inside the pitch black gym, the Kaijo members struggled to get into positions to wait for Kise.


"Damnit, what was that?" Kasamatsu hissed, rubbing his slightly bruised ankle.

"I think it was glass," Replied Kobori somewhere.

"But we didn't bring anything glass..." Nakamura said.

There was a slight silence until Coach Takeuchi said in a booming voice, "That was mine,"

"Huh? Coach brought...?"

"I brought a thirty-year old wine and you broke it!" He yelled.

"S-sorry coach, I didn't-!" Kasamatsu said hurriedly through the darkness.

Everyone had felt the tension in the black gym and they could only imagine how furious the coach was.

"I knew I should've just went out of town..." Kasamatsu muttered, already sensing the deadly aura of Coach Takeuchi from behind.



Take 2!



"I have no plans-ssu," Kise said.

The two seniors stared until Kasamatsu spoke up, "None at all?"



"It's true!"

"You have to have one! What about the girls? You're like, popular and all..." Moriyama murmured the last part out of jealousy.

"No... I don't really... Well, find them interesting this season-ssu,"

Moriyama gasped, followed by the rest of the team, who were practicing by the way, who stopped and stared.

"What...?" Asked Kise nervously.

"You... Don't find girls interesting?" Moriyama repeated, before he faced Kobori with a triumphant look, "Ha! I won the bet! Pay up!"

Kobori sighed, "I can't believe you actually swing that way, Kise,"

"You guys are reading too much into it-ssu!" Kise whined.

Kasamatsu crossed his arms, "What the hell are you guys talking about now?"

"Kise likes guys!" Hayakawa yelled fron the court, almost to proudly for Kise's dismay.

"I didn't mean it that way-ssu," Kise murmured.

"Well if he didn't mean it that way, then he isn't. That's that! Back to practice!" Kasamatsu yelled.

Everyone groaned in disappointment and resumed practicing. Moriyama approached Kobori with a smirk.

"Bet you Kasamatsu likes a certain guy too,"



Take 3



"Sempai, how did you know I'd come here at this time?" Asked Kise as he slurped down the spaghetti on his plate.

"I told you, you're THAT predictable," Kasamatsu said with a slight grin, "Telling you to start practicing on the 25th while you're out there wandering was purely instinct."

Kise fought back a blush as he continued the interrogation, "A-and how'd you know I was alone? And there at the park too?"

"Kuroko texted me," He replied, "I guess you could say he was part of the scheme too,"

"Kurokocchi too, huh?" Kise chuckled and drank up the soda brought to him, before suddenly spitting it out.

"Calm down, freshman. What the hell are you-"

"Why do you have Kurokocchi's number?! Are you THAT close?!"

"That's none of your business!" Kasamatsu emphasized that with a kick on the blond's back.