Title: Don't know how I feel
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Disclaimer: All these characters are from the talented J.J. Abrams and I don't own any of them. I've just borrowed them for my story
Summary: Vaughn and Syd meet in the warehouse. They feel for each other but they don't know how the other feels for each other. I'll make it simple; Vaughn likes Syd, Syd likes Vaughn but they don't know that. ok?
Author's note: This is like my irst ever Alias fanfic, so be gentel in the reviews. I've only written Buffy fanfic and one Angel fanfic. But I've seen like ses. 2-4 and know what happens in ses.1,5,6 and 7 of Buff and ses.1-3 of Angel. I've only seesn two episodes of Alias and read spoilers for ep.3-5. And I've read a couple of Syd/Vaughn fics. Don't flame me if something is wrong or their out of charectar. But if ya want to give me a constructive critisma, then go a head.
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A/N 2: I wrote this fic in school and finished it after school and it's my first one. so, be pasient with me. Please?
I hear her walking towards where I'm standing in the warehouse. I see her now, She's as beautiful as always but her eyes are very serious and I don't think she's glad to be here, like I am,

"Why the hell did you have to order pizza now? I was taking a bath." She looked annoyed, her hair still damp and she looked like she had just thrown on some clothes, which she probably did,

"Well, are you gonna tell me?" She was shooting daggers with her eyes at her handler, Ouch! If looks could kill,

"Well, you just came from a mission, didn't you?" Something clicks in her eyes, how could she forget she also works for the CIA. She starts to laugh & laugh, so hard tears are forming in her eyes,

"Why are you laughing, agent Bristow? This is serious." Vaughn says a little harsh,

Syd stopped laughing and looked at her handler, he looked annoyed, she starts to laugh again, in a minute she stopped and became serious. It would be a lot easier if he wasn't in gray sweats and a small T-shirt,

"Sorry, I forgot. I was soooo tiered. well, we got the thing and I let agent Weiss have it to copy or something, because you weren't there. Where were you?" She asked agent Vaughn, who always looked good enough to eat,

I didn't think she could be cuter but now she's even cuter,

"So, can I go now?" Syd asked, he obviously wasn't going to answer her question, she wanted to get home to her bed and dream about being in Vaughn's bed,

"Yes, You can go now, agent Bristow." How he wished he could go with her but it was way to dangerous and she probably didn't even like him,

"Okay, bye! Agent Vaughn." She says coldly, she didn't meant to sound cold. It's just that she was tired, hurt in a couple of places and cold,

Both went home thinking the other didn't like him/her.

~*~THE END!~*~

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