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AN: this is AU after Edward Leaves Bella at the beginning of New Moon. Also this is going off of the movies more than books.

"They are called the Volturi. They are a very old, very powerful family. They are the closest thing to royalty my world has." Edward explained showing a old painting in Carlisle's office. It depicted four men on a balcony overlooking a festival of some sort. "They uphold our laws."

"Vampires have laws?" Bella asked interest peeking in her tone.

"Only one, we must uphold our secrecy." Edward answered, drawing the conversation to an end.

"It's time for the party." Alice called as she walked into the room. She dragged Bella down the stairs and nudged Rosalie, who handed her a small package holding a necklace. Emmett followed by handing her an empty box, having already installed the stereo system in her truck. "Open Esme and Carlisle's." Alice directed handing a wrapped gift to Bella. Bella slid a finger under the paper and jerked slightly feeling a sting she pulled her finger out and noticed a paper cut.

"Ouch, paper cut." She apologized looking at the seven Vampires around her. A single drop of blood fell to the carpet and she noticed Jasper's expression changing and he moved forward to attack. Edward shoved Bella backwards and she landed on a table full of crystal and glass, a deep gouge forming on her right arm. Emmett and Carlisle moved to restrain Jasper after Edward threw him across the room casing him to crash into the piano. Esme, Rosalie, Emmett, and Alice all pulled Jasper out of the house leaving Carlisle and Edward with Bella, Carlisle swiftly moved her up to his office and stitched her up, burning all evidence of her blood.

Edward drove her home and after that he wasn't seen for a week. One day after school Bella found him outside her house.

"Take a walk with me." He said softly to her, heading down towards the woods outside her house. Bella followed him and he spoke once more. "We are leaving Forks."
"Okay I will have to find something to tell Charlie..." The look on his face caused her to trail off. "By we you mean."
"I mean my family and myself." Edward answered looking at her in barley concealed disgust. "I don't want you to come with us. It is over." He looked at her as she crumbled trying to not cry. "Promise me something, Don't do anything rash." She looked at him with defiance in her eyes. "And in return I will promise you something as well. Everything will be as if we never existed." He ran off leaving Bella sobbing in the forest, knowing that she would attempt to follow him. She quickly got lost calling for him. Eventually she collapsed and passed out from the cold.

She woke to hearing a wolf's howl and was soon enveloped in a exceedingly warm pair of arms. "He's gone." She whispered over and over. The warm arms brought her out of the woods and she heard her rescuer call out.

"She's alright." Bella felt herself being handed off to her dad.

"Thank you Sam." Charlie said taking a hold of her. She became very depressed and months passed, she slept little and often was found waking the house with her nightmares. Soon enough Charlie wanted to send her to her mother in Florida, in order to stop him from attempting to send her away she set up a girls night with Jessica. That was the beginning of her recovery. Soon she was heading out to the reservation to visit Jacob Black, an old childhood friend and she was dating Mike Newton, all in an attempt to move on from Edward. She soon stopped visiting Jake, as he was getting more and more distant. Mike attempted to draw her mind off of Jake's abandonment by taking her hiking. One day they ran across a familiar meadow. Edward's meadow. Mike pulled her to the ground and after a few minutes of heavy kissing and petting, she tried to stop him, but he refused to take no for an answer.

"Stop Mike, I don't want this to go any farther." She said trying to pull away from him. He responded by pulling her under him and stripping her of her cloths. He refused to stop and once he was done, she was bawling and suddenly she heard a growl from the other side of the field. She looked up and saw Laurent standing there. "Help me." She whispered knowing he would hear her. Suddenly Mike was no longer on top of her, but held in Laurent's grasp, shouting in fear.

"In my day, if a woman said no, the man was to respect that decision." Laurent snarled before he bit Mike and began to feed off of him. Bella began dressing trying to get covered before Laurent was finished with Mike. "I am sorry you had to endure that." Laurent said to her dropping Mike's corpse with a dull thud. "Unfortunately, you smell delectable and you are bleeding still. Not to mention I am still quite thirsty. I am sorry about this." He said to her as she was quickly retreating from him.

"Laurent, thank you for saving me, but please don't kill me." She begged. He was suddenly in front of her and ran his finger down her face trying to calm her.

"I will make it painless, you won't feel a thing." He whispered pulling her to his mouth. Then he gasped. "I don't believe it." Suddenly 5 gigantic wolves burst into the meadow, Laurent ran from both the wolves and Bella, fleeing for his life. She stood her ground as the wolves rushed past her. One of them, a russet colored wolf stopped and looked at her with pity in it's eyes. He then launched himself after his pack. She stumbled home and curled up in a ball crying. She looked up when her dad came into the room and when he asked what was wrong she said Mike and her had split. A few days later he came home to tell her that Mike was missing. After a few weeks she noticed that her period was late and she went to a drug store and purchased a pregnancy test. She rushed home and looked at it in shock when the results popped up. When Charlie came home she informed him that she was pregnant with Mike's child, Mike had broken up with her after she slept with him. "I don't want this baby to die, I will have it." She stated looking at him with conviction. "I won't kill my child." That night Jake showed up at her house.

"Bella, are you okay?" He asked his one time friend. "Bella, what is that smell?" He asked noticing she didn't smell the same anymore.

"What smell?" She asked confused, knowing that no human would be able to smell a difference from her.

"I can't explain it, but you smell different from before." He answered looking at her in confusion. He tilted his head like a dog and Bella smiled at him with a laugh.

"You know dogs do that right?" She asked with a small grin. He jerked like she had stung him.

"I need to go." With that he jumped out of her window and ran off into the night. That night she dreamed once more of Edward and how Jake was descended from wolves. The next day she burst into Jake's house, demanding to see him. She rushed to his room and found him sleeping. Looking out the window she noticed the pack outside and ran out to confront them.

"You did this to him." She shouted at Sam. "He didn't want this." She shoved him, not noticing that he didn't move. "He was scared of you, and now he is following you around like a lost puppy." She snapped at him only to have Paul reach out to shake her. She responded by slapping him across the face. He began shaking in anger and shifted to a wolf and she ran back towards Jake's house. Jake ran out and she shouted at him. "Run Jake." She kept calling out in fear for her friend. Jake ran towards her and jumped over her shifting into his own wolf. He began fighting Paul and Sam ordered Jared and Embry to take her to 'Emily's place'. Upon arriving at Emily's she found out about the wolves and how they were after Vampires, not humans. She heard that a redheaded Vampire was constantly trying to get through the boarder and spoke once more. "Victoria." She gasped. The wolves turned towards her and she answered their unasked question. "She is a Vampire that I met while with the Cullens. She is after me because I am the reason they killed her mate, James." She answered rubbing her bite mark. She lifted her left arm and showed it to them. "James wanted me and when he was told no he went after me anyway. He chased me to Arizona and they killed him for hurting me. That is the real reason I was in the hospital last year." She looked at them and smiled. "It feels good to tell someone the truth." Jake wrapped his arms around her in an embrace.

"We will keep an eye out for you and your dad." Sam promised with a small grin of his own. So the days turned into months and the months passed quickly. Soon she was being rushed to the hospital to give birth. 14 hours of labor and she delivered a healthy baby girl, with brown eyes and brown hair. Her first visitors were Charlie and Jake. Charlie's visit was short, he only stayed a few minutes before going back to work. The first time Jake saw they baby he imprinted on her. He explained it to her and she acknowledged the meaning of what he meant.

"You know that means I will have a free babysitter right?" She said with a smile at her best friend. The wolves entered as Charlie left and were laughing at her comment. Jake smiled and they were often found together as the baby, named Selene after Jake's mother, grew older. Soon after her first birthday she decided to go cliff diving, leaving Selene with Jake and Billy- Jake's father. What she didn't know was that Victoria had jumped into the water not far down the road. Jake found her and pulled her out of the water and once she was dried off he took her back to her house.

"Sorry, I was just trying to have some fun, I left Selene with your dad and thought about the time I saw the pack cliff-diving and decided to try it." She explained to him. They arrived back at her house and as she opened the door Jake pulled it shut before she could get out. "What is it?" She asked him, shock filling her eyes.

"Vampire." He responded turning the truck back on. The lights showed Carlisle's car, and she knew it was not Victoria that was in her home.

"That is Carlisle's car, Jake. That means it is one of the Cullens." She assured him running to her house and opening the door. She reached for the lights and before she could turn them on Alice did it for her.

"Bella, would you like to explain how you are alive?" She demanded of the human. Soon the story of her cliff-diving experience came out and she was explaining that Jake was a 'werewolf', only for said friend to enter to check on her.

"Jake, it is only Alice." She assured him. Alice left for a few minutes to alert her family so that nothing drastic would happen. As Jake was talking to Bella the phone rang. He answered and when the person on the other line asked for Charlie, he answered that Charlie was arranging a funeral, not specifying that it was a friend's funeral, not Bella's. Thus sending Edward to Voltaira and Bella running after him.

She and Alice were racing the clock to stop him from getting himself killed. When Alice got stopped by some of the human guards, Bella ran for the Clock Tower, hoping against all hope that she would be in time to stop him. She got to him right before he was able to expose himself to everyone in the Clock Tower courtyard. Unfortunately though, Felix and Demittri arrived and asked that they go and see Aro. Alice joined right before they could cause a fight, and then Jane joined in as well, making all of them go to the Throne Room. Upon arriving in the Throne Room they were greeted by Aro.

"Ah, so Bella is alive after all." He proclaimed in shock. Her eyes were down cast and she was trying to hide behind Edward. He took Edward's hand and after finding out what had occurred he turned his gaise on the human girl that caused so much trouble. He tested his gift on Bella, with her keeping her eyes down and then when he called on Jane to use her powers, Edward stepped in and she shouted.

"No, stop please, don't hurt him." She begged eyes still lowered.

"Jane," Aro stated breaking the girl's concentration.

"Master?" Jane answered immediately.

"Go ahead dear." He answered motioning towards Bella. She started to glare at the human girl and huffed in shock when nothing happened to Bella. Aro began laughing happily. "She confounds us all." He said delighted. "Now what to do with you?"
"You already know what you are going to do, Aro." A man from his left side called, his tone bored. Bella looked up and saw his sorrow drawn face.

"She knows too much, she is a liability." The haughty blonde male on Aro's other side stated.

"True, Felix." Aro called and Bella was spun around to see a dark haired man step forward only for Edward to jump between them and attack. The fight was a blur and ended abruptly as Edward was slammed into the marble stairs leading to the thrones.

"NO, NO, STOP, KILL ME. KILL ME PLEASE NOT HIM. KILL ME. NOT HIM." Bella screamed bringing all attention back to her.

"Amazing, you would give up your life for a soulless monster?" Aro asked and she finally raised her eyes to meet his, causing both of them to gasp in shock. Everyone watched in shock as Aro reached out and pulled her into his arms, protectively. "Never mind, Felix." He said causing both of the men on the thrones to look at him.

"Brother, surely you won't allow her to live." Ciaus demanded.

"Congratulations, brother, you have found your true mate." Marcus stated, shocking Bella and Ciaus.

"Mate?" Bella asked confused at the turn of events.

"Soul mate." Was the answer she received from Alice. "I guess you won't be returning to Forks."

"No, she will stay here with me." Aro answered with a small growl.

"I can't. I have to go back." Bella answered. "I have family that I can't leave behind." She stated with tears running down her face.

"Your father will understand." Alice said softly.

"I am not worried about Charlie. I am worried about someone else. I can't leave her." Bella whispered brokenly.

"Then she shall come here and join us as well." Aro answered.

"She is the imprint of Jacob." Bella stated looking at Alice, who's eyes widened in shock.

"Who is this Jacob?" Aro demanded roughly.

"Jacob Black, he is a shape shifter. He is also my best friend. He takes the form of a wolf." Bella answered softly, trying to calm Aro down.

"I would very much like to meet him." Aro stated. "Along with this girl you speak of." Bella nodded and asked for a cell phone. Alice gave hers up to Bella without hesitation. Bella swiftly dialed and when a man's voice came on the line she smiled softly.

"Billy, can I talk to Jake?" She asked. Jake soon came on the line.

"Bella? What is going on?" Jake asked in shock.

"Can you bring Selene to Italy?" Bella stated shocking her friend.

"Why? Aren't you coming home?"

"No. Something came up and I have to stay. Please Jake bring her to me." Bella begged before breaking down in tears.

"No worries, Bells, I will be there on the next flight."

"Thanks. See you soon." Bella disconnected the call and looked at the people surrounding her.

"Who is Selene?" Edward asked.

"She is none of your business and if you must know she will be here tomorrow." Bella answered sharply. "Now can I get some sleep?" She asked directing her question to Aro. He nodded and smiled.

"Jane, take her to my chambers." He stated softly.

"Also can I go and pick them up tomorrow?" She asked.

"No. I will send Alice, Jane and Felix." Aro answered.

"No offense but he doesn't like Vampires." Bella informed her mate.

"He knows about us?" Ciaus asked with a dangerous growl. "That can lead to his death."

"He turns into a large wolf, I don't think that Vamp laws really apply to him. He is one of the protectors of his tribe." Bella said softly.

"We could send Gianna." Aro said. "She is our human secretary." Bella nodded.

"That works for me. Can I go to bed yet?" She asked with a yawn. Aro chuckled and nodded.

"Sleep well, Isabella." He said kissing her forehead lightly. She followed Jane and when she saw the bed she climbed up and fell asleep before Jane had even left the room.

"Isabella, your friend is due to arrive in half an hour. You need to wake up." Aro said waking Bella out of a sound sleep. She woke and sat up looking at the leader of the Vampires with a soft smile.

"Thank you for waking me, do you have a hair brush I could borrow?" She asked looking at him sheepishly.

"Of course. Here you are." Aro said placing one in her hand. Bella swiftly pulled her hair back and ran the brush through ridding it of tangles. She pulled it into a low ponytail.

"Much better, thank you, Aro." She said sliding out of the bed and sitting on the edge pulling her socks and shoes on. "Okay, I am ready." She said.

"I think you forgot something." Aro stated with a smile.

"And what is that?" She asked curiously.

"Food." She laughed realizing her mistake.

"Right, Do you even have human food?" She teased lightly.

"Of course we do. I even made you breakfast." Aro answered with a laugh. Bella's eyes widened in shock.

"Thank you." She said appreciatively. She swiftly devoured the entire meal and smiled. "It was delectable." She said honestly. "Can you show me to where Jake is coming?" She asked causing Aro to frown slightly. Aro nodded and lead the way back to the Throne Room.

"You may sit anywhere you wish." He told Bella and watched in fascination as she sat on the steps leading to his throne. Soon enough the doors were thrown open and every Vampire in the room flinched at the scent coming into the room. What shocked them more than the scent was the voice of a toddler calling out.

"MOMMY!" At this voice Bella was on her feet and running to the little girl that was trying to walk to her.

"Selene, my baby girl. I missed you, little one." Bella crooned to the year old girl. She turned and looked at Aro, seeing his eyes wide in shock. "Aro, this is Selene." She introduced the child in her arms to her mate.

"Sure you just want the baby, never mind the friend that came all this way for you." A teasing voice said from behind her.

"Jake, thank you for coming. For bringing Selene to me." Bella said fervently. She heard a gasp from her daughter and noticed Aro standing behind her. "Selene, this is Aro." She introduced her mate. Everyone was shocked when the child reached for him and when he took her in his arms he smiled sweetly at her.

"Such a magnificent child." He said. He then turned to Jake. "I am Aro, and I along with my brothers Ciaus and Marcus, rule the Vampire world."
"Jacob Black, wolf Shifter, and imprint of Selene." Jake answered.

"Imprint?" Aro questioned looking at Bella.

"Mate." She translated with a grin.

"Ah... Interesting, but," he trailed off hearing several pairs of footsteps heading towards them. "Isabella sit on my throne, with Selene. Mr. Black would you please stand off to the side?" Aro directed. Bella took Selene and just as she sat down on the throne a Vampire she knew all to well appeared in the room. Aro was blocking the new Vampire's view of Bella.

"My lords, I wish to inform you of a coven that has allowed a human the knowledge of our kind to live and because of her my mate was killed." Victoria stated looking at Aro then bowing her head. "I wish to be allowed to kill the human, as she is the reason my mate was killed."

"That is disturbing news. May I ask your name?" Ciaus asked the redhead.

"Her name is Victoria and she wants to kill me." Bella said from Aro's throne. Aro moved out of the way and allowed Victoria to see Bella.

"YOU!" Victoria shouted and launched herself at the human. Before any of the Vampires in the room could move Jake had leapt and changed into his wolf form dragging the redhead down and placed one of his paws on her chest, holding her down.

"Way to go Jake." Bella called out to them.

"You would dare to attack my mate?" Aro demanded of the female Vampire. She looked at her king in fear.

"I thought she was the mate of Edward Cullen." She answered. "She is the reason James is dead." She shouted angrily.

"James is dead because he attacked me, severed my femoral artery, cracked my head, broke one of my legs, and bit my wrist. I am still human because Edward sucked the venom out of me." Bella informed the room.

"I still can call revenge on you for the death of my mate." Victoria snarled at the human.

"You can't when the person you are calling on is ranked above you." Aro growled out. "As she is my mate, that makes her your queen."

"I will never bow before her. Hope I don't catch you alone, human, because if I do, I will kill you." Victoria swore.

"Yeah whatever. Jake, let her up." The russet wolf raised his paw and walked over to Bella's side and laid down, ignoring everyone in the room. The moment Victoria realized she was free she attacked again and this time Jake responded by tearing her head off. He huffed and returned to Bella's side with a wolfy grin on his face. "Well that takes care of her."

"Jane, Felix, take care of that." Aro snarled referring to the now dead redhead. The two mentioned moved in tandem and soon there was a fire going and ashes were all that were left of the Vampire Victoria. "However now we have a problem with the wolf." Aro pointed out.

"I don't see how." Bella said gently. "He was protecting his mate, and her mother." She pointed out to her mate. "He also protected a queen." She added with a grin. "See look I am making loopholes already." She giggled causing Jake to snort at her. "Also who gets to sacrifice their cloths for Jacob?"