Broken Hearts Leads to Happily Ever After

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Chapter 6

Early the next morning Bella woke, in her mate's arms, to the sound of car doors closing outside her father's house. "Who's here, Aro?" She asked sleepily.

"My brothers and Sulpica." He answered, his breath ghosting across her ear. Aro smirked, scenting her body's natural response as she released a quiet moan. "We should be getting up, my dear." He added as she snuggled deeper against his chest.

"Mommy, Daddy's friends are here." Selene shouted, running into her mother's room. "Up, up, up." She chanted, jumping on the bed rambuncously.

"Okay, why don't you let your Mommy get dressed little one?" Aro asked the young child bouncing wildly beside him. He smiled, amused when she hopped down and ran to get the door. "We will be down soon, Brothers." He spoke in a soft tone, knowing his brothers would hear him.

"Very well, see you in a few moments." Caius responded from the living room.

"Are you planning on joining us, or staying in bed all day?" Bella teased from her doorway, to his shock, already completely dressed. She giggled when he suddenly was up and dressed in a fresh suit seconds later. Aro, taking his mate's hand, opened the door and walked at human pace down the stairs. Her father pointed towards the living room, his eyes showing his fear plainly.

"Thank you, Charles." Aro said with a polite smile before joining his brothers and Sulpica, leaving Bella with her father to help him calm down.

"Morning Dad." Bella offered with a gentle smile before entering the kitchen. She noticed several bags of blood sitting on one counter and grinned, knowing it was done to reassure her father and the Pack that they wouldn't feed off the humans in the area. "Would you like me to heat this blood up for you right now?" She asked the vampires in a normal, quiet voice.

"If you don't mind, then yes please." Marcus responded, entering the kitchen, to stand beside her, at vampire speed.

"If I minded, I wouldn't have asked." She assured the King as she opened all 8 bags, pouring the blood into a large pot. She heated it on the stove, waiting for him to signal for her to remove it from the heat.

Marcus nodded to her and motioned to the 4 silver chalices. Bella filled each chalice carefully and returned the pot, still half-full, to the burner on low, keeping it warm. With Marcus's help she carred two Chalices into her living room and offered them to the proper Vampire. She then returned to the kitchen for the remaining 2 chalices, fighting her grin at the looks of shock from both Caius and who she suspected was Sulpica. She lifted the remaining two Chalices and returned to the Kings, before settling in her mate's lap, after passing Marcus his personal Chalice and offering Aro the last Chalice.

Red-eyes glowing in pride at his mate's actions, Aro placed a kiss to Bella's neck lovingly. "Well done, my Isabella." He complimented her happily.

"Thank you, but I had help." The human reminded him with a blush. "Thank you for your help, Marcus." She added meeting the brown-haired King's eyes evenly. "When is Alec due to return?" She asked her mate.

"He should be meeting us around noon." Aro answered simply.

"I take it this human is your mate, Aro." The female vampire spoke for the first time. "Hello, I am Sulpica." She introduced herself, as no one had done so previously.

"Hi, I am Isabella Swan, call me Bella." The 20 year old woman responded politely. "Welcome to Forks, Washington." She added with a light blush.

"Nice to meet you, Bella." As she was speaking Charlie shuffled hesitantly into the room, dressed for work.

"I'm heading to work, Bells." He informed her. "Will you still be here tonight?" He asked pointedly.'"

"We are remaining in the area until after the New Year, Charles." Aro assured his mate's father.

"Good to know, Selene is out in the backyard playing." Her father told them before leaving the house. Bella stood and went to watch over her daughter, leaving the vampires to chat alone. When she noticed the little girl's cheeks were turning bright red from the cold, she called out to her child.

"Selene, time to come in!" She said, causing the toddler to come running over. Bella lifted her little one up and carried her to the living room. "Selene say hi." She encouraged lightly.

"Hi." Selene said, waiving at the group of vampires shyly. "Mommy, who dat?" She asked pointing at Sulpica.

"That, sweetheart, is Ms. Sulpica. She is one of Aro's friends." Bella answered, unsure of what else she could say.

"Oh, Otay." Came the girl's energetic response. "Down pease." She requested of her mother. Bella set her daughter gently on the floor. "Tank you, Mommy." The little girl pursed her lips while looking at each vampire before shooting her mother a grin and running over to Caius. "Can I pease sit in lap?" She requested of the blonde king.

Caius blinked twice, in shock, before speaking in a gentle tone. "Sure, would you like some help up here?" He offered the sweet child. she nodded and raised her arms in the universal request to be picked up. Once Caius gently lifted her and deposited the smiling 2 year old on his lap she spoke again.

"Tank you!" She said with enthusiasum. The blonde king nodded with a small smile. "Pretty Hair!" She added reaching for a lock of his hair. His eyes widened as the child played with his hair, without tugging on it once. "What your name" She asked as she ran her small fingers through the hair she was playing with.

"My name is Caius." He answered quietly. "I'm one of Aro's brothers." He added softly.

"Nice to meet you." Selene giggled playfully towards the youngest King. After playing with Caius's hair for another few minutes. Soon she got bored and slipped down from his lap, giving him a kiss on his cheek first. "Tank you." She added, remembering her manners.

"You're welcome, child." He murmured, absentmindedly, his mind still stuck on her kissing his cheek. Selene wandered towards Marcus, not wanting to leave the room yet. When she reached the ampathedic king, however, she noticed he wasn't paying her any attention.

"Scuse me." She said in a polite voice. Unfortunately Marcus gave no response. "Mister?" She called out cutely.. Wanting the male's attention, Selene cautiously reached out and gently, as to not upset him, tugged on Marcus's pant leg with an adorable pout. Slightly startled, Marcus's eyes snapped down to the child seeking his attention.

"Oh, hello, Child, did you need something?" He asked confused.

"What your name, Mister?" Her question didn't answer or even help Marcus.

"Marcus, what is your name?" He returned her question. Selene, not comprehending turned to her mother. Bella smiled at her daughter.

"Her name is Selene." She supplied, helpfully. The brown-haired King nodded his thanks.

"Sit in lap, pease?" The child in question begged. Marcus merely nodded and allowed her to climb up onto his lap. "Tank you." She added, offering Marcus a wide smile.

"Of course, Selene." He answered, tone polite but still slightly bewildered. Seeing what looked, to her at least, like sadness on Marcus's face had the little girl wondering why he looked so sad.

"Are you okay?" She asked the king. Marcus blinked , confused at the question. "You look sad." She stated rather bluntly. Marcus just stared at the 2 year old, unsure how to respond. Not detered by the lack of an answer, Selene carefully stood up, facing him, and gave him a hug. "Feel better." She ordered, to everyone's amusement, before climbing down from Marcus's lap. "Guess what." She giggled playfully.

"What?" Marcus asked, eyes bemused.

"I'm cute and adorable." She informs him, mispronouncing the word adorable. Marcus's face showed his complete confusion at her statement. Seeing the look of utter confusion on his face made Bella snicker. Hearing her mother's snicker caused Selene to giggle cutely.

"Are you a troublemaker?" Bella asked with a huge grin.

"I'm a toublemaker." Selene spoke in a 'matter-of-fact' tone. The playfull expression on her face, mixed with the serious tone and the actual words, had Bella and Aro laughing hard. They calmed down slightly, only to start up once more at the confusion and disbelief showing on Marcus's expression.