Digimon Masters v2.0

Written by: Steeldramon21

Disclaimer: I don't own any parts of Digimon.

Plot: I decided to rewrite this whole concept from the ground up. Akira and his friends are the next generation of DigiDestined. Together, they will go on an adventure to save two different worlds. The older DigiDestined will be seen but not as often. Enjoy!


Akira Kamiya (Taichi Kamiya and Sora Takenouchi)
Satoru Motomiya (Daisuke Motomiya and Miyako Inoue)
Melissa Izumi (Koushiro Izumi and Mimi Tachikawa)
Tara Miyamoto (???)

Warning: Some things will be similar to Season 3 and 4. Before you review, you should read this story to see the differences.

Episode 1- The First Journey

Akira Kamiya raced down the sidewalk, trying to get to school before it was too late. So far, the school year was getting off to a lousy start because he had been late twice. Still, he had to at least try. As he reached the crosswalk, Akira glanced at his digital watch. It was 7:48 AM.

"Oh man." Akira said to himself. "This is just great. Now, I'm going to be late again." When he looked up as he got to the crosswalk, suddenly he saw someone across the street that seemed very familiar. The girl was leaning against the street lamp, her ice-blue eyes seemingly distant as she stared at the passing cars. The dark colors of her clothes and the sweep of her shoulder-length mahogany hair blended with the shadows of the buildings, making her alabaster skin stand out more. Akira couldn't take his eyes off of her for some reason. The girl looked up and saw him standing there across the street. The field of vision was broken by a truck passing between them. When it moved away, she was gone.

"That was weird." Akira thought to himself. "Who was that girl?" He glanced at his watch again. The time was now 7:51 AM. He didn't have time to ponder that thought so he continued to sprint his way to school. He finally got there just before the first bell rang at 8:00 AM. As he walked into his classroom, he noticed his friends, Satoru and Melissa, talking to each other.

"Hey guys." Akira said as he sat down in an empty desk in between them. "Looks like we're in the same class again this year."

"Yep." Satoru said to his friend. "By the way, you aren't going to believe what me and Melissa heard."

"There's a rumor that we're about to get a new instructor today." Melissa said.

"So? What's the big deal?" Akira said as he took out his notebooks. "It's a new school year. We're supposed to get a few new teachers." Satoru was about to say more when the teacher called for attention in the classroom. Akira turned around and his jaw dropped. His teacher was none other than his own aunt, Hikari Kamiya.

"Good morning, class." Hikari said to the students. "My name is Hikari Kamiya and I will be your teacher this year."

"That's the big deal." Satoru whispered to his friend, who still had his mouth open in shock.

"I hope that we will get along very well with each other," Hikari continued, "because I run a very orderly classroom. I can be fair but I don't want any misconduct. Is that understood?"

"Yes, sensei." The class chorused in a monotone voice.


Later that day, after class was over, Akira met with his friends in the computer lab. Since it was not used anymore, they would meet there and hang out for a few hours. Today was no different.

"I can't believe my aunt is a teacher here." Akira said dejectedly. "Of all the schools in Odaiba, why did it have to be this one?"

"Cheer up, Akira." Melissa told him as she checked her e-mail on one of the terminals. "It could be a lot worse."

"She's got a point, you know." Satoru added. "At least the day's over so we can hang out." Just then, the terminal Melissa was sitting at gave a high-pitched whine. "What did you do, Melissa?" Satoru yelled over the noise.

"It wasn't me!" Melissa replied. "There must be a glitch in the processor or something!" Suddenly, the screen erupted in bright colors, blinding the children. Three objects shot out of the screen and into the children's hands. When the light faded, they saw that there were three devices in their hands.

"What the... what is this?" Akira said as he looked in amazement at the blue device in his hand. The devices were elliptical but flat-shaped. The grips on one side were three different colors for each of them as were the buttons. The devices featured a clip on the back that also matched the colors.

"It appears to be a digivice." Melissa said. "I heard about these from my dad. But it doesn't make sense since the portal's closed."

"Unless it's open again." Satoru said happily. "All right! We're going to the Digital World! We're gonna get our own Digimon!"

"Hold it, smart guy." Akira told his friend. "Just how exactly are we supposed to get there anyway? It not like you say 'DigiPort open' or something." Suddenly, another light erupted on the screen, creating a vacuum. "Me and my big mouth." Akira said.

"Hold on!" Melissa cried as they were pulled into the light. When it faded, the children had vanished.


"So this is the Digital World." Akira said to himself as he and his friends got to their feet. They had arrived in a clearing-like setting. "It looks pretty cool."

"Guys, I'm getting a reading on my digivice." Melissa said as she looked at the device in her hand. "It's pointing at something in this direction." The group started walking into the forest ahead. After a few minutes, they had come to a cave. Inside was a pillar with a stone altar in front of it. On the altar were three slots resembling the digivices.

"Hey, check this out." Akira said as he went over to the altar. "What do you think these slots are for?" Just then, the digivices started glowing brightly as they got closer to the slots.

"From the way the digivices are glowing, I think we should put them in these slots." Melissa concluded. With that, the children took the digivices and placed them into the slots. Immediately, three bright columns of lights erupted from the altar. When the light faded, three different Digimon stood there.

"Finally, we're free!" The one that looked like part dragon and part T-Rex said as he hopped down. "After all those years of being cooped up, I finally get to stretch my legs!" He then walked over to Akira. " The name's Lizardmon and I've been waiting a long time to meet you, Akira."

"I'm called Gizamon." The one that looked like a spiky lizard with a mane said as he went to Satoru. "How are you, kid?"

"My name's Floramon." The one that looked like a plant sweetly said to Melissa. "All of us are very delighted to meet you."

"Hold on a second." Akira said, all three of them picking their digivices up from the altar. "Just how do you know my name anyway? Have we met before?" Before Lizardmon could answer, suddenly the cave began shaking. The children and Digimon looked and saw a large Digimon burst his way in. It looked like a scorpion combined with a bull. "What kind of Digimon is that?" Akira asked.

"Use your digivice." Lizardmon advised. "It'll tell you."

Name: Mutamon
Type: Mutant Beast
Attribute: Data
Level: Champion
Attack: Sting Saber

"Time to run, guys!" Akira shouted. With that, the children and Digimon raced out of the cave with Mutamon chasing them.

"Just when I thought this day was just getting good..." Satoru started.

"Don't you dare say it, Satoru!" Melissa yelled at him. After several minutes of running, they all ended up at the edge of a cliff.

"Great. Anybody got any bright ideas or a rope?" Satoru said. Mutamon began advancing towards them with a hungry gleam in his eyes.

"Well, we can't run anymore." Akira said. "I guess we'll have to fight."

"Are you crazy?" Melissa protested. "We can't just fight that thing."

"Just leave it to us." Lizardmon told them as he and the other two Digimon stood in front of their partners. "Plasma Burst!" he shouted as he fired a blue ball of fire from his mouth.

"Spiral Saw!" Gizamon shouted as he launched himself onto Mutamon and spun around, trying to cut him.

"Petal Blast!" Floramon shouted as she fired several sharp petals in Mutamon's face. The mutant Digimon shook it off and only got madder.

"Sting Saber!" Mutamon shouted as he brought his spiky tail down, whipping the Digimon aside.

"Well, that didn't work." Satoru exclaimed. "Now what?" Akira was about to answer when Mutamon used his leathery wings to swat the Digimon aside again. They landed in front of their partners, beaten and already weakened.

"Sting Saber!" Mutamon shouted as he brought his tail down again. This time, it was aimed directly for Lizardmon.

"Lizardmon, no!" Akira shouted. Just then, his digivice glowed brightly with a blue light. He took it off and saw the words "Digivolution Activated" flash across the screen. A beam of blue light shot out of his digivice and surrounded Lizardmon.

"Lizardmon, digivolve to... Veedramon!"

When the light faded, the new Digimon grabbed Mutamon's tail before it came down. He swung it around and flung it away from the children, who were standing in awe. He looked similar to XVeemon but looked more like a dinosaur. His chest had a blue V on it and there were many scars on his body.

"He digivolved... already." Melissa said in surprise.

"Whoa." Satoru gasped.

"Oh man!" Akira exclaimed in relief. "Who's that?" He then looked on his digivice's screen and read the display.

Name: Veedramon
Type: Ancient Dragon
Attribute: Vaccine
Level: Champion
Attack: V-Breath Arrow

"Okay, you sad excuse for a Digimon." Veedramon said confidently. "You wanna piece of me? V-Breath Arrow!" He blasted Mutamon with a giant blue blast of energy from his mouth, immediately scorching him. Mutamon flew backwards into the forest, severely burned from the attack. The wild Digimon then turned and went in the other direction, having suddenly lost it's appetite.


"That was incredible." Akira said to Veedramon as the large dinosaur turned to him and the others. "How do you feel?"

"Fantastic." Veedramon said, de-digivolving into Lizardmon.

"Well, I'd say that this has been one heck of an experience." Melissa commented. "But I think we should be getting home before it gets too late."

"For once, Melissa's right." Satoru said. "But how do we get back home anyway?"

"The same way we got here, I guess." Akira told him, taking his digivice and pointing it in front of them. "DigiPort open!" At once, another portal opened in front of the children, pulling them inside. Meanwhile, overlooking them from a nearby hill was the same girl Akira had seen earlier that day. By her side was a small black Digimon similar to a bird.

"It looks like there are new children in the Digital World." The girl said coolly. "This is going to make things a whole lot harder."

"We should get rid of them before it's too late, Tara." The small bird told her. "If your father finds out, this could ruin the mission."

Name: NuBiyomon
Type: Bird
Attribute: Virus
Level: Rookie
Attack: Shadow Twister

"He won't find out, NuBiyomon." Tara said sharply to her Digimon partner. "We're going to handle this ourselves but not right away. Right now, all we'll do is watch them. That's all." With that, they disappeared from the hill.

(Takuya's POV) It looks like Akira and his friends are going to have their hands full already. Can they handle the job? Find out on the next "Digimon: Digital Monsters".