"Ken's Secret"

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"Get it!" a boy called as the soccer ball went up in the air.

A brown haired boy ran over and stopped it with his chest and it fell to the ground and he was about to kick it into the net when I ran over.

Kicking it between his legs, the boy tripped and fell on top of me while one of the boys on my team ran to the ball and kicked it down the field and into the other team's net.

On the sidelines were a group of cheering students, Kari, TK, Cody, Yolei and Tai being a part of the group cheering.

"That's my baby sister!" Tai laughed.

My cheeks were tinted pink at that while the boy I tripped helped me up and we walked over to the coach as he blew the whistle.

All the boys on the team wore white shirts with a white stripe down the sides along with white shorts with a red stripe along each side, white socks and black cleats.

I wore almost the same thing, only my top was a red tank top with the stripes.

Later on, it was sunset and the coach had us all gather around him to talk about the big game coming up.

"Okay team, hustle in! Quiet down, I've got an announcement to make. All right. Our first scrimmage is this Sunday. It's against last year's number one team in the league." Coach said.

We all exclaimed in surprise at this.

Really, our first game of the season and we're playing Tamachi, the best in the league out there for our age group.

"Isn't that the team with that Ichijouji guy?" I asked.

"Yeah, he's a total brainiac." One of the players added.

"He's good at soccer, sports. He's the best at everything." One of the guys sulked.

"He's also a pretty boy." Another one chuckled.

"Hey, hey. Watch the name calling. He's Ken Ichijouji." Coach said.

(Later on…)

After showering and changing, I met up with the other Digidestineds in the computer lab and saw Yolei was looking up information on Ken.

"As captain of his soccer team, Ken Ichijouji led his team to victory last season by scoring a record setting forty-five goals." Yolei read.

"Whoa, this kid may even be better than I am." Tai blinked.

"I bet he could be in the Olympics if he wanted to." Cody said.

"Oh, who cares? He's just some know it all kid. I bet the only reason he wins all the time is because people get psyched out by his fame. There's no way that's gonna happen with me." I crossed my arms.

"You think you can beat him?" Kari asked.

"This is Dai, after all. She has a way of making miracles happen." TK joked.

Those of us that understood the joke deadpanned as we looked at him, a grin on his face while Yolei and Cody were confused.

"Oh, Dai!" Yolei sang as she stood up and took my hands.

"When you see Ken on the soccer field, will you get his autograph for me?" she asked.

"Yolei and Ken sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G." Cody sang.

"Hey, Cody, watch it! Besides, I didn't say I wanted to kiss him. Duh! I just wanna marry him." Yolei scowled down at the boy.

"Oh." He said teasingly.

"If you wanna meet him, ask for his autograph himself." I told her.

"Oh, I guess I could do that." Yolei said.

"Let's all go to the game and you can ask him then." Kari smiled.

"We're kind of going anyway. I'm not missing this game for anything." Tai smiled as he ruffled my hair.


The team and I were stretching to get ready for the game while the parents and students sat on the bleachers, some having cameras to take pictures.

My siblings were sitting together with TK, Yolei and Cody who all brought there digimon and Tai was watching V-Mon for me.

Glancing over at them as I went down in a crouch to stretch out my legs, I saw them smiling at me.

"Good luck, Dai!" Kari called.

"Don't forget to hug Ken!" Yolei pulled on Poromon's wings.

"Give him a kiss too!" Tai joked.

"Ha, ha." I stuck my tongue out at them.

The bus from Tamachi then arrived and everyone eagerly gathered around it to watch the boys dressed in green and black walk out.

"Oh, I can't believe it's really him." Yolei gushed as I stood up properly to watch the boys walking off the bus.

Something that stunned me was that the star player and captain wasn't with them.

"Huh? Where's Ken?" I asked.

"Where is he?" Kari asked.

"Izzy? No, we're waiting for Ken." TK said.

"Uh, we know that. Ken's not coming is he Cody?" Yolei glared at the boy.

"Will you stop asking me if I say 'yes'?" he asked.

"No I won't" Yolei then squeezed Poromon's head making the bird groan.

"Lucky for me I have no spine." Poromon groaned.

Running over to the green team, I decided to investigate.

"Hello? Uh, excuse me. Anyone know when that Ken guy is going to be here?" I asked making two boys turn to me.

"Well, he's got a soft drink commercial to shoot and a meeting about having a soccer ball named after him." the brunette informed.

"Ken hardly has time to play soccer anymore." The auburn haired boy said.

"You have got to be kidding me." I shook my head in disbelief.

"Hey, Dai, can we talk?" Tai called as he stepped out onto the field and I ran over.

"Even if Ken doesn't show his teammates are still champions and if you're not careful they'll use you for the ball." Tai said.

"Thanks for the pep talk, big brother." I quipped.

"But you gotta know that if you play really well against last year's champions," TK called making us look over.

"Win or lose, you'll still be a hero!" Kari finished off.

"See, that's a pep talk." I smiled at the group.

"Whatever." Tai chuckled as he ruffled up my bangs.

"What's the point of staying if Ken's not here? It's not like I don't have important things I can be doing you know." Yolei ranted as he continued to pull on Poromon.

"What about Daisuke?" Cody asked.

The two teams got into our positions and the ref blew the whistle as the ball was kicked and we all started running for it.

It was a difficult game since Tamachi and my team seemed to be playing keep away with the ball, always kicking it out of reach before someone else could get close enough to the goal.

Something I noticed was that the team seemed to be pretty good, but they lacked inspiration without their star player around to pick up the slack.

One of my teammates was able to get close enough to the goal and kicked the ball into the air which I took advantage of by head-butting it into the goal, the goalie diving to the side to try and stop it, but he missed and the ball went through.

The ref blew the whistle, first half over and Odaiba was leading by one goal and everyone left to take their breaks, my siblings and friends rushing over to me.

"It's rewinding. There, you look good on camera." Kari said as she showed the pictures she took with her camera she always wears.

"Thanks, Kari. I so kicked butt out there, huh?" I smiled.

"And you kicked the ball pretty good too." V-Mon added.

"Yeah, that too." I smiled I held him in my arms.

"You nailed that shot, Dai." TK held a fist up.

"Hey, you guys only lead by one goal. The game's still wide open and Ken could still show up." Tai reminded.

"Gee, thanks a lot. You've probably jinxed me." I deadpanned.

"It's him!" a group of shrieking girls caught our attention.

Turning we found that a taxi was dropping off an indigo haired boy dressed in Tamachi's uniform and he started walking down the stone steps to get onto the field.

"Ya see?" I turned to glare at my brother.

"Nice going, Tai. You really have jinxed us." Kari commented.

"Oh, come on. Why do you two always tag team me?" he complained.

"It's fun." We said making him face fault while the others laughed.

"You should get to the field. Show that guy who's the best." TK encouraged.

"Thanks. See you guys." I waved before running onto the field and taking my place.

"Now substituting number 7, Ken 'the Rocket' Ichijouji." The announcer called as Ken walked up in front of me.

"Hey, you're Ken, right? I'm Daisuke." I smiled politely.

He nodded at that before turning to look over at my siblings and friends who were sitting at the bleachers watching us.

"Oh my god, he looked right at me, Poromon! Can you believe he's even cuter in person than he is on TV? I could just hug him all day." Yolei gushed as she smothered Poromon in a hug.

"He's not an accordion, Yolei." Cody commented.

"He's just a kid like you, Dai! Only older!" Kari called.

"You gotta outrun him!" TK called.

"You can do it and even if you can't, we won't think any less of ya!" Tai called.

"Some nice friends you've got there, Daisuke." Ken smirked.

That voice and that smile…where have I seen them before?

The ref then blew the whistle and Ken shot forward, stealing the ball with ease and ran down the field.

"Wow, no wonder they call him the Rocket." TK said.

"Did you catch that move?" Tai asked.

"He's fantastic." Kari commented.

"Hey, back off, I saw him first." Yolei glared.

Running over, Ken was about to kick the ball into the goal, but I ran in front of him and kicked the ball behind him as one of my teammates stole it and ran down the opposite side.

"Yes, she did it!" TK cheered.

Ken glared at me while I smirked and we both ran down the field, fighting over the ball as we tried to steal the ball from each other.

"They're trying to kill each other out there." Kari said.

"He's so amazing and did I mention dreamy?" Yolei gushed.

"Do you want me to pinch you again?" Cody asked.

It was true Ken and I weren't going easy on each other because he was barking orders to his team and it became a near blood bath as we all fought each other off for the ball.

We were tied up and Ken was about to get the winning ball as the game ended, but I did a sliding block and accidentally nicked Ken's leg making him fall over and the ball rolled off to the side.

"Nice tackle! Have a nice trip, Ken. See ya next fall!" Tai laughed.

"Time's run out. And it's a tie!" the announcer called.

Everyone form my team cheered while Tamachi pouted, Ken glaring as he limped off over to his side of the field.

Feeling bad for the injury, I escaped my team and ran over to him.

"Hey, Ichijouji!" I called making him look over at me.

"Is your Ken all right? Sorry about that tackle, but I was getting desperate to stop that goal." I apologized.

"I barely felt it. Too busy thinking about scoring goals. I must say, I am impressed that you were able to take us on with ease. Maybe one day we'll meet on the battle field again my worthy adversary." He said holding out his hand.

Blinking curiously at his words, I smiled and accepted his hand and gasped as I felt a vision come over me.

There was a little boy who looked a lot like Ken and he was trapped in some world where there was darkness everywhere.

He had a digivice in his hand and he knelt down to the water and placed the digivice in it, the device transforming into a D-3 that was black and gray.

I pulled my hand out of Ken's grip as if I had been burned and he was shocked as he stared at my eyes.

"That's not possible." I breathed stepping away from him.

Slowly, his lips curled up as he smirked ta me.

"Figured it out have you?" he asked.

"No. How is that possible?" I demanded.

Stepping closer, he gripped my chin between his fingers and tilted my head up to look into my eyes and I glared at him as he smirked down at me.

"How did you do that thing with your eyes? It was quite an interesting anomaly." He said.

"I'm the child of Miracles, that's how. What are you?" I demanded.

Ken tightened his grip on my chin and moved his head, placing a kiss to my cheek and my hands folded into fists.

"I think you already know. I'll see you in the Digital World, Daisuke Kamiya." He whispered before releasing me and walking off.

My eyes burned a hole in his back as I turned and walked over to my friends as they were smiling, but TK was glaring after Ken.

"Dai, you were so great." Kari smiled.

V-Mon jumped into my arms.

"You didn't get his autograph for me." Yolei pouted.

"Dai, what's wrong?" Tai asked seeing my face.

TK wrapped his arm around my shoulders and pulled me into his side as I leaned my head on his chest, Tai stiffening as he watched us.

"I know who the Digimon Emperor is." I spoke up.

Everyone gasped at that, V-Mon's ears lowering in worry as he clung to my neck.

"No way. How did you find out?" Yolei asked.

"I had a vision." I informed.

"We'll have a meeting about this later. Come on, let's celebrate for now." Tai said.

Nodding, we all walked off and I looked over my shoulder to see Ken staring at me and he threw a wink in my direction making me glare.

(The next day…)

We had gone out for pizza last night, then my parents both congratulated me on my win.

At the moment, Izzy was with Tai and the new group as we sat in my and Kari's room, the digimon on my bed with me.

"So you really found out who the Digimon Emperor is?" Izzy asked.

"She said that she had a vision." Gatomon said as she was curled up beside V-Mon.

"But what triggered it? If I remember correctly, you only get visions to watch over the rest of us to make sure we're safe. How could you have seen the identity of the Digimon Emperor?" Izzy asked.

"Maybe because he was meant to be one of us, but something turned him and tainted him before he could become a Digidestined." I suggested.

"What does that mean?" Upamon asked.

"I'm not sure." V-Mon shrugged.

Kari sat down beside me on the bed and placed her hand son top of mine.

"What did you see exactly?" she asked.

"I saw a boy…about nine or eight. He had a digivice, like the old ones our group had. He was in a world that was made of nothing but darkness, even the dark was dark. Then his digivice…it transformed into a dark digivice… I explained.

"A world made of darkness?" Cody asked.

"That doesn't sound good." Patamon said.

"Wait, a dark digivice? As in the thing that the Digimon Emperor has?" Yolei asked.

"The very same." I nodded.

"So he was a normal kid, but was influenced by some sort of dark power." TK held his chin in thought.

"But who is he? That's what we want to know." V-Mon spoke up.

"It's Ken." I said.

Everyone was silent at that as they stared at me in shock, disbelief clear on their faces while Yolei had one of heartbreak.


"No way!"

"How is that possible?"

"It can't be!"


"That little punk!"

"Are you sure, Dai?" Yolei asked.

Seeing the hopeful look in her eyes, I gave a sad one and tears filled her eyes and I reached over, taking her hand sin mine.

"The boy in my vision was Ken. He even told me himself that he was the Digimon Emperor." I said rubbing her hands.

She looked up and forced a small smile at me, but I could tell that she still felt horrible for having feelings for someone evil.

"What do we do now? It's not like we can just go over to his house and confront him. Can we?" TK asked.

"I'm not sure. But it's the only option we have at the moment. I'll look up his address and you can head over." Izzy said as he walked over to the computer.

"I'll go call the others and warn them." Tai said as he rushed out of the room.


Once Izzy gave us the address to the Ichijoujis' apartment, we boarded a train to Tamachi and we made it to the city.

"What do we say when we get there?" Kari asked.

"I'm not sure." Cody said.

"Hey, look at those flashing lights. Are those police cars?" Yolei asked as she pointed.

Running around the corner, we saw that there were two squad cards in front of the apartment building while people were gathered around.

Ken's parents were on the front steps talking to one of the officers, the mother crying into her husband's chest.

"This guy just can't seem to stay out of trouble." TK frowned.

"Did you hear? Young Kenneth ran away from home." A woman spoke.

We gasped and looked over at the duo of women as they gossiped to each other.

"Really? Why would he do that? He had such a bright future ahead of himself." The other woman said.

"He left a note saying he couldn't handle the pressure any longer and he just disappeared." The older woman said.

"Oh, how awful." The second woman gasped.

The rest of us shared a look and we left, our mission done for now and we knew that if we wanted to face Ken, it would have to be in the Digital World.

"Can you believe he would just run away?" TK asked.

"I know. Oh, and his poor parents. They looked so heartbroken." Kari frowned sadly.

"Where do you think he ran off to?" Cody asked.

"Isn't it obvious? He went to the Digital World." Yolei said.

"The problem is, now that he's living there, he can work faster and as long as he wants. We're gonna have to step up our game if we can even hope to beat him." I narrowed my eyes.

To be continued…