Author's Note: Hello everyone! Now my fans on twitter have been requesting a new Punklee fic from me for a really long time now! I did have a couple ideas for them so I figured, hey why not? So, as a little holiday treat for y'all I decided to finally come up with another fic. Keep in mind that I will try to keep the updates frequent, but I do go to school and work so my time is limited. Anyway, this fic will be about ten chapters long, and it's written with one of my good friends, Mel. Be sure to read and review, and go check out my other stories as well! Enjoy.

In the beginning, CM Punk and AJ Lee were just friends, everything between them was strictly and nothing but platonic. However, to some outside observers, the friendship looked as though there was more beneath the surface. They would travel to shows together, support each other, hang out together, give each other advice, and all in all, they were just really good friends. Best friends if you wanted to go to that level. In fact, Punk would even sometimes consider AJ to be one of the boys. She was hilarious, and quirky, and just overall a geek; she wasn't like the divas, and more importantly, she wasn't like any other girl CM Punk had ever met. She and Punk liked, even loved, the same things: comic books, video games, TV shows, they had the same sense of humor, it was just a perfect match. Although they were considered to be quite opposite from each other, they were so compatible to one another. That was why they had such a good friendship.

But now, things were changing. Their time together got longer, their phone calls got later, and the playful banter became more frequent. Punk and AJ were starting to flirt with one another, and this not so platonic relationship scared AJ. First off, she was beginning to get feelings for him, and she was pretty sure that he was starting to get feelings for her too. Secondly, she didn't want to be stuck in the so called friendzone, or even lose her best friend. Thirdly, Punk had just gotten out of a relationship with Lita, and she didn't want to pressure him into dating her. That would make him mad. And fourthly, she was just so afraid of rejection, or that Punk would think she was being silly. But even though AJ had all this fear bottled up inside her small physique, another part of her was wondering what if?

What if she and CM Punk took the next step in their friendship? Surely the two would be happy. Not much would change between them. The more she thought about it, the more that their relationship was becoming real. The idea seemed so appealing to her, so appealing in fact, that tonight after the show, she was ready to make a move.

It was another Monday Night Raw, and CM Punk and AJ had just arrived at the arena."So do you have a match tonight, Pipsqueak?" Punk grinned down at her, giving her that amazing smile that she loved so much. She loved many things about him, though, if she was being honest with herself. Her favorite thing about him was probably his tattoos. She could get lost in his tattoos sometimes. There was just so many to look at. "Pipsqueak?" Punk asked again. He smirked once he had realized that she was staring at his tattoos again. "I know my tattoos are cool and all, AJ. But you don't have to stare so often." He smirked again, licking his lip ring.

AJ blushed a little, playing with her long brunette hair as she tucked it behind her ear, something she did quiet often when she was nervous. "I wasn't staring, Punky." She simply replied. "I was just taking a quick glance!" She said nonchalantly, knowing all too well that she was really checking him out.

He chuckled, pushing her playfully so that she stumbled in front of him. "You were totally staring!"

"I was not!" AJ protested, sticking her tongue out. "You're just so full of yourself, and think that everyone is admiring you."

"Well... You know, I am the best in the world." He teased her.

AJ playfully rolled her eyes. "Oh whatever, I have a match to go get ready for, and I'm sure you have to go and get ready for an ass kicking, so I'll see you afterwards!" She waved as she tried to walk off and head to the diva locker room. But she didn't get far because Punk stopped her.

"What did you just say?" Punk said, picking her up as he spun her around playfully. "CM Punk does not get his ass kicked, he only kicks ass!" He said playfully again. But AJ could only hear nothing as he continued to talk and she got lost in his emerald eyes, and that's when she knew it. She knew that she was falling in love with her best friend, and the longer she held it in, the more it would kill her in the long run. Punk then put her down so that she was standing on her own two feet in front of him. "AJ?" He questioned, pulling the tiny diva out of her many thoughts.

"Huh?" She replied as she pushed her hair behind her ear again.

"Did you even hear anything I just said?" He chuckled, smile lighting up his face.

"Not really." She said a little sheepishly as she rubbed her neck from embarrassment.

CM Punk laughed, "I said that we should hang out after the show, if you want." He repeated himself and AJ always said yes to his offers like this. Sometimes she wondered why he even asked.

"Do you even have to ask, Punky?" She replied. "Of course I'll hang out with you after the show. Just meet me by the locker room or something, okay? Now I really have to go get ready for my match." AJ finished as she waved goodbye to Punk and skipped off to the diva locker room.

"Okay, see you then!" Punk yelled to her.

Punk watched AJ's match, just like he watched all of her matches. He was proud of his best friend, and how far she had come. She was doing a great job at playing the heel, and being the Diva's champion. So many people had assumed that AJ wouldn't be able to make it here, but she had proved all of them wrong. Punk was proud to say that he was one of those very few people who had believed in AJ from the start, and he would be with her until the very end. She was his best friend after all.

Punk's match that night was a brutal one to say the least. The Shield had attacked him yet again, going after his already bruised ribs. This worried and angered AJ at the same time. She wanted him to be all right. She knew that he was in a lot of pain physically already, and she didn't want anyone to make it worse. She felt tears begin to sting her eyes as the match came to an end, and Punk lay on the floor outside the ring as he curled up into a ball, and held his ribs. "Punky..." She whispered to herself, making sure not to cry in front of all these people around her. "Come on... Get up... Please get up..." She softly whispered.

She watched as Punk got up, and then he met her backstage. He noticed the tears in her eyes, and he knew that it was because she was worried. He had brought her into his arms, wrapping his arms around her small frame. "Shhh..." He whispered. "I'm okay, I'm all right." He promised. AJ only nodded, relaxing at the warmth that filled her. She loved being in Punk's arms, more than she would ever want to admit.

"I was just worried... That's all." She said as Punk released her from his hold. "You still up for hanging out?" She then asked, giving Punk her best smile.

"Of course, what did you have in mind?" The straight edge man replied.

"Whatever." AJ shrugged. "We could always go back to my room and I could kick your butt at some more video games." She added with a devilish smirk.

"Oh you're so on!" Punk said and the two gathered their things and he and AJ headed back to the hotel that everyone was currently staying at. Once they arrived, they raced to AJ's room and indulged themselves in video games for the next few hours. After some matches on WWE '14, and some races on a couple of other games, Punk noticed the time, and saw that it was getting late.

"What is it?" AJ asked, noticing his concern.

"It's just getting late, that's all." He said shrugging nonchalantly. In that moment AJ decided that now was a better time than ever to make the next move. Hopefully, he would just take her up on her offer because the diva wanted this more than anything. She looked over at Punk, brown doe eyes shining, her heart about to vault out of her chest, and then she spoke.

"Do you wanna stay the night?"

Author's Note: To be continued...?