Hello! This is just an author's note, sorry! Ok, so first thing's first, I'm so sorry I haven't updated in a while, my laptop broke down completely and i haven't had access to one other than the library (which I have only gone to once since it broke), and therefore had to resort to typing on my Kindle. Not easy, I will admit, the document files I cannot see clearly nor can I type my chapters because of the small box it shows in.

However, there is good news. My birthday is next week and I am getting a new laptop, finally, so expect more updates soon! I plan to update this story first, hence why the author's note is in this story. I have a LOT of plans for this story in particular, and like Of Red White and Blue takes place a while back before the first chapter. I wonder if I'll be able to top the views and reviews on this story of Out of Reach (my best story on here in terms of reads and reviews), I sure hope so!

Until then, fellow readers! I'll be back soon I promise!