Darcy is not an easy person to be around; she's a loud, headstrong, taser wielding, slightly insane college student slash intern. Most of the lower level S.H.E.I.L.D agents are either scared of the woman or part of her fan club – she did take down Thor sort of- while all agents usually avoided her at all costs. And that's the reason Darcy found it very odd that two of S.H.E.I.L.D's upper level agents stood in her living room on her day off.

"We need you to come in." The man states as the woman glances around her cheaply furnished apartment –after all she is an unpaid intern.

"Wow, you guys really need to learn how to get your own coffee." Darcy sighs, but grabs her purse and slips on her shoes nonetheless. She is eerily silent on the flight to the Helicarrier an even when they land and she is escorted through the maze of hallways she refuses to speak. She is much too busy surveying the unfamiliar area to blab her escort's ears off.

"Wait in here." The seemingly nameless female agent commands as she holds open a door. Darcy gives the woman an incredulous look before peering into the dark room. A pair of strong hands pushes on her back and she flies forward into the darkness. The door bangs shut as she is picking herself up off the ground, a string of curses flowing from her mouth the whole time. The lights flash on just as she gets to her feet.

"Aahhh!" She lets a very un-Darcy like shriek escape her lips, once she took notice of the man with whom she shares the room.

"Why am I in here with Loki?" She shouts as loud as she can and if the wince on the aliens face is anything to go by it was pretty dang loud.

'I believe you are here to torture me.'

Darcy's eyes shoot over to Loki's muzzled mouth, there is no way he could have spoken that to her, but she could've sworn it was his voice. IF he got into her head she would… well he'd probably be the one to become a lunatic, because there has to be a limit on how much crazy one person can handle.


'Fury told his agents that an hour with you would be torturous for me'

"What! I am already an unpaid intern and I am not going to be an unpaid weapon too. If they think that..." Darcy breaks off and a deliciously evil grin forms on her lips. Sauntering over to the wall that Loki was sitting in front of she stares down at him. Her grin is still in place as she straddles his lap and removes the muzzle; not daring to even try and remove the collar around his neck that binds him to the wall or his cuffed wrists behind his back. She doesn't even give him time to think before she leans down and claims his lips.

Loki's eyes widen and his body stiffens as her lips move against his. It's been a long time since he had the affections of a female, so focusing on the softness of her full lips he kisses back.

"What is going on here?" Fury yelled as the door burst open.

"Torture." Darcy responds with a 'duh' voice as she breaks away from Loki. Fury makes a choking noise and his good eye narrows into a deadly glare.

"She's telling the truth Director, you don't know how badly I want to break out of my chains right now." Loki butts in while giving Darcy a very lustful glance.

"I do." She giggles while the intruding man quickly backs out the room.