I know I, know. Im totally in the middle of a DBZ fanfiction. But this story was stuck in my mind for such a long time and I just had to start typing! This is my first Inuyasha fanfiction, so bear with me.

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Chapter 1: Mission Accomplished

"Kagome!" A brown-haired woman called from a separate room. "Kagomeeee!" She called again in a sing-song voice to her best friend and roommate. The woman turned the corner and made her way down the hall of the cozy two room apartment. The woman was Kagome Higurashi, and she had just made her way to the room of her friend. "Yeah, what's up?" The young raven haired woman asked while shuffling through boxes spread about the room.

Kagome Higurashi and her best friend, Sango Tsai met four years ago on the first day of attending college. They were roommates who, after a short period of time, became inseparable. The two were very close and considered themselves to be sisters after knowing each other for so long. They had decided that they would continue to live together, and rented a small but comfortable apartment close enough to both of their families' homes. Kagome stepped in Sango's room, which was cluttered with boxes. "You would be the coolest person ever if you helped me unpack some clothes." Sango stated while maneuvering around her new room. "Pft. I'm already the coolest person you know," Kagome joked while stepping in to help. "Are you looking for something in particular, ma'dear?"

"Yeah, that red blouse. I'm going to Miroku's."

Kagome raised her eyebrow and slightly smirked before speaking. "Miroku's, hmmm?"

"Yep. We're gonna have wild, dirty sex until the sun rises." She sarcastically replied and laughed a little. Kagome also laughed at her friends' ridiculous and witty response. Miroku Hirosuke, Sango's boyfriend of three years, was also a graduate of the same university as the two young women. At first when Kagome had met the man, he would hit on anything that moved. But his lecherous ways had died down when he had met Sango, and dissipated when they started dating.

Kagome shook her head and started again. "How does it feel to be an official graduate?" Kagome asked while taking a seat on the sheetless bed. She picked up a shirt and started to help fold clothes.

"I could ask you the same thing, Ms. important business lady," Sango playfully nudged Kagome with her elbow.

"Oh, pft, it's not that special." Kagome commented as if it were no big deal.

"Oh whatever, that is totally special! Most graduates don't land a job days after they've finished college." Sango ended while tossing an empty box to the corner of her new room.

Kagome thought about that for a moment. After four long years, she had finally gotten her degree in business. With that, she had gotten a small office job for a well-known company, and she was damn proud of it, too. "Sango, you've got a job, too!" Kagome voiced while folding a shirt and handing it to Sango, who placed it in the drawer beside her.

"Yeah, well, I was interning for the hospital a year before so, I thought it would be easy to put an application in."

"With your grades, girlie, I'm pretty sure you can be a doctor anywhere in Japan," Kagome stated while getting up to open another box with clothes. "I mean, all A's for four years? Who wouldn't hire the great Tsai Sango?"

"Haters." She smugly replied as the both laughed again. "Ah, found it!" Sango reached into a box she had just opened and was happy to find that the item she'd been searching for was right on top of the clothes she thought she would have to search through. Kagome stood up, stretched, and walked back towards the door. Her stomach growled and she lightly patted it. The two had been unpacking for a majority of the day, and had only taken a small break earlier in the day for lunch. Sango looked over at her friend and spoke. "Miroku texted and asked if we want to come over. He knows we've been unpacking all day and said he's cooked."

"Oh jeez, Miroku's cooked something?" Kagome joked. Sango half-heartedly laughed at that before responding, "Hey Miroku can cook some things!" she playfully countered while hanging the rest of the clothes away in the closet.

"Sango, Miroku survived the past four years off of ramen and cereal, with the occasional food served at school. What is he cooking again?" she giggled. "I think he's got some microwaved meals." She replied with a blush. Kagome smiled at that and spoke, "That's a nice offer he's giving, but I think I'll stay here and unpack some more. The living room and kitchen only have a few boxes, so I think I'll get that started," Kagome ended. "Besides, I've got a taste for ramen."

"Ooohkay, if you want." The brown-haired woman responded. She had changed her outfit and fixed her hair while they were talking. She grabbed a few things, and they both walked to the front door.

"See you later, girlie." Said Sango.

"See ya." Kagome replied while closing the door. She looked around the entrance of the new place cluttered with boxes and a bubbly feeling started to make its way to her stomach. College was over, she had gotten a more than decent job, and she was starting her life as an independent young woman. She smiled at that. Her 22 years had amounted to this, and she couldn't feel anything else but happiness!

Kagome started to make her way to the kitchen where her phone, which had been on the counter, beeped with a message. She continued her way over while digging in one of the boxes in the kitchen for a small pot. She placed that on the stove top, and picked up her phone.

Hey, can I come over? It read from Inuyasha.

Taisho Inuyasha was a 23 year old son of one of the richest men in Japan. He was a childhood friend of Miroku's, and she had met him through him. He was definitely the most attractive man she had ever seen, too damn hot, if possible. But his arrogant and cocky personality was what stopped Kagome from pursuing him.

Unfortunately, with he and Miroku being best friends since they were in diapers, and Sango being Miroku's girlfriend, the four would always end up hanging out. It was the very idea of the four being together all of the time that made Kagome feel as if she and Inuyasha would date. Sango and Miroku were already dating, so the pressure to date Inuyasha was evident, even if it was never voiced.

Kagome bit her bottom lip and began typing on her phone.


She placed the phone back on the counter and moved about the kitchen to get ingredients for her ramen. In truth, the two had given the dating thing a shot. But things didn't work out. Kagome scoffed as she recalled their first and only date without their best friends around. It had been nothing but anger and frustration from both parties at the idea of spending time together with each other.

Undoubtedly the worst date ever.

"Wench, you're the worst person I have ever had the misfortune of taking out." Inuyasha spoke with his hands dug into his pockets of the expensive black dress suit that contrasted with his silver hair. He walked the raven-haired woman back to her dorm room. Kagome had worn a nice light blue dress with a matching purse. She would have gone in jeans and a shirt because she did not feel like she should get dressed up for Inuyasha. But in the end, she wore the dress for herself, and herself alone.

"Then why are you walking me back?" she snapped while unlocking the door and turning around to face him. She and this man had been arguing for the last hour and a half, and she just wanted this night to be over. "Because," Inuyasha stalled, "I'm a gentleman." He smirked at her reaction.

"Like hell you are. Piss off, Taisho." She ended but never moved. His golden eyes were locked on hers as he chuckled somewhat. "You know Kagome; I can smell the need on you." He leaned in further and Kagome made no attempt to move as her heart rate sped up. "No matter whatever you say or call me, your body is deceiving you."

There was no denying it on Kagome's part. He was a dog demon, and his nose told no lies. He inched in closer to her face, and at that moment, they had both been kissing each other heatedly. Not a second later did Kagome find herself on her bed with the golden-eyed man atop her, attacking her neck with his lips.

That night, the two had poured all of their tension and dislike for one another into raw sex. Ever since then, that was the only activity the two had ever partaken in.

It had been a almost two years since they both started this whole shindig, and each time seemed better than before. Kagome stirred in the last ingredient to her shio ramen and poured it into her bowl. At that moment, the doorbell rang. She walked to the door, ramen in tow, and opened the door. The silver haired man walked in while she closed the door. He looked around the entrance that had boxes around it. "So this is your new place." He stated more than asked while walking in further. There were still a few boxes laying about, in the entrance and living room.

"Yep." Kagome stated and walked passed him to the couch. Unfortunately, she stopped mid-walk because the man snatched up the bowl in her hand. "Mm, shio ramen. You didn't have to." He smirked and began to dig in. Kagome's jaw dropped at her dinner being snatched up so easily.

"And I didn't! Give that back, you ass!" she angrily responded while reaching up to grab the bowl from him. He had the ramen up above his head while she made futile attempts to try and take it back, much like a bully holding lunch money from a middle school child. He lowered the bowl and began to eat at an alarming rate before Kagome could try and take the bowl. In seconds, he had finished her food and handed her back the bowl.

"Very tasty, Higurashi." He smirked and sat on the couch.

A livid Kagome screamed in frustration. "You bastard! I've been unpacking all day and want to enjoy a meal that you snatched away!" Inuyasha smirk turned into a full blown smile at that. Just recently, he learned that he loved to make this woman angry before they had sex. It made the experience more raw, he thought.

Mission accomplished.

"I'm actually still hungry…" He eyed Kagome with a familiar look as he got up and approached her. He cuffed her chin and pulled her into a kiss.

Kagome tried to stay angry at him, but she could never do so when he began to work his mouth on hers. Inuyasha smirked against her lips at her giving into him. The two made their way to the bed that was Kagome's and began the familiar and only activity they did together.